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The Death of Dr. Kelly: An Open Case

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This documentary studies the suspicious death of Dr. David Christopher Kelly, an internationally recognized British authority on biological weapons, after his claims before the Iraq war. A Press TV Documentary, originally aired January 13, 2013 http://www.presstv.ir/doc/aperture.html#The Death of Dr. Kelly-An Open Case
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Ima Carrot (10 дней назад)
"It's difficult to see who would have wanted Dr. Kelly dead." This guy puts his dentures under his pillow hoping the tooth fairy will come
richieb carric (1 месяц назад)
The threat of the secrets of Dunblane being exposed was the lever to get Blair to fall in with the machinations of the Washington/Israel lobby.
Clive Collins (1 месяц назад)
South Africa had been selling Saddam weapons for years-G5 and G6 cannons,which were manufactured in Pretoria plus shells capable of delivering chemicals/biologicals.They were used on the Kurds.A Dr.A.Bull was murdered in SA(I think) and he was in the arms industry-there is a probable relation.The English Govt and BBC have been covering up their pedophiles within their midst for over 20 years(Elm Guest house).No WDM's -RUBBISH.
Phish Phood (1 месяц назад)
Very interesting chap was David Kelly...... or more to the point he was an absolutely despicable Bastard ...!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCxmJJTbFV4
Truism Gates (1 месяц назад)
No matter what the lying establishment may come up with to try and make the fact that Kelly was murdered by it, no amount of rhetoric can ever make the fact go away that Kelly was an inconvenience that had to be dealt with, and was dealt with. Once he had gone then the slaughter of the innocents could begin
faiza white (2 месяца назад)
They kill him for sure .this in the protocol of elder Zionist . they said if the people they choose they don't do what they been told they get rid of them . my opinion .sorry
peruda hudson (3 месяца назад)
did you know that cunt blair is a convicted sodomite.. the twat was in bow st magistrates for procuring men outside a toilet in london for buggery.. he used his 2 middle names to avoid publicity
david lister (4 месяца назад)
Just noticed Jeremy Corbyn on the second row wearing a green jacket.
Cross Hatch (5 месяцев назад)
Bec,bribe bribe ,conclusion, good,it realy should be called bbcg,they stole of millions of people for years still do ,160 pound for ,tv licence,you dnt need it ,so please look in to it,dnt watch ,u are giving money to criminals
Cross Hatch (5 месяцев назад)
Twenty six,the twenty six,now that's something I have looked in to ,and coincediance,doesn't come along like this,but nothing will happen on this,why people are to busy watching was tenders,numbing out to there TVs,
james donnelly (5 месяцев назад)
this guy was murdered by the british establishment
TheMiss doir123 (5 месяцев назад)
God bless you Dr Kelly. Its a corrupt world we live in.
Vlad Tatarsky (5 месяцев назад)
does it really make difference if he was forced to make suicide or they engaged a killer? In any case the truth is that after fake evidences of war mongers have been disclosed the system does not let him exist - to teach other members of that system!
liyahs trattoria (5 месяцев назад)
That dog asad ,has the weapons.They accused Sadam and killed him wrongfully.With all the evidence of that pig murdering innocent people why did they go silent?Hypocricy and hate against Islam and Muslims is out in the open.
Lech Biegalski (5 месяцев назад)
Of course, the British were co-conspirators. The infamous Downing Street Memo proved it beyond any doubt.
Bruce Bedlam (6 месяцев назад)
The Government did what it wanted and the rest is a cover up. Just like the Diana Murder!
Ethna Lee (6 месяцев назад)
These Zionist Criminals do suffer on their death bed, They lye there for ages,wondering when Lucifer, is going too come for their Soul, every minute feels like an hour, they are rapped in so much fear, right too the last second...and then it’s not over,because they are dragged too a place to continue their suffering, for eternity...
Eleanor Sanchez (6 месяцев назад)
margaret thatcher is another mongrel
Zeljko Trifunovic (7 месяцев назад)
People keep a civil tounge in your heads y'all. Keep.one thing in the forefront of your mind ----you are nice civilized people living in the ideal perfect democratic society so you voted politicians to do your wll . And they did. This of course is interpreted as mass murder , heinous crimes and war crimes of other civilizations far more moral than yours. And if wikileaks exposes you them try to murder or arrest them and say " it was a mistake" And of course nice and wealthy people no one dares send to Holland war crime court. Dutch government being corrupt would be scandalous finding partners in crime guilty. When you nice people eat gluttonously its at the price of blood and atrocities of others you enjoy your sinful lives
ThePatsyMusic (8 месяцев назад)
lyng z!onst fuckng scum deatyh to them
Noel Lysen (8 месяцев назад)
This is a fairly awful documentary. All one-sided and wastes far too much time ragging on Blair and Britain's involvement in the war.
jimmy johnston (8 месяцев назад)
dhoni BABU (9 месяцев назад)
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aadrianlee (10 месяцев назад)
Zionist Jews did 911 and blamed it on the Arabs.
