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JURASSIC WORLD - The Kill Counter (2015) Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard dinosaur adventure movie

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JURASSIC WORLD - The Kill Counter (2015) Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard dinosaur adventure movie SUBSCRIBE for more JoBlo Original Videos HERE: https://goo.gl/R9U81J Ever wondered how many people lose their lives in any particular movie, be it action, horror, sci-fi, or even comedy? Well, we've got you covered with THE KILL COUNTER, our hit series takes out the guesswork and counts every death on (and sometimes off) screen. Break out your calculator and try to keep up! On this week's episode, we take on director Colin Trevorrow's JURASSIC PARK reboot JURASSIC WORLD starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Jake Johnson. Check out our most popular series PLAYLISTS: 8-BIT TRAILERS: https://goo.gl/ofMrXn TOP 10 LISTS: https://goo.gl/yY74V3 AWFULLY GOOD MOVIES: https://goo.gl/LuxxyJ ROOMIES: https://goo.gl/etdL6P ...IS KINDA CRAZY: https://goo.gl/kj2wof MOVIE MISTAKES: https://goo.gl/J5PsPm EASTER EGGS: https://goo.gl/YOEQwI MOVIE TRIVIA POP-UP FACTS: https://goo.gl/l3RC80 WHERE IT WAS MADE: https://goo.gl/fXgT1j THE KILL COUNTER: https://goo.gl/e5fP1U JOBLO MOVIE PODCAST: https://goo.gl/m7vAaP FROM PAGE TO SCREEN: https://goo.gl/O8TW3K TRAILER BREAKDOWN: https://goo.gl/z2s53V COMIC BOOK MINUTE: https://goo.gl/VRf1eG THE BLACK SHEEP: https://goo.gl/4fseQe UNBOXING COLLECTIBLES: https://goo.gl/V2asoi OSCAR RETROSPECTIVES: https://goo.gl/k1ErdE
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Текстовые комментарии (1292)
Malen Jarin (2 часа назад)
Aleksi Ounia (7 часов назад)
I think that the first one what was the shark was dead all ready.
Ben Britton (8 часов назад)
best movie ever
周政霖 (11 часов назад)
ميزو أنجيلو&& (14 часов назад)
Nigel Brown (19 часов назад)
Bro how do you count all of these deaths /kills it really impressive 💯🤙🏾
FluffyXenomorph XX121 CoolXeno (20 часов назад)
Kill counter for fallen kingdom?
yos vindra (1 день назад)
Mossasaurus for the kill
Mako CatGamer (1 день назад)
I love how you put the jurassic theme song in this video😂😂😂
Maureen De Mesa (1 день назад)
hahaha those new boys are dead they are not strong
Maureen De Mesa (1 день назад)
i hate those fucking bad t rex and the indorex and all the bad dinasours tf beach
Ashkar Rashi (1 день назад)
Laila Shareen (1 день назад)
10:3she was running in HEELS!!!
Ramon De la Cruz (1 день назад)
Excelente película me gusta
carrie peters (1 день назад)
Maks Babij (1 день назад)
10:02 - these shoes are perfect when T-rex is one metre behind you!
Funny Mon (2 дня назад)
zakir mohmd (2 дня назад)
Hans bar (2 дня назад)
Megalodon??? Ansestro del tiburon a no de seguro es del cretacico
Ram Parkasha (2 дня назад)
Minecraft roblox (3 дня назад)
Abeef Abeef (3 дня назад)
Big monster is bad
Abeef Abeef (3 дня назад)
Super food
Mikiewicz 7.4 GOL (3 дня назад)
You know... I don't really understand the last scene, after the I-rex was eaten. When the water dinosaur pulled it in, we can see its tail disapear into the water, even though it really only stuck its head out... and Im so confused....
Gacha Kat - Gaming and more (3 дня назад)
The shark was already dead so it didn't count, the goat did. Anything *alive* that died counts.
MasterVick12MCPE -YT (3 дня назад)
The first kill is actually not a kill the shark is already dead
MARIORUSEDUARD Rus (5 дней назад)
what is 10+9? 6:01 21 :3
Kunjungi Channelku Iklanbagus co id (5 дней назад)
Tati Puryati (5 дней назад)
you stupid
Ksks Ofjs (6 дней назад)
david enriquez (6 дней назад)
Anabeth Cruz (6 дней назад)
nahh stpo all man's DlE! 😇😇😞😞😔😔😟
FaDe 2 (7 дней назад)
Lol so dumb
Enrico Retsch (7 дней назад)
I mis The Lord of The Rings in the High scors :D there you have in the 2nd ca. 11000 kills and in the 3rd many more. Mayby 400 000 kills or more. Or i dont understand it :D
Melinda Taurisa (7 дней назад)
rasmus funk (7 дней назад)
it was just 51 dude since the shark (number 1) was dead
Acat Tajibaev (7 дней назад)
Бектур ам
SKULLGAMER15 (7 дней назад)
2:55 wait i didn't know that indominus can camoflauge
boy playo (7 дней назад)
Thằng này đéo biết đếm
boy playo (7 дней назад)
Đéo tính mấy con khủng long nhá
AmythestWolf01 Morrell (7 дней назад)
Everyone is dead yet the music still plays
Sharmaine Mason (7 дней назад)
I m ink m Kim m Kim m mi m
Shelia Thompson (7 дней назад)
Jose Banda (7 дней назад)
Me puse llorar
FREEDOM (7 дней назад)
also why was the indominus death counted then even though he clearly wasn't dead
FREEDOM (7 дней назад)
and the 1st bronto wasn't a kill it was a death he could of survived
Swamy Yata (7 дней назад)
WOOOOOOO What a thirlll😮
ahmed izaelyas (7 дней назад)
Number 1 was not alive it was already dead but you can give it a double kill:)
caniah guillaume (8 дней назад)
The goat that the t rex eat
紫穏 (8 дней назад)
Psy Parra (8 дней назад)
Hi am a yotuber
Sandeep Saini (7 дней назад)
Govind Raj (8 дней назад)
Michelle Sewyck (8 дней назад)
The apatosaurus dying was so sad
Sagar g.g (8 дней назад)
Chethu Chethu (9 дней назад)
Himmat Mahi. H.p (9 дней назад)
Nanny Jos (9 дней назад)
The Indominus is sooo scary! He is the greatest landpredator of Jurassic World! The Mosasaurus is a hero: he killde the horrible Indominus in Jurassic World 1! Excuse my, i’am so enthusiastic!
