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How to Get Into a Good College

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I talk about the 3 sections that you should take seriously in an application. If GPA a higher GPA is better than an average GPA. I also talk about what is important to consider when writing a personal statement Had to remove personal statement link because YouTube told me too. Students win League of Legends Scholarship http://thechronicleherald.ca/artslife/1241679-us-university-offers-hefty-athletic-scholarships-for-video-gaming
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Mr Yikes (1 месяц назад)
I am 20 years old. I graduated high school while i was 17 and didn't get to go college. My problem were that I don't like math and engineering and don't know what to major in. This caused me depression. Any help
mostafa Kamal (5 месяцев назад)
thanks to you. Your tips and advice are part of my lesson.
victor machado (9 месяцев назад)
lls dude your really awsome i plan on starting college soon The videos are really helpful i've been studying barrons math level 2 & The college board SAT 2018 book im in a bit of a crunch for time but am very confident i actually have changed my entire life and unfortunately there are people who look down on me because of my ascension I actually quit my manager position in hopes for a better future nd i actually said f*** the economy but i know its important its actually a bit easy in DC to find jobs lls
victor machado (9 месяцев назад)
lls dude your really awsome i plan on starting college soon The videos are really helpful i've been studying barrons math level 2 & The college board SAT 2018 book im in a bit of a crunch for time but am very confident i actually have changed my entire life and unfortunately there are people who look down on me because of my ascension I actually quit my manager position in hopes for a better future nd i actually said f*** the economy but i know its important its actually a bit easy in DC to find jobs lls
victor machado (9 месяцев назад)
lls dude your really awsome i plan on starting college soon The videos are really helpful i've been studying barrons math level 2 and The college board SAT 2018 book im in a bit of a crunch for time but am very confident i actually have changed my entire life and unfortunately there are people who look down on me because of my ascension I actually quit my manager position in hopes for a better future nd i actually said f*** the economy but i know its important its actually a bit easy in DC to find jobs lls
victor machado (9 месяцев назад)
lls dude your really awsome i plan on starting college soon The videos are really helpful i've been studying barrons math level 2 and The college board SAT 2018 book im in a bit of a crunch for time but am very confident i actually have changed my entire life and unfortunately there are people who look down on me because of my ascension I actually quit my manager position in hopes for a better future nd i actually said f*** the economy but i know its important its actually a bit easy in Washington D.C. to find jobs lls
Talancea Stevenson (9 месяцев назад)
Thanks dude!
Lucas Lorenz (10 месяцев назад)
This nigga high af
Shravan Ravi (11 месяцев назад)
"That's a crappy personal statement" What a personal statement!
keecefly (1 год назад)
There’s no such thing as a good college or any school for that matter. They all teach the same general subject matter. It all comes down to the students thirst for knowledge. -Truth
Richa Kakar (1 год назад)
hey thanks ur video was very helpful !!!!!!
Charlie Shin (1 год назад)
Can i ask you something. I'm going to high school in a mother country. The problem is I want to go abroad to study but I already know that my grades here won't be enough mostly because I'm terrible in my mother tongue so that will most likely set me back by a few years so I already gave up my GPA would it be possible to get into a college while studying for A-Level, A high SAT grade but a bad school gpa?
Arnav (1 год назад)
you should have asked the person if he is okay with you publishing his essay. I kind of feel sad for him.
EMERALD (1 год назад)
this must be true because hes asian.
Hussein Syed (1 год назад)
Hey can you make a video about transfer admission ?, there's not much info there.
mother abigail (1 год назад)
Thank you !! I am terrible at school I'll be lucky to get in anywhere.
mehrab que (1 год назад)
can anyone help me out i want to go to college with my ged score of 2800 along with my 1200 sat? can i get into good places?
Chase (1 год назад)
it's fucked up you post the statement without the consent of the writer and call it crap in your video where EVERYONE can see.
Lit AllDayOjay (2 года назад)
the owner put the statement in the bin I bet it was real trash eyy?
