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Our Campaign Finance System is a National Disgrace

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In 1997, Sen. Bernie Sanders called America's campaign system ta "national disgrace" and called for reform to get big money out of politics.
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CarlottaART (2 года назад)
Bernie was right then and he's right now!
Revolutionary Socialist Media (2 года назад)
You want to know what is wrong with the USA? Just look at the telephone numbers for Democrats and Republicans, there you have it. The whole media is based on these two parties. Do Americans hear candidates from the Green Party? Socialist Party? Constitution Party? Libertarian Party? participating in mass debates on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News? The American capitalist media only gives time to candidates from these corporate parties. This is why the two party system is in fact a single ideology system. Because neither the Democratic Party or the Republican Party reject the dictatorship of the markets and capitalism!
ƒine-ƒeather'd ƒiend (3 года назад)
18 years and Hillary is barely catching up to him
Mitchell Grim (3 года назад)
well said Bernie I agree. the only lobbist that congress should ever hear from are the American voters from the state and federal government only. not corporations or banks or private prisons or foreign countries.
redneck44056 (3 года назад)
Slump Man (3 года назад)
I stand with Bernie. I don't care how little of a chance he actually has. Wouldn't and wont support anyone else
5k Investment Club (3 года назад)
People should try to invest. Join our investment Club.
BarbWireBiscuit (3 года назад)
The human mind is so influenced by the excitement of the thought of extreme wealth. Sadly lots of people of this planet are brainwashed in to believing that looking after "your own" is the correct way of living. FALSE.
EsquizoGenio 1 (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders for president of USA!
Truth can't be silenced (3 года назад)
Bernie is the man Will lazy Americans get out and vote him in is the only question
John Puccetti (3 года назад)
YES we have a candidate that has some integrity!!!!!!!!
danielvincentkelley (3 года назад)
Voted YES on continuing intelligence gathering without civil oversight. (Apr 2006)
danielvincentkelley (3 года назад)
Voted YES on Congressional pay raise. (Jul 2009)
danielvincentkelley (3 года назад)
Voted YES on reinstating $1.15 billion funding for the COPS Program. (Mar 2007) Bernie Sanders is pro-standing army of police goons.  http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2008/09/cops-reform-why-congress-cant-make-the-cops-program-work
danielvincentkelley (3 года назад)
Voted YES on additional $825 billion for economic recovery package. (Feb 2009)
danielvincentkelley (3 года назад)
Voted YES on $192B additional anti-recession stimulus spending. (Jul 2009) http://www.businessinsider.com/mccain-100-wasteful-stimulus-projects-2010-8
danielvincentkelley (3 года назад)
Voted NO on banning partial-birth abortions. (Apr 2000) This is where a "doctor" pulls a baby in the 9th month of gestation from the womb, everything except for it's head and then cuts it's head off ISIS style.
danielvincentkelley (3 года назад)
Voted NO on funding for health providers who don't provide abortion info. (Sep 2002) Trust healthcare providers? Not if they don't trust abortion.
danielvincentkelley (3 года назад)
Voted NO on making it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime. (Feb 2004) Killing babies in the womb is even ok if you're murdering the babies mom!
danielvincentkelley (3 года назад)
Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (Apr 2007) Voted YES on allowing human embryonic stem cell research. (May 2005) Planned Parenthood selling babies is Bernie APPROVED!
danielvincentkelley (3 года назад)
Voted NO on defining unborn child as eligible for SCHIP. (Mar 2008) No government nutrition if you're in the womb. Because murdering babies in the womb is too important... Can't let womb genocide go... *Shivers...
Sophie Nahrudah (3 года назад)
Bernie explains why publically funded elections are needed, yet the SCOTUS sees fit to mock the democratic process, to mock our President and to mock WE, The People For Bernie Sanders.  This is why we need the People's Revolution of 2016.  The revolution will not be televised, Brothers and Sisters.  The Revolution will be Live!
Christian Matthew (3 года назад)
I love Bernie! I may dislike his economics policy and wish he'd meet halfway between our typical capitalist free market and his controlled socialist market, but he is a good and honest guy which is surprising to say the least. Like I said, I want to be able to have youtubers make a living still, and the ability to open my own business if I choose, which would be questionable if he had his way.
