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The Dissolution of the West - Paul Craig Roberts on GRTV

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From economic turmoil to social dissolution and cultural chaos, it can no longer be denied that the once-opulent West is on the brink of collapse. In his new book, respected economist and father of Reaganomics, Paul Craig Roberts, explores the roots of this crisis and where we are going from here. This is the GRTV Feature Interview with your host, James Corbett, and our special guest, Paul Craig Roberts.
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v Bremont (4 года назад)
usa police state and washington promoting nazi regimes in ukraine..§§!!!  
Eric Mewhinney (4 года назад)
James, one of your best yet. Keep up the good work.
White Stag (4 года назад)
Awesome interview, great questions. CPG Is awesome
onceANexile (4 года назад)
Sounds like Galba's 'proscription list'....
dw wd (4 года назад)
Well at least he is right for the half part, Obama part.
WillFreemen (4 года назад)
"Main Street", the industrial corporations of the USA has off-shored and outsourced. This is a deliberate strategy by large multi-national corporates to weaken national governments so that they control them but are not accountable to them or the citizens. The elites don't like to much democracy, rather none at all. They must be in control, not the citizens. But they need a semblance of democracy to fool the workers and middle class, to keep them complacent and patriotic to fight their wars.
WillFreemen (4 года назад)
What are you implying? If you want to disagree with Dr Roberts then present counter arguments for his statements. I think he is fairly accurately describing what is going on in the USA. But all you can do is to make some vague accusation. Controlled ops people... you seem to be one of those characters on the DHS, FBI, CIA, Mossad payroll who sit on the internet all day to discredited enemies of the corporations.
vasoula2908 (4 года назад)
Aπλά ΜΠΡΑΒΟ αδερφέ και συνοδοιπόρε μου!! ******
Matt Revell (4 года назад)
he didnt say that - suggest you listen to that part again
uchinanju (4 года назад)
i tried keeping my mind open to him- but had to stop when he started comparing obama administration to reagan admin, and inferred that obama is involved w/ torture, spying on americans, & general undermining of civil liberties- but reagan didn't?? guess when he was busy pimpin reaganomics (bringing our current economic collapse), he never heard of iran-contra scandal or the many others?!?
Davros Dalek (4 года назад)
Ok, I'll go along with your suggestion. They must not be allowed to hide their money for their immediate family to use either. Take every penny.
Paul B. (4 года назад)
It's always refreshing to hear from someone like Doctor Roberts. He's one of the few truly sane people we have left.
navisoul (4 года назад)
If you want to pass a message across you can't sound this boring. You have to present your ideas clearly and back it up with facts. This video, although interesting for some, didnt make me learn anything. Looks like the guy has a hot potato in his mouth.
Lucien Harbuck (4 года назад)
The first thing to do is to get that brown alien squatter out of that white house in DC.
Antipodean33 (4 года назад)
My prison would be a labour prison, just like they use on us. they'd be working the fields, they'd be doing 12 hour days on the farm, they would be making money for the state. I'm all for confiscating all their wealth, every single cent and assett
Davros Dalek (4 года назад)
Also NO jail time for the criminals, instead take every penny and assets they have/own to be used for infrastructure, healthcare, edu etc and thow them out on the street down on skid row. I will gladly throw them my food scraps from the car window. Why would we want out tax money paying for their 3 sq's per day, hot showers & TV in jail? No JAIL TIME PLEASE, skid row and a cardboard box would be much better.
Davros Dalek (4 года назад)
Sorry, the US military will protect them instead and be against us,I mean most are very eager to fight in the ME for the Gvt lies, so why change? Most can't/won't see that o/s of their uniform, they are just like us and most think they will be/are exempt from all of this.
freedom4kaz2 (4 года назад)
It's a 12 gauge.
harold johnson (5 лет назад)
hallaluyah...thats what I'm always thinking when the hammer comes down we have to confiscate all of our resources. The criminal enterprise that the American government has become it's so deep and the corruption so wide spread where would we start? I'm almost ashamed to call it an American government it's obvious that it's really a powerful evil mafia
Antipodean33 (5 лет назад)
Is anyone surprised about this? Bankers have been openly saying they'll rule the world for years. For years we've had numerous ppl, from many nations warning of the zionist threat to our nations, make no mistake about it, all the chaos we are seeing and what will come, is completely the deliberate work of these zionists and their traitorous minions. The US military needs to take control,arrest the corporate/political criminals, charge the worst with treason and execute them. The rest go 2 prison
Davros Dalek (5 лет назад)
I agree with you, but unless something affects them directly, people would rather stand on the sidelines.Perhaps when WWIII starts and there's draft, people will revolt, but I'm dreaming here of course. Is that a rifle you're holding there?
freedom4kaz2 (5 лет назад)
I've been on YT for 4 years and I've invited like minded people to come and meet up with me, in a public setting. Over that period of time I can count on 1 hand, the amount of people who have shown up. It's not so much what, why or when. It's more of they have to get off their lazy ass to do something about it.
freedom4kaz2 (5 лет назад)
Ya buddy!! I agree.
