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The Keys to Planning for Student Learning: Focus on Unit Design

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Presented by Donna Clementi and Laura Terrill From 2013 ACTFL Convention & World Languages Expo Participants examine guidelines for choosing unit themes suggested in Keys to Planning for Student Learning. They discuss the degree to which their school's or district's current textbook or curriculum themes meet the suggested guidelines. Through examination of a model unit of instruction, participants also identify how the 5 Cs of the National Standards are represented in the unit. You will learn how 21st Century Skills and Common Core Standards are integrated into the unit plan. The concept of a "toolbox" to complete the unit plan is explained. Essential language functions and vocabulary for the toolbox that help students successfully meet the unit goals will be discussed. Sample learning activities to strengthen cultural understandings and deepen content knowledge while building communication skills will be shared. Finally, the presenters will address how Open Source sharing of unit plans is facilitated by common templates and common definitions of pedagogical terms.
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