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Thai lady meet doctor ( breast cancer )... By Alina's life DV.134

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I have a check up 1 year for 1 time ..(Breast cancer)I need meet doctor in the big bus for ultrasound and mammogram .....I am lucky lady not have Breast cancer I have a good health ....thank you for watch my vlog......Always happy life everyone
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Kev in England (2 года назад)
Hi my friend, bus look scary. But you lovely strong lady. Good luck always. I'm in Udon Thani this week visit my wonderful girlfriend.
Thai Lady Massage (2 года назад)
Welcome ...kevin
Kev in England (2 года назад)
Yes I know, I see girlfriend first time this trip this afternoon. Speak with her I would love to come visit you my friend !!!
Thai Lady Massage (2 года назад)
+Kevin Newell Thank you....,Udon Thani not far from Nong khai ...Welcome to Nong Khai when you and your girlfriend come to Nong Khai? Maybe your girlfriend she know my place...i happy too see you and grilfriend .....Stay happy
Hope every think is OK
Jack Thompson (2 года назад)
chohk dee
Thai Lady Massage (2 года назад)
+jack thompson Thank you ..I hope i always Chohk dee ..lol
udizzy1969 (2 года назад)
I am wishing you good luck. my son has cancer and it's no fun. bless you. cheers from the Dizz
udizzy1969 (2 года назад)
Thank you very much, cheers
Thai Lady Massage (2 года назад)
Wish him and his family all the best and stregth to recover this evil sickness
udizzy1969 (2 года назад)
He is 29, and has two son's. he has 6 tumors in his head. and they took two from his neck. we are being strong. and he is doing as well as we can hope. thank you for caring. cheers from the Dizz
Thai Lady Massage (2 года назад)
+udizzy1969 thank you Dizz ...How about your son? ...i feel sad with you hear that....how old him?
John Joseph (2 года назад)
Very Gooood V/Blog Thai/Farang Man ?? Understand Lady Body!! Maybe Thai/Farang speak Lady look Doctor !! Take Care Chok Dee
Thai Lady Massage (2 года назад)
+John Joseph Hahaha .....John i hope you enjoy with my real thai speak little english style thai vertion video...(khop khu ka)
Philip Paterson (2 года назад)
Always good to be checked, The weather looks very nice.Only 30 days and im in thailand :):):)
Thai Lady Massage (2 года назад)
+Philip Paterson yes...i need checked before i will go back to China....Oh ...Welcome to Thailand Philip

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