Babykaelyn 2006 (2 года назад)
You can't speak you kept on stopping
Hulagu Kahn (2 года назад)
Wait, WTF; in one video you trash wasting time going to college and now you give advice to idiots on how to get to one?
Mike L (2 года назад)
I work at my school currently and have talked to alot of professors and admission directors from other schools as well. From what I have heard in a general sense is that GPA will not get you into a program or school, but it will get keep you out of one. Colleges are businesses first before anything. This means you have to make yourself look like a good investment. For instance, I am going for premed. I can have a percect GPA, but if i do not have some real life experiance, either work as a lab tech or some sort of internship/club that is specifc to medicine, then on my application there is not source of my reliability outside of the classroom. You need to be able to balance your GPA with your outside activites to make it look like you are well rounded. The good part is that if you are going to college for something you truely enjoy, then this should be easy!. Oh and one last tip, if you are not ready for a university right after highschool do what I did and attend a community college first. On average they have higher success rates for students who transfer to universities opposed to those who go straight after highschool, especially public higschools. Hope this helps to alleviate stress!
The Grail VR (2 года назад)
thought the best way was to become an African american?
Jay (3 месяца назад)
Didn't work for me. Lol.
Chicken Strip (5 месяцев назад)
Dre what if your white?
Chicken Strip (5 месяцев назад)
Legendary Blue true and it’s so unfair
carrot cake (1 год назад)
Mythical Blue yes be a minority
Aksh Babbar (2 года назад)
Hey can i get your mail?
Preza (2 года назад)
DarkThor 00 (2 года назад)
About the gpa minimum requirement, lets say someone had an average gpa the first few years of high school but raised it to above the minimum gpa requirement by the time they graduated, will colleges care that it wasnt always a certain level or is it not that big of a deal?
Andre Lee (2 года назад)
A lot of other factors might influence how they think about it, but some might interpret your grades as a sign of improvement. If you started out not doing so well in high school but worked hard enough to be able to clear a GPA hurdle by graduation, it reflects well on your efforts and admissions committees might see it as a good thing.
nico martinez (2 года назад)
Hey man I have a question. So I skateboard and I play football. However, I don't want to play football anymore and I want to focus on school and skateboard. Buy my dad probably won't allow me to do that because he thinks that I won't get accepted if I'm not apart of a team. I'm looking into doing track to fill that void later in the year. But is it completely necessary to play a sport to get accepted into a college?
Enrique Mejia (2 года назад)
It's not necessary, you can fill your extracurricular activities by joining any club like german clubor leadership club ! it helps even more than doing sports
KITKAT21 (2 года назад)
do you need to take any sports or clubs or anything in highschool for getting into college?
Upturned17 (2 года назад)
What about if your SAT score isnt high enough? My GPA is high enough but not my SAT score please help
Vitamous (1 месяц назад)
Upturned17 2 years later...did u get to a good college??
James Klinger (2 года назад)
Do a "is engineering physics a good major."
Morwan Laz (2 года назад)
Hey, can boxing get you into a good university? Can which universities have a boxing team?
The Question (2 года назад)
that personal statement is so fucking depressing
Maurice Williams (2 года назад)
I'm going to stay in college for life. I should be rich in about 20 years.
Maurice Williams (2 года назад)
+Tortoise010 Lmao! You know me good as hell. That's true, your right.
Tortoise010 (2 года назад)
+Maurice Williams A Ph.D in CompSci just to become a hollywood actor?
Maurice Williams (2 года назад)
+Tortoise010 Not for life, I changed my mind. I do want a Ph.D in computer science.
Tortoise010 (2 года назад)
you mean in serious financial debt and agony?
Shanti Johnson (2 года назад)
I wanna ask, how does middle school effect high school?
Brennanman1 (1 год назад)
Yeah. You are.
Zebra Swag (1 год назад)
Mr. everything what happens if u have like a 2.4 in 9th grade are you fucked?
