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MBA Pharma Tech at NMIMS Mumbai & Shirpur

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MBA Pharm. Tech. program is an integrated degree program in which the students get both B.Pharm. degree and MBA degree in Pharmaceutical Technology in 5 years. The program is spread over 10 semesters, leading to a post graduate degree in MBA Pharm Tech. It is an integrated program specially designed for 10 + 2 students, who wish to develop managerial skills in Pharmacy stream. The course is tailor made to suit the needs of Pharma industry. The candidate is awarded both B. Pharm and MBA Pharm Tech degree after successful completion of 5 years. The candidate will get a postgraduate degree in management with the expertise and technical knowledge of pharmacy education. This saves one academic year and the herculean efforts for getting admission to top B schools after graduation. This program is conducted by well-experienced senior faculty in addition to visiting professors/ industry experts. Academicians have framed the syllabus looking into the current industrial needs, thus saving the on job training hours for the technical skills required in professional life. more info - http://npat.in/pharmacy-courses.html
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Rizwan JuicyTelecastEnglish tutor (5 месяцев назад)
there is any scholarships test for admission of b. pharmacy
Aman Pandey (1 год назад)
Can any experienced person tell me how is these dual Bahama +MBA at nmims.. Please reply

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