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Recognizing Numbers ( Math Block)

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Lesson Plan Subject: Math Topic : Counting number and Recognition Teacher: Carmen Maddox Date : 3/ 14/2012 1. Objectives - Count and identify numbers from 1-10 - Demonstrate one-to-ne correspondence from 1-10 each object as they count it. - Recognize, model, and write whole numbers 1 through 10. 2. Standards A). Children will learn step by step from concrete to visual, symbol and then abstract. B). Students will use real material to work with. 3. Anticipatory Set We're going to use numbers to represent quantities such as counting objects in a set. 4. Teaching Presentation 1. Input, It's a great counting activity that is very easy to make and also great for building math skills. 2. Modeling, I will use paper plates with the different numbers on them and a variety of items for the counters. 3. Checking for Understanding, Whole group count numbers 1 to 10 and then I choose some children to count themselves to see if the students are paying attention, after I put the paper plates on the floor and ask some children to recognize each number and then place the correct number of items on each plate. 5. Guided Practice I will give to the children sitting at the table a worksheet with different numbers printed on it and with this worksheets we practice recognizing different numbers, and we glue different items to the paper, but the same number as what is printed. 6. Closure After we finish the lesson, we will address any questions or concerns the children may have, and after all questions have been answered, we'll move on to the next step. 7. Independent Practice The individual work to help reinforce everything we've covered in this topic will be to have the child count the pictures that are in different cards and then in a piece of paper they have to count the pictures printed on it and write the correct number.
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