Shanti Johnson (2 года назад)
+Cino from 93 Hey thanks, everyone else has given me real similar answers.
Cino from 93 (2 года назад)
+Cino from 93 But just pay attention in middle school. If you don't all the shit that you didn't pay attention to is going to show up in high school and you are going to have a hard time.
Cino from 93 (2 года назад)
+Pandafans 2 Dude. Middle School doesn't matter at all. You can't repeat a grade in middle school unless your parents want you to. Middle school grades doesn't affect your high school life. If you are threatened to repeat a grade in middle school just know that they are just trying to get you to keep up your grades. I got straight F's every single year in middle school and made it into high school still. High School, you really have to get good grades because this depicts on your future.
Trey Dunn (2 года назад)
Anyone else here a freshman?
Pranay Lotey (2 года назад)
yeah , in high school
Vlad Cherevkov (2 года назад)
Not cool man. Sharing that person's information. Unsubscribed
Ravi (5 месяцев назад)
Ramen Noodles is a big bitch
Chicken Strip (5 месяцев назад)
Vlad Cherevkov boo hoo go cry to mommy
Justin Francisco Paul (2 года назад)
Thanks man i love your vids.
Ninjacookie75 (3 года назад)
This definitely gives me a better idea of how to fill another application out when I do it again.
Arlyn king (3 года назад)
great video you deserve a like
Alex Varga (3 года назад)
That personal statement screamed C student lol
ENGINEERED TRUTH (3 года назад)
*Wayup is the #1 Internship marketplace exclusively for college students and new grads!* http://www.wayup.com/refer/engineeredtruth
Raptor (2 года назад)
*Pokemon Go Pokecoins* https://twitter.com/dailyoffers98/status/755371120212205568?v=S7zmCnHCiuI?v=S7zmCnHCiuI
Atiba22 (3 года назад)
thanks i really appreciate these videos
MrSneakmind (3 года назад)
UCI needs a fuckton more than a 3.2 good god.
Justin Chan (3 года назад)
hey I'm an undergraduate at University of Leeds doing mechanical engineering, although I've applied for a 4 years masters degree, is it still considered possible to get into a better university after bachelors as better universities often offer better prosperity in terms of whether I can get an ideal job or not?
Saspa D (3 года назад)
Really helpful
Youtube Addict (3 года назад)
My dream school is UNC at chapel hill. I'm only in 9th grade but I feel like I will never make it into that school. I also want to play college soccer at UNC Because I want to play pro. I'm not in any Ap classes or honors classes this year so I feel like I'm not doing enough. Idk what to do
Joe Ferlaino (3 года назад)
Thanks for the advice, wow i just read the bad personal statement you linked in the description
Emmanuel Martin (3 года назад)
...apply to a major that is not super competitive and needs students like philosophy and then switch majors once you are in. When you apply to engineering, business, communications, and other majors that are very popular and impacted, it's always a struggle even if you have 3.5+ GPAs.
Brody Smith (2 месяца назад)
Emmanuel Martin does that actually work lmao
Peter Zhao (3 года назад)
Haha I'm going to write about my achievement in League of Legends
Lee Kum Hwa (1 год назад)
Peter Zhao hhh
Peter Zhao (2 года назад)
+smallfry amazing. any tips on how to get high rank? :D because i used to be diamond 1 but now i'm silver 3
smallfry (2 года назад)
+Peter Zhao That was the highest I've peaked. Though that was under the name Raujika, now it's just smallfry. I'm in d1 right now but I haven't played ranked in 23? days. So I'm about to decay heheh. I just haven't been playing as much since this meta is boring me to tears. The more I play this game the harder it is to motivate myself to keep climbing ranks.
Peter Zhao (2 года назад)
+smallfry Wow master tier! The highest I ever got was low diamond 1.  What's your name in league?
