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How to change brake pads in your driveway.

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No need to pay a mechanic to do your brakes, it can be done in your driveway safely and easily. I have been changing brake pads and rotors for years in my driveway and it's a 30 minute job at most. A couple of notes: - Always check the rotor thickness when changing pads with a vernier caliper or micrometer. The rotor is usually stamped with the min. thickness. I had just replaced the rotors during the last brake pad replacement so I did not do this. - Any time you are jacking up a vehicle, safety first... Chock the wheels and make sure emergency brake is set. While I attempted to stress the importance of jack stands in the video, if you are in-doubt don't proceed. Nobody needs a car dropped on top of their foot, leg or head.
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1st! Yee haw!

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