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David Duchovny talks to Bill Maher about animal rights

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On Real Time with Bill Maher, actor David Duchovny talks about his first novel, in which a cow tries to escape from the abbartoirs of the USA to the freedom of India, and the two men discuss animal welfare, meat and vegetarianism
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Matthew * (11 дней назад)
not your mom, not your milk
Serbterm (28 дней назад)
Yes we eat meat but we LOVE our ANIMAL KINGDOM that is why I bought NAT GEO WILD
Janice Khan (2 месяца назад)
why are they laughing?
Brett Robbins (3 месяца назад)
Yeah, if you don't eat the cow it will be thrown away rather than saved in the refrigerator for someone else to eat the next day rather than buying a hamburger at McDonalds. Disappointingly vacuous, Duchovny.
A Raad (3 месяца назад)
thanks for posting
earthlings movement (4 месяца назад)
Failed awareness when you admit you still eat animals .. to change society you can not say it's okay sometimes but not others
Cxeri93 (4 месяца назад)
4:20 "i would rather eat it than waste it" a fake vegetarian. ITS NOT waste if you tell him to keep it in the fridge and serve it for himself at a different occasion. You should tell him youre a vegetarian before you visit him, where is the common sense in humans nowadays. by you eating that steak it would have just lead him to buy another steak for himself - that way you are somewhat supporting the industry. Hypocrite.
placetobelong (5 месяцев назад)
Maybe they're vegans but not allowed to said it. Like Clinton.
CatWoman (5 месяцев назад)
Great guys with good hearts but they need to develop the courage to walk the walk and match their convictions with their actions.
fuckfannyfiddlefart (5 месяцев назад)
Peter Singer is a horrible pseudo-philosopher and has done more harm than any selfish animal eater.
fuckfannyfiddlefart (5 месяцев назад)
Animal rights without Veganism is Auschwitz with "humane" murder.
Maria Ro (6 месяцев назад)
Is like talking about against abortion..and do abortion
Hugo von braunschweig (7 месяцев назад)
I've always said that we will all burn in hell for the way we treat the other species here on earth.
Val 8742 (8 месяцев назад)
Something to consider, Bill and other animal welfarists. As long as you are blatantly inconsistent on this matter, you are providing meat eaters with the perfect excuse (vegan hypocrisy) to not give up their ways. http://letthemeatmeat.com/post/38236323080/the-trouble-with-being-a-pro-choice-vegan#disqus_thread https://www.liveaction.org/news/the-hypocrisy-of-vegans-who-support-abortion/
MrAlex (8 месяцев назад)
Pair of hypocrites.
joe smith (9 месяцев назад)
Same level as people how many animal are doctors. How many are office workers. How many work at star bucks ,sonic., bartenders how many speak English. God is above people ,people above animals, animals above plants
joe smith (9 месяцев назад)
I like David Duchovny I like his shows but animals rights is bs just like climate change is bs
Daniela Salinas (10 месяцев назад)
They'll get it one day......
Caitlyn Livermore (10 месяцев назад)
If you stop eating it theyll stop producing it..... this is so ignorant of them to be talking about animal rights and eating them. Ugh.
Diego Delgado (10 месяцев назад)
If they really cared about animal theyd let a horse fuck their wife!
geert delanghe (11 месяцев назад)
Only a plant-based diet is free of cruelty , vegetarians think they're not eating meat but all dairy-cows end up in the slaughterhouse and they're abused by first impregnated and as soon as their calf is born it's taken away from them and believe me , they suffer over the loss of their child !
R. szajsung (11 месяцев назад)
"Rather eat it than waste it"-? Sounds good, at the first glanvce, but I'd rather say in advance, when invited, that "no meat/animal products for me, please!" - which would rather prevent purchasing it (thus making demand for it on the market and thus production of it), or even manifest not eating it to show and teach the people that buying and serving it to me was meaningless, and then they'll not do it next time. So simple! If you eat, you show that next time you'll eat it again, thus making the demand for it in the future. Just use your brain, David! (and others, similar)
R. szajsung (11 месяцев назад)
Two hypocrites met. Both speak about Animal rights and both eat Animals. Shit-worthy...!
Brad Allen (1 год назад)
go vegan muthafukas
James Purcell (1 год назад)
It's unfortunate that David Duchovny doesn't understand why eating meat offered to you by someone else directly conflicts with being an animal rights activist, but he's off to a great start
CM G (1 год назад)
Bill, thank you for raising awareness.
Kaustubh Athawale (1 год назад)
For a very long time I though Bill Maher and David Dechovney are very similar.
Rnjm Film (1 год назад)
Bill's show would be decent if he didn't have that fucking stupid annoying audience.
Jay Athey (1 год назад)
I just want to comment again...hahahaha...I did...enjoy your day
Jay Athey (1 год назад)
David is a class act...♡ that guy...
AlexandrusMegus (1 год назад)
The video was absolutely awesome up until 4:03.
Robyn Elliot (1 год назад)
It's official - after all these years, I still love Fox Mulder. This video explains it all perfectly, really.
Tory (1 год назад)
hes 54 ...... jesus christ he looks young as hell. or just aged really well. i hope i look that young at 54.
Tory (1 год назад)
+HackFuey i didnt know that. but i was more so referring to his facial appearance. barely any wrinkles, still has a "young" appearance. IMO
HackFuey (1 год назад)
He's a triathlon athlete.
Ben Carter (1 год назад)
Go Vegan!