Brennan Cain (3 года назад)
I need some help on this: My UW GPA going into my junior year is a 3.6. ALL of my CP classes so far have been hard, and I go to one of the best high schools in California. However, I don't know if I should take accelerated, honors or AP. Will that be bad if I'm a wonderful student but with no accelerated, honors, or AP classes on my transcript? Im at least a 22-26 on my ACT, I am treasurer of my cinema club and Key club, I do a lot of community service, I am an honor roll student, I was honored with "Mira Costa's most outstanding scholars" so all of that is going great for me. I'm just worried that no accelerated, AP, or honors will hurt me big time.
Patrick Bateman (3 года назад)
All very possible with the exception of Berkeley. I mean you're in Cali man, that advantage of the UC and csu system. Apply to UCSB, UCI, UCSD, UCD, Cal Poly and the likes. Also there is a pretty big gap between a 22-27 act. A 22 act is pretty dang bad but on the other hand a 27 isn't too bad at all.
Brennan Cain (3 года назад)
I'm aiming for ASU, U of A, Cincy, Berkeley, and Santa Cruz.
Akhil K (3 года назад)
+Brennan Cain Depends on where you want to apply. Ivies? It's gonna be hard with that ACT.
Brennan Cain (3 года назад)
+Brennan Cain  I meant to say: "I'm aiming for 22-27 on my ACT"
Robbie Wilson (3 года назад)
I'd argue that its possible to achieve both great grammer and a personal voice. In fact, I know it's possible. Simply write what you want to say about yourself, but make sure that the grammer is perfect. Don't use a thesaurus to look up words you don't know -- you'll just make an ass of yourself in front the addmissions office. Speak about what you love, don't just rack off a bunch of hollow extracuriculars. Colleges want to see what you love, and you don't love everything. Passion for one thing makes you a desireable student, no passion means rejection. You have to have something you are passionate about before you apply, and you need to have pursued that passion throught highschool, and of course, you must have done challanging coursework, and done well in the challanging coursework, while pursueing your specific passion knowing fullwell that it will help you earn a spot at the best colleges and universities in the country. The students at HYPSM understand that uniqueness + dedication is most valued by admissions officers, and they aren't surprised when they are accepted to these schools. They don't not know what to write about for their college admissions essays, and they already have a pretty clear sense of how they will impact the world, or the local community, for the better. If you want a shot at the best schools, you need to be first and foremost a good student, earning A's in coursework. Secondly, you need to have remarkable passion and motivation to do something. This "something" can be whatever you want it to be, but it's up to you to convey both it's importance and significance to an admissions officer. If you have done the above then you have successfully become a competetive applicant. Congratulations, now you must apply to 10 or 15 schools as there will be thousands of applicants just like you and it's up to the admissions officers at these schools to decide which "somethings" they want in their next class. This is largely due to what they feel will enrich their class's educational experience and you must understand that there is no such thing as guaranteed admission. Remember, grades are not most important. Everyone has great grades, what makes you different from them? Why should a school want you to be a student at THEIR school? This is what you need to convey. I'd imagine public schools are a lot different because they actually do have an obligation to serve the tax payers in each state, however, a lack of passion will still be frowned upon and may mean the differnece between your acceptance and rejection from another applicant with similar stats; it can also lead to a waitlist vs. an acceptance. So, best of luck. Hopefully you know what to write about already, otherwise you are at an inherent disadvantage -- know that there are plenty of applicants who also may not know what to write about in their essays, but also know that these are not going to be the students who get into the best colleges and universities in the country (of course there are exceptions). It is also important to remember that these tough schools are not for everyone, and they shouldn't be. Sometimes the local state school is the right choice, and maybe, if your grades aren't high enough, or you don't really know what you want to do, these lower caliber schools might be the right choice for you. I feel like higher education is becoming less and less important for finacial success these days. Passion and motivation are FAR more important. So, if you are an applicant who lacks passion and motivation, do yoursf a favor and take time off of school to find that passion and then decide what is best for you. Despite what everyone likes to say, college is not the end all be all of your future.
