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Dalai Lama: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Tibetan Buddhists have suffered deep persecution by the Chinese government. John Oliver sits down with the Dalai Lama to discuss China, the conditions in Tibet, and horse milk. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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B Aravindram (2 часа назад)
Man, he is cool
SY QQX (2 часа назад)
I hope native Americans still have a leader so that they can call for help. Sadly most of they are massacred already.
Hill King (3 часа назад)
chenkinge (4 часа назад)
D.L only smile outside Tibet. He never smiled when he ruled Tibet becos he is the No.1 lord there.
BadRed Finn (4 часа назад)
"The Dalai Lama is neither the spiritual leader of Tibet nor does he represent the region. He is the leader of just the Yellow Hat (Gelug) sect of Tibetan Buddhism, which is dominant in Lhasa. Tibet has been an autonomous region ruled by local kings serving Chinese emperors since the 8th century. The duties of the Dalai Lama, as well as the Panchen Lama, were prescribed relatively late by the Chinese rulers for helping them with the administration of the remote region. Prior to 1950s, Tibet had a slavery system. Only about 5 percent of the Tibetans were monks or nuns belonging to the small noble class. The rest were slaves who had to toil to feed the non-productive elite of the population. In 1957, the Chinese leaders decided to end slavery in Tibet. The monasteries, the house of the elites, saw the abolition of slavery as a catastrophe. Since he wanted slavery to continue to maintain his status as a god, the Dalai Lama began spreading rumors that he could be jailed and even executed, which led to an uprising in 1959. Security forces soon brought it under control. It was then that the Dalai Lama fled the country and was “installed” by the British and Americans, who used him as a weapon against Mao. The CIA created the myth of the “father of the nation” fighting for the “freedom” of Tibet Tibet is China’s autonomous region like the Aland Islands are Finland’s (or Scotland is to the United Kingdom). The region has an autonomous government, local laws and regulations, and a governor that is necessarily an ethnic Tibetan. More Facts: Up to 1959, Tibet could be reached only through some horse-trails. The local economy was in tatters and education was the privilege of the elite.Normal schools were forbidden. Only schools in monasteries that taught religious scriptures were allowed. Worse, the slaves were called “talking cattle” and treated no better than cattle. Today Tibet has a modern railway and airports. There are schools and colleges for everybody in Tibet, and Lhasa even has a modern university. Schools are free for ethnic Tibetans, who comprise 90.48 percent of Tibet’s 3 million population, whereas Han Chinese have to pay for education. The truth is, Dalai Lama is simply a puppet used by the American/British government for ideological reasons. His resistence to the PRC is more out of resentment due to losing his slaves and God status than "freedom" of Tibet. In fact, it was the 95% Tibetans who received freedom from him, and Tibet hasn't been "free" from China since 8th century, just like Scotland for the UK." h/t boticelli at http://www.city-data.com/forum/asia/1974326-do-you-know-real-truth-about.html
hajiflo1 (4 часа назад)
"Not using the human brain properly". Checked that into my vocab bank.
Graham Cowley (4 часа назад)
Pure Bat Shit craziness
M to the B (6 часов назад)
Paint him green and give him some big ears and he is basically Yoda.
M to the B (6 часов назад)
Damn the Dalai Lama is a chilled af dude, I'd love to hit a blunt with him!
Jeff Maylor (6 часов назад)
Dalai Lama is basically born a dictator. Not sure why he's worshipped.
Rigoberto De La Portilla (6 часов назад)
the Dalai lama will end up on our soil for his next step into his enlightenment process
Sam B (9 часов назад)
China, if your intent is to forcefully control the world you'll end up looking like a right tit, many have tried and history regards them as idiots. peace be with you Dalai Lama.
Diego Herrera (13 часов назад)
You cant NOT love him
Elisabeth Sun (20 часов назад)
John Oliver, when you lie, you are done. you and your team is spreading lies. get your history correct. dont know what kind people are behind you but you aren't in the right side. done with watching your stuff.
尾生子煦 (22 часа назад)
Oh shit dalai lama even claimed my birth place part of his territory. Just ridiculous
kevin kang (1 день назад)
Siddharth Kumar (1 день назад)
India... Accepting refugees from the last thousand years.
