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What to ask a pharmacist during an informational interview

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One of the best ways to learn more about the field of pharmacy is to speak to pharmacists about their professional experience. The goal of the informational interview is to learn more about the individual's professional/academic background, job responsibilities, career path, or their thoughts about working at a particular organization/company. The insight you gain from an informational interview will help you explore and assess your own career options and path. UCI PharmSci Peer Academic Advisor Dariush shares some examples of questions you would ask a pharmacist during an informational interview. About us: The UCI Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate students unparalleled training for future careers in pharmacy, medicine, and biomedical research. Our innovative, rigorous curriculum integrates concepts from biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmacology and physiology. Alumni pursue exciting professional opportunities that improve our society’s health and well-being. Stay connnected: Facebook: @UCIPharmSci; @UCIPharmSciStudent Affairs Twitter: @UCIPharmSci Instagram: @UCIPharmSci
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