Christopher Stasney (1 год назад)
These guys should go (and stay) vegan if they truly believe in animal rights. It's unfortunate that veganism is so often presented as something difficult and daunting. It's easier than it's ever been nowadays, and it's only getting easier.
Ynemey (9 месяцев назад)
Henry Knapper Animal products like cheese are inefficient, inferior in quality, and unhealthy. The only reason to eat them is for the taste, and if that can be found in plant substitutes, there would be no reason to eat the real thing.
Henry Knapper (9 месяцев назад)
What's the necessity of having a cheese substitute?
Ynemey (11 месяцев назад)
It is difficult since it's almost impossible for me to get cheese substitutes, and I live near a city.
vegan `killer (1 год назад)
why is it that all people who support animals rights are childless sexaholics ?
c'est la vegan (1 год назад)
Richard Dixon Standing up for nonhuman animals has nothing to do with ego. It's about them, not us.
Richard Dixon (1 год назад)
Christopher Stasney bullshit way too many people being murdered to stop and listen to your virtue signaling
Richard Dixon (1 год назад)
vegan `killer it's the easiest way to virtue signal they are better than you
Christopher Stasney (1 год назад)
We aren't. Vegans want a world without suffering. We stand for compassion, nonviolence and peace.
sajfen (1 год назад)
Im not.
Francia Groman (1 год назад)
I think these two need to read this book perhaps. Maybe watch earthlings or cowspiracy and actually follow what they are talking about. I know any step in the right direction is a good step but really? These sentient and feeling creatures are NOT food! that "steak" is someone's body and should be buried not consumed. If you wouldn't eat a dog, horse or cat what makes it OK to eat a cow, pig or chicken? wake up guys, when you know better you do better.
Live & let live (1 год назад)
Type 8 again and again ! "Wait to get laid to get laid to get laid..."
Neoteric Phoenix (2 года назад)
Should animals have the right to not be exploited for meat, eggs, and dairy?
DozensOfViewers (1 месяц назад)
ALF V WARRIOR (1 год назад)
Frederick Röders (2 года назад)
Go eat your fucking meat, I have no issues with that, but atleast care enough about a worthy existence for the animals we kill. Put money into animal welfare, give them bigger cages, let them roam outside, police all animal cruelty, properly sedate them before slaughter etc. Its bad enough we have to do these holocausts on the daily to feed people, so lets actually do something back for these poor things. And yes, I eat meat aswell. I'm just not a fat heartless dipshit that only cares about his fat ass and his bacon. And all you business owners going to bitch and darkly joke about "five star hotels for pigs" and how you couldnt afford it: FU, KYS.
Lexa Rulesca (2 года назад)
"...he said his whole life he was a novelist and at the age of 73 he proved it..." wow, deep...
FuturePants (2 года назад)
David, I would go one step further. I would go hunt the animal, because then at least I earned it. Then again, where else are you going to find Rabbit, which is the most delicious meat I ever had, and was wild, free-roaming and killed because they were eating the vegetables on a farm. I'l still eat a hamburger though, voting for people who aren't in the pocket of the meat industry is a better way to help animals than by not eating meat.
Georgia L (2 года назад)
Oh, David..😍😍!
M Segatto (1 год назад)
racist bitch
Georgia L (2 года назад)
Jewish Scottish... No wonder 😍
Sam Robinson (2 года назад)
Animal rights is an important issue, and the treatment of them should be improved drastically. That being said, it does not mean that it's wrong to eat them. Animals eat each other all the time, and if the most hardcore animal rights activist wants to stress the importance of considering humans as part of the 'animal community' instead of being above it, then they must accept that eating meat is perfectly natural. Treating animals humanely and eating them do not necessarily contradict each other.
Dan S (2 года назад)
I'm all for animal rights. Keep them happy until its time for me to eat them. Thats where it ends. Also, though methane is a stronger greenhouse gas than C02, it is not the biggest cause to global warning. The amount of CO2 output is just far beyond methane.
ALF V WARRIOR (1 год назад)
Well that is not what most independent studies have showed and that biggest meat concerns have tried to hide for a time before the reality came out ... But people like you are in denial for selfish comfort reasons... You may not pay the real price in a short period of time... your children will... Farm animals are causing 53% of the world pollution.. also because of the shit dropped in the sea and killing the sea that produces the air...
jim mueller (2 года назад)
Really? I am assuming you aren't religious so I will stay off that subject. If we are simply animals then we should behave like they do. They kill and eat what they need. They don't act like stewards of the animals. Animals don't possess the reasoning capabilities to "manage" their prey. This premise is a made up pseudo religion that people feel they need to be complete. Better management of resources (i.e. Kill what you need) but not stop eating meat. How do you think our brains developed to this level. It wasn't by eating savanna grasses! We chased down prey until it was exhausted (we can sweat) and ate protein. It's that simple.
Sven Kristiansen (2 года назад)
+jim mueller  I'm not saying that the _reason_ we should stop eating meat is because we're developed enough for our own survival and intellect. I'm saying that because we have reached that point we can now stop eating meat in order to avoid killing innocent animals that feel tons of emotions that we do amongst with pain. Animals that can understand. It should also be pointed out that meat-production produces more Co2 than cars do. You're right in that I shouldn't force you to stop eating it. But I would certainly argue for the case if I ment that not eating meat or try to eat a little amount of meat was the right thing to do.
jim mueller (2 года назад)
What if they are happiest eating meat? Who are you to inflict your new age bullcrap mentality on others. You are free to eat what you like but it is complete rubbish to say since we can survive without meat, we should automatically do so. We are biologically designed to eat meat. We have canine incisors. "The brains have grown." WTF are you talking about? See what happens to a people that are malnourished. Take a look at the average size of a North Korean verses a South Korean. You will see that the North could use a bit more Galbi in their diet.
