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Sanders Proposes Bill to Reduce Wealth Inequality

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NELLAFEHT (5 месяцев назад)
He has just described the American congress members and he is one of them and he sold out his followers for his own gain (Term Limits ) on these con gress members
Ben Chesterman (1 год назад)
wages shrunk 1970 idiot , when democarts grew Government
Bob Phin (2 года назад)
Look at the shit eating grin of the bitch who wants to steal other people's money.
Norman Islas (2 года назад)
An INPLIX is a place where you can learn how to make it yourself much cheaper.
Ben Chesterman (2 года назад)
Only thing Bernie will create is more unemployed and poor
Chad Ault (2 года назад)
We have a government that has been bought and paid for, where no one, who is even found guilty, like any of the assholes from Wall Street, go to jail. Where treasonous politicians who commit crimes against humanity and war profiteering, like dick Chaney and many others go to jail. We have corporations now who count as a living breathing human beings, because of citizens United. We live in the richest country in the history of the world where the VAST, VAST majority of us can go bankrupt overbite due to healthcare costs! The third establishment, the press, who used to be there to keep not only the citizens informed from a non partisan viewpoint is now also bought and controlled by major corporations and is partially set up as entertainment. People are being put to sleep. This is a country for and by the people. WAKE UP! it's not for the few!!!! Get involved. Find out the facts. Change our political system. Most democrats are no better than rebulicans. We need change all ri
Chad Ault (2 года назад)
Cole G.... That is the problem. People who do make 150K-300k are not RICH! They think they are. And I can tell you from my work as a recruiter, I deal with salaries all over this country. I have literally and personally spoken to well over 100k people. Most people do not fall in that category. There are many people who own small businesses that make GROSS money in that amount or more. Of that is not net. Why anyone who is a woman, who is older, who is of color, who cares about the environment, their civil liberties, their children would ever vote for the Republican Party is beyond me. Don't make the mistake that you are "Rich," because you make a combined income of $300k. Because you are not. The Walton's are rich, the Koch brothers are rich. And to ensure they stay that way they buy politicians, they buy policies, they use propaganda, they polite the environment, they create low paying jobs in countries where there are no laws for labor conditions, they exploit poor
Larry Blong (2 года назад)
Bernie will improve our lives, Hillary will only maintain the status quo. Go Sanders!
fatlip mcgee (2 года назад)
Preach on brother Bernie......
Virgle Voils (2 года назад)
What I do not understand is that this man, and others like him, is that he talks about the billionaires, and millionaires as if it's a bad thing that they found a way to be successful. What he doesn't understand is that just because one doesn't make a billion dollars per year, doesn't mean that they aren't well off. Consider this: if a man and his wife make $200,000 per year, collectively, then they are not hurting; they are deemed to be pretty successful. Bernie Sanders himself makes $300,000 per year. He's a successful person, in terms of money. Why does everyone focus on the millionaires and billionaires? Is it because he didn't figure out a way to become a millionaire, or a billionaire? If you want to be financially successful, then do what those "greedy fat cats" did and figure out how to do so.
Greg Carlson (3 года назад)
This just in, a socialist wants to give you free stuff in order to get your vote. This has never happened before! /s
Circus maximus (3 года назад)
Oy vey. He is a BOG commie
Savannah Smith (3 года назад)
David LK (3 года назад)
datA (3 года назад)
If socialism takes over women will have more free time on there hands to act like trouble making whores.
William Plaud (3 года назад)
Laughing PumpkinKing (3 года назад)
It's absolutely amazing how low his video's dislikes always are. This guy is our Revolutionary leader. And he wants us to be a Golden Country again. One that was sought after for it's FREEDOM and EQUALITY. So glad this is happening in my life time.
Joshua (3 года назад)
So lets give all the money to the government so they have all the power... WHAT?! how do people buy this garbage. If the politicians stopped getting bought out and they made a flat tax this wouldn't be a problem. Don't buy into this communist garbage.