Kellie Thornton (1 день назад)
Oh man, the Dalai Llama is adorable
Pedro Martins Gomes (1 день назад)
why always that need to simplify complex geopolitical issues into good x evil stories? Its not like China are all cuddly pandas with good intentions, but the average Tibetan citizen was living as serfs in a theocracy...
陈昕 (2 дня назад)
These are not true. Have you ever been to Tibet or China before? You should come & see Tibet by yourself.
shreya jaiswal (2 дня назад)
Can just anyone go and meet him? Is his holiness, Dalai Lama that approachable?
kenneth chen (2 дня назад)
The title "Dalai Lama" was first bestowed by the Mongolian ruler Altan Khan upon Sonam Gyatsho in 1578. In essence, that's an alliance btw Mongol and Tibetan and with the Mongol's help, the Gelug sect was able to cement and consolidate her power in the Tibetan plateau. Sometime I feel that the West is too engulfed in spiritual beliefs since for most of the past 2000 years, Western politic evolved mainly around the Church. While on the East, politic evolved around a bureaucratic secular power. To the rulers or maybe even the general public in China, this is a practical border issue and I doubt they see any spirituality in it. As a side note, the rulers of the Qing dynasty actually imposed on the Dalai Lama to not "reincarnate" outside of Tibet. And later the Qing introduced Golden Urn system to select lamas. This is prob not as spiritual as some western observers would think.
Patti Zayas (2 дня назад)
I love john.....the Dali is so true.......he has many issues/teachings  that need to be widespread
Yilei Zhang (2 дня назад)
Also, being a religious leader and ignoring it when his admirers burnt themselves to death couldn’t be justified by the “concern for their family to feel guilt”. Ignoring means allowing. He wants the Chinese government to look bad and he succeeded at the cost of human lives. (I’m not saying the Chinese government did nothing wrong at all.)
X H (2 дня назад)
Stupid program and ignorant audiences. Please do more research about the history of Tibet when you try to discuss about it. Dalai Lama is not a docile yeanling as you expected. He was the biggest slaveholder rules Tibet CRUELLY before he left. Peace sometimes can be used as a camouflage and don't be too naive about this world.
Xiao Pengfei (2 дня назад)
he is a cult and spirit leader and controller
Xiao Pengfei (2 дня назад)
like other religious extreamsm group leader with political objectives.
Yilei Zhang (2 дня назад)
I like this show a lot and I really never cared to get involved in debating if Tibet should be an independent state. But when you said “China invaded Tibet”, it was just too jarring. Did the English invade North America and took the land from the indigenous ppl and make it their own? China, is such a vaguely defined word when you say it in historical context. The Communist Party ruled state? The Qing Dynasty? Or any other dynasties that came and left beforehand? Qing Dynasty maintained rule in Tibet for hundred of years. The communist party also signed agreement with their leaders granting the region autonomy. If anything, the so called “Tibetan government” in the early 20th century had to sign an agreement with the British, ceding its south region to the British India. So, who’s invading? I don’t really care to comment on Dalai. And I have long revered the professional journalistic institutions in the States. So, please stop being irresponsible and unprofessional by saying “CHINA INVADED TIBET”. Cheers.
Abdirhmn Salad (2 дня назад)
This one was funny .. and I'm in somalia enjoying the beach view
zhongcheng mei (3 дня назад)
bull shit. you know that Dalai Lama has killed many people in tibet????
Urgml Sergeleng (3 дня назад)
Our Mongolian drink Aireg (he named as horse milk) since more than 800years ago !
liesel16 (3 дня назад)
So is he the faith leader of all Buddhist? If he is then, he need to tell Buddhists in Myanmar to stop hurting the Muslim people there!
VealCalf (3 дня назад)
Funny how the Dalai Lama ended this interview, and just this week Chinese censors erased John Oliver from existence in china...
Sugoi Ryan (3 дня назад)
His "Yes." is like the funniest "Yes." ever
Derek Ke (3 дня назад)
I dun understand why some people like Dalai Lama..... He just a politician trying to fool people with religion. CCP and Dalai are the same evil.
