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How to Sell Value Not Your Pricing

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My YouTube Video Gear Kit - http://geni.us/17Iz8 Edit videos with FCPX - http://geni.us/LNR1F9 Camera microphone - http://geni.us/fTsnqFL Website - http://geni.us/n1Bu Facebook - http://geni.us/92Qk Instagram - http://geni.us/vOEm8 YouTube - http://geni.us/qWYWHhR Twitter - http://geni.us/ZK8BN LinkedIN - http://geni.us/SejN1W1 Kit - http://geni.us/17Iz8 Position Your Value, Not Your Pricing - You the salesperson are the differentiator in selling. It's not about feature, benefits and advantages but about how you can position the value of your product or service that you're selling. I want to recognize CEB and their book The Challenger Sale for inspiring this video. For more sales training tips and videos, go to http://www.VictorAntonio.com
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Shanika Weerasundara (10 дней назад)
Found the answer to a begging question for a long time. Excellent!
James Rozelle (3 месяца назад)
Andrew Mitchell (5 месяцев назад)
Thanks very much for the insight Victor. What led your to discover these excellent points altogether?
Victor Antonio (5 месяцев назад)
I love the world of selling and..pure curiosity! VA
Matthew McCage (7 месяцев назад)
This is great information, Victor! Thank you for sharing it and am so glad I watched this video before my sales day got started!
Dan Le (7 месяцев назад)
1. Insight 2. Perspective 3. Navigate Alternatives 4. Avoid minefileds 5. Help them sell it 6. Justify--> ROI/TCO
Nthanonymous (3 месяца назад)
Thanks for the summary
I create my outcome (9 месяцев назад)
Awesome Video...I shared this with my team of Spectrum Retailer Partners in Georgia...thanks
Victor Antonio (9 месяцев назад)
Great to hear! VA
Jon B. (1 год назад)
I learned something new...THANK YOU !
Brazil Always (1 год назад)
great! very usefull info. thank you.
Shahjahan TM (1 год назад)
Hi,simple,crisp n beautiful but I have a request!!🤔😊 could u explain it with a common product?!!
Ali falcon (1 год назад)
Amazing video as always, thanks
高兴 (1 год назад)
now its up to 19. What is with these haters. VA is bringing value and it is for free
Victor Antonio (1 год назад)
Haters make me laugh :-) Thank you for the support! VA
Andreas Karlsson (1 год назад)
Thank you Victor, amazing value 😉
Victor Antonio (1 год назад)
Thank you! VA
adtc (1 год назад)
I like how you made a frowning face there.
Victor Antonio (1 год назад)
Ha! VA
I'm your student from Now Sir
Victor Antonio (1 год назад)
Thank you Ashutosh...and welcome to the Sales Influence Team :-) VA
Tulio Garcia (2 года назад)
A friend told me he use to work with you and I have been fallowing you since then his name is Cesar Casiano he he have a Twin they are killing it in Austin, Tx
Victor Antonio (2 года назад)
The name does not ring a bell...but it's possible.
Tulio Garcia (2 года назад)
Victor Antonio (2 года назад)
This is one of my favorites! VA
Kenny T (2 года назад)
also gives me inspiration for an image i am going to make to compare my differentiated product from competitors. great advice you have a new subscriber as well :)
Victor Antonio (2 года назад)
That's what I like to hear and thank you for subscribing :-) VA
Kenny T (2 года назад)
this is an excellent video
Victor Antonio (2 года назад)
Thank you Kenny! VA
controllerbrain (2 года назад)
but what if my competitor is significantly cheaper in price?
Victor Antonio (2 года назад)
Well done Ivan!! VA
Ivan Rivera (2 года назад)
I'm a store manager for Verizon, when customers try to tell me they can get a cheaper price at sprint. I first remind them of why they're looking into Verizon.. Quality of service, second. I show them why cheaper isn't better.. Example sprint is "cheaper" because they lease their phones. So installments are cheaper monthly which in theory makes their prices "cheaper" ... However when it comes to the end of the two year agreement they have to then pay more money to keep the phone.. And with Verizon , you pay to own the phone so after the 2 years it's actually cheaper and you don't have to pay more money just to own the phone. 3rd I like to create value with my service I provide them and try to create a long lasting customer who returns to my store with any futures inquires they may have about their services. (Build a relationship)
Victor Antonio (2 года назад)
When you sell at a higher price you have to learn to sell the "value" of why it's higher. VA
Doug Lehman (2 года назад)
Value insightful video
Victor Antonio (2 года назад)
Thanks DL!
Vince Tyy (2 года назад)
Great Video man.. this is totally a new perspective for salesperson. Selling is really tough nowadays.
Axjanrey24 (2 года назад)
This is the greatest video i had seen, wow, i had been searching for videos in order to help me improve my decision-making skills. You deserve more subscriptions
WorldChampionzX PSN (2 года назад)
The three people who disliked this great video should have their accounts banned for multiple life sentences. Thumbs up from me.
WorldChampionzX PSN (2 года назад)
+Victor Antonio (Author- Speaker) I know I'm awesome but thanks! Check out my channel and lemme know what you think. Your time is valuable and much appreciated.
Victor Antonio (2 года назад)
+William McDonnell William you are awesome! Your suggestion is tempting but I can't do it :-) VA
Abdul Qayyum (2 года назад)
i now know why sometimes i lose sales in a proposal selling my xerox copiers. i didn't create enough value. now with this great wonderful video teachings, i gathered a couple of ways to add values. i'm on my way to the top 10% :) thanks man! will share this to my sales teams and friends!
Victor Antonio (2 года назад)
+Abdul Qayyum Excellent Abdul! I look forward to your success! Remember, position your value, not your price :-) VA
Thanks Again Victor!
Victor Antonio (3 года назад)
+Don Mahaffey Weaver II No,...thank you for watching! VA
Pramod Kaushik (3 года назад)
just topped up my insight into how to sell by giving value, this is a valuable asset video for salespeople.. great insights.. thx
Victor Antonio (3 года назад)
+Pramod Kaushik This is one of my favorite videos!  Pramod, thanks for watching and commenting!
caseyizzle (4 года назад)
Awesome videos victor! I'm in the door to door sales industry and i do home security. I was curious have you done any door to door in your sales career? Also this video hits home. I've been trying to power close lately and i haven't been getting many sales. I realize now building value is everything.
Tony Lorns (4 года назад)
Well i learnt that from you Victor ! lol Tony
Victor Antonio (4 года назад)
Tony Lorns (4 года назад)
And i am sure you would agree,Victor as well as sell the Value prove it, to the Reptilian Brain to make a decision. Thanks Tony 
Victor Antonio (4 года назад)
Absolutely Tony!  If you look at the 6 things, they talk directly to the Reptilian brain which is trying to avoid pain or seeking "safety" (i.e., survival)!  Great point!
Amey Pakhare (4 года назад)
thank you , great points.
Victor Antonio (4 года назад)
Thanks Amey!
WAGDY AHMED ALY (4 года назад)
AS usual you are giving us the value , many thanks.....
Victor Antonio (4 года назад)
Thank you again for watch Wagdy!
Victor Antonio (4 года назад)
6 Value Drivers!   #valueadded   #saleskeynote   #salestips   #sellingtips  

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