Emannuel (3 года назад)
Thanks man, really helpful. Hope you grow into a youtube success.
McDonut (3 года назад)
Does academic rigor (i,e, Advance Placement courses) trumps a High GPA?
Quran Alone (3 года назад)
I just came across your videos, they are very to the point, i like that. I learned much already, thank you.
ENGINEERED TRUTH (3 года назад)
Thanks man
theraposo4 (3 года назад)
Legit advice. I wrote about playing guitar and painting and got into USC and Berkeley and UC LA. How? I wrote about how I used my skills to help others. 1890 SAT. 4.06 gpa. My match school was probably UC SB. Apply to usc everyone. They gave me a total of 55k in scholarships and grants. I'm going there.
Joe Shmoe (1 год назад)
theraposo4 I have 1360 SAT score (740 math) 4.35 gpa and I want to apply to USC.....this gave me hope🙏🏻
alakazam fam (2 года назад)
do you have to be graded? i play guitar but im self taught, is it only appreciated by unis if i can prove im like grade 6 or whatever?
Tyler Goodwin (3 года назад)
you lucky boy im trying to go to ASU or USC i aldp play guitar amd draw 😉
Kevin Dennis (3 года назад)
I say this if ur not getting major scholarships then go to comm. college n transfer after graduation easier road n cheaper too.
Celine .K (3 года назад)
you mentioned that we should be able to take whatever club or organization we are a part of from point a to point b. well can you elaborate and provide some examples please? sometimes when you have a certain position you only have certain jobs you CAN do
cpdion (3 года назад)
idek why I'm watching this...I'm only 13.
chris monroe (3 года назад)
What u said about gpa is not true
lillieth hanson (4 года назад)
Thanks,very helpful!
Talls.80 (4 года назад)
My problem with videos like this and the general attitude and worldview of asians is that they are trying to fit into a mold that has been pre determined by universities, corporations, etc, which were without exception started by white men.  Innovation and leadership cannot in any way develop out of that type of world view.  And that is why asians must constantly profess to be smarter and more capable, while at the same time ignoring and dismissing the origins of the technology which even allows them to make a living in the first place.
johnykonta57 (4 года назад)
What exactly was wrong with that guy's personal statement?
Ryan Smith (4 года назад)
I would enjoy hearing your insight on financial literacy, particularly directed towards college students and recent college grads.
liverpooler1997 (4 года назад)
Dude, like your vidoes but what the hell. you cant just post people personal statements after saying it is shitty. you should have asked the guy first.
liverpooler1997 (4 года назад)
+Juan Juarez dude calm down. youre acting as if i slept with your girl or something. why did you get so aggressive with me?
Christian Hidalgo (4 года назад)
And yeah, with respects to Engineered Truth, he should have asked the guy for his permission before posting it to the public simply out of respect for other's privacy. The writer didn't send the essay with intent or knowledge that Engineered truth would share it. He said himself that it was an emotionally charged piece making his privacy even more of a concern. Engineered truth was entrusted with sensitive information due to his position so to have shared this essay without permission is Engineered truth not using his position responsibly.
Christian Hidalgo (4 года назад)
+Juan Juarez Your verbose expressionism is utterly exhausting and your point surpasses the intention of liverpooler1997 making it completely useless. Just please, stop.
Juan Juarez (4 года назад)
Hello unintelligent human whom lacks common sense, I would like to point out a few things before your panties gets too far into your butt hole. So what exactly is the problem? Allow me to evaluate your poorly written and grammatically-shit statement... Firstly, in regards to *can't... Please, specify the violations enacted to verify that he "cant just post people personal statements after saying is shitty". Are there any laws being broken? Nope!.. Therefore, he CAN. The correct terminology intelligent people shall use would be SHOULDN'T. However, even that shall be considered idiotic. Have you even watched the video and understood it? I know.... assignments like these are a pain in the ass in second grade, aren't they? I quote from EngineeredTruth: ". . . I mean, he probably won't like that, but I think it'll be beneficial for you guys to look at what a bad personal statement look like." So, again, I ask you, what exactly is the problem???