Sven Kristiansen (2 года назад)
The brains have grown. There is no need to make them continue growing. We do not need to factory farm any more animals on planet Earth. Bringing up the history of meat doesnt prove any moral or practical argument in this case. We have to look at how humans work today. And you know what? Almost all (there are a bunch of exceptions ofcourse) humans can survive without meat. They can make their way through life fine and happy (and I'm not too far away from being a lazy vegeterian myself. I wouldn't really call myself that exact word even. But I think it would be best if we all just stopped.)
Frebreezie Marie (2 года назад)
Dave is a fucking oxymoron. He talks about animal rights then eats them? Then he also goes on to say if he were a cow he'd go to India where cows are sold and marched to their deaths so fat Americans and Europeans can wear leather. Fucking idiot.
Dudefromspace567 (1 год назад)
It's like those anti-gay pastors that as it turns out were in the closet themselves.
ALF V WARRIOR (1 год назад)
Robin Hood (2 года назад)
Oh Ganesh... please dont share such minimal examples. For your knowledge India is now the LARGEST PRODUCER OF BEEF AND LEATHER ON EARTH... How Ironic that the country that supposedly honors the mother cow so much is the greatest violator of her peace. You should also be VERY clear that even in the greatest ashrams you will find VERY few males, maybe one or two, and very very few babies calves... Where do they go? Where are the males? THEY ARE SLAUGHTERED as they are unnecessary.. I am so sad to say that even within the Hindu religion where there is a very specific mandate for "COW PROTECTION" you will find most Hindus not giving two shits about where they get the unlimited supply of dairy the claim to "need"... Its appalling, embarrassing and disgusting to see the levels our species stoops to.. Come on Ganesh.. open your eyes brother.. You took on the name of a great protector.. So PROTECT... ALL LIFE and stop bullshitting yourself.. Find the truth; SATYA!!!!
Ganesh babu (2 года назад)
Do you even know the Indian cow situation? Here cows are part of the family and are revered. There are even festivals for cow, they are not shut in abattoir and they are milked only after the calf has had its share of the milk. Beef and leather industry is a recent situation with urban Indians copying the west and mostly they are from dead buffaloes and cows.. thats why an entire book is written for that..
Vegan Virtues (2 года назад)
David Duchovny talks to Bill Maher about animal rights, Did I miss something? Where was the A/Rs discussed? The both eat dead corpse.
Vegan Virtues (2 года назад)
garbage both of them
George H (2 года назад)
you can eat meat and still be an animal's right activist. Most people's shoes are made from slave labour, does it mean we support slave labours? enough with the puritanism and enough with trying to climb the moral high ground (there is no such thing as moral high group cause moral is a made up thing). I don't have to dress and look like a homeless person in order say that I want to end homelessness.
Robert Fila (2 года назад)
So you Duchovny will eat the meat since the animal has been killed already? really? and i wasted my time listening to anything you had to say before that? Oh, but why don't you just shut up sir?
Hank Moody (2 года назад)
is Bill Maher David's father?
Sam Robinson (2 года назад)
They could totally pass as brothers. They look and sound very similar.
Clap4TheMoment (2 года назад)
Fuck is it actually 2 billion a week.... The horrific problem that you either ignore cos of guilt or turn away from in sadness
darkmatter (2 года назад)
only the sith think in absolutes
mieliav (2 года назад)
"I'd rather not waste it" is just wrong. this is about participation: if we won't buy meat, they stop growing it. if we do buy it, the whole horror just keeps going. in this world, consumers are the final word.
Etienne-Emile Antikatastaseis (2 года назад)
+mieliav his point is precisely that he doesn't buy it - but he will partake in it if it's offered to him. this is problematic when you're a celeb - you look wishy-washy, but hey at least he's doing much better than 95%+ of the population.
R Austin (2 года назад)
I was into this video until the talk of "lazy vegetarian." First, a vegetarian already is lazy because by eating dairy, he or she still contributes to animal farming practices and all other methods used to create animal byproducts. Secondly, any true animal rights activist would not, under any circumstances, consume any animal products — not even to be polite or not be wasteful. GO VEGAN!
veganfred (2 года назад)
David is right, his book on animal rights is a satire - he wrote it, profits off it, claims he's in favor of it, and yet still eats animals. WTF. Talk about being disconnected. Go vegan or shut the fuck up about animal rights.
Captain Spectah (2 года назад)
I don't have to give away all my possessions when arguing against wealth inequality, it's a dumb argument. Instead, it's better to support initiatives to look at alternative forms of meat production such as in vitro growth.
veganfred (2 года назад)
Only being a vegetarian just keeps the suffering alive. If you're not vegan, there's still plenty of blood on your hands and in your belly.
syed hamid (2 года назад)
he smooth
Crews (2 года назад)
They look so much alike.
goldenstarlight (2 года назад)
lazy vegetarian? no no something is wrong here ..... when you eat meat also even sometime you are NOT a vegetarian
Matt Stirling (4 месяца назад)
goldenstarlight hence, the "lazy" vegetarian. Man, there are ao many butthurt vegans in this comment section.
satyagraha a (2 года назад)
Humans enslave, torture and murder 2 billion animals per week. That is more animals killed in a year than there has ever been humans alive. The livestock industry is the most evil entity out there, and the worst polluter in the world. Nothing can help this world spiritually and environmentally than a vegan diet. Another huge benefit: your health. Animal protein is the leading cause of heart disease and cancer, the 2 leading killers of humans.
