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West Virginia Finally Gets Some Justice, Don Blankenship Indicted

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"Right now, the criminal indictment of former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship — charged with responsibility for the deaths of 29 coal miners in an April 2010 mine explosion — is not available to the public. The families of the explosion’s victims, and the parties to the lawsuit, are not allowed to speak to the press. Court personnel are banned from making any statements to the media about what’s going on with the case. All of those restrictions were placed by U.S. District Judge Irene Berger, who issued the sweeping gag order shortly after Blankenship’s indictment. But five prominent news organizations are challenging Judge Berger’s decision in court, saying the gag order unreasonably prevents the news media from reporting on a case too important to be ignored." Read more from Think Progress here: http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2014/12/01/3597873/news-outlets-intervene-don-blankenship-gag-order/ Cenk Uygur (http://www.twitter.com/cenkuygur) host of The Young Turks discusses the story. What do you think his sentence should be? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Support TYT for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=theyoungturks-20
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Randall Frame (6 месяцев назад)
To update..he was found NOT GUILTY in District 9 federal court so you all look like asses now
omegapointil (1 год назад)
Blankenship is a scum bag but ...835 violations?  How is it possible that after say, 100, 300, 50 violations or whatever somebody doesn't have the authority or the interest in bringing about receivership or a talking to or big ass "wonderfully mind concetrating" fines for Massey?  Where's that guy?  And how does MSM not parade him around in the lead on the 6 o'clock news?  I'm not one of those "big bad government" types but who's going to enforce this shit the energy company shareholders?  ..............WTF    As usual America is going to build a wall to little desperate for survival Mexicans, napalm rice farmers and goat herders.  Those are our "targets" for impacting Justice ... cause we're so righteous and bad ass.
Sacked Potatoes (2 года назад)
I'd like to say that I knew Don personally and he is now in prison in CA for a year. It's really strange to see TYT talk about him, considering this incident happened in my small town. The only reason I knew Don, is because my aunt used to date him BEFORE the mine explosion. Not that I'm sided with Don on this issue, but the reports MSHA given Don were minor issues. If MSHA saw major issues it was their job to shut the mine down. But they didn't. But no one blames them. So Don acting like those issues didn't really matter makes sense. Don's job is to get coal. The MSHA 's job is to make sure it's safe while they do it. MSHA didn't make a big deal out of the issues because they didn't shut down the mine. So the blame should ALSO go to MSHA. I know people won't believe I knew Don. Nor can I prove it because I'm not going to give specific information about me, or my aunt. I'm just going to say that I knew him. And I don't remember much about him because I knew him when I was around 7-8. I knew the people who was affected by this explosion. One lady I know had a son, a brother, and a uncle who died in the mine. The case wasn't delved into enough, and I stress people to do research on this. The MSHA should be blamed and so should Don.
Indrid Cold (2 года назад)
Might makes right, unfortunately. What he got was very mild compared to what he could have got for these crimes. Unfortunately, justice is for sale. He should have got much more. Many of his misdeeds were bordering on crimes against humanity.
KingDT2007 (2 года назад)
Don Blankenship or Jabba the Hut
Ian G (3 года назад)
Don Blankenship would let his own kids die if he could make money off of them.
Skimf (3 года назад)
the sad thing is that these men go in these mines in our beautiful hills to feed their families and risk their lives each and every day while working for greedy assholes like Don here in WV the most of us were raised to work hard and take care of our families but the coal mines are not stable work anymore people get laid off all the time it is not fair coal is a dying industry mines are being shut down because of greed and epa regulations coal feeds the families here in WV and it is a scary thought to think the place that you have lived at all your life might not be able to support you anymore 
Rockyblack smith (3 года назад)
Capitalist fundamentalism.
lozman67 (3 года назад)
Jeb Bush is in favor of further cuts to business regulation and allow companies to 'self regulate' their safety and environmental impact.