Matthew H (3 года назад)
+Joshua Salvo And what should that flat tax rate be?
Crypto Gains (3 года назад)
Crypto Gains (3 года назад)
I hope this generation wakes up and fights back for their futures. .. enough is enough ..
Bread Canful (3 года назад)
Now now, leave the mentally handicapped child alone.
Matthew H (3 года назад)
+I was brought here by CNN International You'd probably feel better about yourself if you didn't purposefully try to act like a little kid
Matthew H (3 года назад)
+I was brought here by CNN International I have no need to look at his videos to get to your point. I went to his voting record, his introduced and sponsored legislation, and his accomplishments as mayor and senator. Anyway, how will a tax on a billionaire affect your life in a bad way? Infinity? What does that mean? Clearly you dont have the first clue what his tax proposals are. You come across as a bratty child, whining and complaining about things you dont understand. Grow up dude. Educate yourself. The caps lock button is not a sign that you know what youre talking about. It takes a bit more than that, and a bunch of curing and asserting things
Ray Quintana (3 года назад)
Take from the rich to give to the poor. Sounds good. But consider that the rich can and will move their wealth from any tax legislation that threatens their wealth. Then it will fall to the middle class, as it has in the past, to help the poor. And the middle class will follow the poor. If we believe in what Mr. Sanders says to be the only way to raise people up economically then we must believe that the poor are victims. That the majority of the poor thru no fault of their own (life choices, pursuit of education, employment decisions,etc) has robbed them of gainful income. A strong economy is what is needed. Who is it that invests in new business and manufacturing? Could it be that businesses have moved overseas because the U.S. has the highest corporate tax in the world? Where in the history of humans has a socialist or communist government elavated the poor? What is the cause of such disparity? Why is it that the majority of poor come from single family homes? What is the solution? Why is it that our government has been fighting poverty for 60 years with billions of dollars and poverty is worse then ever? Give a man a loaf of bread and you feed him for a day. Teach him to grow his food and you feed him for life. Just food for thought!
Bread Canful (3 года назад)
Typical slippery slope fear mongering.
Harp Off (3 года назад)
It amazes me that someone can still get so much public support in this day and age by singling one group of people and blaming society's problems on them, aka by creating a scapegoat. This kind of rhetoric leaves people with the impression that if we were to haul off the wealth from the richest Americans and give it to the rest of the country all of a sudden our economic woes would disappear. If we were to assume ZERO negative repercussions and take 100% of the money from the 400 wealthiest people in the U.S for redistribution the rest of us would be only marginally better off for what, a week? A month? Then what would we do? But then someone might raise the case that the real issue is that big business has the tendency to corrupt government. It's so very common for big corporations to lobby Washington and get subsides, beneficial regulations, tax loopholes, ect... Surely this isn't Capitalism, right? It may be to your great surprise that the answer is that person is absolutely 100% right! But there is a great deal of confusion surrounding this one very issue regarding the source of this corruption. People have a tendency to make the logical but incorrect conclusion that business is the primary source of this problem and the most effective way of dealing with it would be to strengthen the size and scope of government to deal with this problem. Not surprisingly, people made similar conclusions in dealing with general problems regarding the economy, always advocating that a more powerful government was necessary to watch and regulate it. What this has in reality created a circular effect of more corruption, wealth inequality and finally public demand for government to fix these problems. The first example would be during the Great Depression people said it's now time for the government to assume a greater role in the economy. The government said okay, lets help out the American Farmer. These policies have evolved and strengthened and now Agribusiness works with Washington to get billions of dollars per year in subsidies (while also being used as talking point for those arguing against capitalism). Other examples would be the creation of the ICC to protect trucking companies, tariffs on steel, the bailing out of GM, huge subsidies to Boeing and the list goes on and on. The real problem is that once bureaucrats get the power to interfere in the economy, they use that power for their own personal gain. If we were to take away the governments ability to pick winners and losers we would be much closer to the world that Bernie Sanders envisions.
