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MY study in Denmark experience - Yannick from Germany/France

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http://studyindenmark.dk/ In this video Yannick gives us his personal views on life as a graduate student of politics Denmark. You too can study for an internationally recognized PhD, Master's, Bachelor's or Academy Profession degree in Denmark. Learn more by visiting the official gateway to higher education in Denmark: http://studyindenmark.dk/
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Ave Marie (2 года назад)
Once i heard someone describe us danes as very honest. A dane will ask you how your day was if theyre interested not because they're polite - because were not. If a dane tells you, you look great, most times there's no other intention than telling that you look good. If a dane is not interested, they will not ask about you. We dont say something we dont mean, and another point of the danish culture and language: lets get to the point, no please, no thank you. Its not that we're (complete) assholes and secretively hates people we dont ask about, we just dont care, and btw theese are serious question, if you say "hey how are you" ofc im gonna answer you how my day have been, its not jsut a 'hey' in denmark!!?? :)
Gnawer Shreth (4 года назад)
As a Dane it's really interesting hearing these stories from the international students. I think a big difference is that friendships in Denmark is basically considered to be for life.. From the very beginning. That's why it tends to take a while building new ones. Generally speaking we don't do temporary friendships. They may turn out to be temporary of course, but that's never the plan. Denmark is a small country, so it's fairly easy to keep in contact with old friends. I still talk to friends I met like 25 years ago in school for example. There's only so much time in a year, so we can't really have 117 really close friends and still have time to visit them etc. If you want to meet Danes and make Danish friends while you're here in Denmark, I'd recommend joining various activities. The local football (soccer) club, basketball, handball etc. and take part in as many events as possible. Danes tend to make friends with people they hang out with a lot. We don't actively seek out friends at random in the streets or whatever. We just hang out with people for whatever reason and realize we have stuff in common, then we may go get a beer after work and slowly it evolves into a friendship. We're not really a taboo-filled society though, so unless you want to talk about last night's explosive diarrhea or something, we're pretty much open to any topic I think. Just be aware that a lot of Danes will give you their honest opinion if you ask them. So if you're religious and ask about Danes' beliefs etc. you may be shocked at the direct response. If you really want to talk about personal things with Danes, just do so. You're unlikely to offend or shock a Dane in my opinion unless it's something really nasty or horrific about your past as an axe murderer. The same thing goes for being new here. If you could use help picking up a new couch from Ikea, just ask. One of the Danes probably have a car and will help you. He's unlikely to offer it on his own though, since he probably thinks you don't want to be bothered. (See below.) I see us (Danes) as having two uncommon attitudes, which probably explain a lot about us. The "So what?" attitude and the "I won't bother you, if you won't bother me." attitude. "So what?" - If it doesn't hurt anyone, why should we be bothered by it.. So if you believe in a particular thing.. So what? If I don't believe in anything.. So what? If people get drunk in public and pass out in the park.. So what? Oh, there's a man in a dress... So what? Someone wants to smoke weed.. So what? Two guys holding hands.. So what? A topless woman on the beach.. So what? "I won't bother you, if you won't bother me." - We assume people on the train, in the street etc. would rather be left alone. It's not that we really mind talking to people though, so if you really want to meet us,  just talk to us. If you start the conversation, you clearly don't mind being "bothered". It goes for other Danes as well as for foreigners. I don't talk to other Danes on the train or whatever either.  Obviously it will be a bit awkward if we've never met before and you start asking me about my family or whatever, but if it's people at your school, ask them about their study, where they're from etc. If it's a guy at a bar, you could start by asking him if he also studies around there and if so, what he studies.. Things tend to go smoother if you find some common ground and start talking about that.  Anywho.. This got a bit long, so I guess I'll end it here. :)

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