Zeldagigafan (3 года назад)
Great, now how about the company responsible for that chemical leak? Oh wait, those are the Kock brothers. FUCK. Oh, idea, I'll put them on a plane, and crash it into the Atlantic ocean.
biiiyb0y2000 (3 года назад)
MLennholm (3 года назад)
And then we have morons like Boehner who's solution is to simply remove the regulations.
Dick Gregory (3 года назад)
Brutal TYT...... just brutal
itomba (3 года назад)
Ayn Rand's poster boy.
Lee Andrews (3 года назад)
It's sad when getting an indictment against a corrupt industrialist is considered getting justice.
Mark VanGelder (3 года назад)
Buh-bye coal. We won't miss you!
l337pwnage (3 года назад)
Well, getting mine workers to follow safety rules has to be a pain in the ass.   Finding workers for that has to be tough.  IMO, you can't make that job safe enough for me do to.
dog day (3 года назад)
The real perpetrators here are the US government.
Daniel Ryan (3 года назад)
Business does something  bad.  Government tries to punish business for it.  Free market fanatics scream "socialism."  Government backs off and passes a bunch of meaningless laws to give the impression they are still doing something.  Free market fanatics scream "over regulation." So government makes those laws even more meaningless.  Something catastrophic happens, and free market fanatics whine "where was the government?" If free market fanatics would learn to let businesses that do something bad just take their lumps, it could all be avoided.  
True Believer (3 года назад)
I have worked in a coal mine for 37 years and my biggest concern here is "Why didn't the miners refuse to work in this dangerous mine" and why didn't the United Mine Workers of America (the union) conduct an inspection and if found the mine "Unsafe", shut it down. i.e. withdraw its members. And don't tell me they still had to make a living......Are they making a living now? Canada had the same situation where 26 miners lost their lives in a mine explosion in 1992 at the Westray Mine in Nova Scotia, due to unsafe conditions and they too were pressured to continue working and ignore dangerous conditions. Isn't a life more important than working in those conditions????
Daniel Ryan (3 года назад)
Because Blankenship fought tooth and nail to prevent his workers from unionizing, just like he fought tooth and nail to deceive the entire world about the safety standards in those mines.  And when coal mining is the only source of jobs a particular area has, people will keep working regardless because they want to put bread on the table.  I like to call it "free market fanatacism."  People don't act rationally where money is involved. 
snowbaordguru (3 года назад)
Based on those quotes he should be indicted on 29 counts negligible homicide at the very least, one for each of the miners he killed.
Darran Kern (3 года назад)
This story is exactly why the libertarian economic model is bullshit.
Adrian Lackey (3 года назад)
I don't know, but let me guess: Fox News has spent time defending this douche bag?
Jeremy Kean (3 года назад)
Whenever I hear the dude's last name all I think is "DON'T! GET! ELIMINATED!"
Alexander Martin (3 года назад)
He needs to be locked up for life. Greedy scumbag. 
HyperOpinionated (3 года назад)
In before someone mentions rape culture.
regtracker (3 года назад)
So, 29 dead is the magic number to get an indictment. HMMMM!
Helios5868 (3 года назад)
"...where a jungle is survival of the fittest." I would pay good money for no one to ever use that "survival of the fittest" line again. Frankly, I've never heard it used in a way that didn't make the speaker sound like an idiot, because that's not how evolution works. It's survival of the FIT, survival of those adapted to their environment. If "survival of the fittest" was how the world worked, why is there more that one, single, life-form, hmm?
Rob Cosentino (3 года назад)
♫♪ It's like a jungle sometimes It makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under Heh, heh heh heh, Heh heh♪♫
DuoDuo (3 года назад)
This is why no matter how good of a job I had I always looked after myself by refusing unacceptable working environments and taking time off when I needed to.  If you let a boss take advantage of you he usually will.
Daniel Ryan (3 года назад)
Except we are constantly told now one is irreplaceable and if you don't do what your boss says you lose your job. 