Al Mlg (4 месяца назад)
VinniethePanda former Italian president Francesco Cossiga said Mossad and CIA orchestrated 9/11....go figure, fucking Israel cocksuckers
VinniethePanda (10 месяцев назад)
Rubbish, Jews were involved, but the US government were the culprits.
Sage Khan (11 месяцев назад)
After Iraq the fact that the man behind hundreds of thousands killed and destruction of a nation Blair was appointed by the EU as a peace envoy on a million pounds wage. Just this fact made my stomach churn and helped me make my mind up on how corrupted and arrogant the EU is. It also helped me to make my mind up to turn my back on the EU union and vote for Brexit
VinniethePanda (10 месяцев назад)
Don't forget his bitch of a wife...breaking laws left right and center with their property portfolio.
Sage Khan (11 месяцев назад)
Sorry missed out peace envoy of the middle east. Talk about rubbing salt in people's bleeding wounds still can't get my head round it
Mister Furious (11 месяцев назад)
I've never forgotten the disgraceful treatment that this man was subjected to. I don't believe the lies and CRAP that the UK government vomited out.. Blair is a crim Like fucking GENGHIS KHAN Nothing personal Blair I want you strung up by your testicles. You murdered Dr David Kelly.
Pockets MacCartney (1 год назад)
bbc has a "director general"? what, its a branch of government martial forces?
D Ó Druaidh (1 год назад)
Maybe Kelly wasn't killed to keep him quiet. The truth was already out, after all. Maybe he was killed to frighten others into silence!
Dom Jermano (1 год назад)
Tony Blair was convinced to take the UK into War by Bush because of the Money. The Bush Murderers orchestrated the 911 inside thermite job. The money they used to setup, plan, ship, and payoff people to include Blair, plant the thermite at the WTC was from the 2.3 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon. They rigged the Stock Market which they profited from the decline of the Airline stocks, and also when Defense Contract Stocks went up. They rigged it so the Banks would collapse, having money laundered funds through London, and then Bush bailed out the Banks and later Obama would do the same, for a 16 year fleecing of the British and American People, not to mention the horrible murder of over a million innocent people, including torture. No one was held accountable for the Bank Collapses, and no one held responsible for the Murder and Torture of innocent people. Tony Blair had all the reason he needed to make money off the lives of so many people which one was Dr. David Kelly. He and Bush, Cheney and others need to arrested and charged with Murder. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-488667/Why-I-know-weapons-expert-Dr-David-Kelly-murdered-MP-spent-year-investigating-death.html
Wellington Boobs (1 год назад)
Shame the docu didn't spend time revealing to the viewer how DK was exceptionally meticulous and thorough and how his level-headedness and precise determination had made him perfect for his job. It is clear he did not commit suicide and it is clear the war was to protect the petro-dollar.
R S (1 год назад)
I lived fairly local, and its true a helicopter was heard and seen, picking someone up, but the police denied this. A local police constable lied about the amount of police on the scene early on, and the timing. Why? Immediately after Dr Kelly's death, a locked cabinet at his dentists was broken into and his dental records/xrays stolen....then returned ! A young lady in Banbury freelancing as a reporter had her studio flat broken into and her notes on the enquiry stolen. Dr Kellys wife said no way would he kill himself. Within a day she 'changed her mind'. And yet people say there's no cause for suspicion? Tony B'liar is a vile animal, when he was voted in I saw coach loads of Yorkshire men go down to shake his hand, they'd waited so long for a labour government....Blair looked at them in disdain, like he thought they were scum. John Prescott would have been better and stronger. Cherie was as dangerous, a leftie lawyer representing asylum seekers and worse. I worked alongside Blair's spoilt son in Coventry (although the son was a lazy creature), he did nothing except slag off England. B'liar sits easy in Oz with his billions. They can't shut me up.
VinniethePanda (10 месяцев назад)
Well said.
Baylion Hunch (1 год назад)
its about tme we all come together and get rid of the shit and scum that are in power. we now hwo you are!!!!!!!!!!!
elizabeth sheffield (2 месяца назад)
I recall Princess Diana being filmed walking among mine fields wearing a visor in a protest against multi-billion companies manufacturing Mines....... she also died in an 'accident' in a location where there would be few witnesses. i.e. a tunnel. Robin Cook ( who was against a 'war on Iraq') 'died' on a remote mountain path.
masley vystupoe (1 год назад)
The 9/11 falseflag was very useful in steering Blair as naïve he is.