Davros Dalek (5 лет назад)
Trouble is I think people would like to do something, but most don't know what, or how.
freedom4kaz2 (5 лет назад)
Knowledge IS powerful, but is useless if that knowledge is not followed up with ACTION!! I Fully Agree!!
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
It's your fault for not properly explaining what you're talking about and if you can't do this, then you evidently aren't someone to refer to about the topic. You pretend to competently know things you can't explain, so you're surely not a physical sciences student. In physical sciences we have to be able to experiment, accurately observe and explain. It's essential. So you just lack the ability to explain what you mean. Or maybe you can and just didn't. Also, try to not be overly sensitive.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
You're full of hot toxic air and there's no way to argue that Washington's wars on Afghanistan and Iraq aren't totally criminal. There's no defense possible for these crimes except to DENY and it'll always be denial that can't withstand even moderate scrutiny. There're plenty of ways to prove this and no ways to prove the contrary except in a psychopath's mind. Society has every right in the world to get rid of or to securely jail psychopaths. They'll deny their crimes, but ....
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
If what you say is true, then placing a rock on top of another wouldn't be a rock on top of another except in a person's subjective, personal view; but we can physically prove that a rock placed on top of another is indeed atop another and can thereby also prove that the lower one is beneath the other. You're playing with stupid philsophical nonsense. Some things can be objectively ascertained. Only idiot philosphers pretend otherwise. You're talking quack nonsense, bullshit.
dishesdealer417 (5 лет назад)
YOu notice they didn't try that boston martial law situation in texas? The largest cities' populations are so dumbed downed and tamed that they tried it and it worked just fine for them. They know bostonians will tolerate a police state. Let's see them try it in MOntana, Texas, South Carolina or parts of the ozarks. Then we will see what happens.
dishesdealer417 (5 лет назад)
what a load of psychobabble twaddle.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
Bush & Cheney were to appoint Kissinger to head the 9/11 Commission. The Jersey Girls "attacked" again and caused the dismissal of this rotten idea. We could say that these 4 women were again subjective, but it's while they were also based on objectively known facts about him. He's rotten and this is a subjective view, but it's based on facts and they aren't matter of subjectivity. He factually is very criminal. There's plenty of proof. Subjectivity is then buttressed by objectively known facts.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
Completing about intersubjectivity vs critical objectivity, take the famous "Jersey Girls", fe. We could say that they subjectively refused to accept to support recourse to war due to their moral values, all while a large majority of the US wanted revenge w/o first having sufficient facts and blindly believing Washington, instead. So say the Jersey Girls were subjectively sane. But they were also based on the objective fact that critically essential questions needed to be answered and weren't.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
I can't say with certainty that it's "the most intensely indoctrinated and propagandised population", but if it isn't, then it certainly ranks among the worst. As for objectivity being inter-subjectivity, Wikipedia (intersubjectivity) says there're 3 definitions. Apparently, none are based on critically objective rationality, say. It also refers to common-sense, which I perhaps define differently for, in my case, it must be based on sound, hence objective, social sense.
Wilbur McCallah (5 лет назад)
And millions of Americans still worship the Clintons and Bush's and cheer for these bought off fraud politicians.
RapidRay01 (5 лет назад)
Yes , and when are the R Party politicians ? They are just as deep in the pockets of the Zionist as obama !
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
+ Clinton(s), Reagan, Carter (Afghanistan war-maker, fe), Kissinger, Rockefeller(s?), .... Be generous when spreading around Holiday treats. All of these criminals and many more deserve good treats; fe, the rest of their earthly lives in prison and confiscation of their material riches in order to use the latter, actually both actions, for benefiting this world. If you're going to be a Santa, then you have to serve all of these cons their deserved treats. If Satan rebuts, then send Santa.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
So you're born to lie. You distort truth so readily it's ridiculous. You're either a liar or a moron. After all, it isn't difficult to understand what PCR says and you got it seriously screwed up. What you're doing is inserting words into what he said, rather than just saying that similar "law" operations are taking place where you live. The former is bs, but the latter is credible. After all, PCR says that these police/military state operations are happening in many places, inferring in the US.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
PCR doesn't say that they're in tiny, all white ... jurisdictions. Instead, he says that they're FROM such jurisdictions. He doesn't at all infer that they're operating this way in these jurisdictions and doesn't explicitly say anything about remote towns. What he says that might lead some people to think he's talking about operations in remote places is that the op's are happening where there's hardly anyone and that certainly isn't going to be a metro. area. It's also happening in many places.