WS N (3 дня назад)
This Monk should appreciate Chairman Mao who has driven him away and turned him into a kind look old man. Because in another parrallel universive, he should be a real cruel dictator and slave owner in tibet and be excuted after a revolution just like what happened in Iraq and Libya. The exile life and situation changed Dalai Lama's views and values and kept him alive now. Chairman Mao is the real Amitabha buddha who changed all these situations in this parallel universe. LoL Trust me,if u go back to 60years ago and take Saddam and Gaddafi from their countries in their childhood,they must be happily alive now as old doctors, teachers lawyers or retired workers with their families just like this old monk. If Dalai Lama doesn't understand what I said, he is not a real buddist and wiseman. This is called law of causulity. Gracious Buddha! LoL
Praise it! (3 дня назад)
in Afria, children, woman and men get killed cause they are "witches" burned to death in a ditch Colonization is the best thing that ever happened to the African people Southafrica has only black politicians. now they are out of clean water and on the brink of a genocide. maybe they should forget their corruption and their pride and should people do the work who are educated and determined to improve african society for the people... and fuck off with slavery! humanity enslaved eachother long before colonialism. and it's an archievment of the western world that, finally, slavery is despised by our society!
Leo Chen (4 дня назад)
Great cnn propaganda!
Joe Liang (4 дня назад)
china invaded tibet? tibet has been a part of china for 400 years
Schwaaam Johnson (4 дня назад)
such an incredible piece.
Cinnsere (4 дня назад)
That was amazing!
The Double Up (5 дней назад)
Bullshit - from mongolia, still drunk as fuck
Solly123ify (5 дней назад)
He's like a Tibetan Yoda
Jero Tamayo (5 дней назад)
Jero Tamayo (5 дней назад)
CJCryer Buzz (5 дней назад)
This Dalai Lama guy can hide at my house.
Marco Cecilio (5 дней назад)
No words, to say how surprising this was !
Mount Lel 123 (6 дней назад)
HOLY SHIT I DID NOT even know the Dalai Lama speak english
Ben Ferguson (6 дней назад)
Love the Dalai Lama
JohnnyLiftIt (6 дней назад)
On one hand I wish I had caught this a year ago when it came out but, I'm kinda glad I caught it now after experiencing what we have and this giving me another perspective about it. "Patience, tolerance, compassion". -Dalai Lama
Charles Michie (6 дней назад)
the Dalai Lama approves of John Oliver's sense of humor, guess I haven't been wasting time watching these after all
J. S. (6 дней назад)
I've always wanted to see Willem Dafoe's dick.
Shizanketsuga (6 дней назад)
I get that the Dalai Lama is a very charismatic man, but how would an unoccupied Tibet be a "free Tibet"? It would be a transition from a communist dictatorship back to a theocratic dictatorship, so the main change would be about religion, from being discouraged in one case to being mandated in the other. Without victim status Tibet would just be another religiously oppressive regime in a region too far away and landlocked for anybody to really care.
Le YU (6 дней назад)
Funny when Americans buy in his shit. Two things that might surprise John Oliver: 1) Tibet was run by this old guy and his “bishop”s before the 1950 reform in a cruel slavery regime. yes, he had skinned people alive as sacrifice and used the human skin to write his “doctrine” on; 2) Tibet has been in Beijing’s control far before communists. The current Penchant-Dalaï living Buddha re-incarnation cycle is actually created by the central government of China during the Qing dynasty. The current Dalaï incarnation (the old man in this video) was decided between the two option kids back then in a process called Gold Bottle Picking (not by the sole will of Penchant). This Gold Bottle Picking process was created by Qing Emperor and enshrined afterwards. You know why Qing Emperor did that? ‘Cause before this every time Penchant or Dalaï incarnation died, there is a civil war in Tibet to fight for naming the re-incarnation kid hence the control of spiritual and political power in the slavery system. Although Tibet bows to Qing Emperor and proclaims them-self as a region under the Emperor but the central government of Qing did not meddle with Tibetan wars between themselves. But having wars is not good, so the Qing Emperor made a lottery bottle in gold and made up the rules for picking and confirming the re-incarnation kid, which is still followed today. This incarnation of Dalaï (again the old man in the video) tries every thing to denounce this process because he wants to holds on to the control of the spirit power. Thank god he does not hold political power (other than over the several hundred in India) any more. There was a Tibetan minister who liaised between the local religion-political power and the central gov. The British knows this well because they negotiated with the then Tibet minister named by Qing central government for stealing Tibetan territory away (the origin of Sino-Indian skirmish on border, but this is for another topic).