Zacharias Avery (1 год назад)
Destructive Species and Earth have not been set up to 7.5 billion of meat eaters, then this industrialized that speed up the destruction of Animals and Biodiversity!
Will M (1 год назад)
your the leading cause of my cancer
norman dennard (1 год назад)
satyagraha a What about animals that eat other ANIMALS. Are we not animals.
Jeana C (1 год назад)
I SUPPORT THE RIGHT TO ARM BEARS.............I completely agree with you..
Denise Brutus (1 год назад)
Totally agree with you Jessica!!Most humans are gluttonous selfish "monsters" :'( Many great thinkers long ago also KNEW & wrote it down!!! “Men are the devils of the earth, and the animals are its tormented souls.” ― Arthur Schopenhauer, Essays and Aphorisms
diego weed (2 года назад)
if you care about animals you shouldnt even buy a dog or some kind of domestic animal
Dom Ferris (5 месяцев назад)
So we should let pet store pets die because they weren’t tragically abused? What?
Nicki LovesDogs (2 года назад)
+diego weed No but you can rescue one from a shelter and make sure to spay or neuter.
Etienne-Emile Antikatastaseis (2 года назад)
+diego weed You're right, everyone should be adopting them from shelters or taking them off the streets and giving them a home. Fuck pet stores.
Noquarter Atall (2 года назад)
Just because someone will eat meat does not mean they don't care about animals rights. It means they don't think animals deserve the same rights as we do. If vegans like the ones commenting below really cared about animals instead of virtue signaling they could work with those people to clean up factory farming instead beating their heads against the wall.
Birdie Man (2 года назад)
If they were truly concerned with animal rights they would be vegan.
Komal Gill (1 месяц назад)
A Raad fuck off lol
Brett Robbins (3 месяца назад)
Why do you resent vegans like him? You disagree with him? You don't consider it hypocritical to eat steak and preach animal rights? If you're capable of reasoned argument, please respond. If you're only capable of ad hominems, please don't bother.
A Raad (3 месяца назад)
Birdie Man I'm vegan and I truly resent vegans like you
9Ballr (5 месяцев назад)
Even if they were complete and utter hypocrites it doesn't change the moral argument at all.
Jack L.V (1 год назад)
There is no right way of exploiting animals.
Ramazan Yilmaz (2 года назад)
bill maher must be vegan if he is a "big animal rights guy" , right ?
Lee Katherine (2 года назад)
Two Thumbs up for supporting animal rights especially for supporting any domesticated animals (chickens, pigs, cows, etc.)
Poseidon99Jeus (2 года назад)
Are Scottish Cheap ???
David Martins (2 года назад)
Let's be real, shall we, none of these guys is serious about animal rights, they both admit to eat meat while supposedly being aware of the implications it has both for animals and the environment. What a couple of Hypocrites.
dior mann (2 года назад)
Bill maher is a fool
DecimatedPlague (2 года назад)
What a d bag.... Complete hypocrite...
Avaiz Hashmi (2 года назад)
These guys are living outside of the modern times it seem. How the hell do you write a freakin book and never ever research animal rights. These guys are not rightists, they are welfarist, and they are [I know bill is] almost always dodging the subject of veganism, leaving it up to people. LAZY INDEED! Hey bill, 2+2 = Let people decide?
imuurme (2 года назад)
where is part 2...these clips are too short..!
fadingrosesblues fadingrosesblues (2 года назад)
aren't they vegan !!??
Lovegan (2 года назад)
Sad how men like these have no balls when it comes to nonhuman animals rights. The next generation will put these wishy washy barbarians to shame. Veganism is the future.
Falco Lombardi (2 года назад)
+bookmarkthis Ignorant people make uneducated comments when they're so fixated on an ideology that they can't think objectively within the world around them.  I'm a realist, so I look at things for what they are and the fact of the matter is that this world is not ready and will not gravitate toward a vegan diet for several reasons. 1) The meat industry is a multi billion dollar business. They are very powerful and will ensure that profits are sustained throughout their existing life for generations to come. They know very well that the current methods for sustainable farming is not a foreseeable circumstance in the future. That is why they are and currently implementing new methods such as Vitro meat, which is meat created from animal cells. This will eliminate the need to murder billions of animals worldwide and cause less damage to our atmosphere and environment. This is a smart move from an economic standpoint, if you ask me. 2) Humans are omnivores. We gravitate toward a diet rich in whatever we can find and what's most convenient for us. We can consume and absorb the nutrients of both plants and animals, and it's readily available in high quantities when we need it and at a good price(at least in America). 3) We live in a meat-rich culture specializing in a wide variety of foods that allow us to enjoy meat like dishes and cuisines. Face it, everywhere you look(especially in the west), meat products are being sold in just about every restaurant around the globe. It is practically ingrained within us from an early age and become apart of us when we become older as it just becomes normal to us. In order for the majority of people to become Vegan, the culture has to change. And I just don't see that happening because of Vitro meat and the economic powerhouse that meat products offer. 4) Most Vegans and Vegetarians go back to eating meat later on in life primarily because of the reasons stated above. It's just too hard to follow a Vegan diet throughout one's lifetime, and many of the 1-2%(LOL) quit as a result. Surely there are other explanations as to why we will never become a Vegan majority society but you get the point(hopefully). I'm perfectly fine with people following a Plant-based lifestyle but many naively assume a future utopia like society and that is just not how the world works. And I completely understand where you guys are coming from, as I myself use to be Vegan, but we must be honest with ourselves and look at the world objectively. Most people won't change and sometimes we just have to work around it. Peace and Respect~
bookmarkthis (2 года назад)
+Falco Lombardi You clearly do not think clearly, nor forward. Veganism is absolutely the future. The point of being vegan is to contribute the least harm practicable towards sentient beings. Your full of excuses for some reason, instead of learning how to improve. Time to reassess your ethics.