Ben Zeamer (3 года назад)
7heRedBaron (3 года назад)
BP ignored safety too, which put them billions of dollars in the hole when their well surely exploded.  So playing irresponsibly with explosive materials is not survival of the fittest or responsible business, as this clown maintains.  If he was a fit manager, then he shouldn't have any problems making a fortune without putting his people and whole company in harm's way.  He was right about one thing; any child can cause a disaster.
Twostones00 (3 года назад)
Blankenship belongs in hell.
Bannor Haruchai (3 года назад)
If he's convicted, he should serve his sentence in a coal mine. I hear China quite a few with just the kind of safety standards he had in "mine" for his workers.
tomitstube (3 года назад)
blankenshit is more of the status quo than an anomaly, business is run by greedy crooks, the anomaly is the business owner who isn't trying to rob you.
tomitstube (3 года назад)
around 1980 "stock options" became more important than labor, we shifted from a labor, or employment economy to a wall street economy... congratulations america, the supreme court just ruled that employers don't have to pay you for the security lines they force you to go thru.
notbohnhere butcantleave (3 года назад)
that's like 2 violations every day for two years, yikes.
tomitstube (3 года назад)
blankenshit is guilty of premeditated murder.  come on feds, set an example, turn this tide, show these assholes they can't get away with murder.  hello!!!!!!!!
tomitstube (3 года назад)
let me correct blankenshit's quote, "capitalism is the survival of the most destructive." 
Remington Steele (3 года назад)
As a West Virginian and a member of the TYT Army, it's great to finally see you guys hit up this story. It's been a story here for the last couple weeks. And here is the biggest kicker, a PAC in WV known as Friends Of Coal, it's a Massey back organization. It's hilarious how many people have fallen for this sham. It's so bad that it is even given it's own official WV licence plate. A PAC that is corporate backed, gets it's own licence plate. Corporate corruption at it's finest.
ALXD1974 (3 года назад)
Subhuman trash...a living shitbag....not to mention laws and ethics in america, but nipples are hidden in news....oh dear.
DylanDarko (3 года назад)
Aaron Sierra (3 года назад)
apply this to chaney and bush, or even the banksters that have fucked us all..lying to congress, hummm........i call bullshit.  this is not justice , this smoke and mirrors
peter tuann (3 года назад)
murderous asshole CEO, wow.  
PaddyDogg (3 года назад)
It amazes me how weak little shits give all this tough law of the jungle talk in relation to economic matters, when the same runts would not survive ling without the protection of the law. Many of these elite moneyed people would not be physically able to keep their wealth if there was not a system keeping stronger people from ripping their wealth away form them! 
Ralph Horque (3 года назад)
All the GOPers complain about jack booted thugs from the government coming to force regulation down their throats.  This case, more than 800 violations before an accident, proves that the exact opposite is true. (Along with the lack of bank regulation enforcement) We -need- jack booted thugs to go shut these places down completely until one hundred percent of the problems are fixed permanently.
MrSubsound90 (3 года назад)
Interesting there wasn't a peep about the 800+ violations before the explosion, and the government let them continue due to the lax regulation in the US.  That's just how US companies operate till people die.
eddie bowens (3 года назад)
i worked for this man and hes a low life !!
Merrill Wassum (3 года назад)
Don't get too excited yet..He's bought a lot of judges over the years..and there's a gag order on the whole trial right now..Press is fighting it..keep an eye on this one..
ladamyre (3 года назад)
Capitalism will ALWAYS bring the most evil sociopaths on earth to positions of power and leadership in corporations and government. The corporation is not only a legal shield for these evil people, it is a beast with it's own evil mind, a conglomeration of the evil minds of it's officers. Democracy can only slow the inexorable ascendancy of these maniacs until they control of all society.
