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Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2010 by QSCBC Thailand.wmv

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Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women in the world. A lot of Thai women will seek help only when their symptoms are in latter stages. King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital developed a plan to build a Centre for Breast Cancer, which in the words of Her Majesty The Queen is "a sanctuary for women in need" The aim of the Queen Sirikit Centre is to develop the centre with the same capacity on a par with any international breast cancer facility. What is breast cancer? The cells in the breast tissue divide and grow out of control forming tumors, spread to other cells or other organ of the body. Risks that can cause breast cancer 1.Age higher chance to find breast cancer will be increased in the age of 35 or higher. 2.Inherit genetic mutations 25% of patients are from inherited genetic mutations. 3.Hormone estrogen is the important hormone that is critical in the progress and development of breast so estrogen plays an important roles in the division of tumors. Forms of breast cancer Lumps, hard knots or thickening, changes in size or shape of breast, pimpling or puckering of the skin, nipple discharge, itchy, scaly sore nipples, inversion of nipples, unusual swelling, redness, any bleeding or liquid from the nipple. Steps of finding breast cancer 1.Breast Self Examination 2.Clinical Breast Examination 3.Examination by special machines such as Mammography and Ultrasound. How to reduce risk of having breast cancer 1.Screening in an early stage -When you are 20 years of age perform breast self examination -If you are 35 years of age or a family member had breast cancer, have clinical breast exam and ultrasound once a year -If you are 40 years or older, have mammography every year. 2.Healthy diet especially fruit and vegetables. 3.Avoid eating high fat food and control your weight. 4.Breast feeding to lessen the estrogen level in the body The best protection for breast cancer is early detection.
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