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Top 5 Benefits Of Adding Salt To Your Shampoo

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Top 5 Benefits Of Adding Salt To Your Shampoo https://youtu.be/SsiuaSs-sR0 We all are aware of the fact that salt is one of the staple ingredients of our kitchen. But, did you know that salt has a treasure trove of hidden yet powerful beauty properties that help in protecting and restoring your hair and skin? From soothing eczema to giving you nice beachy waves, adding salt to your beauty regimen can turn out to be a great idea. But apart from all these, did you know that adding salt to your shampoo can solve all your hair problems? Don’t believe us? Check out how! 1. It Promotes Hair Growth. Sea salt is incredibly helpful for promoting hair growth. People suffering from hair loss are often advised to try sea salt treatment as it stimulates hair growth naturally. But, there is an easier way to use salt to promote hair growth. Here’s how you can use it – wash your hair as you normally do and then take a tablespoon of sea salt and massage it on your scalp for 10 minutes. Wash your hair again. Repeat this procedure twice a week, and you will see results within a month. 2. It Helps In Treating The Problem Of Dandruff. Dandruff is nothing but small flakes of dead skin cells that form over the scalp and are usually caused due to lack of blood circulation. Sea salt has the ability to stimulate the circulation, which is essential for maintaining a healthy scalp and eliminating dandruff. 3. It Helps You Get Rid Of Oily Hair And Oily Scalp. Oily scalp and hair is a result of excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands. You can solve this problem by using salt. All you have to do is add two tablespoons of salt to your shampoo and mix it well. Wash your hair using this shampoo. Right after the first use, you will see a noticeable change in your hair. Your hair will become healthier and less oily. 4. You Can Use It As A Bath Soak. Adding salt to your bath water can give you a really relaxing bath. It absorbs the dirt and toxins and deeply cleanses the skin. The mineral content of salt also helps in restoring the skin’s protective barrier, thereby facilitating the hydration of the skin. It also helps in reducing water retention. 5. It Can Help You Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes. Take a tablespoon of salt and add it to 2 tablespoons of warm water. Soak cotton pads in this water and then place them over your eyes. Keep them on for 10-15 minutes. All the puffiness will be gone. Apart from all these, you can use salt as a mouth freshener and as a teeth whitener. It is one of the best foot soaks and relieves aching feet in a jiffy. THANKS FOR WATCHING. SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS. SOURCE:www.stylecraze.com Follow me on twitter. https://twitter.com/soniyKH Follow my Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/892780334233596/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Best Ways to Getting Rid Of Lizards From Your Homes" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqBsMftIelk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Natural Beauty (3 месяца назад)
Can this get rid of frizz after first use? Should I use Epsom or the big sea salt?

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