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Bill Maher: Don't Complain About Horse Meat

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Bill Maher: Can't Complain About Horse Meat If You Voted No On GMO Labeling. Only a dumbass would believe the Monsanto propaganda and vote yes on no GMO labeling.
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Roger Edgerton (4 месяца назад)
Pretty fuckin' stupid first 'new rule'. Comparing GM foods to those with horse meat or sushi with cats in it is like comparing you fucking some gorgeous woman with a nice tight body from using protein powders to humping some STD-ridden skank whore.
cshubs (5 месяцев назад)
Even then, jokes about Trump lawyers. Nice. :-)
BeaveHolio (6 месяцев назад)
This entire argument is a strawman GMOs don't equal overfishing, or melamine, or horsemeat
Rhaegar Targaryen (6 месяцев назад)
When the left doesn't believe in science. LOL I thought that was just conservatives?
Frankie B (6 месяцев назад)
whats the big deal about horse meat?youre acting like it was seal penises or something.horse meat is perfectly acceptable meat and theres nothing wrong with it
BIGBOSSWHATITDO420 (6 месяцев назад)
i hate this guy bill maher he would eat a (babe human) if only the small procent would support him
Jonathan L. J. Cabiya (7 месяцев назад)
Love Bill Maher, not sure if he agrees with me in one or many things but i do agree with him...might he agree to that? Lol
SkyRim LuvR (7 месяцев назад)
Horses have been stolen and sent to slaughter houses in mexico, just across the border, where they are killed then the meat is sent to different countries as beef, europe, usa, canada.. its in hamburgers in restaurants too. The danger comes from the fact that horses are treated with medicines that are NOT SAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, so please be safe and be aware of what you're putting in your body. There are no farms raising horses for safe meat consumption at this time, any horse meat consumed will mostly be from someone's pet.. for info please google slaughter houses horses, or chemicals or meds given to horses unsafe for human consumption. peace& love♥
christiandoritos (8 месяцев назад)
Lol Bill Maher with them unscientific opinions.
ll विनी शर्मा ll (10 месяцев назад)
When was the last time you saw a Chinese baby on fire Bill Maher asks...every time the Chinese eat the foetuses be caste they eat anything and everything
Paulhorne Schillings (11 месяцев назад)
3:55- <smiles at the thought of Chinese babies catching on fire>
Roy Klopfenstein (1 год назад)
Can anything we eat be more disgusting than this monologue?
JC David (1 год назад)
I'd take fresh horse-meat to a disgusting over proteinized chicken breast any day of the week! No worries about a the US food supply being increasingly regulated by smart biochemists and genetic engineers. F&^k you, all you redneck farmers!! Why does Amazon even want whole foods now that they cannot even label their own food?? Why on Earth-day would the benificent billionaire elite class that we trust to control our privacy and our news, now try and take over the US food supply?? Monopoly!!When will there ever be a more perfect time to dodge any public antitrust concerns? The population of the US, as well as all major media outlets here, are all far too distracted by their false-flag obsessions to push either a pro-Trump or an anti-Trump narrative. Who has time to worry about some lone wolf billionaire taking control of the US food supply, a brilliant but ruthless guy who already owns many of the major retail lines of distribution, controls news via the Washington Post, and significantly supports nearly half of Washington DC’s key politicians. “It will be better for all of us,” say the bankers and Monsanto PR execs. And if not, no worries—there’s always the hard-working 2-earner tax-paying families in the US to finance a safety net, and rescue the billionaires when yet another key US institution grows ‘too big to fail.” All good, so long as Mr Trump succeeds, or gets deposed, depending on your specific propaganda-of-choice. That’s what really matters. Now eat your generously super- sized antibiotic/hormone-laden disgustingly thick and tasteless chicken white-meat swollen 'fresh' fruit engineered for your eating pleasure by your friendly neighborhood biochemist, watch you 6 hours of daily cable, sleep like an exhausted dead person, return to your job tomorrow (if you still have one) and shut the f*&^k up!! You thankless deplorable!! Or be smart and throw out your chicken parts, feast out on a big horse thigh, or a fresh alley-cat liver pate. Either would be better that a healthy manufactured chicken breast.
Mike 24 (1 год назад)
whats wrong with papa johns
April Marie Sanderson (1 год назад)
Papa John was against the Affordable Care Act & a minimum wage increase. It will give you gastric issues. 🤑🤑🤑
CJ (1 год назад)
Mike 24 it's disgusting
ElectricMayhem87 (Ashleigh) (2 года назад)
Bill Maher be like "Religion and PC culture are for IDIOTS! Now, let me tell you about the evils of GMOs, vaccines, and Big Pharma..." You can't pick and choose; if you trust the science behind global warming, you should trust the science behind GM technology and vaccination.
lost gam3r (1 год назад)
A horse won't just let you sit on it.
Robert Smith (2 года назад)
Canadian fishers say they are now, and have been catching (netting),"baby" fish, not fully grown anymore.
Eric Burkheimer (2 года назад)
somebody please explain the line about the eel
CJ (1 год назад)
Eric Burkheimer if that doesnt explain the joke nothing will lol
CJ (1 год назад)
Eric Burkheimer judging by your pfp, you're gay, put 👉🏼 and 👌🏼 together
Dick Varga (2 года назад)
Horse meat is tasty.
Rob Elkton (2 года назад)
I don't always agree with Bill Maher but when he makes good points, damn he can make them amazingly well. Someone needs to do something about rabid capitalism so that we have some resources left for our children.