Falco Lombardi (2 года назад)
+Lovegan I understood what you were saying. All of humanity is a savage race. We all (INCLUDING VEGANS) contribute to and support the destruction of this planet in one way or another. I believe we also support the death of animals as well. There's no going around it at our current state as it is part of life. Veganism is not the future.
Lovegan (2 года назад)
+Falco Lombardi Do you even know what carnist means? You are a carnist. You abuse, maim and murder, by proxy, many animals.
Falco Lombardi (2 года назад)
+Lovegan I'm an ovo-vegetarian who buys locally. Don't assume things you have no clue about.
Andrew smith (2 года назад)
Bill Maher for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Fahey (2 года назад)
Sorry, but bacon tastes good, steak tastes good, pork chops taste good. Oh woe is me, I'm not enlightened.
UraniumMan (3 года назад)
Funny how so many people only hone in on eating "meat" when they have some type of concern toward non human animals. That's just one product of misery, out of many! The information is now widespread; there are no excuses to being ignorant of the facts! Nice to see celebrities having these conversations, but hopefully people will do more research, and not just stop at avoiding the consumption of flesh now and then. :P That is, if you really care, then show you care by changing your whole lifestyle.
James Bond (3 года назад)
I'm a vegetarian, but I'll eat meat if, for instance, I'm served a sandwich at a restaurant that contains meat. If I don't eat it, it would have gone in the garbage, and that animal literally would have died in vain. If I go to someone's house and they're serving meat, I'll just politely refuse, because it won't be wasted.
James Bond (2 года назад)
+Master_of_the_universe Throwing it in the garbage is taking a stand? How?
vegan hanz (2 года назад)
Because you are taking a stand.  If everyone didn't eat meat the industry would die. 
James Bond (2 года назад)
+Master_of_the_universe If I throw the meat out, then how does that hurt the meat industry? They sold the meat. No one who profited off of that animal's death gives a fuck if I ate the meat or threw it out. They made their money. So how does it hurt them? I can't wait for you to explain that.
vegan hanz (2 года назад)
For fucks sake dude, just don't eat fucking meat.  There is no fucking excuse...the animal was tortured already...they don't give a fuck if they die in vain or not...they were tortured because of meat eating PERIOD.  If you eat meat you contribute to it.  Rationalizing this thing is dumb.  
James Bond (2 года назад)
+Martha Irwin No, it's not always clearly stated. I ordered nachos at a place called Hurricanes near me. I checked if it said if there was any meat in the nachos and it said nothing about that. And then I got them and there was ground beef in it. I am a vegetarian. Don't fucking tell me what I am, you cunt.
Gregor Samsa (3 года назад)
how many vegans check the source of their fruits? are they interested how many animals were killed or restricted in area and resource by the industry producing their food? vegans who are in animal rights mv. are near the same level of hypocrisy as these two) humans unavoidable abuse some animals violating their rites just living side by side with them, mining resources, growing crops, shaking industry and so on.
James Bond (3 года назад)
+Gregor Samsa Well, there's a difference between indirectly being responsible for the death of animals by using land they used to plant crops.... and directly cutting their fucking throats and eating their flesh.
Kaden Smidt (3 года назад)
Holy shit, they could be brothers!
HangDeath (3 года назад)
Bill Maher did a recent rant on the dentist that killed that lion, anyone have a link for the video?
Azihayya (3 года назад)
There does seem to be quite a lot of cognitive dissonance from people relating to this issue... I don't see myself understanding where Duchovny is coming from personally with the tragedy in his heritage, but there is really no reason people should be eating animals as using the foods that we already feed to the animals can be used to create great meat imitations or live off of foods like beans and rice or anything else from the diverse agriculture we have today; as if there really was ever that great of a reason to continue consuming animals-- at some point in our family's past which ultimately lead up to this point now where we flush our shit down pipes to swim with each other in sewers which end up finding their way somewhere- sometimes through a plantation that processes it and uses it as fertilizer to feed directly back into crops to feed you, maybe an animal that someone is going to eat that never knew what that animals life was like, and we're continuing a demand that creates absurd amounts of trash which will end up somewhere, and who knows what's going to happen to that- it will probably be sold to Africa if it isn't already as that would be less expensive than shooting it into space. What makes us believe that our lives are in any way natural- that we're living in some natural accord of things, where we need to feed meat to our children so that they can develop into strong healthy adults? Here's what I don't understand about Duchovny's stance, though- this is something that I feel a lot of people tend to relate to- the idea that eating an animal is respectful the idea that the animal is becoming a part of you, which is a healthy spiritual practice. It really makes me wonder how it is that we have all come to truly believe that eating human beings is wrong- but what we're choosing to do instead has had as equally of an insidious of an implication, I think, which is to fill this world with coffins containing the remains of human beings- perhaps to deny their bodies to be food for what could often be perceived as lesser and even more maliciously compelled creature, like a centipede. Is violence what we should really seek for the last creatures to be imprisoned and tortured beyond belief? I think at the very least some room where they can be safe and be given access the same share of the food they've always had would be a much greater relief. There are people in this world who genuinely care about the animals which so many people have chosen to claim the lives as their stake in the economy. For anybody who believes that we are better than animals, and that we need to kill animals to survive, I would urge you to examine how healthy and intelligent you believe the behavior of human society or civilization around the world happens to be and then ask yourself if you're really smarter than an animal who supposedly needs a predator to control its population.
