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Hajvery University (HU) Convocation 2016

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Hajvery University (HU) held HU Convocation 2016 on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at HU Euro Campus. Dignitaries from Government and non-Government Institutions, Chairman and Members of the Hajvery University, Board of Governors, Vice Chancellors of Universities, Rectors, Deans and other distinguished guests attended the convocation to celebrate the academic achievements of the students and the university alike. More than 850 Male and Female students received degrees during the ceremony. High achieving students were awarded scholastic awards, gold & silver medals. The event hosted over 2000 participants. Rector, Prof. Dr. Khalid Pervaiz lauded the efforts of the students who achieved their degrees through hard work and perseverance. He encouraged them to continue their efforts to achieve success in professional careers. Director Administration, Maj, General (retd) Muhammad Latif, in his address commended Chairman, Board of Governors, Mr. Atif Mushtaq for his untiring efforts to provide HU students the best educational opportunities possible. He further commended the teaching faculty, research staff for their hard word and encouraged them to bring even more accolades in the fields of teaching and research. Chairman, Board of Governors, Mr. Atif Mushtaq expressed the varsity’s commitment to continue producing the best Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Fashion Designers, Producers, Anchors, Pharmacists, Economists, Software Engineers, and a host of other Professionals, thus contributing towards the nation building of Pakistan.
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Muhammad Moazzam (3 месяца назад)
Yeh Degrees nahi deyei koi na jai
Ahsan Jatt (11 месяцев назад)
Bro DPT main after five years koi issue tou ni hoga na

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