Jen Fester (7 дней назад)
I get pure joy out of seeing the 14th Dalai Lama laugh.
Eneachril Beneathar (7 дней назад)
BTW: The Mongolians create alcoholic beverages from Horsemilk. Just for your informarion.
Phoenix Chastaine (7 дней назад)
Hmm. So Jon is a shifty gift giver huh? 😸
Nick Milushev (7 дней назад)
I love his laugh
lydia lee (7 дней назад)
some of the people who bruned themselves were teenages!!! that's not religion or protest, that's fucking cult
LolGuy (7 дней назад)
This is actually the first time I have heard Dalai Lama speak.
Spirit Path (7 дней назад)
@13:22. Another GREAT HHDL quote.."self killing... not good".
Magnificent Failure (7 дней назад)
Dude's a mushroom.
Fonzie Huang (8 дней назад)
I liked your net neutrality episode. But dude, learn some history before you say anything more on Tibet. Learn what life was before the "invation" and go see for youself how Tibetans live now. There are so many blind people in the west even Quora is good enough for some history. Maybe check this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf4ZY_adk-Y And this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h_MZkRa7x8 but do pay attention to what they said. And do bring some who can speak tibetan language with you.
mukunda (9 дней назад)
Long live Dalai Lama.
LiTtLeLiOnMaN394 (9 дней назад)
Kind sir , I do not know who you are, I have never watched your show before but what you are doing here is absolutely amazing, using your position at HBO and your humor to inform what i assume millions of your viewers about the cruel and inhumane treatment of Tibetans, their culture and their religion. I feel it is my duty to add this to my comment on the off chance that you or someone else might read it, and I say this with all due respect - The current Dalai Lama is a special special human being. I do not know if you realize this Mr. Oliver but if China had never intervened then this humble man who bent and took your hand to his cheek , would have been one of the most powerful and richest man of the world . He would have been the ruler of a land bigger than Spain, France , Austria and Portugal combined. But more importantly than that he would and i believe still is a God to more than a 100 million people .Since the time he was 5 year the most important thing in even the most influential and rich Tibetans owned was a mere piece of cloth given to them by this child. If he even went out to the streets people would lie on the street on all fours, doesn't matter if it was a beggar or a Cabinet Minister or the Army Commander. This wasnt done out of fear or in hope of some reward but because of intense reverence. To the millions of Tibetans world over it was like if you were interviewing Jesus, and Jesus took your hand. Obviously Non- Christians would not understand the gravity of that but I think anyone who believes or believed in Jesus can understand what I am trying to say. I have no trouble imagining that people quit drinking merely because the Dalai Lama said so. His word not just law but also a i dont know i cant explain it, his word is more than the law its a universal truth. I think you knew all this Mr. Oliver , I merely used your name to inform people of somethings of importance.
Andrew Brown (10 дней назад)
C.I (10 дней назад)
Tibet ‼️ The True ‼️ https://youtu.be/Wvo8MXny5XI Study History not Media ‼️
Maria Vazquez (10 дней назад)
He is an absolutist monarch that used to live as a king with his friends when the people was starving to death. What makes him so cool? I don't get it.
Gisley Alves (11 дней назад)
The way this guy speaks is like he is spitting in someone.
July Ol (11 дней назад)
That interview was hilarious xD Other then that, really informative, as usual :)
Pietro Lais (12 дней назад)
I want my ring tone to be the Dalai Lama laughing on a loop
Sean Maher (12 дней назад)
The Chinese government pretended to have found a child who is the next reincarnation of the Panchen Lama. But then again, so did the Dalai Lama.
Sindollx666x (12 дней назад)
The Dalai Lama is hilarious!