Patrick Kilduff (2 года назад)
Thats the problem with these dumb ass libertarians that want no government and no regulations....they think the 'free market' will just act accordingly with safe food handling when there are zero consequences and all profit...they say, 'well, competition will get rid of the unsafe food producers..." ...yeah...after half the population has violent diarrhea!
Tammyaway (2 года назад)
I believe that's a strawman argument, no liberals that I know of would object to laws regarding safety of people and the environment. Liberals don't want to remove the government completely, they just want to minimize its influence to the bare minimum necessary.
Velvet Rose (2 года назад)
+Patrick Kilduff Sad they don't realize the reason why we have the government and regulations in the first place is because the "free market" was screwing up!!!
PC Principal (2 года назад)
this guy has been on trump's dick for years
Karlthegreat84 (2 года назад)
+PC Principal What...?
AE McKee (2 года назад)
Hope I'm not around when it comes to having to eat papa john's or starve...eww.
AE McKee (2 года назад)
Hope I'm not around when it comes to having to resort to eating papa john's...eww.
Zmansk88 (2 года назад)
Dude the joke is funny because he is saying that papa john's is after soylent green. You should look up soylent green it is People!
Mark Kond (2 года назад)
+Ashley McKee Don't worry about it, I'm sure that before we come to this someone will just come out and say "No, really, what's so immoral about cannibalism?"
B Warn (2 года назад)
Snoops face when Bill made the eel comment 😂
will mckeen (2 года назад)
Why do people think its gross to eat cows and not horses? Its the same shit...
bob smith (2 года назад)
Ah those last 3 seconds, couldn't have a segment on food without taking a pointless cheap shot at one of the biggest most successful names out there huh. Papa Johns is one of, if not THE, best, nationwide pizza chains. Their crust actually tastes like real pizza crust and it doesn't make you have horrible heartburn and diarrhea for the next 48 hours unlike some other places.
Alex Harris (2 года назад)
Keep in mind that Bill Maher is from the New Jersey/New York area. Those people are crazy about the quality of their pizza. XD
Pagan Pilgrim (2 года назад)
excellent comedian. Great delivery and always an important point.
Willverinerage (2 года назад)
wow! Snoop Dogg is high as fuck here! lol not making fun of him, just his eyes are barely open, lmao!
Daniel (2 года назад)
What I don't understand is why people were laughing at the end. I'm not saying he's not funny, I mean it in the sense that he was basically laying out the truth of the matter right there and they were giggling about it. If I was in the audience, I'd pause for a moment of melancholic pondering, not laughing about it.
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+Daniel It's like what Bill Hicks and Carlin used to do. They would bring up serious social problems and make jokes out of them. When you think about it, it's probably better to laugh at the collective stupidity of humanity than to become futilely outraged at it.
Immortan Joe (2 года назад)
So in CONCLUSION. Turn Vegan and stop poisoning food. End of discussion.
Alejandro Mavarez (8 месяцев назад)
Vegans jerkoff looking at a mirror
Frank U (2 года назад)
+Clyde Rembrandt I meant killed animal trophies. I've got stuffed fox, ducks and an otter.
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+Nicolay Bidder I might have a chess or bowling trophy in a trophy case at my parents house.  I can't say that I'm representative of every vegan on this matter though.  What would make you believe that vegans would be more or less likely to keep trophies than animal eaters? 
Frank U (2 года назад)
Bit off topic but I always wondered do vegans keep trophies?
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+Nicolay Bidder To bad the meat club is much better at spreading the Gospel of the lard. That Gospel is preached on TVs, radios, billboards, mail advertisements, and associates who continually talk about the joys of eating animal body parts and breast milks.
n. t. (2 года назад)
Though the subject of nihilism can come up, though. But  asking "why not" can be just as easy as saying "why".
n. t. (2 года назад)
This MAY sound very funny now, but Veganism can put off these ridiculous consequences to senseless, thoughtless, consumers behaviours , though it may not completely reverse or erase these behaviours. Why don't we give it a try   to help our planet and AS MANY ORGANISMS AS WE CAN that live here.
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+fishcious Jeffrey Dahmer preferred boys and men. 
fishcious333333 (2 года назад)
+Natalie Tucker I just found out I'm a vegan...One of them told me "you are what you eat" and she was delicious.
n. t. (2 года назад)
+Clyde Rembrandt maybe, but I at least want it out there .
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+Natalie Tucker I totally agree. However, this message is mostly going to fall on deaf ears.
Temp station (3 года назад)
I want GMOs to be labels so that I can intentionally buy them, they aren't harmful!
Papa Wheely (3 года назад)
Did I miss something? Was the horse meat genetically modified? How was a law mandating the labeling of GMOs going to prevent some cheapskate from trying to cut costs with horse meat? This seems very agenda driven.
Regina Ayat (10 месяцев назад)
Good Horse meat is yummy. If you're into meats
Einar Thorsteinsson (11 месяцев назад)
What? Make more food to throw away? Isn't the "world's food problem" a problem with the haves and have nots? Not unlike the world's wealth distribution? If the rich actually paid a fair amount of taxes and we addressed the wealth distribution then proper education and health care (science based and free of religion and faith) could be provided in every single country. This would sort out any population issues and different farming methods could be used to maximise food production and provide positive environmental impact. But I guess this is just a pie in the sky as there is little political will to address the current wealth distribution. However, GMO food solving food problems is like the sauce on top of that pie in the sky; you need the pie first, if you want it.