Dikran Tawitian (3 года назад)
+Christian Matthew I dont think you should be afraid of such things. This guy is idealist, and he wants good. He is not some kind of crazy revolutionary. I think you guys are lucky, as he is driven by good intentions, idealism and has something super rare these days integrity. As an outsider i dont agree on his foreign policy, but i can see he wants to do best for USA citizens. And damn, i have to respect his stance. I am sure you woudl get a lot of respect from the wolrd if you choose this guy. But sadly your electoral voting system might be a problem. I mean, you guys live udner impression of livign in best democracy ever, but in reality its just WRONG and unrepresentative in so many levels.
studentdrake (3 года назад)
one of the few politicians that allow votes and comments. the others are to afraid of the people.
weunelect (3 года назад)
I believe in what you say about the nuclear deal, Health Care, and Voter Suppression, but, Bernie Sanders you are walking trash and too stupid to know it. GET OUT OF AMERICA, and go to a socialist country where you belong. Democracy is capable of aid to it's people, without being called Socialism. It is a voted on decision. If you are a Socialist, GET OUT. If you are calling a Democratic decision to help it's people, which is necessary for GDP, then you are too stupid to be President.
Paul Burns (3 года назад)
+weunelect This is what passes for intelligent debate among the republicans.
Victor Nieto (3 года назад)
Matthew Iverson (3 года назад)
One Super PAC creating lobbying clicked dislike.
The Bubonic J. (3 года назад)
The. Real. Deal.
Gabby Bulford (3 года назад)
With all the buzz I've been hearing about Clinton and Trump, I was positive this country is doomed. Bernie, you better save our asses from those big talking corporate idiots
Sound Effects and Overdramatics (3 года назад)
Charles Koch thumbs down this video....
ello (3 года назад)
Congrats on your recent polls, you now have more support than hillary :) good work Bernie.
Bill Douglas (3 года назад)
ADVICE TO YOUNG BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTERS FROM A 40 YEAR ORGANIZING VETERAN. SHARE THIS WIDELY! I've been an organizer for 40 years. Here's my advice to young Bernie supporters. Spend little time talking to each other. Use your Internet time to:  1) Get youtube of Bernie wanting to expand social security, and post that youtube link on all senior FB, Twitter, sites you can.  2) Get youtube of Bernie on Free University eduction, and post it on every university page you can. ... you get the idea.  Do not waste time talking to each other, and don't waste time arguing with Republicans.  TAKE BERNIE'S MESSAGE VIA YOUTUBE AND SPREAD IT WIDE AND FAR "OUTSIDE BERNIE CIRCLES" NOT WASTING TIME PREACHING TO THE CHOIR ... THE MEDIA WILL DISMISS BERNIE, BECAUSE THEY ARE CORPORATE MEDIA ... WE MUST BECOME THE MEDIA.  SHARE THIS WIDELY ON ALL BERNIE PAGES AND SITES. AND DO NOT WASTE TIME ATTACKING HILLARY. BERNIE'S MESSAGE WILL WIN. DO NOT GET IN THE POLITICAL SEWER WITH THE OTHER VIPERS.
Matthew Holland (3 года назад)
I like Bernie, but unfortunately he has dementia. We cannot elect a man that has dementia. However, Rand Paul has some of the same ideas and does not have dementia. Check him out. You may like him.
Paul Burns (3 года назад)
+Matthew Holland Rand Paul doesn't need dementia he's already a republican.
Nate Hoffman (3 года назад)
I'll see your hundreds of thousands and raise you tens of millions.
neilemac (3 года назад)
Gracious goodness, Bernie; almost two decades but 'We the People" are finally awakening to the reality you presented via Call those years ago. Up and at 'em Senator Sanders!
Frank M (3 года назад)
Looking at these comments shows what I have been reading is true. I'm 30 most of these viewers are younger than me.
Jonssyy Jons (3 года назад)
Exactly, sir.  Discouraging people from the political process is unfortunately, the norm now.   smh
ApplesPapples (3 года назад)
There are too many people in the comments here making me feel old.
yuubokumin415 (3 года назад)
He's been saying this for 20 years now!!! Hurry up and vote Bernie Sanders in the White House!!!