Mark Hutchinson (1 год назад)
Could be another psyop where Kelly disappears with another identity.The cover story is seemingly  contrived to polarise people into two camps.Then we have Kellys honesty over the inspections which would be a career ending move. Robin Cook? Climbing on MOD land with the wife,a former MI5 employee.Looking a little contrived.
Theseustoo Astyages (1 год назад)
He was murdered; he even predicted it! He said himself that he would be found dead in a wood somewhere... (and he most certainly wasn't referring to suicide!) and that is precisely where he was found. He was an embarrassment for objecting to the 'WMD' hysteria and was wanted 'out of the way' of the next phase of the Zionist's 'Plan A' (the creation of Eretz Yishrael - from the Nile to the Euphrates): the Iraq war... The only real question is, was it MI5, MI6, the CIA or the Mossad (which really amounts to more or less the same thing, anyway...) Or maybe they hired an entrepreneur, like the mafia or a local hit-man. But the Zionists were behind it.
Glenn Hawkins (1 год назад)
How can you possibly investigate a death when the people you need to be investigating are the very same people that have allowed you to carry out that investigation?
CH D (1 год назад)
Chillcot inquiry into blair is also a FARCE IN 2016...sickening how corrupt the government is...
CH D (1 год назад)
Tony Blair is a treasonous puppet that is guilty for so much death...George Galloway knows the truth but is portrayed as a trouble maker...
SvenP (1 год назад)
Dyke is talking crap. Britain was involved in Vietnam, the difference only being they weren't wearing regular British Army uniforms!
Jane Hibberd (1 год назад)
Sven Pillet Wasn't British intelligence involved?
liam whitcombe (1 год назад)
RIP Dr. Kelly. We ALL know why you died & at who's slimy Scottish cunts orders
yorki gayi afgani (1 год назад)
Chris Walls (1 год назад)
All these guys were WAR  HEROS.   Don't believe the hype.
Marina Knife (2 года назад)
More interesting timings of suspicious deaths - Ass Commissioner Mike Todd's 'suicide' even the instant aftermath press - all the left wing young female public sector n'do'good nobodies 'useful mouths' being interviewed in mainstream media within 36 hours - making inferences about Todd's character - as if it was girly chat mag - disgusting creatures all rewarded by the State with high paying non-jobs ... and John Smith Labour - leader before Blair.
1justpara (2 года назад)
John Smith's death is also suspect in my opinion.
glazerb (2 года назад)
The answer is clear already on 01.30 minute in this video. This is the Israeli Mossad. What we see is Tony Blair in the school of the Israeli Mossad in Herzliya, Israel. They influence on Blair to join the war on Iraq, just as they impacted on Bush. Israel+USA+UK, led to war and destruction of Iraq. And so they led war in Syria. The reason is the desire of Israel to take control of all of Palestine, and to eliminate the Palestinians.
philopolymath (2 года назад)
joe justicelibertyALL (2 года назад)
That's why Brexit is so powerful to all free people, when the establishment murders folks in plain sight, just because he stood against the money grubbers, and profiteers of military industrial complex in an intelligent way. He was in the way of the NWO which just recently the British have just woke up to the fact that folks been telling others for at least 25 years, and the NWO is going to step up their bullshit. Please beware of the wolf at your doorsteps.
Daskeladden1 (2 года назад)
is this documentary made by a five year old in his bedroom?
Doug Characky (2 года назад)
Robin Cook's death also needs to be re-opened!
Mark Sketch (1 месяц назад)
CH D Robin Cook was killed as he knew to much about many things and it was believed that he was going to go public. First about the Iraq business, also about the Dr Kelly killing and finally and not widely known that he had various sources and he managed to put 2 and 2 together and believed that Princes Diana was killed involving various countries secret services. As she had information that could basically collapse the royal family including exposing many other strange things which at face value seem almost out of a moving. In fact it’s too much even to believable in a movie. I’m not sure if her children where told the truth and explain the reasons why or they are still kept in the dark.