Alex Harris (2 года назад)
+Tammyaway - Yeah, the only even remotely sane argument coming from the anti-GMO crowd is that changing the DNA structure of an organism and skipping the pressures of natural selection might leave them susceptible to natural threats that they would otherwise be able to handle. But that's more of a technical problem that is, get this, *literally solvable through further genetic modification*.
Tammyaway (2 года назад)
Bill Maher's point was that "if you didn't want labels, don't complain when you've been lied to". That argument is totally moronic. If anything, it proves that in some cases you can't trust the label anyway! In this case meat was labeled as cow meat, when it was actually horse meat. Maher is completely stupid when it comes to GMO's, big pharma, and vaccines. It's like all his rationale goes out the window and he starts sounding like a creationist or a climate change denier. GMO's are completely safe, and for all intents and purposes are safer than "non-GMO" foods, since they go through more rigorous safety testing. His argument that "it should just be labeled" is also silly. You don't have to label every little unimportant thing. If I started a campaign about the risks in foods made in the proximity of electronic devices, do they have to label them now, despite the fact that my entire argument is complete bullshit? Labeling GMO's is just part of an unscientific campaign designed to scare people off what could one day solve the world's food problems.
Alex Harris (2 года назад)
+paspax - Why wouldn't it be? Remember that everything you eat is broken down by digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid, and all of it turns into a slurry of "stuff". Proteins, vitamins, sugars, fibers, etc. As long as the new plant isn't producing poison or something crazy like that there's no reason it shouldn't be processed in the digestive system just like anything else would.
DarKMaTTeR (3 года назад)
In theory, packaging should include as much information as possible. However, GMOs are special in that they have an extremely bad reputation, one which isn't supported by facts, while being a necessity for meeting food demands. Essentially, labeling GMOs will force them out of the markets. So there's a conflict here. You can either respect people's right to know and make a bad choice, or make the right choice for them and set a terrible precedent.
Mark Kond (2 года назад)
+Hevian S So let me get this straight. Vegans should be able to choose to make "medically unnecessary and harmful" dietary choices, but people who don't want GMOs for whatever reason? Nah, fuck those guys, we need to protect them from themselves by not labeling. Clearly a very logical and unbiased argument here. Oh wait, you talked about fear and scare mongering. Yes, good thing we have you, the arbiter of logic, to make the case about concealing facts in order to protect people from their irrationality. And this has absolutely nothing to do with that irrationality cutting into GMO producers' profits. No, it's all about protecting the simple folk from their superstitions.
Saddam Hussein (2 года назад)
+Hevian S Here's an idea: education! Oh wait, most of the world still believes that a bearded sky wizard created humanity (and the entire world) and that Al Gore is faking global warming.
Giovanni Magnus (3 года назад)
Britain had it's own scandal like this in 2013. A large amount of horse meat was creeping into budget microwave dinners and, it's not just the corporation's fault, it's the consumers as well - rather than go that little bit further and go for more organic food, make it themselves or even so far as to actually care what's being put in, they opt for the stuff that comes out of a machine looking worse than when it went in. If you didn't care what you were putting into your mouth, you can't get on your high horse and suddenly care about what the companies were putting into the mincer; you were taking a meal that was once gourmet to one country and turned it into a budget snack - you get what you pay for.
Ron Wolf (2 года назад)
+Giovanni Magnus What exactly are the restrictions imposed by the FDA on corporations that label their food “organic”?
Giovanni Magnus (2 года назад)
+Hevian S You're completely right. Food companies cannot put just anything into food - which is why you have lobbyists getting their fingers into the FDA and trying to water down the regulations. Why else would Congress have bills pass that mean corporations have no obligation to put the country of origin on food packaging? And I didn't imply organic was a healthier choice - but organic food has stricter legislation where the amount of chemicals, such as synthetic fertilisers, growth hormones and pesticides, and by extension means tighter controls on sourcing.
injuredeternity (3 года назад)
And here's GMO salmon that I'm sure Bill is against: "With AquAdvantage salmon, market weight of around 2-3kgs can be achieved in 18 - 24 months, as opposed to three years. However faster growth is not the only benefit, says Dr Stotish. AquAdvantage salmon can be grown domestically, in containment close to land and populations. This provides a number of benefits. The first would be that producing the fish in captivity, in closed systems, would dramatically reduce transport costs and improve the whole supply chain. Dr Stotish explained that this would have a huge environmental impact, reducing the industry's carbon footprint. Secondly, producing more salmon in containment will reduce pressure on wild fish stocks. Improved fishing methods and overfishing has resulted in a major decline in many fish stocks. There are huge concerns for wild stocks of Atlantic salmon which can reach closer to 5-6kgs in weight." http://www.thefishsite.com/articles/958/genetically-modified-salmon-changing-the-future/#sthash.iFo4puzX.dpuf Don't you actually care if we protect the environment Bill?
rick9021090210 (3 года назад)
you know what else can survive mankind? cockroaches.... chew on that!
Shaun Pitts (3 года назад)
Im a vegetarian and i could not agree with this man more on this topic and this is too funny
E Pearson (3 года назад)
I think the labeling agenda was concealed for California's labeling law...since Monsanto spent millions of dollars making this law look like labeling was not related.
E Pearson (2 года назад)
this conversation is over, Monsanto.
E Pearson (2 года назад)
oh please.
E Pearson (2 года назад)
ha ha!!!! how much are they paying you? i hope you can sleep at night.
