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Risky Business - Stop Asthma Deaths

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https://www.asthma.org.uk/sign-uk/ We all take risks every single day -- from betting on the football to trying a new recipe. Sometimes these can pay off. But when it comes to asthma, there are some risks that are never worth taking. Because of asthma, someone is admitted to hospital every 7 minutes. That's more than 200 people every day. Three of these people will die. Have you ever... Thought "It's just asthma"? Forgotten to use your preventer inhaler? Ignored worsening asthma symptoms? These are the small everyday risks that cause over 1,100 people every year to lose their lives. The vast majority of these deaths could be prevented. Asthma UK wants to see a world where no-one dies from asthma. That's why we've launched the Stop Asthma Deaths campaign, raising awareness of how everyday risks can lead to fatal asthma attacks. Produced by Keyline Productions (http://www.keyline.tv) for Asthma UK.
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