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Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer vs Wipe New Plastic Restorer

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Click Here http://www.trustmymechanic.com/eastwood-plastic-resurfacer-review/ My Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer Review - Don't you just hate it when the external hard plastic on your vehicle fades out so badly that you can't even remember what color it use to be? In this video the plastic looked like ash gray, but the car owner insisted that it used to be a dark BLACK. Wow, was I shocked that Wipe New did virtually nothing to restore the old color...it just looked a little less ashy gray. When I sprayed the Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer product on the bumper it immediately turned back to the original black color. It does take a little more effort and time to use than Wipe New, but seemed to work 100% better on this vehicle. Please make sure you shake the can WELL, hold can about 8 inches from the surface and tape off any painted surfaces. I will update this video as time goes on to show the lasting results. Please leave your comments if you have tried either product and let us know how it worked for you. Austin Davis http://www.TrustMyMechanic.com http://www.MyHonestMechanic.com
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Текстовые комментарии (35)
scott l (1 месяц назад)
Lol that’s just a rattle can o’paint.
EKK (2 месяца назад)
Out of all am so happy to see father daughter video..cant wait for my daughter to grow up. Thanks will check out these products.
Stevo 239 (3 месяца назад)
Its just black spray paint lmao
RK Smith (4 месяца назад)
You should have set the conditions on your bumper before just spraying. Terrible job setting conditions or preparing your equipment for painting.
Jeff Jeffrey (1 год назад)
That was some expe$ive paint LOL! Just get a can of Rustoleum paint...much cheaper!
Lefty Hara (1 год назад)
do you have a picture of that trim when the car was new?
Keith Newton (1 год назад)
that bump looked like it was a painted plastic with a charcoal original finish.
jcameronhollis (1 год назад)
Volvo used gray plastic. the wipe new worked correctly. The Eastwood product was the wrong color. Sorry, but you can't compare these two as equals. Cheers from Seattle
lar4305 (1 год назад)
I have been using vinyl top coating for years on my faded plastic trim. It last a long time and it's cheap.
David Thomas (1 год назад)
Sorry, but that bumper was not black when new. Look at the surrounding areas (corners and crevices not exposed to the sun for extended periods), It was a medium grey. The Eastwood product you used that "...reflows the plastic..."(LOL) is simply another bs trick in order to decieve people into buying their $30 spray paint. The only way to actually "Reflow" plastic, would be to re-pour it or reform it in a plastic-injection moulding process...Good grief.
Jeff Jeffrey (1 год назад)
Acetone reflows plastic too.
Alex M (1 год назад)
Two questions, is this product another version of aerosol plastidip and were the plastic body moldings ever black to begin with or just grey?
MoarPower (1 год назад)
Looks like grey to me.
Rocket Surgery (1 год назад)
Try using a heat gun to restore the plastic but be careful not to melt the plastic or burn the weather strip or paint. Keep the gun moving constantly.
alci Frerdewich (1 год назад)
i used the spray, after one year and a half, started to peel off... so not really good, but for one year is ok
Goldenboy Productions (2 года назад)
Great video. Thanks for sharing.
s rjw (2 года назад)
You look like Steve Jobs mate!
SteelCity1981 (2 года назад)
you really can't compare the two one is more for surface fade and the other is more of a recoloring. both products work great for their intended use..
jameszx7 (2 года назад)
so how does it look now? Any recent video links?
TrustMyMechanic.com (2 года назад)
+jameszx7 the car was sold about a year ago, but still looked great...applied about a year, one coat. I also love Like Nu, and have a video for that as well.
andersian (3 года назад)
yea um u totally u used wipe new on a painted bumper so of course it wouldn't wipe the bumper to black ive talked  to many junkyards auto mechanics and dealerships and they wall say the same when i showed them this video its a PAINTED BUMBER WITH SCRATCHES so it wont work except to darken the paint back to the unfaded paint that was used on the bumber
Fucknuts (1 год назад)
Robert Williamson (3 года назад)
Hi... I noticed your daughter blinking her eyes a lot and looking down.  Just wanted to let you know that my one of my girls used to do the same thing.  When I had her eyes checked, it turned out she had little natural protection in her eyes to sun rays and she needs to wear sun glasses with UV and UB protection when she is outside in bright sun. I got her photochromic lenses. She's an adult now... and still wears that type of lens when outside.  Bad, permanent damage to the eyes can happen over time if a person has that condition and is not protected.     Myself, I wear photochromic lenses that go dark in bright sunlight..  but perfectly clear indoors.... and protect the eyes from UV and UB rays.  But in my case...I'm also near sighted.      Maybe I'm totally wrong... and your girl is perfectly okay with her eyes in the sun.  But I just wanted to let you know,  just in case. Doesn't hurt to get the children's eyes checked... just to make sure.    Best wishes... 
Jeff Jeffrey (1 год назад)
He's just making an observation and cares about kids Fucknuts so CTFO.
Fucknuts (1 год назад)
She might also have a tic or dry eyes. She's a cute kid, life's hard enough without being criticized, leave her alone.
D. Geo (2 года назад)
what's app this have to do with new wipe??? I understand the importance of your topic and wanting to share this information but it should be reported on the proper page in the appropriate section.
Sean Donaldson (3 года назад)
Used the Eastwood resurfacer and it really makes it look like new. Just apply in 4-5 thin coats (follow the directions exactly)and you'll be amazed hot well it turns out.  If you don't follow the directions you won't get the results (uneven blotchy finish) and it won't be the products fault. 
ScottH454 (4 года назад)
I still don't get it, if it reflows the original plastic there is no reason to add pigment. From this video it looks like spray paint an is an uneven coloring. Try wiping a spot with lacquer thinner to see if the pigment wipes back off.
David Clayton (4 года назад)
Was the plastic on the Volvo black originally? I know a lot of those and many other manufactures user a grey abs...
Jeff Jeffrey (1 год назад)
I worked in the shoe repair industry and people would "think" a shoe was one color when it wasn't. After a clean and condition the real color would stand out and the customer would blame us for changing the color...fucking people.
TrustMyMechanic.com (4 года назад)
Vehicle owner swears it was black, I think it was a grey....but its black now :)  actually looks much better black.
Eastwood Company (4 года назад)
Although this product comes in an aerosol can and looks like a paint, it is different. This contains black pigment and actually reflows the plastic, embedding the pigment to give lasting results.
Jeff Jeffrey (1 год назад)
Paint and acetone? I didn't you could mix them together Eastwood? Acetone "re-flows" plastics which is why you can use it to "Vapor smooth" your 3D printer projects.
Fucknuts (1 год назад)
Cut the crap, it's paint, bottom line. I use the SEM products for vinyl and plastic and it works great at half the cost of what Eastwood costs. Same stuff.
TrustMyMechanic.com (4 года назад)
Thanks for the clarification!

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