Ward McCreery (13 дней назад)
Horse milk in Mongolia is called kumiss snd has been traditionally consumed for centuries
kristin doughty (13 дней назад)
That was so beautiful. I weep at the thought of loosing him 😭
abc def (14 дней назад)
Are all the tibetans really oppressed? Or is it enlarging the few cases. If it’s about practicing compassion, why is there political involvement? Dalai Lama’s approach reminds me a bit the Holy Roman Empire
philipralph (15 дней назад)
Why is he in India and not in Asia?
usamail usanyc (15 дней назад)
wonderful man
archer alex (16 дней назад)
political leader and all you can say is that he is lovely.that doesn't makes a good leader. funny? a joke is funny .
SwagHags69 (17 дней назад)
I have some Tibetan friends who say a huge amount of people there get the chance to meet the Dalai Lama in their lifetimes, all very positive things to say.
TimmTimm Griffin (18 дней назад)
I got to see the dalai lama in chicago in 2011 at a seminar right near the front row.....he is an amazing man, i'm honored that i got to see and hear this man speak right there
karan sharma (18 дней назад)
That's it john, you're banned from china
Pentagonbts btoblifu (19 дней назад)
I just love his laugh😊
Youssef Said (19 дней назад)
Is he actually defending a theocracy?
zoliking2 (20 дней назад)
"I could stop people from pointlessly commiting agonizing suicides by nothing more than making a statement, but I don't do it because it would huwt the feewings of some people." - the Dalai Lama
Mary Anne Mulholland (20 дней назад)
This whole Chinese pointed panchen lama b.s. reminds me so much of when the church had their 3 pope tobacle lol. except I get to experience this in present time.
germanvisitor2 (20 дней назад)
What interests me is how Tibet would look if it became independent. Most likely a theocracy were only clerics are allowed to attend schools.
Ahmet Semih YILMAZ (20 дней назад)
Maybe Americans aren't aware of that but in the middle Asia, people drinking Horse Milk for THOUSANDS of years since Turkic Nomads tamed the horses and it is very popular. Also special drink named Kimiz made from Horse Milk can make you really drunk but it doesn't damage your internal organs like Vodka, Beer, Tequila or other stuff.
John Poliziani (20 дней назад)
Why is John Oliver not talking about how the Dalai Lama had slaves and Tibet was a wildly fucked up society as a theocracy?
Rob Stuart (1 день назад)
John Poliziani: Your citing of evangelical Christians in the USA who claim to be persecuted is not germane to the plight of the Tibetans in the modern era. You've obviously never sat down and talked with Tibetans who've been in Chinese prisons in Tibet and have been systematically tortured. I have, Mr Poliziani. Many of the students I and my partner taught in Dharamsala had been tortured, some in horrific ways --- many of the young girls and nuns sexually. All of them had lost everything and fled across the Himalayas, at risk of being shot by Chinese border guards. Along the escape routes, people died of gunshot wounds, exposure, thirst, starvation and disease. People don't flee their beloved country and run such risks for no reason. Go and talk to such Tibetans with an open mind. The current Dalai Lama has never oppressed anyone; he was born of a peasant family in Amdo province, recognized according to tradition as the 14th Dalai Lama and brought to Lhasa as a young boy. He didn't ask to be placed in that position. As soon as he was old and mature enough to understand the shortcomings of the system at whose centre he found himself, he called for reforms, including democratic reforms. Later, he called a halt to armed resistance to Chinese oppression because there had been enough bloodshed. He has forgiven those Tibetans who actively oppose him (i.e. followers of Dorje Shugden) even after the brutal stabbing in a holy place of a high lama who was very close to him. The Dorje Shugden fanatics claim that he banned their cult. In fact, he merely advised them not to attend certain of his teachings. He is a shining light of compassion. To associate him with the historical wrongdoings of certain misguided lamas who were acting contrary to the fundamental precepts of Buddhism is absurd. Ever since fleeing his beloved country as a young man, he has been a fervent campaigner for compassionate understanding throughout the world. Also, he has consistently and patiently sought constructive dialogue with the Chinese regime. They, in their ignorance, have treated him as a pariah. Clearly, you have never been in his presence and you have never talked to those close to him.
