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UF Veterinarians Repair An Endangered Florida Panther's Broken Leg

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A 9-month old female Florida panther was brought to the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital by FWC veterinarians to repair a broken leg. The panther was hit by a car in Collier County in May and was recovering at White Oak Conservation Center when the animal re-injured her leg. https://ufhealth.org/ http://smallanimal.vethospital.ufl.edu/
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Your Name (4 года назад)
Its a mountain lion
iTheEncounter (5 лет назад)
Those precious and expensive medical resources should be used to provide health care for poor and sick people, put people on the top priority!
University of Florida (5 лет назад)
Love it! Another fine job by our talented UFHealth Veterinary Medicine faculty & staff.

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