Matti Makila (3 года назад)
"Survival of the most productive?" I apologise for saying this, but that's just bullshit! It's the survival of the most corrupt, most cold hearted, bastards, who don't give a fig if their breaking what *little* regulation there is; the officials whose job it is to care cannot do more than issue "citations" which have no real meaning. What's going to happen in a country, whose legislation is completely run by corporations? *_It's a race to the bottom!_* In wages, in health and safety, society and legislative morals! When you're among the third world countries, you have only yourselves to blame. *_It wasn't competition from abroad, it was corruption from within that put you there!_*
larry loo (3 года назад)
i would say that the parent company is just as guilty, where did his mind set come from?
baxtar1963 (3 года назад)
There is the problem stock options for executives. Bottom line is all they give a shit about.
baxtar1963 (3 года назад)
Republicans are in charge of everything now so lets see how fucked up they can make things in the next two years. Thanks for not getting off your lazy asses and voting in the mid terms Dems.
baxtar1963 (3 года назад)
Please make an example out of this guy!
urduib (3 года назад)
yesyes, and he will get a slap on the wrist, its only 29 normal people that died.
Phlebas (3 года назад)
Why libertarian policies would make society worse off: Example #2761.
M.O.S (3 года назад)
In 730 days, they received 835 citations. Hm.
bigraviolees (3 года назад)
 As Blankenship fought a lawsuit against Massey related to the poisoning of community members through severe wellwater contamination, Blankenship installed a waterline to bring clean water to his own estate.  The new system did not bring clean water to Blankenship's neighbors, who continue to fall ill from the effects of leaking coal ash slurry from abandoned mines and storage ponds.
Kenny Cannon (3 года назад)
Are you guys reuploading videos from months ago or are you just talking so that the sheep listen?  You talk about the surgeon general and how he might be confirmed even though he was confirmed on December 15th.  Now you talk about Blankenship being indicted when he was indicted in November.  Lazy, stupid, purposely misleading or all 3?
MRrandomdude42 (3 года назад)
We Got To Have, Money!  Tom and Jerry teaching me about Capitalism=mind blown
Beorn (3 года назад)
Now we just need to go after the *banksters*
Shock Diamond (3 года назад)
This is a backdrop for the grounds on which all enery companies play.  They never care about anything other than making more money.
TheNavigateur (3 года назад)
But Republicans say deregulation is the answer, and their deviously misguided sheeple follow. It's necessary for the regulations to be FEDERAL so companies don't move from state to state based on who offers the lowest standards. But no, these people will seem to vote Republican and call for "deregulation" until they are blue in the face - in some cases literally.
Donny Hubbard (3 года назад)
Why didn't the mine commission do something before the 29 people died. In the company which I currently work, AK Steel, safety is truly a priority. The down side is that they use it as a whip on the employees. That having been said it's still better than most of the mine industry.  
Troika19 (3 года назад)
He hasn't been called to account he is being punished for upsetting the wrong people. This changes nothing and the corrupt system remains the same.
Gary White (3 года назад)
I was born in NC my grand parents told some real horror stories about coal.mining. The central point was the mine owners did not give a shit about the miners. I hope they lock his ass up forever.
Kaheiyattsu221 (3 года назад)
soon as everyone in the courtroom is bribed he'll get off scott free just you wait.
A Google User (3 года назад)
Don Blankenship sounds like a psychopath. I would like to know how he scores on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist. My guess is somewhere 25 and 30.
Schrodinger (3 года назад)
If I learned that my decisions caused the death of 29 people I would kill myself.
Jeff Lee (3 года назад)
call In the democrats they'll stand up for the working man! oh wait, forget I said that
billybobhobnob101 (3 года назад)
Don Blankenship is really bad at being a human being.
takethegate (3 года назад)
Capitalism = the byproduct of the dead or dying working poor.
chris virginia (3 года назад)
Was Blankenship "indicted" or "indicated"? 
Michael0075 (3 года назад)
He will walk on a technicality. These rich guys are completely immune to the law. This indictment means absolutely nothing. It will be nothing more or less than a publicity stunt. Foxnews has a cover story in place and they are blaming the accident on Federal Regulators for interfering with the mine's operation. Foxnews also has Twisted the story around in an effort to blame the accident on Obama's failed stimulus package in 2009. The GOP has thrown their full combined support behind Don Blankenship complete with financing support for the army of lawyers he'll have backing him up. He won't even have to testify, instead the whole thing will be handed over to a Republican controlled committee who will dismiss all the charges, and ol' Mr. Teflon Don here will be back in charge within a month like nothing ever happened. Watch, you will all see just how insanely corrupt this backwards country really is!