Faye Smith (3 года назад)
i really hope americans can see how good this guy is for them!    this is the way he puts his $ where his mouth is!
Persimmon (3 года назад)
Anyone notice that Bernie was saying, "the top 1/10th of 1%," but his chart actually said "0.01%" - i.e. the top 1/100th of 1%.  I wonder which stat was the correct one.
Matthew H (3 года назад)
Why do offensive people get defensive so easily?
. (3 года назад)
+Michael P So everyone who comments on YouTube isn't very smart? Lice logic jackass
Matthew H (3 года назад)
+Barack Hussein Osama Says the youtube commenter
. (3 года назад)
+Syntax Axe He isn't a very bright guy.
Ed Stengel (3 года назад)
Fundamentally, what is behind this idea is that the Government deserves your money and your does not.  Think about that.  If you really believe that the Government deserves to take every single dime a man has earned his entire life, then you must also believe that the Government has the right to take every single thing from you while you are alive.  Wake up people!  Haven't you all witnessed government take over  of our freedoms?  Government ineptitude in spending our tax dollars?   Why is it we never have a conversation about reducing spending, but only about raising taxes, but only raising taxes on a small minority of people, that way all the people who aren't getting taxed will vote for it.  It is absolutely true that before the government can give you anything, they first, by force, must take it from someone else. If your argument for this tax is that it will only apply to a few people, and only the super rich, you are a fool.  Over time the tax will apply to more and more people until it applies to everyone.  Well, I am not a fool and I will oppose every socialist candidate till the day I die.  It is capitalism that made this country great and a market economy has been adopted by every failed socialist state since 1900.  China, Russia, all of Latin America, every single time socialism has been tried it has been overthrown by a market economy, often under threat of imprisonment or worse by those brutal socialist states.  Socialism, by it's nature concentrates power in the elite of society. Once that power over the entire economy is centralized, the only way to change the government is by revolution, not elections. Our county was formed on the opposite principal, that the people have the power to form our Government and to change it as we see fit. Don't be fooled by a socialist who wants to give your freedom and all you will ever earn to the Government.
juscurious (3 года назад)
One of the biggest reasons that we have seen such a higher distribution of wealth at the top end is that for the last 40 years the United States has been flooded with tens of millions of very poor third world immigrants. Does Sanders believe that poor illiterate people who cross the border will instantly become part of the American Middle Class? He can't be that stupid, or can he. Sanders has been out there pushing for a $15/hr minimum wage. But if $15/hr is so great, then why not $50/hr minimum wage. The truth is that the massive importation of very low educated and low skilled immigrants (millions of them) have had the effect of pulling down wages. Sanders party has encouraged this, and yet he's pushing for a minimum wage of $15.  Stupidity at a level so great that it's surreal.
Bread Canful (3 года назад)
Obvious Trump supporter is obvious.
juscurious (3 года назад)
The tyrannical aristocracy is the Federal Government and those Bureaucrats within it. That's the group that has its foot on the throats of the American People. The IRS has the power to destroy your life. I don't think Bill Gates or Larry Ellison has that type of power. If you take this crackpot seriously, then you have very serious problems yourself. The guy is a certified crackpot. Shame on the voters of Vermont for electing this jackass.
Fiore Tutta (3 года назад)
Fiore Tutta (3 года назад)
+Fiore Tutta  so yeah it doesn't work in Scandinavia either
Russell Doyle (3 года назад)
inequality threshold should be managed using the progressive tax and a removal/adjustment of corporate loopholes like gains in the global market stashing money off shore, modify the deductibles allowed and putting them in jail.  I would also like to suggest that when soldiers go to war that our corporations also have to cancel there profits then they might not lobby so hard to kill the planet.
TurdFurgeson571 (3 года назад)
I find it very interesting that only about 1% dislike the Bernie Sanders videos.
Matthew H (3 года назад)
+TurdFurgeson571 Good comment. And awesome screen name!
John Doe (3 года назад)
Well, my left ear enjoyed that in any case.