Freddie Mercury (2 месяца назад)
And Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury (2 месяца назад)
Rod Hull lol
Black As Black (2 месяца назад)
Doug Characky read miles goslett's book about Dr Kelly.. an inconvenient death
matt nolan (6 месяцев назад)
and kenny everett
Doug Characky (2 года назад)
The Hutton Inquiry sounds like the Warren Commission on the JFK assassination. It was another set of lies for the camera.
yorki gayi afgani (1 год назад)
or the NIST report on 9/11
artemis12061966 (2 года назад)
The JFK level mystery of Britain.....
yorki gayi afgani (1 год назад)
if you knew how many of it's own citizens it murders you would be shocked!!! mi5 and Jew's are mad mass murder killers
socrates mwalandi Mwambogha (2 года назад)
David Kelly was murdered i wonder what happened to Andrew Gilligan
Equaliser (6 месяцев назад)
socrates mwalandi Mwambogha He has had a fantastic career.
elizabeth sheffield (1 год назад)
or David Kelly's wife or Robin Cook's wife? While T Bliar & wife have been very richly rewarded for co-operating.
SvenP (1 год назад)
socrates mwalandi Mwambogha Gilligan only revealed the story. More disturbingly he revealed the source!
Pat Macnamara (2 года назад)
gilligan is working for the telegraph newspaper
Vickie O. (2 года назад)
The Political elites. Americas hit team.
highonimmi (2 года назад)
dude, America is the ELITES bitch.....I hate to tell ya that.  sad, but true.
magicwandaful (2 года назад)
Blair is one of the most ruthlessly evil, manipulative, mendacious, self-seeking/self-aggrandizing tyrants to have ever held public office, despite there being so many other strong contenders for this title. Bush, and in fact the entire corrupt and sleazy/slimy dynasty which spawned him, is of the same ilk as Blair. They both arose from cesspits and belong back there with immediate effect. The fact that both of these totally repugnant thugs have never been censured for ruthlessly pursuing, and enacting, an illegal war that was globally protested against is, in itself, a crime against humanity. The sight/sound of either of these self-serving predators is enough to induce instant nausea. It seems irrefutable that Dr Kelly, a man of far greater intellectual stature and integrity than the evil twins, Blair and Bush, would ever be able to fathom, was murdered for telling the truth. Dr Kelly was an extremely inconvenient obstacle to initiating an illegal and unpopular war, so he had to be taken out. Not only did this occur, but his demise was spun as a 'suicide'. How totally disgusting. RIP, Dr Kelly. What a great pity that he's the one who's deceased, and not Blair/Bush.
magicwandaful (2 года назад)
Not oil alone, but it's a major contributory factor.
elizabeth sheffield (2 года назад)
magicwandaful (2 года назад)
Yes - they're both evil to the very core.
socrates mwalandi Mwambogha (2 года назад)
vile thing  creature ...together with his co conspirator and  partner in crime George w Bush
magicwandaful (2 года назад)
Blair only (falsely) apologises for anything when it's in his own interests to do so. Even then, it's never a full or sincere (he wouldn't know the meaning of the word) apology, he always qualifies it in some way. This vile thing is a war criminal and should have been tried for international war crimes. However, the creature is free and will probably always remain so. I can scarcely think of a worse indictment for the state of this world and the evil cabal that runs (i.e. ruins) it.
Graeme Donnelly (2 года назад)
20 coproximal wouldnt kill you, lol, its majority paracetamol, 20 wouldnt kill you, it would make you sick, but not kill you, and the other drug the long word wich makes the coproximal, has been used for 100 years, a "dr" or any body, who can get that drug would by far, by far, for a easier death at that, not take a drug with paracemta,ol in it, not take that drug he did , and by far, take a opiate, alot easier would be dihydsrocodien, medical heroin, comes in injectable form, tablet form, any form drr's dont presecibe coproximal for pain, they prescribe tramadol, "a opiate"!! for severe backl pain, or for agina type pain that bad, then oral morph, he wpould have to take alot of this to overdose, but if he could get coproximal he could get any other drug in controlled measures, why use coprodximal? well its a cdouble bluff, as doctors, and people who know, like msot, wqwould say what i just said, and then say well he must of had them to hand as he would of gone for a opiate, OR a barbituate,,even a benzodioazpene, taking 20 of them the stronger ones and doiung that would coma tose you at least.so 3 levels abov e copromximine, 3 levels EASIER to get than copromximine, but a good double bluff, as "why wouldnt mi5/6 / bliar bush hand, use the 3 steps or just uiuse a poison that is undectabkle and then blame on heart condition due to stress from cutting wrists, suicidal etc, bang , heart attack etc" quite clever,as ity lookis sloppy like a suicide by copromixal might be! but this man was VERY clever, a junky would kill himself better COZ HER KNOWS WHAT WOULD COMAT^OSE/KILL YOU!!!" and dr kelly could get stronger drugs pharmacutically than a junky!!!
brunster64 (2 года назад)
Thank you for uploading - I have not forgotton what they did to David Kelly. Poor man was stood in front of a political express train - intent on war and the subsequent effect it would have on the world which we are just starting to see now. We now have generations of decline to look forward to in the west. Even if enough people "wake up" what will they do? Most western nations now have free speech which is erroded on a daily basis. The spread of the intollerant Islamic faith has it's bed already made all over Europe.
