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Highlights of HU Spring Festival 2012

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3 march,2012. Hajvery University students and management organized spring festival 2012 to celebrate the onset spring in style. The students were dressed in tasteful traditional dresses of Pakistan, reflecting the fashion of different provinces: Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, KPK. It was a delight for the eyes to see all these young people promoting the culture of Pakistan. The best dressed male and female students were declared spring king and spring queen. The Hajvery University Spring festival 2012 also featured a variety of activities for the students to showcase their talents. Students of fashion & textile design presented a fashion show of their own dress designs. Whereas, others gave a live performance of singing, dancing and theatrical skits. The performances were awe-inspiring and admired by scores of students from HU and other Universities of Lahore. HU Students had also set up stalls of a cornucopia of exciting activities for everyone. It included everything from spin the wheel, to song dedications, dj, flower dedications, know your fortune, treasure hunt, pictionary, twister, break the jail and several others. The activities kept the participants engaged and thrilled through-out the event. Spring festival wouldn't be complete without delicious, mouth-watering food to tickle one's taste buds. The food stalls included tradition foods: live BBQ, Biryani, gol gappay, pan, tea & coffee, ice cream, and much more. The HU Spring festival was highly appreciated by all those who attended, as it helped them shed the stress of exams, assignments, and the political environment of Pakistan.
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Miyan Zubair (11 месяцев назад)
MADDARCHOD kutto fayinda itna parhnay ka jab aqal hi nahi aani !!!
Bob Wolmer (1 год назад)
what the fuck.... copy of India .... hahahahahhaha =D
Abdul Haseeb Aamir (6 лет назад)
kanjar khana ..kuch sharam kro yar
Lets React (6 лет назад)
watch?v=l2JAm17pRvY 4;40

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