Dan S (3 года назад)
Ahh Bill, just a little more reading would have helped you on this.  But, now you sound stupid.  The label movement just wants the products to have the "gmo' or "no gmo" on the label.  They don't care about whats in the food, else you would hear them call for labelling on organic products like this "mutagenesis", "in vitro fertilization", etc.  The pro labellers don't want to know, they just want gmos either banned or villified and boycotted.
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+Dan S You have not produced a single epidemiology study.  Insulting me more does not change that. 
Dan S (2 года назад)
+Clyde Rembrandt you eat food I bet. Where are the epidmiology studies on non gmo food. Can't find them? but still o.k. with eating the unstudied food. Meanwhile you will ignore a link I sent that should peak your interest. There are over 2000 peer reviewed, comprehensive studies (not JUST epidemeology), that form the collection of material reviewed and agreed upon by all the major scientific academies around the world. You are a science deniar, like a climate change deniar, and evolution deniar, a vaccine deniar. You cling on to a minutia of questions (answered in the scientific literature), so that you don't have to change your opinion. Enjoy your unstudied non gmo food and willful ignorance.
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+Dan S I don't have a "camp" and you don't have an epidemiology study that supports your position.  Insulting me isn't going to change that. 
Dan S (2 года назад)
Clyde, READ WHAT I SENT TO YOU. You've clearly not read it with all this silly talk about opinions.  There were no opinions.  Is the scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming just people with opinions?  Open your eyes and learn.  I've read all the "non-scientific" arguments from your camp.  
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+Dan S Do you understand the difference between opinions of various persons and an epidemiology study?  Do you realize that scientists who would opine that smoking wasn't harmful were a dime a dozen at one point?  Please produce an epidemiology study or can it. 
Tea Smith (3 года назад)
Stop eating horse meat or their going to be existing
cesar castaneda (3 года назад)
the holier than  thou maher.ole snoop  dog smokes the best weed and mahers buddies snort bowls of cocaine.yeah hes better than poor people who eat horses. go get your organic veggies and whats left over just throw away because nobody is starving in those countries.
Kennedysmommi (3 года назад)
I fucken love it!
bob733333 (3 года назад)
They're also probably mixing lab-meat into hamburger, etc.
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+bob733333 No, but hamburger isn't exactly a health food anyway assuming you want clean arteries and a polyp-free colon.
Vaguenoodle (2 года назад)
+bob733333 Because finding a potential way to cheaply and easily feed people across the globe while getting rid of a major source of multiple kinds of pollution is really that controversial? That's what this research is heading toward. Why is that a bad thing? Science isn't evil, Jimbob.
bob733333 (2 года назад)
+Hevian S You might wanna get use to it. This is 8 months old. Of course I am guessing. So, I don't eat meat very much. I don't trust the weirdos runnin' shit. Unfortunately I sometimes work with hamburger and I've seen some nasty stuff. Money profits,... peoples health is very last on their lists.
bob733333 (2 года назад)
+Vaguenoodle So they told you. You believe everything you hear? Oh, 330,000? 33 is obvious 'masonic code for bullshit. Anytime they desire to do something controversial...make burger in a Petri dish and feed it to you...they are already doing it.
bob733333 (2 года назад)
+Hevian S Fuck off, idiot.
Plane For All To See (3 года назад)
Just to make it clear to everyone, horse meat is fine to eat providing its killed in an approved abattoir / slaughterhouse. The horse meat recently found in food products was illegally sourced and illegally killed in disgusting dirty abottoirs and then passed on as beef. Just think about that for a second.
SupaDr00g (3 года назад)
So Mr Science Bill Maher thinks what an animal eats  mean you're eating it too. So what if a fish eats feces, unless you're eating it's gastrointestinal tract you're not consuming shit. This is nothing more than Bill taking the chance to have another uneducated ignorant jab at GMO's.
emil mili (3 года назад)
i know what the problem was with the horse meat, i undestand that ppl should know, but i have no problem , horse or cow  i dont care.
Even.Ways Music (3 года назад)
This is so fucking genius! Hahahaha xD
DancingRaven (3 года назад)
Thank you Mr. Maher for being real and telling the truth. Except for 90% of all the big fish are extinct just thought you might want to up the percentage of scarcity. 93% of all the Food Sources around the Globe are owned by 6 Chemical Companies who call themselves Farmers or AgroBusiness. Monsanto and 5 other Chemical Companies goal is to control the Global Food Supply. They already own the largest seed supply in the world. I care about what I put in my mouth!   MonSATAN and its FRANKENFOOD is Killing people in Maui County and the Rest of Hawaii with their exorbitant usage of Pesticides that are so ubiquitous you cannot even breath. It is like Little China here with the HS&C Cane Fields and their Round Up Ready (Glyphosate) they burn along with the PVC.  Now throw an astronomical amount of pesticides being used multiple times a day in Hawaii. Monsanto and Dow both are spraying restricted poisons 80 different types up to 16 times per day. The amounts are staggering.The food is horrible and not nutritious. Label and prove that GMO's are Safe!  They can't that is why both Monsanto and Dow spent in excess of $12 million dollars to throw a County of Maui vote by the people to put a Moratorium on Monsanto and Dow. The people won Monsanto and Dow sued the Grass Roots Movement....and it gets worse. A vote means nothing if Corporations like MonSATAN can take our vote away! 
Roysten Mantis (3 года назад)
Not wanting meaningless and uninformative labels on your food doesn't qualify as "not caring what's in your food". The same unscientific claims made over and over again by people who can't keep up with conventional wisdom in the scientific community.