John P (2 года назад)
The source is the illuminati. They create wars, sell weapons, finance war and make trillions. They are evil. They must be exposed, tried and punished.
John P (2 года назад)
We must not let the death of the good be in vain. Talk and expose this. Email your politicians. Tug on their conscience. These people sacrificed their safety for our freedom. The scum have got away with it so far. Let's change this bit by bit.
John P (2 года назад)
He got it because he was going expose the real perpetrators of 911 and 7/7.
J Glad (2 года назад)
Zion sure is wasteful...
Chris Walls (2 года назад)
Fuckin scumbags. The lot of them. Shame there ain't no justice in this world.
Truth Hitman (2 года назад)
Great upload
fisch kopf (2 года назад)
lies lies lies.....all they can do is lies and murder
EJ Burger (2 года назад)
The 6 thumbs down are probably the agents that killed him.
Peter Franzen (2 года назад)
No, the agents who killed him were just special forces operatives obeying orders and doing the job that they are very well paid for. They kill on command and make it look like suicide or an accident. I have that first hand from a special forces operative who warned me about my political activities.
TheSpiritof1969 (3 года назад)
I am glad someone mentions the deaths of 500,000 children in Iraq.
TheSpiritof1969 (3 года назад)
Blair had Dr Kelly thrown to the dogs.
TheSpiritof1969 (2 года назад)
Must admit his death was well timed when Blair began to realise there were no WMD in Iraq.
Anon Wibble (2 года назад)
And Robin Cook too.
Afterglow (3 года назад)
Tony Blair is a disgusting , money grabbing piece of shit , remember when that oily bastard came to power " things can only get better " then they got much worse
R S (1 год назад)
I remember when the Sun newspaper printed a front page with his ugly mug, saying 'Is this the most dangerous man in Britain?' We all laughed. Nobody's laughing now!!!
Afterglow (1 год назад)
Thats not the worst thing he did . Mass Immigration was his greatest disaster {and God knows he had enough of em] Unlimited immigration purely to rub the middle classes noses in diversity and push the wages of the lowest paid even lower to please his corporate buddies . He has done more damage to Britain than Hitler ever did , he has decimated communities , over run hospitals and schools with migrants while filling his own pockets and sucking George Bush's cock . The sooner the bastard is on trial in the Hague the better.
Afterglow (1 год назад)
We said NO to Vietnam.
Afterglow (2 года назад)
Rubbish , of course we had a choice , many other countries didn't join the lunatic Yanks . Blair was an egotistical liar who just loved parading around with Bush like a little Mussolini .
elizabeth sheffield (2 года назад)
...not for him they didn't! He's a billionaire now but has to have body-guards.
Jack Black (3 года назад)
Single source being "Curveball". See you later, fabricator. Research it yourselves.
Adriano Bulla (3 года назад)
The UK has forgotten one of her martyrs.. No one talks about Dr Kelly any more; it's been hushed down!
Mercia (3 года назад)
Murdered, because of the war agenda, it's that simple.
Jonchess (3 года назад)
I don't accept Gilligan comment that it wasn't necessary for government to want him dead.The rapid cover-up which was set in motion is a smoking gun,failure to carry out an inquest and autopsy are classic signs of a miscariage of justice which pertained to the case.
Serpent of Old (3 года назад)
The Americans started the war in Afghanistan on a false flag project. You think they wouldn't lie to the British or that Blair wasn't in on it also. The sanctions against Iraq caused a million children's deaths in the previous years. Blair had Bush's knob down his throat anyways. Britain has raped and pillaged the earth for centuries anyways so what else is new?
Al Mlg (4 месяца назад)
Serpent of Old former Italian president Francesco Cossiga said Mossad and CIA orchestrated 9/11
Horse Outside (3 года назад)
psychopaths rule
What's my name (3 года назад)
Blair can't lay straight in bed he's that bent
andrew gillis (3 года назад)
nothing tempts then insults the intelligence like Hutton, Warren, Stephens, Keane-Hamilton inquiry decisions, and we heard one sonorously read out from the bench in this vid - you always hear their timid, misleading wording, or non-findings, and discover all the witnesses left off - one hears aswell their credulity, lack of street-wisdom - and then for insult anew, we get the forelock-tugging as-if-analysis by state broadcasters like CBC and BBC
andrew gillis (3 года назад)
+Behrouz MirVarzandeh uh-huh and the Ceeb and the Beeb first trumpet the findings, then come along & tell what they boast is the untold story of these commissions - but then kill off the signifcance of the 28 pages on 9/11 showing state sponsorship (& genuine act of war) or the Mexico CIty impersonation of Oswald which Warren could no longer ignore, by the time he voiced his own doubt in 1972 - regrets about his own Dallas finding that NBC, Walter Cronkite, Lardner at the Post did not share (although not Hewitt at CBS - he insisted Dallas stank of blowback).