David Stanley (3 года назад)
I look south from Canada  and am appalled at how backward America is on social programs and labor laws.
stephen buckland (3 года назад)
this needs to happen ,go bernie
themax37 (3 года назад)
I'd vote for Bernie if I was American.
Sea Pod (3 года назад)
This guy's message seems to be spot on!!
cinnireseisri (3 года назад)
It's about time that the Washington insiders feel the Bern. https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/search_simple
kharnak crux (3 года назад)
Seattle Washington is experiencing an economic Renaissance because of their minimum wage boost.   proof that it will not collapse an economy.   Can you imagine... if people can finally afford the very stuff they help sell and make?
Pat Brennan (3 года назад)
you can't defeat the wealthy because the rest is uneducated and vote for whomever the media tells them to vote for. 'and the rich controls the media' .
Steve Veramontes (3 года назад)
tallthinkev (3 года назад)
The talk about Teddy Roosevelt interesting, a good republican? Not today. He wouldn't even think about joining that party today. Hell I doubt even Nixon would join the Republican Party!
Elna Copper (3 года назад)
Bernie~ they already control USA & feed our minds via cable news 24 hr. aday*¸•Bernie is the only Leader who  will tell it like it is •˚because it is dangerous to tell the real truth
Elna Copper (3 года назад)
🌸if U need to know the truth about the state of earth🌸listen to what Bernie is saying🌸i worry for his safety everyday🌸the Oil rich is the new Mafia of the world🌸now look at the News about IRAN🌸They ( the News) More OIL from Iran~Government &News work 2gether for control of U
Unbeginner (3 года назад)
Is reducing wealth inequality going to increase average wealth?
Bread Canful (3 года назад)
KomodoDojo (3 года назад)
"Im Bernie Sanders and I hate capitalism." The sole reason the US runs global industry and can save the world.
KomodoDojo (3 года назад)
lol how you infer that?
Bread Canful (3 года назад)
I'm Komodo and I support corruption and plutocracy, because I'm a fucking idiot!
David Billinghurst (3 года назад)
Spread the word and help support Bernie. #feelthebern
Carl Spackler (3 года назад)
Bernie and the Democratic party created this wealth class by regulating away the competition the fat cats have to face.  The mess he is talking about was created by him and the Democrats.  If you really want to fix the problem, stop regulating the competition and deregulate and the fat cats won't be fat cats much longer.
Diana Forsea (3 года назад)
Thanks for the truth Bernie. In today's world, that is very rare. #VoteBernie
Dan Underwood (3 года назад)
Bernie telling it like it is! Go Bernie 2016! Get out and spread the word
Eudaemon Atarax (3 года назад)
But isn't wealth not money but products and services? I know money is important but it's important because you can buy products and services using it. So isn't the solution to wealth inequality more on making more stuff than taking money from the super rich? =)
Sean Armstrong (3 года назад)
+Dirigo Iryol Liberos not really. You can't always be creative if the corporate has already patent everything and will even squash you out of business through early pressure. For example - you should look up how Bill Gates got rich. You think he got it by being all honest and honorable? How many small business do you think he destroyed (unethically, even) to get to where he is? Here's the bottomline: economy is like a piece of pie. There is only so much to go around at a given time period. If 99% of this pie is already owned by the top 1% elites, then this means the rest of us have to fight over the 1% piece.
Eudaemon Atarax (3 года назад)
+Sean Armstrong Everyone can create valuable things/wealth. I CANT see how monopolies can prevent you from being creative and productive. Stop thinking about money. Think about how you can make value then the money follows.
Sean Armstrong (3 года назад)
+Dirigo Iryol Liberos not if the big corporate monopolize everything and charge whatever they want.
AppleCoreCafe (3 года назад)
Can someone who tells the truth really get elected in this bank owned circus of a world?
The Acorn (3 года назад)
Tell em like it is Bern #berniesanders2016
ImpassableGuardJJ (3 года назад)
Share, Share, Share the video.