George Reichel (5 лет назад)
Along with Bush,Cheney and R
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
Being critically objective permits disagreeing with and opposing others in non-subjective terms. The person has facts for bases. I knew for a fact that war couldn't be justified due to 9/11 and the facts are very easy to understand for anyone who's rational and, therefore, not controlled by wild emotions. With the 9/11 attacks, a very large majority of Americans became hysterically emotional and supported so-called revenge agaist ... whoever DC accused. It's total irrationality. CO is rational.
Brian Walter (5 лет назад)
I took it all pretty seriously untill he said microsoft.
John van Kampen (5 лет назад)
The last few words were the key-words! The essential question is: do we really need it?
artsychic2000 (5 лет назад)
the Vatican is behind all of this. It has been since reagen. Wherever the Vatican controls poverty follows. The wars in the middle east are just another Vatican crusade. The congress is made up of catholics, masons, knights of malta and Jesuits. All loyal to the Vatican. Things have escalated since this Jesuit pope took to his throne. He will rule the world, that's his intention. He is antichrist.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
Wall Street doesn't get back the $ it uses Washington to rob US taxpayers of or from. Wall Street never had that $ to begin with and to get something back necessarily means that you had to have it in the first place. WS didn't. But it sure reaps a hell of a lot of profits from robbing the general populace.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
And that explanation may be in part why former USMC Major General Smedley Butler came to write his well-known book entitled, "War is a Racket". He was right about that and it wouldn't be fitting for a DoD, but it certainly would be for a DoW.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
Can you say at what time that PCR says "SWAT would be required (not for whites) with police state tactics in a neighborhood of upper class blacks" in this video? I listened to it a 2nd time after reading your post or comment and I didn't notice what you're talking about. If you can point out at what time in this video that he says this, then I'll listen to this part again. Maybe it's stated so quickly that I didn't notice it due to following the general theme, say, of this video.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
And that, the H1B program especially, while also NAFTA, are only 2 examples among several for how Clinton "helped" to screw the USA economically. He never was for a healthy economy in any respect. He didn't begin the destruction of the economy but he definitely contributed plenty to this. It's an "evolutionary" process, "progressive", not all happening at the same time. The stage for 9/11 and what's followed was set well before Bush Jr was [appointed] President in 2000. It's a "progressive" path
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
The economy wasn't completely destroyed but the destruction was "well" underway even earlier than Clinton, tho he definitely f*cked many citizens and legal residents for IT jobs, fe. It's what drove me into complete personal bankruptcy and it was like Smedley Butler wrote about with his book, "War is a Racket". Wars aren't only faught using military forces and many IT professionals got to learn about this aspect of reality. Bush Sr started the racket H1B program. Clinton made it much worse.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
People "hear different things in the same words" for a reason. A common one is bias and/or personal sensitivities, as opposed to listening/reading in a critically objective, independent, non-partisan manner. When I first began a college diploma in pure and applied sciences a physics prof. referred to an anology and it's that when 10 different people witness an event the result is 10 different versions. It's an analogy. There might be 8 contrasting reasons rather than 10. But not all can be right
Wilbur McCallah (5 лет назад)
"Homeland Security" is just another name for internal security and internal security can mean some disturbing activities. Frankly, when I first heard the term "Homeland Security" that struck me as something derived from Nazi Security as in protect the "Homeland". What's the purpose of the Defense Department if not for protecting the country or in their words "homeland" ?
xxHANNONxx (5 лет назад)
I can't disagree with that one bit, I was just pointing out some of the elites programs he was puppeted over. Our economy wasn't completely destroyed and the public wasn't as net savvy at that time so I feel like he gets to much of a free pass
Davros Dalek (5 лет назад)
Funny how a lot of people blame the elites, but no-one makes them accountable or goes out to destroy them in some manner. If worldwide Main Street got back the money they steal from us (with actual intent, but very few people realize this) and we used it to better infrastructure, health, edu, etc, worldwide what a better planet we would ALL live in. Please read The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin to see what I mean.
rollo clevich (5 лет назад)
It was no different from what followed. You're falling for the false left-right paradigm promoted by NYT, Harvard, FOX News, etc.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
We can certainly add the things you refer to, and more. But, he didn't set us up for deindustrialization. He played a part, but no US president since JFK is "his own man". Clinton did as the superior so-called "elites" required. However, he very evidently did this wittingly; just like with his repeated lying, all witting. I don't think anyone could convince me that he isn't and hasn't been a witting liar, charlatan, ....He knows he's a liar and extreme criminal, imo.
Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa (5 лет назад)
I certainly agree that he disagrees totally with a police state anywhere. He disagrees with the direction this country is going and has great recommendations for fixing it. I have listened to him for years. I don't think I misinterpreted what he said, however I don't believe that he is racist either. I don't mean to distract from the topic. We are all in this together!
xxHANNONxx (5 лет назад)
I've got to agree with you there, Clinton didn't have the level of internet journalism to expose him as later puppets and he had the media giving him cover when most Americans still believed what was on tv. Let's throw Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, WTO, NAFTA and the end of Gas Steagall on the Clinton heap of steaming turd amongst many others. You could argue that he sowed the seed of Americas down fall, he set us up to be deindustrialized, he lit the house on fire while he was on his way out the door.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
I listened to this a 2nd time and have the impression that you're misinterpreting what PCR said. From what I can gather of his words, he definitely isn't recommending police state operations anywhere in the US. I definitely don't get the same impression from his words that you have and wonder why as well as which of the two of us is right. I'm tired at the moment, so maybe I missed something. If not, then you have to be misinterpreting either his words or what he means.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
I'm listening to this a 2nd time and PCR seems naive in some respects. As previously said, contrary to what PCR says about Bill Clinton, he was an extreme liar and criminal. Examples relate to Rwanda 1994; Haiti and returning Bertrand Aristide to power but strrictly under IMF economic slavery, etc; Iraq; Palestine; etc. That's roguish Clinton internationally and he was roguish nationally as well. Clinton used fear. It was only less striking than its use since 9/11, but he used it, and lies, both
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
PCR begins by giving a few good examples of the Constitution being lost and I'm reminded of what Bush Jr said when Q'd by a journalist at the White House in Jan. 2003. Bush received a group of journalists and was speaking of waging war on Iraq. A journalist asked, "But, what about the Constitution?"! Bush replied, "It's just a piece of paper"; ie, neglible, unimportant. He really spoke what others only think, for they refrain from expressing it orally and in writing, knowing it'd be dangerous.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
How long has it been happening in your town? Do you know if it's to be short or long term? Do you have any idea of the approx. number of "law" people who're involved in whatever they're doing there? What do they do? It seems odd that they'd pick a remote mountain town and I wonder why, but one reason that comes to mind is for extremely few Americans to be aware of this activity. That's all the presently comes to mind for what the reasons might be. Using this kind of town avoids large protests.
Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa (5 лет назад)
Not spurious at all and actually a question more than anything. I've listen to him for years and agree with most of what he talks about. But to make a statement that SWAT would be required (not for whites) with police state tactics in a neighborhood of upper class blacks is a stereotype. He said it and that's what it means. I don't care if anyone is a racist. Just don't tread on me. Don't get in my way.
Lester Nesterenco (5 лет назад)
Every rightwing economist should have the Christian decency and moral worth of this man. Those who call themselves conservative have shamed themselves and should pay attention to this man. I remember when he was going to quit writing. I and hundreds or maybe thousands of readers wrote to beg him not to still his moral voice. We are grateful he continued writing and speaking. A great man of moral worth like one of the ancient prophets.
mikecorbeil (5 лет назад)
To be of serious value, this interview would need to be considerably longer; a half hour or more. Regarding Bill Clinton, PC Roberts seems to be unaware of the fact that Clinton lied about a hell of a lot more than only his sexual affair and that that lie is the very least of them all. Clinton was extremely corrupt, roguish. Regarding cost of production vs profits in agri-business, I would be willing to guess that the former is greater, if we performed real and thorough accounting.
1cinjim (5 лет назад)
people get over the white thing . he is only trying to make a point.soon these great reporters wont always be with us or wont be available to us.then all the political correctness wont matter, so stop making noise complaining about how a message is brought out. keep talking to folks u meet and spreading the truth cuz criticizing these guys proves that u live in the bleachers as opposed to living on the playing field.get in the game and you will see how meanings get twisted by people like u did
Mark Phelan (5 лет назад)
chilling: "..some of these police are from tiny, all white..." around 3:40
ROTTIWORLD (5 лет назад)
B.O. is a war criminal.
Plamya Nazad (5 лет назад)
The Constitution was created for the landed class, this is why African Americans and women had to fight for the right to vote. Much of what we were led to believe concerning this country is simply romanticism to keep us calm whilst the tendrils of the wretched strangle us.
BogiZemlja (5 лет назад)
I was in the US in 2005 and "felt" the police state. Gone is the home of the "free and the brave"...only consumer robots .
Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa (5 лет назад)
Thanks James and I appreciate most of your interviews. They've been very informative. I have the greatest respect for Paul Craig Roberts and his acute and accurate insight on global issues, especially US. On the destruction of the Constitution and BIll of Rights with "very little protest." I take sudden offense to his analogy of the need for "Swat Teams" in rural "White Only" areas. As if because it is all white "not required." Statements like that create divisiveness. Surprise Racist!

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