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Edit V-ray Material Professional Presets (VMPP)

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Edit V-ray material professional presets in 3ds max 2014. This quick tutorial will help you customize the VMPP according to your project. Notice that the demonstrated method can be done for any material plugin but in my case, SIGERSHADER plug-in is being used. For more tutorials, please like, subscribe and visit my website. http://adf.ly/1jgQVo Note: There are fabric, carpet, cloth and wallpaper material that I have collected from the chines website 3d66. The are ready to be used by anyone. All you need: 1- click on the following link http://adf.ly/1jjWMy 2- download the folder 3- open 3ds max material 4- click on open material library 5- pick the file "fabric, cloth and carpet" Enjoy for more 3ds max tutorials, Please subscribe and click on the link below http://adf.ly/1jgQVo and follow my Pinterest board for more on 3ds max and Interior Design http://adf.ly/1jtkMi You can Download the Material Library of Object Glass from here http://adf.ly/1jxDIu
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Việt Anh Trần (1 год назад)
Thank you :D

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