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AI in Sales with Roy Raanani, CEO of Chorus.ai

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http://www.AIinSales.com - This week on the AI in Sales podcast I speak with Roy Raanani, CEO and Co-founder at Chorus.ai. Chorus's AI platform improves customer conversion rates by recording, analyzing and garnering insights from conversations with prospects or customers. In this podcast, Ray talks about the revenue impact of client conversations and how conversations should be viewed as a corporate asset He also shares some fascinating insight on how to deal with potential clients who bring up your competitor in a conversation. What does it mean and what should you do. All this and a shocking statistic on how much conversational data is actually captured in a CRM.
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Nicholas Lua (10 дней назад)
Please i need your help how do we exercise our sales skills as a teenager or young adult still attending school?
prashanth chawhan (21 день назад)
Sir, I recently joined a company which takes infrastructure projects(residential) and what I have to do is sale flat or villas. It's been one month and really suck at conversation and made no sale Sir can you help me with the script or any suggestions for me
Prithviraj Singha (23 дня назад)
Hello Victor, your videos have helped me a lot to increase my business. I am a Homoeopathic doctor myself & i run my own private clinic in a small town in India. My clinic is not a big one, it is small & a B 2 C business indeed. However your videos have helped me to increase my revenue as i have learnt a lot about selling. I never had any type of sales training but i always felt the need of some sort of sales training while providing the features, benefits,advantages as well as the price of the various services in front of my patients / clients while they are consulting me. Thanks to you, your videos have bridged the gap. I would want to talk something about objections. I am running my clinic since last 5 years. From my experience, I have deduced that clients generally have 4 types of objections:- Price objections ( can be blocked by showing the value of what the product is offering Trust objection ( can be blocked by showing social proof ) Product Compatibility objection ( can be blocked by creating my own product inventory as well as a comparative matrix of the features, benefits, advantages between my services & my competitor's Objections from Preset notions or previous experience ( can be blocked by market survey & experience of other customers ) Can you please let me know if there are any other objections inside the minds of the clients. It will be much helpful if you kindly create a content on the different types of objections which generally bothers the clients. Thanking you again.
طلال الشيخ-Lexus (1 месяц назад)
Always u r the best keep going up mr Antonio.... since the begning i'm follow u .. doing what u advice about ... u change my income from 2000 $ to around 16000 $ per month ... thanx again and i hope happpy life to u sir

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