JD Kickdrum (3 года назад)
This man is amazing!
johnbidochka (3 года назад)
No doubt the American people are pissed... But they do not always know why... listen to Mr. Sanders if you wish to see positive change for ALL people, not just making life good for those who already have it good.
phnexOice (3 года назад)
0:45 i feel like hes talking about the USSR here
Dontokoi (3 года назад)
I want to believe that people will go out and vote for real change......but "Hillary defeats Jeb" is basically a foregone conclusion at this point.
sunrisewizard (3 года назад)
Wages have been going down for a while thanks to a massive influx of cheap foreign labor and HB-1 VISAs, its hard to go bankrupt when big government keeps bailing you out.
TO.C MUSIC (3 года назад)
Remember to like, favourite, and subscribe, doing so will give Bernie Sanders publicity and he needs a ton of it!
Michael Keogh (3 года назад)
I love this guy. Let's go Sanders.
wayne johnson (3 года назад)
here is another good politican along with mark greyson too
justgivemethetruth (3 года назад)
Bernie again nailed it ... WE HAVE GOT TO GET HIM ELECTED !
MusicCollaborator (3 года назад)
Please support Bernie now, if you don't have the money please join his campaign. I did that last week for the first time in my life. https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/lets-go-bernie?refcode=homepage_main_nav
MusicCollaborator (3 года назад)
I have not seen a man that I feel represents the people's interests in my lifetime. This man does. His record and passion show this to be true. He isn't a fraud like all the other corporate whores. Let's not forget Hilary was against legalizing marijuana and she was against gay marriage. She voted for the Iraq war, her biggest donors are from BIG CORPORATE banks.She was mum on the trade deal, there is a reason for that. NO MORE Bush/Clinton running our Country. We need a man of the people and Bernie is it. He's the real deal.
johnwvail (3 года назад)
I know you're a social democrat, but hearing the speech mostly coming from the left audio channel is a bit on the nose.
Darin Lawson Hosking (3 года назад)
I expect all people in my government to be held accountable to me and worthy of my trust. If I do not trust them I will place someone I do trust in their stead with my vote. Bernie believes in seeding capital at the lowest levels, expanding the middle and stopping the hoarding at the highest and has done so for the last 30+ years.  This is why #ITrustBernie  he has my vote
whyamimrpink78 (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders and people who support him need to really learn what wealth really is.  There will always be wealth inequality, it is actually good for society.  Not everyone desires to own a business.  Look at the wealth of a home owner compared to a renter. Beyond owning a home the average person simply does not have much wealth.    In income inequality we have it because we have people who simply refuse to work at the best of their ability.  People who speak of wealth inequality and compare it to income inequality simply don't know what they are talking about. In all Bernie is once again showing he has no clue what he is talking about.
whyamimrpink78 (3 года назад)
+Bread Canful So your book is gospel by my source is not? I knew this will happen. This is why I refrain from putting up sources because it leads to one person calling my source flaw and their source the know all. I have a great reason to say it is bias simply from the source. This tells me everything I need to know about you. You pick sources you like and when someone comes, in detail with a counter argument you go "la la la" while plugging your ears. I am still waiting for an answer on my question as well.
Bread Canful (3 года назад)
+whyamimrpink78 Lawl, you didn't even link an article. Haha. My "book" is basically just a compilation of studies. You also have no reason to say that it's biased other than you don't like the title, which tells me everything I need to know about how you think. I've already figured you out guy, you're an ideologue, nuff said. 
whyamimrpink78 (3 года назад)
+Bread Canful Ok, read the Washington Post article "How income inequality benefits everybody" Start with that. It shows that one can easily find a counter point to what you are presenting. I do research and reasoning. You trust a book written by a bias source. No different then when someone had me read Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein and by page 17 I could have written a 5 page report showing how ignorant that book was. You also have yet to answer my question in why Walmart does not benefit society?