Rebecca Allen (3 года назад)
Do they really still eat meat? Hopefully not.
Erika V (2 года назад)
+Rebecca Allen Yeah, and they suck on cow tits too. Lmao. David calls himself a lazy vegetarian. And Bill was once a vegan but went back to supporting rape, infanticide and slavery. They're both hypocritical douche bags.
lionandlamb3 (3 года назад)
Spineless, both of them.  Very bad for the animals to promulgate this kind of crap and confusion on mainstream TV.  You know what you can do with your book Duchovny and Maher if you really care about animals why don't you have Gary Francione on who conveys a clear and uncompromising message!
S1l9o9a0n (3 года назад)
This was embarrassing. So these two who call themselves "animal rights guys" So we have Bill Maher- a guy who sits on PETA's board though still eats meat. Once previously stated that he went Vegan. Now is back to eating meat while advocating animal rights and working for PETA. Then David Duchovny- A man that self proclaims himself a vegetarian. Not just a vegetarian, a lazy vegetarian. Who by his logic assumes it's perfectly fine to abandon all morals, and eat meat when it's an inconvenience to him or others. My respect for Maher goes further down the fucking toilet since his little unhealthy obssesion with his Zionist pal Netanyahu showed his true colours. As for Duchovny- well when I heard he'd wrote a book that raised questions, I now wonder why one of them wasn't "Why am I such a dickless hypocrite?"
Frankie B (6 месяцев назад)
1 person (you) "being vegan" has absolutely ZERO effect on ANYTHING.objectively speaking,maher and moulder have done more for animals with their platform and reach (inspite their hypocrisy) than you ever could if you lived a 100 lifetimes.so ask yourself this...what is more important?getting into a fuckin piss-contest about "whos the more pure animal rights advocate" or ACTUALLY doing something tangible and concrete that could improve the conditions and lives of 100s of 1000s of animals and spread awareness million-fold compared to what YOU ever possibly could? put your ego to the side and stop barking up the wrong tree.youre like those BLM assholes busting bernie sanderses balls instead of going to pester somebodys whos ACTUALLY working against them.
Pippi GlockenCake (2 года назад)
+Gary Sloan when I read this comment, I had to ask my Fiance if he had a second account because word for word (especially the Zionist comment) sounded like he wrote it lol. Needless to say that I had warm fuzzy feelings and had to comment.
Nick Smith (3 года назад)
+Gary Sloan Nobody cares about your respect.
albert orkenbjorken (3 года назад)
i think its funny how he goes on about horrible the meat industry is and then goes ahead and supports it by eating anyway if hes at a friends house and they offer it to them.. no matter what it becomes a waste. dont eat it.
Gio Tag (8 месяцев назад)
"the suffering already happened" The suffering almost always already happened, that's not an excuse. By not eating meat, you are reducing the demand, thus reducing future suffering.
Diego Delgado (10 месяцев назад)
albert orkenbjorken well if the suffering already happened
Enlike (2 года назад)
+Hanz Vegan Top youtube comment. I applaud for your idiocy.
vegan hanz (3 года назад)
+Michael Smith Taking a stand is more important than wasting it.  If you take a stand then he will not serve you dead flesh anymore.  Would you eat your dead parents?  If not then you are wasting your dead parents in the ground.
Clac Clackerson (3 года назад)
Charlotte's Web and Animal Farm? Not in the same category.
Danni Sudiarma (3 года назад)
You are not vegan?......you are nothing but hypocrites!!!
Enlike (2 года назад)
+Danni Sudiarma Why you vegans are always about this "if you are not with us you are against us" shit? Off yourself. Less people equal to better animal rights, right? Be the first to take the action!
Nick Smith (3 года назад)
+Danni Sudiarma They didn't say they were vegan.
Shane Muncy (3 года назад)
I wonder if lions feel bad for eating meat...hmmm
Bonnie Swift (3 года назад)
+Shane Muncy There are very few lions on the planet they can afford to eat meat....7 billion humans consuming meat is destroying the planet. We raise and kill 56 billion animals and kill one trillion fish and sea creatures a year. 80% of our crops are grown just to feed animals at a huge environmental cost....meat consumption is now one of the leading causes of climate change, water depletion, deforestation and extinctions..it's not sustainable. Lions don't have a reason to feel bad but we do.
Shane Muncy (3 года назад)
+Danni Sudiarma Wasn't a question. I see no reason why any creature should feel sorry for eating anything. All life consumes something else that was also alive.
Danni Sudiarma (3 года назад)
+Shane Muncy Lions are true natural carnivores. True carnivores do not sympathise with their prey. Does that answer your stupid question?
Dan (3 года назад)
The cognitive dissonance here is too damn high!!! As simple as going vegan solves animal rights...