Behrouz MirVarzandeh (3 года назад)
+andrew gillis - If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it…Joseph Goebbels
Julie Sperber (3 года назад)
How was Blair compensated I wonder? He must be loaded. Did he act alone in the UK? What's the deal with his conversion to christianity? It's like he became a yank? If Dr. Kelly was murdered, how did he die?
Gordon Boyland (2 года назад)
+Delane The only security involved in that tragic event was evidence hiding of the massive paedophile rings in Scotland . Both Tories and Labour politicians were involved with that EVIL bastard Hamilton who shot all them kids, he was the Scottish equivalent Of the most protected paedophile procurer Saville .
Gordon Boyland (2 года назад)
+bewareoftheleaven I am glad someone brought up the new world order, they are the most deceitful organisation in the world controlled bye one man { The Black Jesuit Pope } please look him up and the vow that they all swear an oath to { The Fourth Vow } He is the one man who controls all secret society,s world wide, from the Mason,s to the warring knights & The Skull and bones men in the U.S.A. Even the Queen of England is a keen admirer of this Evil piece of filth, as she is a Dame of Malta who are under his control.?
bewareoftheleaven (2 года назад)
Not likely you'll see this so long after the fact, but one thought was his desire to head the EU which never happened. Another fact is that Tony Blair never converted to Christianity. He became a Catholic. They are not the same thing. The Vatican is in such a rush to implement the NWO and therefore it makes perfect sense that an ambitious man would align himself with the wealthy and powerful State.
Gordon Boyland (2 года назад)
+David Lane No the prime minister has the final say on everything to protect the guilty.
Delane (2 года назад)
+Gordon Boyland a 100 year seal is only issued when security services are involved
margery harper (3 года назад)
I remember seeing dr david Kelly compromised in meetings leading up to his death. He was completely subdued, disorientated and seemed dazed. I was at home with a new baby when the news items unfolded. This was just before the Iraq war.
margery harper (3 года назад)
+TrueBlogge777 Thanks. You know a lot. 
margery harper (3 года назад)
+TrueBlogge777 Interesting word blackmail. I wonder what they threatened him with? 
margery harper (3 года назад)
+TrueBlogge777 Yes, he had the look of a person who was completely compromised at that fateful meeting. Someone had put the pressure on and turned it up high. He looked dazed to me, whether that was shock at being threatened,or some other sort of mind control, or both.
Miss Shuck (3 года назад)
How Tony Blair can sleep at night is beyond me.  He should have been tried for war crimes together with George W. 
Clifford Hatton (2 месяца назад)
I'm just an average Joe but I remember clearly how the impetus behind the whole process of bombing Iraq was being shamelessly hurried-on with obvious urgency. It mattered not what Blix said.
Zeljko Trifunovic (7 месяцев назад)
all those millions. we cant even imagine that collateral. You will I say to you verily you will see them case into the fire of hell on Judgement day. Like the killers of Christ and all other killers discovered or unknown to us on earth.
jamie the don (2 года назад)
Monsters don't sleep
Mz. Tingley (3 года назад)
My 9 month old pet rat is a better actor and far more intellegent than George Bush JR thats the idiot that needs to be offed and it looks as though we are going to have a round 3 when mr. Jeb Bush will "be elected" as president of USA in 2016.
Mz. Tingley (3 года назад)
How can you say brittan is dirtier then the United States, the British made the United States and made sure every person had at least one slave per property, Every country is distusting, I just find it funny that the comment England is way dirtier then the US when this country was settled by the English, if you know most people have english ansestery, its more prominant We all suck.
alan hopkins (3 года назад)
the  UK  and  the  USA  are  controlled  by  Zionists...   Look  for  a  Project  for  a  new  american  century  .. you  will  find  all   the  names  in  there..  
Mercia (3 года назад)
+alan hopkins This is sadly true.
pam cass (3 года назад)
  LOOK!!!!!!  SOME TRUTHS........
Ernest A. Pérez L. (3 года назад)
To think that many of us looked at Britain as being very decent and proper and now they are just as disgusting as the  American Government. Tony Blair is a criminal no different than Bush or Cheney a real pedigreed low life. 
elizabeth sheffield (2 месяца назад)
Ernest A Perez L........the British people may be 'decent and proper' but their Governments are just better at 'Covering-Up' than other countries are.
