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Quit Smoking - Leukoplakia - Wake Up Call

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It is a small spot on the inside of my right cheek. It is close to my saliva gland. It is not painful. I was the one that noticed it.
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Hullabaloo (1 год назад)
i also have the same thing and i am also working on my diet and doing exercise......hope it will go naturally.....i have smoked for 4 years and i am just 24......
Hullabaloo (1 год назад)
+Hullabaloo sorry best of luck
Hullabaloo (1 год назад)
please dont smoke anything.....not even e cigs.....beat of luck
Doomsday Knight (3 года назад)
Hey how are you now?? Did you get rid of it naturally?
TheRadicalreels (4 года назад)
Don't trust Doctors! YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING! Just eat right and relax more for now. Stress can trigger illnesses. Big hug!
WackaDoodleFreeZone (4 года назад)
Debusa sent me over because I have something like this on my tongue. Thanks for sharing this with us. I'll pray for you. Hugs!
PuffyCatTail (4 года назад)
Thanks and you're welcome. It could be lichen plantis. It doesn't seem to be as dangerous as leukoplakia. I hope that you don't have leukoplakia. :)
DebUSA (4 года назад)
Hmmm, I'm now wondering if swishing and drinking organic Aloe Vera Juice would help?  I like the juice.  To me, it seems to taste mildly lemony---even though the bottles I've bought are supposed to be unflavored or whatever.  I've purchased mine through Puritan's Pride.  I think it would be more expensive in a health food store.  I drink it for basic overall health. I didn't look, but I bet there are many YT videos on Leukoplakia.
PuffyCatTail (4 года назад)
I could probably afford the WalMart aloe vera. I will pick some up the next time that I go there. The vids about leukoplakia show more advanced examples of it than I have. I'm glad I found mine before it got out of hand. Hugs :)
DebUSA (4 года назад)
I imagine all of your web friends who are armchair doctors (like me)  will be offering you all kinds of advice. Whenever one of my family members had any sort of oral surgery (extractions etc.), the dentist always gave us instructions to rinse the mouth with salt water. Apparently it helps with the healing. I guess if I had such a spot, I personally would try the salt water and increase my antioxidant intake with food and supplements. I suppose I'd also be searching the web to see what worked for others with Leukoplakia.
PuffyCatTail (4 года назад)
That's a good idea about the salt water. I burned the roof of my mouth and it would be good for that, too. I used my dental mirror to look at it to see if there are any white patches there, too. There's not. It can make one paranoid. lol
Lee Ann Steinmetz (4 года назад)
Tammy, that sounds awful. Keep us posted, ok?
PuffyCatTail (4 года назад)
I will. It doesn't hurt or anything and it is a small spot. I accidentally bit my cheek and I think that that is what started it. It didn't heal quickly like it normally does. I caught it early. Hugs :)

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