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Preventing metal valve stem caps from fusing to the valve stem

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Many times a simple procedure like checking air pressure in a tire turns into something much bigger. In cases where metal valve stem caps are used, the metal cap can fuse to the valve stem. If you really try to get it apart, the threaded part of the stem breaks off of the stem, and the stem has to be replaced. When the stem is part of a tire pressure sensor, that can lead to a cost of around $150 for the new sensor, installation, and programming of the new sensor to the vehicle. This simple procedure prevents the fusion from taking place. Of course the best thing to do is throw the metal cap in the trash, but some people really like the look of the metal caps. By doing this, you can prevent the fusing and still have the metal caps. Thanks for watching and if you like this kind of stuff be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more!
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