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Corbett: Flying Towards War? Drone Race Signals Escalationin China-Japan Standoff

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The development and acquisition of drones has become crucial to the ever-expanding arms race between China and Japan, as tensions over disputed islands in the East China Sea could soon reach boiling point. Weaknesses in Japan's surveillance capability and the ongoing territorial dispute over the Senkaku islands, known as the Diaoyu in China, have spurred Tokyo to purchase an advanced drone model from the US. Japan's vulnerability was highlighted late last year when Japanese radar failed to detect a low-flying Chinese aircraft passing over the group of disputed islands. The drones will seemingly be deployed "to counter China's growing assertiveness at sea, especially when it comes to the Senkaku islands," the Kyodo news agency quoted an unnamed defense ministry official as saying. Japanese concerns that the islands will be used by China as a prelude to testing regional power balances, prompted Japan's Defense Ministry to request $2.4 billion dollars from hawkish Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whose conservative government swept to power on December 26. The funds will be used for extra PAC-3 missile interceptors and upgrades for F-15 fighter planes, Bloomberg cites a document distributed by the ministry as saying. Japan has further decided to increase overall defense spending to some $54.3 billion, the first defense hike in a decade. Abe further promised on the campaign trail to bulk up the country's army and coast guard. James Corbett, editor of the Japanese-based Corbett Report news website, told RT the latest conflict had yet to filter down to the citizen level in Japan like it had in China, where nationalistic sentiment is on the rise. With the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands serving as the focal point for the current standoff, Corbett says Sino-Japanese military conflict will likely become the new norm. "...now that Abe is in power -- he's known as a hardline nationalist -- and now that Xi JinPing is taking the helm of China for the next 10 years, I think he's looking to put his stake down as someone who is really a strong defender of China. So I think we're really going to see an entrenched position on both sides and it looks like there is a new normal of wars and increasing [military] expenditures that are likely for the next several years." China has taken measures to significantly ratchet up its drone program in a move which US analysts described as a "worrisome trend." In October Chinese state media said 11 drone bases would be built along China's coastline, and "at least one drone will be stationed at each base," the Guardian cites China Radio International as reporting. China rolled out eight new models in November at an annual air show in the southern coastal city of Zhuhai, photographs of which were featured prominently in the state-owned media. In December it was further announced that the People's Liberation Army were readying to test-fly a domestically developed drone, which analysts said is likely a clone of the US's carrier-based X-47B. The unclassified document published by the US Defense Science Board in July outlined fears China "could easily match or outpace US spending on unmanned systems." Sino-Japanese relations took a drastic turn for the worse after the Japanese government purchased the disputed islands from a private Japanese owner last September. Tensions have continued to rise, as an increasingly frequent cat and mouse came between Chinese surveillance planes and Japanese F015 fighters risks descending into a potentially deadly game of brinkmanship. Chinese government ships have entered Japanese-controlled waters on multiple occasions in recent months, prompting regular standoffs with the Japanese coast guard. On Tuesday Japan summoned China's ambassador to Tokyo to protest an incursion by 4 Chinese maritime surveillance ships, allegedly occurring Monday. China remained undaunted, with Reuters quoting the Communist Party chief of China's marine surveillance corps, Sun Shuxian, as saying "Japan has continued to ignore our warnings that their vessels and aircraft have infringed our sovereignty." "This behavior may result in the further escalation of the situation at sea and has prompted China to pay great attention and vigilance." Originally aired on RT, January 9, 2013 http://rt.com/news/japan-china-drone-race-649/
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Rolara Theme (4 года назад)
Hi, I'm from Mexico! I don't really want to get involved in Asian vidoes, but I must to say that Japanese're the ugliest sushi mother fuckers in the world!  lol
Sonita Bun (4 года назад)
I think these two nations come together for some thing good not war .
believeinNothing GuYy (5 лет назад)
with chinese technology , it will all get break down and stop working before it get to japan ... lol ... i am speaking the true here ...
Joe Doe (5 лет назад)
Billy Bob Mirango (5 лет назад)
Poke Japan's eye and you go to war with the USA. Chinese drones....where have they been used in a real battle? China has only copied low-grade Walmart shit. (see J-11 a copy of the amazing Su27)
Frankie Valuluchie (5 лет назад)
Your doing great Rodney ! keep telling them the truth! Watch out the Jewish assembly will not like you , they will want to have you fired .Iluminati and 9/11 now another war to borrow and spend , The Federal Reserve racket. There comming to get your property and chip implant , total control . Just turn your account off and you cant borrow or trade.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
I'll take back some of my earlier post, the part saying that "there's no World War that's occurred here during" the past 11 years, for ppl can argue that thr's been WW and that it continues. Thr was ww3report. com around a decade ago and it was later changed to ww4report. com. The editor has been treating the Cold War as WW3 and the present, since 9/11, as WW4. People can understandably have this view, if we don't require that all WW's happen in very similar manner. I don't have such a req.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
Yugo., Vietnam, Chile and Cuba haven't been at war over the past 11 years and when you say, "My country's been at war for 11 years now", then you're speaking in the present sense. It's saying these countries are presently at war and that it's been going on for 11 years, straight, which wouldn't be true. Semantics! Yugoslavia is a bad situation for the Serbs to this day due to US-lead hell in 1999. It's been genocidal and brutal for them, but it isn't presently war.