Bread Canful (3 года назад)
+whyamimrpink78 Ah, I see you are simple an ideologue who adheres to dogma instead of research or reasoning. Thank you for filling me in though! That's all I really need to know :)
whyamimrpink78 (3 года назад)
+Bread Canful Oh, I forgot. You will also give "citation" from bias sources claiming them to be legit. A group called "The Equality Trust", right there that is a red flag. Do you really trust that source? If you do then you are more gullible then I thought. We do have an unequal society, we have an unequal tax code where the rich pay the vast majority of the taxes.
Cole G (3 года назад)
I make less than 60K/year, so keep in mind my perspective as you read this comment. What a lot of Americans are missing is that Sanders rarely uses the term "rich", and instead SPECIFICALLY talks about the billionaire class. I know a lot of the poor/middle class have trouble believing this, but the majority of people making 150K-300K a year are 100% honest hard working Americans who represent the last vestiges of what made the US such a great country in the first place. A lot of these people came from the middle class, and sometimes even started with nothing (poor). These people are not the enemy of the poor, they are the TRUE job creators and for the most part they already carry their fair share of the tax burden. Billionaires are not "rich", they are CORRUPT & CRIMINAL (mostly). Please don't make the "rich" your enemy, because they are not your enemy. The enemy of any honest American is the corrupt and the criminal. The Billionaire class is full of these people, and they didn't get into the Billionaire class by paying their taxes. Taxing these people is not so simple, as they have so much power that they can use to change the rules or maintain the status quo at a whim. They have the corrupted the US financial system itself. These people don't just have a lot of money, THEY ARE MONEY.
Ben Chesterman (9 месяцев назад)
small business owner isn't rich or a millionaire fwit , Left lies 50 yrs
John Balnis (3 года назад)
This is actually very well said.
Justaname (3 года назад)
+Martin Screeton 60k is nothing in southern cali.
Patrick Kilduff (3 года назад)
+Michael Sorrentino When you make 10$/hr less for what you were doing 12 years ago...it's kinda hard to 'save and then one day you're rich'...hahaha. Thats rich...
Patrick Kilduff (3 года назад)
+Cole G No one says they're the enemy...it's just less of them can now exist. People making 100k/year are shrinking...the poor are growing and the super wealthy are getting richer by more then ever in HUMAN HISTORY.
Ferrox Glideh (3 года назад)
In the next election, I will vote for Bernie Sanders to become Prime Minister of Canada!  Seriously, as a Canadian, I am covetous of an American politician for the first time in my middle-aged life.  A sensible, non-partisan leader is what this world really needs right now.
JePPeL (3 года назад)
Mmmm, loving the stereo sound.
Robert Faust (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders is the only true hope for the vast majority of the American citizens.
Bob (3 года назад)
We, the supporters of Bernie Sanders, need to ensure the discussion of the 2016 election stays on track with the issues.  The media and the competitions know that the best way to stop Bernies is to push the conversation to the issues they want to run with.  Bernie is the only one speaking for the people, on every issue.
Shawn Moore (3 года назад)
go get'em Bern
ilovetoseetits (3 года назад)
6 people don't like being equaled.
Bread Canful (3 года назад)
Pretty much everyone has to work for their money, except the rich. The more money you have, generally the less work you do.
Jarek Smith (3 года назад)
Bernie's argument is simple, the 1% has a monopoly on our government. We're supposed to break up monopolies.
McHitler (3 года назад)
How will we know if this bill gets passed?
psmitty840 (3 года назад)
For the reasons you covered in this video, I can only provide $35 a month... but I am more than happy to do so. We need Bernie in the White house yesterday! Share this video! 99.7% of people should agree! We have to get as many people on board because he refuses to use superPACs (rightfully). SHARE SHARE SHARE!
Sue Zbell (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders may well need extra protection because his ideas will be very threatening to the conservative GUNS and Bible "leadership".
Sue Zbell (3 года назад)
'No great nation can flourish when so few have so much and so many have so little.' APPLAUSE Bernie Sanders.