TheGinginator14 (3 года назад)
The .3% disliked this video
Freedom Fighter (3 года назад)
Democrats want to repeal the first amendment and give politicians power over political speech. They already tried with the Udall amendment which the ACLU opposed.  https://www.aclu.org/sites/default/files/assets/6-3-14_--_udall_amendment_letter_final.pdf
Paul Burns (3 года назад)
+David Adkins So of course, we should let them buy our government and commit us to policies that we are not in favor of?    It is fine that they give to charities and institutions of higher learning but you do know that they get tax write-offs for that, don't you? Their environmental policies are all about we need to make as much profit as we can, environment be damned.
David Adkins (3 года назад)
+Paul Burns that makes no sense, because the Kochs give hundreds of millions of dollars to charities and universities.
Paul Burns (3 года назад)
+David Adkins The only thing the Kochs are for is more money for themselves and less for everyone else.
David Adkins (3 года назад)
+Freedom Fighter yep, Dems and especially liberals want control. They want to shut up the Kochs because the Kochs are for more freedom and less government.
Howbout No (3 года назад)
There is a spelling error in your description.
Jenna Marcus (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders actually cares. Eighteen years later, and he still stands by exactly what he said. He isn't in this for the money or power; he actually wants to make a change in this corrupt country. He really is one of the few good souls on this Earth.
kymileon (3 года назад)
Awesome! Go Bernie Sanders for President!
John O'Shea (3 года назад)
TIL there are a lot of people younger than I am
Noah Detwiler (3 года назад)
There is already a campaign to get money out of politics http://www.wolf-pac.com/
bloodandwinearered (3 года назад)
So much younger and so much more hair.  Lots has changed EXCEPT FOR THE MESSAGE.  Bernie Sanders is to a politician, what Francis is to a Pope.  He is the future.
pioneercolonel (3 года назад)
I think there was a time when Bernie stopped aging.
JMan (3 года назад)
I was 6 when he said that, and back then, it was only hundreds of thousands given to campaigns.  Now its tens of millions.  It's gotten 100x worse!
justgivemethetruth (3 года назад)
Bernie is so awesome, and he is honest and sincere ... unlike Obama, he has a track record of integrity and honesty ... not to mention consistency!
Mike Nguyen (3 года назад)
Sanders is now leading Clinton in New Hampshire according to the latest poll. http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/12/politics/poll-bernie-sanders-hilary-clinton-new-hampshire/index.html
Rotten 5 (3 года назад)
Old school ting!
Anon Amously (3 года назад)
nobody will ever tame that hair. nobody!
Mads Max (3 года назад)
Bernie is doing what no politician has ever done.  Tell the truth.
AkJonny1965 (3 года назад)
He was correct then, and it's only gotten worse since. Sanders is the only intelligent choice to turn this country back over to We the People.
Sam Brown (3 года назад)
I was an egg cell and a sperm when Bernie said this!
Alexcalibur42 (3 года назад)
It's eerie when you look back in time and see someone describing the issues of then, and seeing how it's either stayed the same way or gotten worse. Go Bernie!
Décio Arruda (3 года назад)
This guy has been right before I was even fucking born. What took America so long to listen to him?
Décio Arruda (3 года назад)
+Edward Ashton You know what, I actually agree with you. This generation does have it better, Vox, NYT, etc... are very good at what they do. However, people don't really tune in to them as much as they do to celebrity news which is a big waist of time. I'm a music producer, or trying to be one and when I see that musicians are made famous by whom they had sex with last rather than their latest single, that bothers me a lot because it's unfair to all decent people who happen to be musicians I think. But the number of youth not interested in politics is definitely worrying, I'm surely informing my friends, but still I'm only one man...
Edward Ashton (3 года назад)
+Décio Arruda Well look, I would say two things: first of all regardless of why you're into politics, it's good that you are, and I hope you'll encourage your friends to be engaged as well; secondly, the "shit media" is definitely shitty, and it's definitely what comes on the TV at a very loud volume, but in this age there are so many excellent places to get news—it's just a question of filtering out what's real news from the stuff that is essentially conspiracy theories and whole-cloth fabrications, which have become all to easy to spread via social media. Still, there are sites like Vox and Slate and so on, and I take home delivery of the _New York Times_ (plus online, of course), because I'm a newspaper journalist and really love having a real newspaper on my front stoop every morning. Anyway, I'm not sure that I accept your premise that there's a bipartisan opinion regarding what should be done—if anything—about the media. But if you can substantiate that, I'd love to see it. Part of the problem here in the US is that the older generations have been conditioned to consume garbage television news for such a long time, so that will just take time to reverse.