Al Mlg (4 месяца назад)
blackflag 33rd UK are Israel dick suckers, even since before the balfour declaration. UK is a Zionist jew loving country who has armed Israel and provided them tanks for years
Eleanor Sanchez (6 месяцев назад)
the rotten apple dont fall from the tree
VinniethePanda (1 год назад)
British....not English, if you must comment at least get it right!!!
VinniethePanda (1 год назад)
You do know that Southern Ireland, on the whole, do not want to be joined with Northern Ireland?
P.H. Hennin (3 года назад)
CIA? Isn't a good enough for suspect?  tony blair should be in jail long time ago! With lord hutton in the next cell. You know murder and lie that is a crime. Everyone who lies are successful, and those who speak the truth like Julian Assange are considered dangerous terrorist. george bush is still free, like blair and enjoys life after murdered a nation! You know I would have killed myself if I would be in their shoes and found out what have I done my God....? blair damaged the UK in the same time and our future in the opposition and messed up everything with giving huge help to the tories. 
MiroS 123 (3 года назад)
shame shame shame on you Mr Blair. The war was based on a LIE. I hope you can sleep at night, for the war crimes you have committed, Mr Blair. Dr Kelly was of course assassinated, but where is Justice??
Gordon Boyland (3 года назад)
+margery harper It all goes back to the motherland of Germany with both sides of the royal family from their German descendants { Sachs Gotha Coburg } blood lines. Rothschilds, Rockefella, The Bush family. Did you know that 42 out of 44 x American Presidents are all related to the Plantagenist Royal Family. Both the Bush and Rockefella family both sponsored Adolf Hitler in world war two before America got involved. The evil Rothschild Zionist where responsible for Hitler wiping out the Eastern block Jews they where described by the Rothschilds as vermin. Evil white supremacist now run the world. The Royal's, The Vatican, The Rothschild's, The Rockefella's , The Skull and Bones, Bohemian grove. Bilderberg Group. Prieure de sion, Knights Templar, The nineth Gate , Rosecruian's, The Tri lateral commission, P2- Propoganda nazi, Knight's of Malta, Opious dye, 33 degree Freemasonry Jesuit Priest's of witch the new pope is one. Look into the history of this EVIL lot, your head will spin. EVIL personified.
margery harper (3 года назад)
+Gordon Boyland I'm convinced the whole lot stems from the uk, the royals control the whole show, but hide their motives. They are vengeful, ruthless and indulge as the monarchy always has, in deep, black occultism. Their vengeance is displayed in America (for daring to live without their monetary control), Greece,( because that country threw Prince Phillips family out), and Canada, which has tried to withdraw from their archaic commonwealth demands. Just goes to show that reptilians never forget.
Gordon Boyland (3 года назад)
+margery harper Hello Margery. You are so right in everything you say about that rat Blair. He is a protected species due to his allegiance with the Bush admin. We must now look at America, Israel and the United Kingdom as the new Axis of Evil. { Isramericakingdom } The new world order Zionist Jews and the neocon conservatives.
margery harper (3 года назад)
I hope he doesn't sleep at night. I hope he shakes with fear every night he lives for what he has done in his life. He is directly connected with the murder of Princess Diana. the Iraq war and the consequential disruption in the whole of the Middle East. He is responsible for the global shift of unhappiness that now pervades every living thing. Blair is good at killing people, nothing more. He has been supported by the elite and has hidden himself away from the public because he knows he would be lynched if he was recognised. Blair is surrounded by security. He is enslaved, by them. He is not free to wander, because he knows that sooner or later he will be murdered himself. I look forward to him outliving his use. Hot potatoes usually get dropped. Make it soon MI6.
Gordon Boyland (3 года назад)
That rat Blair now earns 25 million per year as a peace envoy how very IRONIC.
rose taylor (3 года назад)
What do you think of Robbin's second marriage seemed strange to me
rose taylor (3 года назад)
Nothing would surprise me.
Harr Lee (3 года назад)
i hate Lies  and  I  love  my country" Hmm Welll i totally  share the  1st  part  of this Ps RIP Dr Kelly  I remember  him   Poor  vilified and  ultimately  clearly  MURDERED   Dr Kelly
Harr Lee (3 года назад)
This   is NOW  10  yrs  ago   ..I  bothered  abt  THIS.. yeah  I  m  so glad   (sometimes)  about the Internet After Years and Years  .u ca  still look into  Things- I remember all these  issues  v  well indeed
MrDrBendy (4 года назад)
Right, I might be completely mis-remembering this, but I remember Sky News reporting this "as it happened" and I swear they reported on another body being discovered, and then it was taken down. Does anyone recall this? Or was it a tin-foil hat induced fever dream......I think we know the answer.
