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Simple Effective Breathing Technique for Anxiety, Depression & Stress, Prana, Pranyama

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Jess teaches a breathing exercise that reduces anxiety and depression by bringing balance to the mind and body. ♥ Jess' 30 Days of Yoga: https://psychetruth.vhx.tv/30-days-of-yoga ♥ https://www.amazon.com/Day-30-Flow-3/dp/B075JK48CC Jess Timsit teaches a simple breathing exercise, Nadi Shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing, that balances energy (prana) in the body and mind to help you feel more calm and peaceful. This short meditation and breathe session reduces anxiety and stress. ♥ Jess' 30 Days of Yoga to a New You is available on WellnessPlus.tv: https://psychetruth.vhx.tv/30-days-of-yoga (Start you FREE trial now!) ♥ Or watch it FREE with Amazon Prime: https://www.amazon.com/Day-30-Flow-3/dp/B075JK48CC ♥ Visit Jess online to see her yoga classes in Austin, Texas: https://www.comingaum.com/ Follow our Social Media https://www.instagram.com/psychetruth http://www.facebook.com/psychetruthvideos http://www.pinterest.com/psychetruth http://www.twitter.com/psychetruth http://www.youtube.com/psychetruth http://www.psychetruth.net Related Videos Yoga for People Who SIT All Day with Jess ♥ Beginners Routine for Back Pain | Standing Desk Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QE8gQ2qEwA Fast Anxiety Relief with Jess ♥ Beginners Yoga for Relaxation, Sleep, Stress Relief, At Home https://youtu.be/fw11mhaedeM 82 Yoga Poses in 4 Minutes ♥ 30 Days of Yoga with Jess - Weight Loss, Flexibility, Anxiety Relief https://youtu.be/zGpqwpF1DXo Learning Yoga Essentials for Stress Relief, Day 1 of 30, Beginners Yoga Class https://youtu.be/_HZi1SigZKo Music by iChill Music Factory Song: Indigo Sky Album: Spa Dreams http://www.ichillmusic.com © Copyright 2018 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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Just a Guy (1 день назад)
i love this video ill do it again
Nannette Battista (3 дня назад)
Workouts are simple, Just go to Unflexal page.
Just a Guy (6 дней назад)
D Reigns (9 дней назад)
Easy to do and the feeling is different but enjoyable.
Julie Diana (10 дней назад)
doesn't work for me because I have sinus problems and a deviated septom. Thanks a lot nose
YumeASMR (12 дней назад)
Elijah Murray (12 дней назад)
Laura Neumann (12 дней назад)
I search and watch so many guidance on breathing and meditation, but incredibly I do not find anyone talking about the difficulty of doing this at the begining. It's really hard for me, the mind is hard to tame. Especially for anxious people like me I guess!
Sonia Glennon (12 дней назад)
Thank u 4 your instruction! I have 2 continue practicing this method. I get frustrated while practicing.
Inderjeet Kaur (12 дней назад)
Hi * ... .... I m big fan of you...*........... You are doing a lot of work.who can listen to me ?I want to ask something .

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