Décio Arruda (3 года назад)
+Edward Ashton Thank you, but sadly the reason why I'm invested in politics, is because I was born in a country in which political scandals and news take precedence over the latest celebrity couple and such... And I took the time to formulate my ideals and such, my family's all super conservative, I'm not because I bothered to take time out of my hands to think about it, other people from all ages need to also. But when this shit media in this country keeps putting Trump on and not even talking about his policies and bad stuff but rather his latest celebrity insult... Something has to be done to the media, and I think that's a bipartisan opinion
Edward Ashton (3 года назад)
+Décio Arruda May I just say, I'm very glad to see someone as young as yourself taking an interest in politics—and getting interested in politicians like Sen. Sanders to boot. It's very encouraging. We're going to need you and your generation, so don't let people get apathetic and drag their knuckles on the ground; take your friends out to the polling booths!
Paul Dirac (3 года назад)
+Décio Arruda Most reasonable, thoughtful candidate for President in the last 70 years.
Mo Alshebani (3 года назад)
Dear the next US President Don't leave us to die at the a captivity in Saudi Arabia, if they suspended my program, search for me & my family I will give you whatever you want for our rescue There will be a conspiracy's because the terrorist the Saudi royal family has been already committed a terrorist act in my family + the criminal Barack Obama & his evil wife have been commit a crimes in me & my family so both of them have huge interest morthen ever to lock us, at the a captivity in Saudi Arabia, so they can kill our cases against them + they can easily steal all my money at this so corrupt country The reason for Barack Obama conspiracy From the beginning of his presidency he now very well through the devil that I don't want his black daughter and they will never remain with me when, I will reach America so decide to ignore the American great promise for me & work to lock me with his black daughters in Saudi Arabia Note, under torture at 2010 six months devil torture sessions (which the Americans called Benghazi attack), he said to me some time you will remain in Saudi Arabia if my daughter will not become your favorite Recently the a conspiracy has become worse, it come to me attention that it's still up & running by his evil wife the criminal Michelle Obama The Criminal Michelle Obama is convincing some elderly evil women from the United States to lock me with the terrorist's elderly women in Saudi Arabia  or at least she wants to lock me with her prostitution company where she plan before to have a baby from me then murder me by using her partner kin from Raytheon. Note she want before to inherit all my wealth My work plan against their a conspiracy I will continue my program until I will reach the next US President & I will refuse even with this poverty to go to the Criminal Michelle Obama prostitution company + I will demand from now to meet the most beautiful girls who I love & already elect before for marriage Note I get tortured by devils day and night to change my elections, 2010 torture sessions & its corruption is happening once again, I wish there is no devil on me or at least the terrorists & the white House will be outside this horrible & inhumane communication (Save me before I will get crushed by their witchcraft & change my elections)
Gary Weaver (3 года назад)
The disgrace and scandal is over 100-years old
Chris (3 года назад)
Bernie and Elizabeth warren are the only people i know of who aren't bought out and who i can trust to stay uncorrupt when they get into office. Bernie has been fighting for the regular folks all his career, im sure some people have tried to throw money in his face on many occasions but from what we know about him today hes managed to stay uncurrupt. Hes the only person i could possibly vote for now. Hilary is just a bought out fem-bot once she gets into office her liberal mode will be switched off and shell be signing off to proceed with the keystone pipeline along with many other things shes promising not to do  right now in her campaign.
Omair Sheikh (2 года назад)
+Chris Ibe Yeah I just read your comment. If she's VP, then HC attracts progressives while still insulting Bernie, and more importantly shuts Warren down and prevents her from running next term
Chris (2 года назад)
this was mid last year i wrote this, and yea warren.......we lost her. I dont know what exactly she expects to accomplish in a corporate cabinet if she gets VP. Shes just selling out.
Omair Sheikh (2 года назад)
Warren has let us down by not endorsing Bernie early in the campaign. Now it looks like she'll back corporate lapdog HC.
whyamimrpink78 (3 года назад)
If the federal government didn't have power then it can't be bought, it is that simple folks.  The founding fathers wanted limited federal government and state rights for a reason.
aj76257 (3 года назад)
Now this man is ahead in the New Hampshire polls! Maybe this country will make the right choice after all.