Grace (4 года назад)
Thank you. bro!
extremekiwi28 (4 года назад)
Does the hurdle idea also apply to SAT/ACT scores?
EduardoKicks (4 года назад)
im a senior in high school and i have a 3.00 gpa,i take the SATs for the first time in 2 days and im really nervous that im not going to get into a great school. ive been in the college bound club for 2 years, and the Robotics club just started this year. I didnt really play sport because of my body type and felt inferior to any other athletes, not that im fat im just really skinny. I am also a member at my local church youth group for  4 years, we go feed the homeless in one of the most violent and poor citys in america a few times an year and also go visit the seniors at senior centers/retirement homes. i enjoy playing video games but i enjoy programming more. Recently ive launched an app into the appstore for iPhones and iPads and waiting for that to get approved. I really enjoy building apps and hope to make one that makes the lives of people easier. Thats pretty much my ground base of my college application which i should get started with. I plan to apply to UC Merced, UCLA, USC, UCSD, Cal Poly, and my dream school University of California Santa Barbara. maybe a few CSU's also but debating whether i should go to community college then transfer if i dont get accepted to any schools i really like. My major would of course be Computer Science. I really look up to self made entrepreneurs and plan to start my Bracelet business a few days from now, they average at $300(luxury bracelets). im just wondering how likely do you think i am to get in to any of the mentioned above colleges? i know im not a 4.+ gpa student, i know im not going to get 2400 SAT scores. if your up for a good read, read why a students work for c students.
The Legendary Husquin (1 год назад)
EduardoKicks so what ended up happening?
TheInternetBully94 (4 года назад)
+Samir Ahmad what's your major?
Omoiyari23 (4 года назад)
Their just gate keepers anyway mwhaha :P ...(ehh get the refrence? lol )
Headshot xXxX (4 года назад)
why is there a League link in the description? lol
Bob Smith (4 года назад)
Lol did you watch the whole video? He was talking about how people wrote about video games in their apps
Rakeshff (4 года назад)
Hey Im from India,a degree(UG) from the US would be like a dream come true. What would you advice international students? Is community college a good option for outsiders? Any good colleges with a low tuition fee?
TheGamingg33k (4 года назад)
Im also from india and I can tell you right now community college is the cheapest and the best option. But I will tell you this, it might be too expensive for you. My parents barely afford my tuition fee. Im in my 3rd semester and will be transferring to 4 year by fall 2015. Basically community college allows you to finish the first 2 years of a 4 year uni for a cheaper price. If you are in a good cc you will get really good professors as well.
LuXoR (4 года назад)
Can I email you my Grad School Personal Statement? Could you critique it? What is your email?
PlayerSOUP (4 года назад)
Just a tidbit about the UCI example. The Average incoming Freshmen GPA for the class of 2018 was a 4.05. That's a really REALLY high hurdle...
Chip Diggins (4 года назад)
Hi there, new viewer here, I was wondering if you had any advice about trying to change into Impacted Majors. I just started attending a State Uni as a first time freshman Chemistry Major and I am planning on switching to Mechanical or Aerospace engineering (both of which are impacted majors at my College) the problem is, engineering majors are impacted and apparently hard to get into and it also seems to be special in that it requires more course work than other Majors so i have no idea how to proceed or prepare to better my chances of being able to switch. I would've applied as an Engineering major to begin with  but at the time of the College Apps I had already taken 2 years of Chemistry (which i kind of liked), and was just starting to take AP Physics (we mostly dealt with mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electricity, Magnetism, Light and Optics, all of which I absolutely fell in love with, as apposed to College Physics where it gets into the Quantum, Atomic and Nuclear Physics). Thanks and awesome video
360WaveProcess (4 года назад)
Good video Matt. Are you going to the Halloween party at the space

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