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Value-Based Pharmaceutical Pricing

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Today's consumers demand value, and the pharmaceutical industry is not immune. To transition from volume-based models to value-based pricing, companies must start with the basics: defining and measuring "value." The latest episode of Deloitte Insights features Sean O'Grady, moderator, Paul Keckley, executive director of Deloitte LLP's Center for Health Care Solutions, and Scott Evangelista, principal and national commercial leader of the Life Sciences Practice within Deloitte Consulting LLP. Tune in to learn more about how the new value-based economy is affecting the pharmaceutical industry.
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Alex McLane (1 год назад)
(6:54) Scott Evangelista was talking about some Value-Based contracts that reimburse payers if the drugs don't work. He was saying that this would be a regulatory problem if this was interpreted as a "discount" in the Medicare Part C best price and would cause "financial penalties." What financial penalties is he describing?

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