Kuraitsuki Lavi (5 месяцев назад)
Dan yeah not really
SirWilliamSquireVonDutchMire (7 месяцев назад)
Juanito Calavera what is contained in meat that is necessary for human health? Not only that, but the sicknesses that come from consuming animal flesh and products are far then enough evidence 2 the fact that we are not meant to consume those things. You saying that me is just as important as consuming fruits and vegetables is way far off. Fruits and vegetables contain an extremely vast variety of vitamins that are essential to human health. One thing is for sure, it's never a good idea to knowingly consumed things that we know cause certain illness. If this was the first day of existence in all time, going forward from here on out lacking any previous history and experience that we can learn from, the smartest choice would be to avoid things that we already know are unhealthy. Just one of the many things that we know undeniably, the high carcinogens that are produced in the cooking of animal muscle tissue. Those things are proven to promote cancer and there's no denying that fact nor the other large array of facts against the health problems caused by consuming meat and animal products.
bookmarkthis (2 года назад)
+Clyde Rembrandt First of all I am vegan. If you are also, I have no care to argue further. You can try to justify your flaw in your comment as much as you like, but it's still incorrect the way you wrote it. And the Wikipedia link you provided proves my point, not yours.
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+bookmarkthis I'll be your google substitute this one time, but you're on your own after this.  Here is a bit on anatomically modern humans.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatomically_modern_human While reading it think about how the term "anatomically modern human" differs from the more general term "human".  Good luck! Try not to become too confused or overwhelmed.  You might be able to figure it out. 
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+bookmarkthis It is not uncommon for paleontologists to consider the genus homo human.  Please do your homework and try not to use youtube comment boxes as a substitute for google.  Good luck with your studies to cover up the gaps in your understanding of this issue. 
Ingrid Newton (3 года назад)
Animals are NOT ours to exploit and lord over. This interview reveals part of the truths many choose to ignore and support.  But David, do not think that you are wasting meat if it is already killed, you are supporting the industry inadvertently by choosing to eat it.  Stop eating meat, and animal secretions, and there will be less animals tortured, and murdered.  Everyone must go vegan, (even if in baby steps), in order to save our planet.
Jane Daniels (3 года назад)
I'm an animal rights person... but because of some back heritage I know nothing about I'd rather eat meat than not cause... like, it's already dead, right? It's amazing how many people who eat the bull end up only being full of it's shit.
Brock Wieland (3 года назад)
+Jane Daniels Agreed. I am a vegan and I was put off by what David said. Basically what David is saying is " hey you cooked a dead animal, lets not let that corpse go to waste, might as well eat it". That is fucking disgusting.
Kelly McKenzie (3 года назад)
I'm so glad to see 'factory' farming being called out on such a large level! If you raise an animal from birth, see what sustenance it gives you, you, hopefully, develop a kindness toward that animal as it sustains your life.  You help it when it's sick, you CARE for it, you mourn the loss of the animal.  THAT has been lost with factory farming.  I'm a lacto ovo which means I still eat dairy and eggs but I'm moving over to vegan because I can't, in all good consciousness, ignore the abuse and torture of factory farming.  For vegans, it's time to let factory farming die out (we don't wish for the slaughter of multitudes of animals), take back the caring farmer and eventually, have everyone go vegan for the sake of the planet.
lionandlamb3 (3 года назад)
+Kelly McKenzie Good to hear that Kelly that you are not wanting to be complicit in this anymore: https://www.facebook.com/gary.yourofsky/videos/852471654808084/
Mike Nice (3 года назад)
two meat eaters talking about animals right... hmm something wrong here
Kuraitsuki Lavi (5 месяцев назад)
I don't think you understand how food chain works
Furious Mat (6 месяцев назад)
yeah? what is it?
ARINZECHUKWU OBI (9 месяцев назад)
Mike Nice lmao.
James Purcell (1 год назад)
I see what you did there, but smoking and killing yourself is not comparable to eating meat and killing animals, living creatures that feel pain and have the capacity to suffer just like you and I, they feel fear and smell the blood of their brothers and sisters who were slaughtered before them. Not comparable at all.
Pepper Barthel (3 года назад)
Lose your Pet for Two Years.  This happened to one man.  This first one of a kind Bill recognizes your pet in divorce needs your support https://www.change.org/p/illinois-governor-illinois-state-senate-illinois-state-house-animal-recognition/share?utm_medium=email&utm_source=notification&utm_campaign=new_petition_recruit
ChaiwatTh (3 года назад)
Animals have no rights
ChaiwatTh (3 года назад)
+brucenash  do you know the law of nature - you will get what you wish for others
ChaiwatTh (3 года назад)
+brucenash some people worth more, some worth less, and some should be killed? this is a pure fascism, dear.
ChaiwatTh (3 года назад)
+brucenash I don't care what animals do. I am human and I CAN eat animals. that's why I eat them and use leather and fur. as simple as that.
ChaiwatTh (3 года назад)
+brucenash you started this conversation, dear, not me. i don't compare myself with animals because I know that animals value is a price of their meet, fur etc. and leftists like you value even less
ChaiwatTh (3 года назад)
+brucenash  typical left fundamentalism. QED
deanmullen10 (3 года назад)
Except the latter point was a bit silly although I kind of get the feeling he isn't a full on activist but someone with an intellectual interest in the area and that's fair enough.
deanmullen10 (3 года назад)
It's actually amazing to watch this sort of interview and see that the audience is open-minded about the matter. I kind of expected sarcastic laughter at least at some points but I think society around the world is slowly maturing on the matter. We're getting somewhere!
Sven Kristiansen (1 год назад)
YOu would be right if it wasn't for the fact that Bill Mahers audience cheers for anything.
Veganic ♾ (2 года назад)
+Clyde Rembrandt Exactly.
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+deanmullen10 I guess anyone can be considered supportive of animal rights if it means they don't have to give up eating or wearing their dead body parts.
Erilaz (3 года назад)
+deanmullen10 Willful ignorance to facts is not open-mindedness.
