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KEON @ Peekskill Brewery / Supported Employment

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Supported Employment Program / SEMP Supported Employment encourages people to work within their communities and experience social interaction, integration and pride in accomplishing work goals. Keon acts as a hiring agency for individuals with developmental disabilities. Keon has numerous individuals who are pre-screened, pre-trained & work ready. Keon provides assistance such as Job Coaching, Case Management, transportation, assistive technology and specialized job training. Types of Employment: Individual Placement - A consumer is placed in a job within the community which best suits his or her abilities and preferences. Training is provided by a Job Coach. As the employee gains skills and confidence, the job coach gradually spends less time at the worksite and is eventually replaced by a Case Manager. Enclave - A group of consumers (generally 2-5) working in a community business or industry, while receiving full-time training, supervision, and support by a Job Coach. In an enclave, individuals may be assigned separate tasks and the group may be dispersed throughout the jobsite. Our Supported Employment Staff Consists of: Job Coaches: People who are hired to provide specialized on-site training to assist the consumer with learning and performing the job and adjusting to the work environment. These individuals also provide transportation to job sites and provide oversight and supervision to consumers while working in an enclave or mobile work crew. Case Managers: People who are hired to provide complete oversight of the consumer in all aspects of their employment needs (i.e. completing 6-month service plans, monthly worksite visits, providing or arranging Job Coaching if necessary, maintaining contact with employer(s), family/caregiver, medical professionals and Medicaid Service Coordinator workers if applicable). Are you an employer looking to hire an individual with a developmental disability? Tax incentives are available. I/DD Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities Intellectual Disabilities Developmental Disabilities Special Needs OPWDD
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