Rob Stuart (1 день назад)
John Poliziani: That pre-invasion Tibet was essentially a feudal society ruled by lamas is a fact I don't dispute. I challenged you to present compelling evidence to substantiate your claim that pre-invasion Tibet was a "wildly fucked-up society" (whatever that means). I asked you which is less "fucked-up": pre-invasion Tibet or Tibet under brutal Chinese oppression. You only pointed to alleged material gains; I indicated that other aspects are also important to the Tibetan people. You haven't addressed that point. My sole concern is the overal welfare of the Tibetan people and their nation now and in the future, especially their right to self-determination, of which -- undeniably -- they have been deprived for seven decades. If you genuinely care about the Tibetans, listen to what they have to tell the world, as I and others who support their cause have done. Even better, work for them, as I have done (as a volunteer teacher). Apparently, you believe that the opinions of certain outsiders are more important than those of the Tibetans themselves. That's an untenable position. The only legitimate authority is HH the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile in Dharamsala. I suggest that you put your judgemental and/or preconceived notions aside and go there and talk to them and other members of the diaspora. As I am sure you are aware, Tibetans in Tibet are not free to express their views on these matters.
Rob Stuart (2 дня назад)
John Poliziani: Labelling someone "neoliberal" or his points "postmodern" is not argumentation. I don't regard your use of those terms as criticism; I regard it as irrelevant to the issue at hand. I reiterate: my sole concern is the welfare -- in all senses -- of the Tibetan people and the future of their wonderful and rich traditions and culture. What I and many others who are sensitive to their plight wish for them is freedom from foreign oppression and realisation of their basic human rights, which have been deliberately and egregiously violated by the Chinese invaders for nearly 70 years.
John Poliziani (2 дня назад)
"John Poliziani can type "the Dalai Lama had slaves and Tibet was a wildly fucked up society as a theocracy" but can he substantiate these two bold claims with compelling, independently corroborated and verifiable evidence?" Can you tell me why you went in circles, even after I gave you evidence, before finally admitting that my sentence was accurate? You can't debate at all, can you? Like, we went back and forth but you finally admitted that it was a feudal theocracy.
John Poliziani (2 дня назад)
"Chinese Propaganda" So you think everyone who disagrees with the Dalai Llama's theocracy is just a fool who worships the Chinese? You worry about my swearing, but not about how you disregard things with a half baked liberal argument disguised as some sort of analysis? I literally just told you I don't support the current Chinese government.
Bill Anderson (21 день назад)
He is all love. No fear, no hate, just love.
abdiaziiz haydar (21 день назад)
John Oliver is amazing
hunaa ct (21 день назад)
I'm Mongolian. And proud. Horse milk is our traditional drink. And it tastes great. I suggest you to try.
Pato Alarcón (21 день назад)
8:55 So China basically made a ripoff religious leader? Classic China.
Is John Oliver catholic? Because I'm protestant, but I'd still feel a bit creeped out if a religious leader decided to cast a demon into me... And I ccan only imagine that catholics would feel even stronger about that kind of thing. And he really seemed a bit ruffled for a minute there.
Yes, of course, didn't think of that...
frank coin (20 дней назад)
probably Anglican. not likely catholic considering the English
Nic Bowman (22 дня назад)
his holiness the dalai lama has a direct line to me and can contact me day or night anytime is convienient he is my hero love coray BEETLEHEARTBREATH
Nic Bowman (22 дня назад)
if china doesnot get out of Tibet will be there ultimate downfall I will detonate there nuclear waeapons or there will be many natural disaters happening soon
Stephanie Maglio (22 дня назад)
I freaking love him XD sweet old man
replay (23 дня назад)
Mongolian here. By horse milk, he means 'airag', or fermented horse milk, which has an alcohol content similar to beer. What he said, "Drink less vodka, drink more airag", is a very popular saying in Mongolia. Although I cannot say that alcoholism decreased because of what he said, but it definetely had a big impact on people's minds.
ientropius (2 дня назад)
thanks for the insight!
Kindred1a1 (25 дней назад)
Everyone should watch this also for a different view of the Dalai Lama from Pen & Teller's Bullshit episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYEOSCIOnrs
eblgraphics (25 дней назад)
My God the level of ignorance is abysmal in the States... That explains the alternative reality we are in now.
Ivo Silva (26 дней назад)
A truly wonderful human.

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