Dan Harris (3 года назад)
Bernie has been fighting the good fight for a long time. Most if it ignored, made fun of, and labelled extreme. Your not fighting by yourself anymore Bernie my man. There are more of us everyday.....
workwillfreeyou (3 года назад)
The political process in the U.S.A.. You buy seats or shares in the Congress proportional to the capital you spend. Then with the shares that you have bought you right laws that make you wealthy. As much of this capital is global this system is accurately described as Global Fascist Republic.
John Galt (3 года назад)
Bernie has not spoken about the ISIS Crisis. Rape of women, Slavery of minorities, beheadings.  If he remains silent on this issue HE IS NOT MY MAN, he is complicit in violation of human rights.
ApplesPapples (3 года назад)
+John Galt http://feelthebern.org/
John O'Shea (3 года назад)
+John Galt He's spoken about how he would deal with ISIS. Rape of women is a horrible thing, but is it a common political topic? I haven't really heard about "Slavery of minorities" or beheadings. Besides ISIS, what other presidential candidates have addressed the other two topics?
BernieSandersenEspañol (3 года назад)
+John Galt lol In what world do Libertarians care about human rights? Socialists and liberals created the concept of human rights.
Bob Jobs (3 года назад)
+Evelyn Black tell me your poilcey
Murphy's Law (3 года назад)
you will remain deaf and not listen to the words he says anyway
jjpmgd (3 года назад)
Until Chill (3 года назад)
I had an opportunity to shake this mans hand and tell him thank you when he came to Houston, Tx. I won't forget that moment, and also haven't washed that hand yet. Jk, but happy I was able to see him speak, I along with FIVE THOUSAND other people! #BernieSanders2016   !!!
RJ Button (3 года назад)
Lucky. I couldn't go to the rally because of prior commitments.
Siberius Wolf (3 года назад)
The biggest issue in politics, Join Wolf Pac Bernie!
soccerguy325 (3 года назад)
And then Citizens United happened....fuck.
Snowdog547 (3 года назад)
Wow, I was about 1 year old when this was recorded, and he's still consistent with what he says here.
The Man (3 года назад)
those who pay their employees and those who dont. and dont tell me walmart is providing a great service. noone was going shirtless before they showed up and noones going shirtless after they leave. they took bankrupted main street mom and pop, sent them to work at walmart making minimum wage then blamed the govt for making everyone poor
+Darien Norman just* the old rich and powerful .
I was about to turn 4 during this . Young people stand up and unite . This is our country . Not the old rich and powerful !
The Man (3 года назад)
the polarization is showing how scummy these scumbags are. citizens united could have easily been overturned but every republican voted against overturning it. its good to know exactly where they stand and its funny in a sick way to see exactly how far they will go. and then you always have a nutcase democrat who will try to tax rain. haha. bernie sanders is obviously the best candidate. i mean how is trying to turn the system back to what it was when it worked, communism? but thats what republicans will say and i think its funny watching them sell their souls
Snowdog547 (3 года назад)
+The Man It shouldn't be a big deal, but that's just how things have become sadly.
TheIdealGasLaw (3 года назад)
This is how you know to vote for Bernie Sanders. He has been consistent and out spoken in his views for decades. Hillary Clinton on the other hand wont even tell us what things she is for and against.
Paul Burns (3 года назад)
+TheIdealGasLaw She's for whatever they pay her to be for. We've got to get Bernie in the White House.
Kitten Moon (3 года назад)
Agreed old Bernie sanders<3 send love to me when I'm born!
Kitten Moon (3 года назад)
Oh no! Wait I'm a month old at this point lol
Cannibal_Soup (3 года назад)
You can go back 20 years, and Bernie is the same stand-up guy. He's an American Hero! FEEL THE BERN!!!
Frank M (3 года назад)
+Cannibal_Soup 50 years.
sorstudios (3 года назад)
it's like watching one of those fortune tellers, but no one was listening
ƒine-ƒeather'd ƒiend (3 года назад)
+sorstudios apropos: Cassandra
RJ Button (3 года назад)
That is called Cassandra Truth. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CassandraTruth
sorstudios (3 года назад)
+MenwithHill hahah
MenwithHill (3 года назад)
+sorstudios They were put off by the hair.
Christian Ehrhardt (3 года назад)
I just love this guy...
Matt Arnold (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders, fighting for the people since most of us were even born.

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