Roysten Mantis (3 года назад)
You might say, "But a product telling me there are GMOs in it DOES tell me something about the product because that's something I specifically want to know." My point is, the only reason you want to know that is because you literally don't understand what it is, and saying you do is just wasting everybody's time. Label all you want, but how about you make it a label that tells us something useful?
Roysten Mantis (3 года назад)
The thing is, "This product contains GMO" isn't a useful label because a product being genetically modified says almost NOTHING about the product's chemical makeup. If you want to label things, write "This product has been genetically modified with (insert gene here) to (insert benefit here)". But instead, you want a big fat "GMO" on your food, which is only useful for people who don't know science.
sweetlitlangel (3 года назад)
+Roysten Mantis I  am clear on what GMOs are and that doesn't change the fact that I want to know whether the food I'm consuming is GMO or not. GMO's. Knowing what something is goes hand in hand with knowing if it's on your plate or not. Having labels comes from knowing not ignorance.
Roysten Mantis (3 года назад)
+sweetlitlangel I actually clearly care a lot more than you about what I eat, because I'm willing to do a little research and ACTUALLY FIND OUT what's in my food, rather than say "I WANT A RIGHT TO KNOW" and then not understand anything about food science in the first place. Your argument stems from scientific ignorance and you're WAY late to the game if you think there's still a debate about GMOs causing health effects.
sweetlitlangel (3 года назад)
and if they end up causing health effects?? Or are just going to wait until it's too late to care.,Either way simply because ou don't care about what you eat and evidently the nutritional value doesn't mean other people don't care. Either way why are the ;labels such a big deal I mean just like anything else I think people should be able to decide whether or not the want to consume such things. It seems as everyone likes to ignore what people want and just force crap on us and then we have people like you that wants to be an anchor holding us down simply because we don't want to remain in the dark.
Roysten Mantis (3 года назад)
"Only a dumbass would believe the Monsanto propaganda..." Irony at its finest.
lost gam3r (1 год назад)
Lmao exactly. Interesting how a man like Maher, who generally believes in science, can just ignore all the scientific studies about GMOs. GMOs are perfectly fucking safe.
edward peders (3 года назад)
Perhaps cannibalism should be legal? Would help with the overpopulation problem ...
edward peders (3 года назад)
Is this why we love zombie movies and pranks?!
Asgeir Bragason (3 года назад)
Icelanders eat horsemeat
Jyotsna Gokhale (3 года назад)
He is on fire in this one  - but - small correction about a generally misunderstood point - cattle is more than milk for rural of poor lands, it is farming help and transport and livelihood and generally essential for survival, no different from horse in western US of yore or camels in deserts before oil. 
525Lines (3 года назад)
Horse meat is eaten in Japan. It's safe and edible. The laws in the U.S. have relaxed so we can finally butcher horses. I'd be willing to try it.
Clyde Rembrandt (2 года назад)
+525Lines Why not? How is it any more gross to eat cow, pig, sheep, chicken, dog, or cat body parts than it is to eat horse body parts?
525Lines (3 года назад)
+Roger Diogo I have heard that the US is only recently allowing the slaughter of horses in the US. The US Department of Interior may be selling wild horses to foreign markets for food. Not hypocritical, I don't think. I have nothing against horse meat. If it's safe to eat and good, I'll try it. I think the admonition against horse meat, if there was one, came about a long time ago and the absence of horse meat in the U.S. guided tastes. 
Roger Diogo (3 года назад)
+Requiemes Most horsemeat consumed in Italy and around the World, comes from the USA. They just hypocrites, they don´t mind other people eating it and profit from it, however they have to show the World how civilized they are...  
jjjota (3 года назад)
Italian here, it's not only edible, it's fucking great. I don't have anything against USA but people from your country should start accepting the fact they're the exception, not us. Most countries in the world eat it and people can find horse meat in most malls. Different countries have different cultures and I understand the deep love americans feel for their big pets, I wouldn't add cat meat to my diet, it would feel like betraying my cat in some way. But I would try it and even if it would make me sad to know that somewhere there are people killing cats for consumption, I wouldn't be an hypocrite insulting them (It's just an example, I don't even know if such countries even exist, I don't think cats are that good for intensive farming or farming in general. I do know though that during the war my people ate cats, dogs, rats and even worse stuff...but that was all about surviving so it's quite different lol)
John Benton (3 года назад)
So what's wrong with horsemeat? Horses are herbivores, just like cattle, aren't they? Just think; in some countries dog is a delicacy! In most chinese restaurants dog is a staple!
Cynthia Nolder (5 месяцев назад)
They like dog meat in Korea also, but those same dogs are kept in tiny, dirty cages till they are butchered...
John Benton (2 года назад)
You could well be right.
Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage (2 года назад)
+John Benton That's pretty much where I stand. However, most people are ethnocentric and are going to keep judging other people's culture. It's what makes us human, I guess.
John Benton (2 года назад)
I would have thought that dogs, and even more, cats, being primarily carnivorous, would not taste very nice, while horse, like cow and deer, are primarily herbivore, thus tasty. (I've eaten horse meat in Belgium and in France, but somehow there is a reluctance in UK to eating horse meat.I cannot see why. Venison is popular pretty much world wide. I can see where China gets it's 'famine-food' from, and I do not despise any culture for what it eats, as long as that culture respects (ie does not torture or inflict unnecessary suffering) to that animal. Killing for food is essential, whereas killing for fun is horrible, and altogether human.
Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage (2 года назад)
+John Benton It is actually nothing more than a racist stereotype which many simply abuse to offend people of Chinese or oriental origins. The Swiss eat cats and the Italians eat horses, but you don't see any bigoted internet comments about those cultural delicacies, do you? It is interesting to note that one of the earliest (if not THE earliest) campaigns against the consumption of dog meat started in ancient China, during the Song Dynasty. This is why they have this saying in China, "gou rou bu shang zhuo", meaning dog meat is not considered a high-class (respectable) cuisine. The practice nevertheless continued by going "underground", as China has a famine culture meaning they have to make do with what they have to survive. Yes, dog meat is eaten in China, but it has never been part of their culture, and is only eaten by a tiny minority, and there is no evidence that suggests otherwise.
Sun Flower (3 года назад)
new new world order
Hercules Rockefeller (3 года назад)
GMO will just go the way of 'Organic' when it does pass.. They either wont fully comply to the laws or they will slowly tweak the laws as to where just about anything can pass..
kanishq ruhil (4 года назад)
Why is this even an issue, details about the food, why should there be a second thoughts about your
The Euro Cooking Canuk (4 года назад)
fiLthy (4 года назад)
Bill's ability to maintain his composure while delivering some of these jokes is impressive...
Phillip Christopher (4 года назад)
Wah!!!!! Regulation will take away my freedoms. Big government will take power away from big corporations and put it in my hands Wah, Wah, Wah.
Nerd&Lift (4 года назад)
horse meat isnt that bad
Young King (4 года назад)
"Sushi is made out of lost cats and condoms" Racist comment made right there about sushi and lost cats, if you didn't catch that.
miamiwildflower (4 года назад)
I love the way this guy tells it like it is! :-) LABEL GMO FOODS!!!!!!!!! WE DESERVE TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!
crypto457 (4 года назад)
GMO oh please humans have been genetically modifying the DNA of every animal and plant we have cultivated as pets, labour, and food ever since we discovered fire, like the organic farming is any better there is a reason why that shit is so expensive because the farmers are lazily fucktarded in more ways than one. They leave everything to nature so when disease hits the crops a good chunk of those crops are dead, they don't water their crops regularly through irrigation tunnels they wait for rain because their excuse is "dems govment water", which means when organic farms in Texas get hit with a heat wave there goes another portion of their crops, they have no means of animal deterrents scarecrows don't do shit since there are other things smarter than a sparrow that don't fall for it such as crows, ravens, raccoons, wild pigs, bears, basically anything smarter than an organic farmer and a temper of Charlie Sheen and thats another section gone, and when other occurrences happen such as thieves, vandals, the occasional drunk teenager who decides to have his/her way with the corn, cucumbers, and bananas that the customers are going to eat so that's another section of crops they can't sell, everything else is all natural so the surviving crops make it to market. It would not surprise if some fringe meat industry tries organic meat farming and they would be more expensive than the fruit and vegetables.
crypto457 (3 года назад)
Funny I heard that enough times from people who think that dinosaurs were wiped out by aliens and Jesus was a genocidal redneck.
Professicchio (4 года назад)
Soylent Green it is at lunch, from now on...
Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage (2 года назад)
+phthisicy Donating one's body to science is great, but donating it straight to the butchery is a bit too drastic :)
Hercules Rockefeller (3 года назад)
Clark Kent (4 года назад)
answer = human population control
Clark Kent (3 года назад)
+Sally Ladd yeah, i read the article on that some time ago..
Sun Flower (3 года назад)
Jeff Holiday (4 года назад)
None of the examples Bill cites have anything to do with GMO or the labelling law. What exactly is the fucking point of this?
Jeff Holiday (3 года назад)
+youngatnaruto 'Rogue genes' is a very bad term for that. Again, you are not sciencing very well. You cannot throw a bunch of nucleic acids at a genome and get it to change. It doesn't work that way. Our cells error correct in remarkable ways to maintain genetic purity and cellular integrity. You body right now is fighting off tumors, but it takes an incredible amount of chance for the right conditions to present themselves for you to develop cancer in the absence of carcinogens. And even if you did manage to make a rogue DNA strand with a rogue protein expression? So what? That is one cell with one avenue of cellular progeny. And it very well might get eradicated through various biological functions. I know you don't understand this, and this is why you are afraid. But really, if you'd go take a class you will be set free from your fear. Knowledge is power. 
youngatnaruto (3 года назад)
+Jeff Holiday it still has been proven false that one gene does not equate one protein it reacts unpredictable creating rogue genes when used in gmo.this method was used by  George Beadle he was even awarded a nobel prize for it,this is the basis on what gmo is based on.which as been proven false by the human genome project in 2001 or 2002 im not sure which year.but by then it already became wide spread in monsanto, there is no way they are going to admit any wrong doing or change anything esp because of their history which shows that monetary benefits are more important than any thing else 
Jeff Holiday (3 года назад)
+youngatnaruto Something is not a hypothesis when you sequence the genome afterwards and have direct factual evidence. That is not how science works. You're failing at 'sciencing'.
youngatnaruto (3 года назад)
+Jeff Holiday how does it work,how do they insert a desirable gene into foods. one gene one hypothesis is the science gmo is based on.search up one gene one enzyme.of course the monsanto founded universities will not tell you that the same way the koch brothers have brought and paid teachers in florida to teach only their ideaologies.every other modern country has wised up and tries to avoid gmo but not us we let politicians  be lobbies by billion dollar corporations to distort facts and sell out only for profit.this is another nail in the coffin for us.read my previous previous statement
Jeff Holiday (3 года назад)
"The science of genetic engineering relies on the theory that inserting one gene will produce one desired trait." No, no it does not. Yes, I understand you don't grasp that and you want this to be a simple issue, just like Bill here does. It isn't. It doesn't work that way. I'm sorry.