Atari Dad (3 года назад)
So was he "indicted" or "indicated?" Check and double-check your video titles before posting them TYT. :P
DjDialogic (3 года назад)
The Hush Order is a state sponsored protection of mass murder in this case.  Hang all the CEOs and let it stand as a precedent for all those Corporate Executives who knowingly put their employees in danger.  Take each of their individual wealth and distribute it among the families of the dead.  Take the company and sell off it's assets. With that money commission a 5 year review and recommendation study of safety standards, compliance enforcement strategies, and new punitive standards for the mining industry. China killed the Exec who allowed lead in children's toys sold in the U.S.A. but In the U.S.A. it's only the poor criminals that hang.
Connor Macleod (3 года назад)
You have to be a special kind of stupid to get indicted for corporate corruption.
HumbledByGreatness (3 года назад)
TYT needs to learn how to spell indite.
emerald3331 (3 года назад)
May the guy rot in hell for eternity.  
fredguy2 (3 года назад)
wonderful whites of west Virginia people.
Koala Farts (3 года назад)
Wonderful spelling of a dropout student
Dastreus (3 года назад)
WOW. FUCK that guy. Fuck him with rusty Morning Star.
TheGeckoNinja (3 года назад)
2014 robotics, and other advanced technology and shit and we still have coal mining as an occupation and as an energy source :/
Dennis Dowd (3 года назад)
This country has never cared about miners, history shows this to be true! The Federal Government knew this guy was a liar all the time. The just don't give a shit 💩.
doctuhmazing (3 года назад)
ThE DuCk (3 года назад)
Corporate greed is buying off legislators to deregulate EVERYTHING .. this is how something really really bad happens .0_o
lola bigcups (3 года назад)
What the Blankenship is going on!
Phil Hmp (3 года назад)
He deserves to go down for first degree murder.
kissit012 (3 года назад)
He looks like the old wrestler the Pallbearer from WWF/E
pengthawng siakhel (3 года назад)
We love justice and peace
Hans Blitz (3 года назад)
This makes libertarians cum in their pants.
TheRedCapitalist (3 года назад)
Don Blankenship looks like the mutt offspring of Hitler x Dick Cheney x Rush Limbaugh. Typical vanilla imperialist face & DNA
Blaine Mitchell (3 года назад)
Put his ass in a coal mine, shut off the vents and see how long his fat ass survives! Fuck prison!
pedro magoo (3 года назад)
so when do the international banksters go to jail...
rollingcan (3 года назад)
"Who care about ventilation", Don Blankenship. Perhaps they should have shut down the mine after the 834 violation.
lukus black (3 года назад)
I don't get it... He was cited 800+ times? Why is he the only one on trial? If a restaurant ignores an inspector's citation, they get closed down. They don't open up again till the inspector is satisfied. Also, if you make a mistake, and people die, I don't think you should really be punished. If it's not your fault, what happened is a tragedy, but you should not be to blame. This guy was to blame, and blatantly so. I intentionally ignored these safety issues. He should get 29 murder charges.
46619TAB (3 года назад)
I think an appropriate sentence for Mr Blankenship would be 835 years with parole available after 29 years and part of his parole would be working as a coal miner. 
Kevin Phdown (3 года назад)
The mine should've been shut down after the first violation. And the fact that the executive is in more trouble for lying to the government than the deaths of these poor coal miners sickens me.
Jim Thompson (3 года назад)
     Hopefully there will be a conviction followed by a crucifixion. This degenerate psychopath deserves 30 years in "old sparky" followed by a rat infested dirt nap in hell.
Mike Benko (3 года назад)
That guy literally sounds like a daytime TV movie villain. 

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