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Syria is NOT a Civil War, It Is a Foreign Intervention

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Syria is entering a new stage of secular-on-extremist violence, with the collective war against President Assad almost sidelined by the growing mayhem. Outside plans for chaos have begun uncontrollably to shift the war, according to a number of experts. Analyst and editor of the Corbett Report, James Corbett, feels it important to emphasize the gap between the motives displayed by various factions inside Syria and the initial aim of external powers to remove Assad. This view is furthered by professor of international relations Mark Almond, who believes that a diffuse groupings all dangerously seeking personal gain may put disarmament process off the rails. On one hand, the Syrian conflict is seen as painstakingly planned and funded chaos from outside in Corbett's view. On the other are several civil wars within the main struggle, which are prone to constant shifts in allegiances due to the aforementioned chaos, according to Almond. For full transcript, visit: http://www.globalresearch.ca/syria-is-not-a-civil-war-it-is-a-foreign-intervention/5352926 Originally aired on RT, October 4, 2013 http://rt.com/op-edge/almond-corbett-syria-war-732/
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aangevallene (4 года назад)
➤➔ By terrorizing and waging war in cities and civilian areas and by murdering civilians and destroying houses, the rebels cause misery upon civilians. It is an important duty of the army to fight against the rebels, no matter where the rebels may be.
Gerardo Lopez (4 года назад)
Im sorry but can care less about Syria right now. too many issue here
hopncircle (4 года назад)
Corbett is so "limpide" :)
Maissie G (4 года назад)
Load of croc that the US is funding and backing ALL the rebels . Rebels are pouring in from all over the world most are radicalised in their home zones by old sadistic men.
mikecorbeil (4 года назад)
They didn't invite the U.S. et al to do this, so why don't you preach to the latter, instead?!
mikecorbeil (4 года назад)
Washington is "playing" another Salvador Option and/or Operation Phoenix sort of "game" in Syria. It's to be expected, but that doesn't make it at all easier to swallow; for, the more we know how Washington operates, the more difficult it becomes to swallow or to breathe. Washington holds us in a strangle hold that allies "help" with applying. They might think that it's their Olympics, but we must differ about that. Olympics isn't supposed to be war, killing, ....
mikecorbeil (4 года назад)
I'm not getting audio at YouTube, for any videos, since yesterday, but listened to the corbettreport copy of this a couple of days ago and just read the full transcript, which requires some editing, i.e., cleaning up. But, regarding car bombings and Iraq, I haven't seen any news updates about Iraq for a long time now, but the series of car bombings that occurred many years ago weren't only by foreign "Jihadists". Some were by US occupation checkpoint guards planting explosives in vehicles.
Chris Mcnamara (4 года назад)
It was planned before The the gass attack. Cia sent the rebels there from all around the middle east. There not syrian rebels there al-qaeda taking orders and being armmed by us goverment. Its total bs
dustyblue (4 года назад)
if all these so called mercenaries funded would even wake up and realize they are puppets and forget about some supreme false religion of brain wash to begin with if they truly just want to live life in a place for their family and enjoy their own passions in life and have basic needs met....which is all of humanity but it's many governments of behind the scences creating controlled chaos that truly need to be exposed when I ask will this day come forth cause its world wide fear based awake!??
Liberty Leslie (4 года назад)
No they are not. They are non-syrian mercenaries funded by our rogue treasonous coup of a Government. They do not represent anything but extreme Muslim Jihad. they are used by our government for expansion of corporate interests and power. Israel may not be denying the Holocaust but they are repeating why God led them to it. I am praying he puts a stop to this garbage SOON.
kevin chambers (4 года назад)
Yes Finally if we are training, supplying and arming the rebels, they are our forces.

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