Dopamine (4 года назад)
At least its not Pizza Hut...
Dlon Alokin (4 года назад)
03:58 Haha the fatty didn't get it.
pmcdirewolf (4 года назад)
I voted against the GMO labeling bill because attacking Genetic Modification is completely missing the issue. It's attacking science instead of attacking shitty companies like Monsanto. *Provably*, there is nothing wrong with eating genetically modified foods. It just sounds "scary" to people. Now, that being said, GMO's have obviously been misused by the like of Monsanto to do all kinds of awful things like make corn resistant to harsh pesticides and to enforce patents on seeds. But GMO foods have insane benefits, like reinforcing rice with additional minerals so that, to those who eat it as a staple food, you don't need to eat anything else. This prevents all kinds of malnutrition that lead to things like blindness in the third world. Crops can also be engineered to resist droughts and grow in harsh conditions, increasing yields and preventing starvation. This is something we've done for millennia. Genetically speaking, modification and selective breeding are basically identical. This provides risks of its own, like breeding genetic monocultures which can be wiped out by a single strain of disease. But traditional selective breeding has the same risk, which is why the yellow banana is currently under threat from a certain deadly fungus (much like the Irish Potato Famine which was caused by a similar fungus). But forcing foods to be labeled as GMO is to indicate to uniformed people that something is "wrong" with that food. So now a shitload of food isn't going to be bought or sold because morons have convinced other morons that genetics, instead of the actual product in question, can make something dangerously *inherently*, as opposed to through expressed straits! So now no one will fund *good* GMO research because the public would be wrongly convinced that something is inherently wrong with it. That was a dumb idea. If you think something is dangerous, prove what it is and ban that instead. If you hate Monsanto, ban their products. But making people afraid of genetic research is insanely damaging to the future of mankind, which is probably going to rely on GMO's more and more as Climate Change devastates our ability to grow crops in traditional ways.
burazfly (4 года назад)
Hahaha good one. Still man that doesnt know that GMO is sprayed with Glyphosate(1970s under the trade name "Roundup") and monsanto use it today has nothing to talk about me and never had a garden and grandpa who made him home wine and bred apples,pears,peaches... I think I can tell difference betwen hybridization and GMO it is not same and hybridization in my county is called "pelcanje" not GMO
Jonathan Canfield (4 года назад)
+burazfly i knew just from your profile picture that if i checked the videos you watched you would be some nut... wasn't wrong...cmon Alex Jones are you serious. how about you gain a few IQ points before you start insulting others intelligence. you make tons of claims but you have no evidence backing it up...i would like to see your sources from reputable places not some conspiracy website.
burazfly (4 года назад)
We did not genetically engineered food for millennium it was hybridization.You must be fresh from school what do you study agriculture I think not? GMO is proven to make people sterile ya know it is when you cant have children and +++++ crops are not immune to bad soil or harsh conditions ++++ you have to spray  them with "glyphosate " to kill weeds and weeds are most toughest bio organisms on Earth so if it kills them imagine what it will do to you +++ so many ++++ I have worked in milk industries so I can tell you from first hand they usually throw 50% of their products in garbage because of deadline expiry and that is because we cant spend it how much they can produce ++++ all those products who have bad label are throw in garbage. Imagine that they throw milk only because of bad label???? wwwhaaa what a shock and half world is hungry wonder why? So is problem 1.Food or 2.Distribution i think that answer is number 2. and GMO are only here to reduce world population which is not growing but will reach its maximum of 9 billion in 2030 and fall to 1/2 of what it is now.
thuzan117 (4 года назад)
we have too many goddam people on the planet.  some countries do have declining populations but most are growing and many at a ridiculous rate.  i know lots of people say that population isn't the problem but it certainly isn't helping the situation any.  thankfully we are working on the ability to grow our meat in a lab, which is pretty close to replicator technology from star trek.
Gammareign (4 месяца назад)
Anytime I hear someone say there are too many people on the planet, I get an urge to shoot them dead.
Geoff Dearth (6 месяцев назад)
And when China wants to emphasize meat consumption then we have a problem. Everyone was better off when they all rode bicycles.
Dave Locke (4 года назад)
We add label for ingredients that are potentially harmful or repulsive for a part of the population. GMO food is NOT any more harmful than its non-GMO counterparts. That is a fact endorsed by authoritative scientific entities, backed by scientific researches. It should not be repulsive if it not harmful. Adding label would only add unnecessary production costs and monitoring costs. It is a shame Bill fails to see that point. His metaphor in this video is so logically full of holes, that it is not funny at all.  
Golden Boy (4 года назад)
+Dave Locke Yes you do. You have every right to force them. Whether they'll force them or not, is up to voters.
Dave Locke (4 года назад)
You have a right to know, but you don't have a right to force GMO producers to disclose if the information is not meaningful in regards to public health. You can choose to buy labeled non-GMO foods.
salvadory (4 года назад)
the tobacco industry claimed the same bs via "science"- regardless we have a right to know so as consumers we can decide if we want to take the chance of eating gm foods
Professicchio (4 года назад)
+JamesMay21 I'm afraid you haven't got the grasp on what "genetic modification" means.
Dave Locke (4 года назад)
+Golden Boy
olafurhh03 (4 года назад)
Horse meat is good.
