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Top Ten Most Reliable Car Brands In The World

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Top Ten Most Reliable Car Brands In The World 10: Honda 9: Kia 8: Toyota 7: Buick 6: Mazda 5: BMW 4: Porsche 3: Lexus 2: Subaru 1: Audi Thanks for watching! :)
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Top 10 News 24 (2 месяца назад)
Very helpful video for car
Aljin V Alex (1 год назад)
Toyota should be #1
Jada Blaze (1 год назад)
The Lexus is a High Priced Toyota Avalon rebranded
Why is Audi 1st?
Ashroyer86 (1 год назад)
Honda's have terrible automatic transmissions.
William Anderson (1 год назад)
toyota, buick, and Honda should definitely be higher up, and how audi and Kia made this list is beyond me.
Ashroyer86 (1 год назад)
I ordered 66 the Kia soul is supposed to be good, not so much the other kias.
chris johnson (1 год назад)
were was this from mars
Besim Huremovic (1 год назад)
jupiter, lol
xxFortniteLegend66621xx (1 год назад)
BMW is number 5? 😂
Another Videograph (1 год назад)
Dickenson Manuel (1 год назад)
joseph keeney (1 год назад)
Toyota outstanding a twenty year car or more.
Jorge Patakla (1 год назад)
joseph keeney of course proud owner or 1972 celica
The Groping President (1 год назад)
Don't forget Dodge. They can go a million miles without an oil change.
Alexis Mol-Hdz (1 год назад)
Maybe back in the day before it went bankrupt
Ashroyer86 (1 год назад)
Jen Natalia ...... and at least 10 transmissions.
GREEENPOTATO (1 год назад)
Jen Natalia breh
Kevin Miller (1 год назад)
Toyota is number one and Lexus IS number 2 Audi is junk it's made by VW
Aamir Kishwar (1 год назад)
Toyota is best
Ibrahim Zakizada (1 год назад)
Toyota is #1
Ken Cuenca (1 год назад)
You should add Hyundai
Harikarikillboy2174 (1 год назад)
Puff the Magic Dragon Man, you're making it hard for me to find my next car! My F150 was nothing short of amazing. My kids were younger and I had a camper we towed everywhere and a 16' utility trailer for firewood for the winter and 4 wheelers etc, that 5.4l triton had no problem pulling. Good ride for a trick. Sold it when the kids got older and we stopped camping. I use my car now for mileage/warranty/comfort etc. it's not the best at everything except warranty but it does well. The RS is fun, but it's not what's advertised nor cheap. It's hard to justify the expenditure when a mustang or camaro are much cheaper, but fitting all into one product is difficult. Bang for the buck I give a nod to the VW. A proven platform. It's all in preference at the end, but have fun in whatever ya get! That's what we do it for!
Puff the Magic Dragon (1 год назад)
Harikarikillboy2174 Ford's also up there.
Harikarikillboy2174 (1 год назад)
Ken Cuenca love my Elantra GT. It's the4th Hyundai my wife and I have bought and they've been ultra reliable. First was a Accent SE (hatch) I bought to use for long distance traveling where I put 78k miles, got 37mpg (eco on with cruise control) in 3 years. Not a squeak or rattle and that gamma engine started like it did 78k miles ago. My Elantra GT is now my run about. Much more room and good fuel economy averaging 32/33 with hwy being 33/34 mpg and city 29/30. I live in southern Louisiana and except both days of winter, it gets hot. I've had these cars sit, idling for hours between waiting for kids and the a/c is cold and the engine temp is perfect. Add in the warranty and no other car touches them except the sister company, KIA.
Bøbby Løwe (1 год назад)
chevrolet is number one
Daniel Lozan (1 год назад)
american cars are the most unreliable vehicles lol
Chirag Raval (1 год назад)
Coming to a Top Ten channel to learn more about reliability was a mistake.

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