Willy Wonky (4 года назад)
An inquest into Dr Kelly's death would lead to the Zionist infiltration present in UK politics and security services. Lets face it Cameron is no more a Brit than Shimon Peres (a Polish Jew claiming to be an Israeli)
maria610421 (4 года назад)
Europeans posing as health care workers in Africa is infecting the people with disease, and the people do not have the knowledge they are being sysmatically infected with disease. The people of Africa is dying because of lack of knowledge, and putting their trust in their enemies who decietfully use them and rob them  for their minerals, and rob them and claim to be offering them charity, how can you offer people you are robbing charity.
maria610421 (4 года назад)
A new amateur video has emerged of a Brooklyn mother being dragged from her apartment by New York police, Press TV reports. Denise Stewart, who had just taken a shower and was wearing only a towel, was forced out of her apartment by 12 police officers, Press TV's correspondent Susan Modaress reports from New York. The officers kept the 48-year-old mother half-naked in the hallway until she passed out. THIS WAS REPORTED 8 HOURS AGO, FASCISM is alive and well in American Police Force and Europe, Britain is the number one fascist neo nazis.
Harr Lee (3 года назад)
Maria  Wtf  that   got  to do with THIS      film????????????????????????????
maria610421 (4 года назад)
Don't forget the Americans were shooting DEAD Reporters in Iraq.
Gordon Boyland (3 года назад)
And lots of innocent civilians for target practice, the west will follow the money and do what they are told through the Zionists.
Gordon Boyland (3 года назад)
The 4 Reich will shoot and kill any person getting in the way of there dream { The New World Order } Devil worshiping pedophile supporting Scum. They will get there way very soon be afraid be very afraid why do you think they only show news they want you to see they control the media.
Harry Lime (4 года назад)
as sir john whitewash clearly pointed out in the ten mllion dollar enquiry, there are knowns ,and there are unknowns, and if we knew then what we know now,we would have not known,if saddam,in 45 mins, north ,east, and west of tikrit could strike, and like all strikes these are bad, for if the hand of history was  on blairs shoulders, he was right, that today is no time for sound bites, and let us not be taken in by conspiracy theorys, pause ,looking down for humility and effect, we know that saddam has these arms, don,t he alaster   , gordo  will back me up, clair  short to she said it was a tradgedy twice, and the dossier was eaten by my dog, dodgy, while he was on heat ,hence the saying  dodgy wheres the sexed up dossier, and no stone will be unturned i said this on the today programme,or was it desert island discs,and as lady buller sloshed,rightly pointed out you accidently invade a country ,kill over a million people,and suddenly you are a bad guy, ok we sold half of the countrys gold,signed away british soveriengnty to the eu ,   and presided over the meltdown of british banking,  but hey, we bought those bike thingys in london,[justice for dr david kelly } rip.
Harr Lee (3 года назад)
Harry Lime  That pseudo of  yrs As in The 3rd Man  ? Hmmmm??????????????
CSV7088 (4 года назад)
spot on mate. Quite clever on the melding of quotes from these narcissistic elitists. We are so fucked,  It is men like this who will bring this planet to it's demise.   
Tannenberg Forest (4 года назад)
Pretty sad that when I was picking which documentary to watch about David Kelly I decided to trust an Iranian News Channel over the BBC because I know how full of shit the BBC is lately.
Jeffrey petch-harrison (1 год назад)
same here mate 1000 die in a moslim land WAR 10,000 disabled die here no war ??? when will london be bombed .. jeff ..
CSV7088 (4 года назад)
This why I shut my cable off.  I can no longer stomach the lies and I'm not going to pay for it.
Patrick Pearce (4 года назад)
dont forget the death threats to all the investigators that would look into this 
R S (1 год назад)
too right, they broke into a freelance reporters studio flat in Banbury to take her Dr Kelly notes
Tom Pearson (4 года назад)
Robin Cook David Kelly dead Claire Short Quiet. SADDAM he was going sell his oil  in a different currency the EURO not in DOLLAR'S.  
Cool Gadget Reviews (5 лет назад)
Dr kelly Princess diana Verdict: murder By: peado british government
marco3078 (5 лет назад)
Vive La Revolution.... the fbi cia and all the others did not anticipate the power of the internet. our generation are a bunch of weak, sellfish, sheeps. but our childrens generation will really not tolerate this 1% corrupted rulers of our beautiful world. Rothschild and central banking system will come to an end, and equality and fairness will rule our world. PEACE
dodi dolittle (5 лет назад)
please see section on david kelly at wwwneveropenedeyescom

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