Shiina Charles (9 дней назад)
majestic YT (9 дней назад)
That thumbnail is one of the best scenes in the movie. And badass lol.. kinda aha..
Giovanni Domanti (9 дней назад)
In tutto, queste morti sono stati anche i bocciati ai miei esami
John Monrose (10 дней назад)
wow shark didnt count it was alreay dead
Masanori Minami (10 дней назад)
มนตรี สีใส (10 дней назад)
Gameing with David forde (10 дней назад)
As a Jurassic world fan it pains me to see Dinosaurs die
CfC StaR.22 (11 дней назад)
How come you said that a raptor died more than how many there even is in the film
Nukesh Mukesh (11 дней назад)
D Moore (11 дней назад)
The seagulls get their bread 😃
Sâmy Borges (4 дня назад)
D Moore (11 дней назад)
Mmmmmm delicious!
PIYUSH KATIYAR (12 дней назад)
I am confused
かぜたんかみと (12 дней назад)
Ephraim Omudaki (12 дней назад)
good jurusic world
Crystal Craft (12 дней назад)
open paddock 10 you dizzy there is a compy that can help you *JK*
Cluber Medina Jemenes (12 дней назад)
Quee loco y tu puedes derrotarlo
ali azgar (13 дней назад)
Shark could not be counted. Be cuz is was alreay dead. I see everyone is giving this kind of comment. Well, it was a nice video. I enjoyed it. 🙂
piyush joshi (13 дней назад)
Ohhhhhh that Theme. Gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it.
Donald Sky (13 дней назад)
but I think the shark already was ded
Natalia Julieta Galvis Avellaneda - SGM (13 дней назад)
No sé qué hacer con los siguientes archivo
Blue2 Alila (13 дней назад)
Dont forgot the indominus rex's sibling
Blue2 Alila (13 дней назад)
Dont forget the idominus rexs sibiling
zulfiqar ali (13 дней назад)
I like it
J3C3P4 -CF (13 дней назад)
10:30 when you try to fight your dad. But. Its your dad ;-;
Soniasalgado Uriostegui (13 дней назад)
DINO 102 (14 дней назад)
6:37 4 calm people XD
Ray Ashwin (14 дней назад)
8:39 Hoskins thinking that anyone can tame a raptor
Ana Castillo (14 дней назад)
it's. fake. because. diosorses. went. real
Venkat V (14 дней назад)
Fantastic vedio ☺️☺️☺️
Fernando Campos (14 дней назад)
Ver foto
Fernando Campos (14 дней назад)
Verde foto
Sharief Vehicle (14 дней назад)
supper isthe.jurassic. world
Cool-Mechs Are Cool Hang (14 дней назад)
Mosa Shark Whats 2 I Did Not See It woah. Woah WOAH WOAH
Typical Gacha Studio Fan (14 дней назад)
11:29 Mosasaur: NOT TODAY ASSHOLE!!!!
Daily Cheesy Facts (14 дней назад)
dead meat did it better
Zavik 424 (14 дней назад)
Nice touch with the Mario coin sounds 👍
drouxaar (14 дней назад)
what's with movies and civilian deaths these days? like i'm actually tired of scenes with people being murdered every 2 secs
FluffyXenomorph XX121 CoolXeno (20 часов назад)
It makes it a good movie
Zubi Khan (1 день назад)
AmythestWolf01 Morrell (7 дней назад)
Yay! Someone agree's with meee
nawal alobeid (14 дней назад)
Sunny Ujiniya (14 дней назад)
I love jorasic park
Luke Raagas (14 дней назад)
Does it still count as a kill if the shark was already dead in the first place?? Science has advanced beyond logic
Dulasha Dissanayake (14 дней назад)
Mosasaurs there is smaller than giganotosaurus
Monica Zamora (14 дней назад)
Eres el peor
M.r. Moon (15 дней назад)
Violence being sold to children by nasty folks that call themselves 'progressives'
Barcelona GG (15 дней назад)
5:31 that pteranodon have a t-rex head

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