Rodney H (5 лет назад)
Coming up? Wake up and smell the grass, it has been here, a continual war around the planet of some 500 years or more.
Rodney H (5 лет назад)
Why only consider 9/11? Why not Yugoslavia? Why not Vietnam? Why Nicaragua? Why not Chile? Why not Cuba? I could go on and on and list off so many countries. Why does the USA still occupy Europe, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Philippines, Panama, etc? Occupation means hostilities have not ended! 9/11 was done by Isreal in any case, specifically Zionists who occupy Isreal and control the Jews and the US Congress.
Rodney H (5 лет назад)
Why do you see every US President bow and scrape and foot lick the Queen of England when they go to see her? Go have a look at the videos of all US Presidents meeting the Queen of England. Washington also comes under the City of London which not part of England or the UK or Britain, as does the Vatican!
Rodney H (5 лет назад)
The Rothschilds run all but 3 Central banks in the world and that includes China.
Rodney H (5 лет назад)
Both China and the USA are members of the Council On Foreign Relations - CFR, so it is scripted game they are playing, all set up by the CFR which is under the control of the Bilderberg Group, and RT knows it. Beware of RT! Queen Elizabeth of the UK runs the CFR. Henry Kissinger runs the Bilderberg Group. This is common open public information. G8 is run by the CFR! Washington is run by the CFR and so is almost every government that has a central bank.
TheChugger0 (5 лет назад)
2 nations at war isn't World War 3. There needs to be more nations and more 'Great Power' nations.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
Nothing new about that. It's been that way for over a decade now. With that said, the situation just keeps getting worse, so it's more and more like there's certainly no foreseeable end. And I guess that there isn't, for it fits with Washington's plan to achieve global dominance, which means being dominant vis-a-vis Russia and China, as well. There's PNAC and the Pentagon has doctrine called "Vision 2020" and "Full Spectrum Dominance". Search GlobalResearch. ca about these topics. Plenty there.
Jeremy Heil (5 лет назад)
Your right, but still it's already starting to feel like "War is Peace".
Mandela Scipio (5 лет назад)
With this showing, the only thing the united states can do is start matching the efficiency of east asia... that's when people will really see who is in the wrong.
FlyingAxblade (5 лет назад)
drones are only expensive in America, in China they cost much much less.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
But what do you mean by your country has been warring for 11 years and that WW3 has been to your country? Are you Afghan, Iraqi, "American", Canadian, British, ...? Your meaning is very ambiguous. The "West" has been waging war (of aggression) for the past 11 years, if we only consider 9/11 and since, that is. But there's no World War that's occurred here during these years, or before. The Western side has been waging the war and nothing of the like has been done to us [from the outside].
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
For some, WW3 hasn't begun yet, while for some others, we're in midst of WW4 since 9/11. In former case, Cold War between Washington and Ru. isn't a WW, & neither is the past decade. For WW4'ers, Cold War was a WW, so WW3. If it had become nuclear, then I guess we'd then all agree that it'd have been WW3. It depends on what ppl think of for requirements for war to be WW. For me, we're in WW and have been since 9/11 and the lead-up planning phase, and Cold War was low-scale WW. It's my view.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
"The Road to World War 3" (14 min), Sep 2012, watch?v=HP7L8bw5QF4 Michel Chossudovsky has been on the topic of WW3 for some years now, but this video is worth listening to. The narrator, who also uploaded the video, comes to speak of the 3 stages of revolution and shows an article entitled, "Minority rules: Scientists discover tipping point for the spread of ideas". The original is at RPI.edu, but thr's also another page for an excerpt + relevant links. It's an easy Web search for the two.
MrCriminalwatch (5 лет назад)
I have noticed that in this Global Power Grab there has been MUCH emphasis on the encirclement of China, Russia & Iran but almost zilch when it comes to what may be encircling the waters off the coasts of Europe & the US.
Jeremy Heil (5 лет назад)
My country's been at war for 11 years now. WW3 has been here.
lnsk (5 лет назад)
WW3.. coming up!

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