Anti Hypocrite (3 года назад)
Go get them Bernie!
neilemac (3 года назад)
Shake 'em awake, Bernie; one at a time. Shake 'em awake with your honesty and conviction to expose the others lies 'over the last thirty years.' Isn't it time for all to 'awaken!'
naddar (3 года назад)
3:13 Talking about stock market recovery. Pff.
stang46l (3 года назад)
I think we just need a asteroid to hit the earth.
ApeRentice500 (3 года назад)
cmon bernie, get your audio right
Ethan Vanderbuilt (3 года назад)
Thank you for standing up for almost everyone.
Does anyone else feel like they're in that Robot Chicken skit where (And I wish I could find it on youtube) the politician is talking, and it would have like the MTV style party screen pop up in the corner with people cheering him on like they do with the sports shows? I feel like that while cheering Bernie on.
Juan Madero (3 года назад)
I'm starting to think Bernie can upset Clinton. She now has McCaskell and O'Malley bashing him. She is getting desperate. We can do this people! Let's redouble our grassroots efforts! #FeeltheBern
Ryan Foster (3 года назад)
He can but he needs our help!
Ellie likeswater (3 года назад)
Check out my Google+ I post actual statistics that back up what Bernie has to say. It's not WE THE PEOPLE anymore, it's WE THE CORPORATIONS.
MadameCasper (3 года назад)
Why are so few super rich people protected so vehemently? I feel like this is a no brainer but that it will have a he'll of a time actually getting anywhere. Shameful. I hope people are sharing as much as possible.
The World Lies (3 года назад)
That's it bomb all the republicans in congress
Dan Sarka (3 года назад)
FINALLY ... a politician I can respect !! Go Bernie !!
Hunter W (3 года назад)
So glad that Americans are waking up more and more everyday, with most being able to see through big-business politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush
MrSlatra (3 года назад)
Senator Sanders has my vote to become President Sanders.  We need more like him in service of the nation.
Dan Harris (3 года назад)
You are the man Bernie. Watch your back.....
fal1026 (3 года назад)
i love bernie but his partner there made me smile with her chosen words & i'll support her too! we need more no nonsense speak plain fucking english & what you truly feel instead of the other morons ruining this country that have spread like mold in an unkempt bathroom.
Lightmane321 (3 года назад)
Keep speaking truth to power Bernie, cause when the Hillary supporters & the Conservatives finally figure out what these bastards have actually done to this country their reign will end & America's future will, once again, be bright.
Justin Greenough (3 года назад)
Just donated 50$ to Bernie!
MadWillyLove (3 года назад)
Whenever I inherit the family farm I'll have to sell it just to pay the taxes. Thanks Washington. You say one thing and another happens.
MadWillyLove (3 года назад)
It can't be done with laws that take their money. They finds ways around it. May I suggest increasing the ability for common people to have a voice and banning access for professional lobbyists?
Samuel Brennan (3 года назад)
I don't see how this guy is boring, he gets me riled up when he speaks, he makes more sense than any of the other candidates and makes great points which every average american can agree with
Jason Fuerstenberg (3 года назад)
Bernie is an amazing speaker and probably the best candidate for president America has seen in a long time. However, I'm confused by this proposal.  If so few have so much wealth, won't you have to wait a long time before one of these rich people passes away before you can reap the first rewards from such an estate inheritance tax?  Can someone tell me if I'm missing something here?
shaaronie (3 года назад)
Glad it helped Jason. It's funny, but I learned that during the Paris Hilton craze. She received 25 million when she turned 18 and someone called her poor! 
Jason Fuerstenberg (3 года назад)
+shaaronie Thanks for filling me in.  It makes more sense to me now.
shaaronie (3 года назад)
+Jason Fuerstenberg This is just one of many measures and you're assuming that to get an inheritance the giver must be dead. Many of the rich set up trust funds for their heirs while they're still alive usually upon the age of 18. Another way he plans to get revenue from the rich is taxing wall street trades. He says this will generate billions each year and use it to fund free public college educations for all Americans.

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