Gewehr3 (4 года назад)
I know right, I honestly couldn't give a fuck if the meat is cow or horse as long as it tastes good.
mikkel larsen (4 года назад)
At the very least people were happily eating it for a long time.
Dealmanautos (4 года назад)
Nerobyrne (4 года назад)
Soylent Green
MAnnaconduit1 (4 года назад)
we'll take your word for it
Edgehead10075 (4 года назад)
What's wrong with horse meat?
Jessica Champagne (5 лет назад)
Label GMO food it's not rocket science
Jessica Champagne (5 лет назад)
Bill Mayer is a god
Jackie Vester (5 лет назад)
What did he say that was so idiotic?? Even though I don't agree with him on everything he is completely right in this instance.
eddieisfiction (5 лет назад)
Trader Joes has the same issues bro... What they advertise is that they get the local stuff, not necessarily organic or even labeled. Whole Foods on the other hand, does, however with a huge price tag.
XZDrake (5 лет назад)
I still don't think American's are smart enough to be trusted with having their GMOs labeled. If they did, they might not buy them, and that would be very bad for the global food supply.
teresa lacalamita (5 лет назад)
Bill Maher is an idiot
FreeenergyNOW (5 лет назад)
Fuck Monsanto fuck the people who work there.
Craig Wilson (5 лет назад)
Shop trader joes bitches!!!
diceman199 (5 лет назад)
No...what i'm saying is the action of the Bt toxin is known already. It's not new. They discovered it in 1901, it was used for pesticide from 1920. So you want them to continue testing for another century? If they FIND a chemical in beetroot then it's a NEW one because they didn't already know about it. So yes it would need testing and YES it would also be a NEW one. Maybe you need to research the subject
cojanti (5 лет назад)
So when they find a promising anti-cancer chemical in beetroot, they don't do trials because it's not 'NEW'??? What you're saying is that no GM technology should be tested, because the spliced genetic material is all from natural sources? Come on... This is basic stuff. You clearly need to have a bit of a think about your point of view. I won't be replying anymore.
diceman199 (5 лет назад)
The reason for medical trials is to test NEW things. The effects of this toxin are already known along with the conditions needed to activate it. It is only active under alkaline conditions and those are not found in human beings. So the toxin does not become a toxin in human digestive systems. So we know the effect already and it has been extensively tested on other mammals with similar digestive systems. It's not speculation.
cojanti (5 лет назад)
& on the point of HCL production. There's a test called the Heidelberg test where subjects swallow a ph sensor. Some diseases, including Pernicious Anaemia, have an autoimmune element which destroys the parietal cells, stopping all HCL: production. phcapsule com has some results on the ph disorders page. One test showed a person with a constant ph of between 7 and 8 without a challenge. Now this is far from conclusive - but it represents a departure from the theory and should be investigated.
cojanti (5 лет назад)
All chemistry is theory until put into practice. Real world application always presents new challenges not present in the theory. If it didn't, there would be no need for medicinal clinical trials, or biotech field trials. This is perhaps the most basic element of the practice of science - find a theory - and then test it in the real world! I'm sure the BT toxin / alkaline theory is true - but until it is tested in the real world, we don't know the effect on the population & cannot speculate
diceman199 (5 лет назад)
Chemistry is chemistry. It doesn't change & it's not theory. The Bt toxin is only dangerous in actively alkaline situations. achlorhydric (pH > 4.0) stomachs - still acid in nature As for people with actual alkaline stomachs ph>7 I'd be interested in your source for that as I've been unable to find any reference to that.
cojanti (5 лет назад)
Yes - normal conditions.. But there are many who have abnrmal digestive systems - like those who suffer from Achlorhydria. Some people have demonstrated a constantly alkaline stomach ph, despite the addition of hcl tablets. Without long term human studies - you are just pulling theories out of the air. The focus should be on GM producers to prove safety - NOT the rest of us to prove harm.
diceman199 (5 лет назад)
That's not actually correct. It doesn't fluctuate into an alkaline state. Normal range for gastric acid is between 1.5 to 3.5. That acid is what denatures the proteins and the stomach, under normal conditions, is always in an acidic state. The bicarbonate production is as a buffer to ensure the stomach doesn't become to acidic. Stomach lining protection is done by the pH neutral gastric mucus layer. With low HCL production comes lower bicarb production, solution still acid in nature
cojanti (5 лет назад)
Without long term human studies your point is moot - especially as the human digestive system fluctuates between an acid and alkaline state as the stomach first produces hydrochloric acid, followed by sodium bicarbonate to neutralize and protect the lining. What happens to people with low HCL production? Or when high concentrtions of the BT protein are found next to the endotheleal cells when they excrete the sodium bicarbonate? These questions remain, meanwhile 88% of corn is now GM.
diceman199 (5 лет назад)
When a target insect eats the Bt-containing plant, the protein is activated in the gut of the insect, which is alkaline (human guts are acidic), and in the alkaline environment the protein partially unfolds and is cut by other proteins, forming a toxin that paralyzes the insect's digestive system and forms holes in the gut wall. Or to put it another way...it simply cannot affect humans. It needs alkaline environment to work as it evolved to affect insects. Acid based digestion not affected.
cojanti (5 лет назад)
Sure - but in the case of BT corn we see the genetic material of a bacteria incorporated in to the plant. This would never happen in nature or traditional breeding - and yet it fills our food chain - its everywhere! The safety of this is based on topical application where the toxin degrades in a few hours in sunlight, so never reaches us. But this doesn't happen with bt corn because it is systemic - and that is concerning, because the toxin has never been tested properly for human consumption.

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