Mark Blaze (3 года назад)
+deanmullen10 The world changes. Those that don't realize it won't help it change, but we can make it change faster -for animals.
Aqw aq (3 года назад)
I wonder how many righst a hungry lion is going to give us when we meet one in the wild. Its unnatural to not eat meat, also unnatural to eat meat every day. Thats why i eat meat once or twice a week. Wrong thing to do is think that animals experience the world as we do, still even if animals could experience the world as we humans do then i would doubt they would choose a natural free very dangerous fearfull life(life expantancy way lower then farm animals), i would choose to be a farm animal and live an easy life where there are no predators and most of my offspring survives, where im being fed and most of my diseases cured. Where in nature the very first disease or wound would probably kill me, if i even survived the 2/3 infant mortality rate. Then the next max 3 years of my life i would live in constant fear of a predator ripping me to shreds or swallowing me and slowely digesting me over the next few days.
Aqw aq (3 года назад)
Well u can do something about not killing microorganisms, for instance you can stop cleaning your house, you body or just stop cleaning anything. This way you alone would save more life forms in 1 week then all the vegitarians have not eaten over the centuries. Stop scratching your skin, you will kill allot insects and other creatures. Stop walking around, every step will be a massacre. Every piece of vegitable you eat is covered in small insects etc. I bet you are NOT going to stop doing al that. Many biologist agree that macroorganisms are nothing more then a shitload of microorganisms working together. By only saving macroorganisms you are basically saying they are worth more then microorganisms, so at what size or complexity do you draw the line? Is it mammals because they remind you the most of yourself? Or do you think intelligent or big animals have more right to live? If you had to choose between saving a baby seal and a mouse? What would you choose?   So tell me are how our bodies biologically geared towards rape and murder , name one or more body parts {or organs} that have noticably been shaped towards accomendating rape or murder? Eating meat comparing to rape and murder is a very crooked comparrison(you seem to be good at those) . Its like comparing a lake(people who commit murders and rapes) to the ocean(people who eat meat). So its only logical that our bodies are adjusted to eating meat (since we have been doing that since before we where even human), and not to rape and murder(since most of us dont rape and murder and the ones that do maybe do it once in a lifetime) meat however is consumed every week at least. It always seems to me that vegitarians just feel sad for any creature they can see suffering and then try to find less emotional reasons as to why its wrong to kill animals. "We should do nothing just because we can't do everything?" In this case yes, on the grand scale of the humongous massacre that we call nature, the few lives we take for consumption isnt even noticable.
Moravian Wallachia (3 года назад)
+Aqw aq How are our bodies not geared toward rape and murder? Why have been people raping and murdering each other for hundreds of thousand of years if they are not geared toward that?... As for microorganisms: I cannot do much about killing microorganisms, since... you know.... they are kind of... small :-) But I can do something about the torture and killing of animals. Saying I should continue to contribute to the killing of animals because there are these microorganisms being killed anyway is like saying we should go to the streets and start killing people because in other parts of the world people are being killed anyway.... You're basically saying we should have no moral objections to the killing of one group of living beings just because another group of living beings is being killed anyway. I really fail to understand where you're going with this. We should do nothing just because we can't do everything?
Moravian Wallachia (3 года назад)
+revacohen I'm getting really tired of hearing 'This or that person cares about animals more than about humans' just because that person fights against cruelty to animals. So would you - according to your logic - say that people who fight against the oppression of black people think black people are more important that other races? Just because these people fight against the black's oppression? Cause that's what your comment is saying: Caring for animals automatically translates into thinking animals are better than humas.... As for abortion or euthanasia....I don't think you can compare the torture of a living being to abortion or euthanasia. When it comes to abortion, it really depends on the stage in which the embryo is. I have nothing against aborting an 'embryo', when it's still in a very early stage, which means it's nothing more than a few cells slapped together. Comparing that to the torture and killing of a living, fully developed being is ridiculous. As for the abortion of a fetus, that is already indeed a small human, I definitely don't support that (the only exception would probably be rape - no raped woman should be forced to have a baby that comes from her being raped). As for euthanasia, I really don't understand how you can compare it to animal torture. As far as I know, to euthanize a human being means to end their life because they are in a tremendous pain that is a result of a terminal disease that cannot be cured. It also means that this dying person WANTS TO DIE, because of the pain they are enduring. So what does it have to do with torturing and killing of HEALTHY living beings who WANT TO LIVE?
Aqw aq (3 года назад)
+Moravian Wallachia Funny how "everybody" compares the eating of meat to murder and rape. Funny how rape somehow fall in the same catagory as murder.  Funny how you bring morals into the argument. We get our morals from a whole lot of different sources but after cultural the natural world is the main source i think. Our bodies are geared towards omnivorism, our bodies are NOT geared towards murder and rape, so comparing them is unfair and has from my perspective the sole purpose of guilt tripping the reader into your belief system. You havnt addressed the topic about all the billions micro organism corpses we leave in our wake, dont they have rights just because you cant see them with the naked eye? You showed me i was wrong when i said "It is the ultimate display of both hypocracy and discrimination." It should be "It is the ultimate display of hypocracy ,discrimination and decadence." " People do tons of things that are unnatural" Name one. " I don't think morality should be based on the natural-unnatural dichotomy" You seem to contradict this on several ocasions but maybe you do it to show me how you think im wrong, doesnt seem like it tho.  
revacohen (3 года назад)
+Moravian Wallachia How many animal rights activists oppose abortion or euthanasia?  Not that many, and that makes them hypocrites.  They think animals are more important than humans.

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