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Not Another NAFTA

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Faisal Maricar (1 год назад)
You could bring manufacturing jobs back. But your voters must pay more for consumables because labor costs in States is far more expensive. So how to resolve this? Invest in education, train the workforce for higher-end jobs like R & D. Prepare their mindset that automation will result in more factory-line type job losses . So invest in education, re-train laid off workers for higher-end jobs like R & D and Robotic Science. And invest in the infrastructure to facilitate near-shoring. Lastly, remove corporate tax
형아시로 (2 года назад)
I love how Bernie shut those inconsiderate hacks up in the background.
Chessie Pique (2 года назад)
TPP gets Berned.
KS Khoo (2 года назад)
When Bernie goes "Hey!" you'd better pay attention.
Matt Smith (2 года назад)
There is absolutely no evidence that NAFTA killed jobs in America. Just like your argument that NAFTA destroyed the automobile industry in Michigan. To the contrary, the automobile industry was declining in Michigan long before NAFTA was implemented. Detroit lost the majority of its population and factory plants during the 30 years prior to NAFTA being implemented. I guess NAFTA is to blame for what was already happening before NAFTA was implemented. How about competition from Japanese car companies, who figured that you sell more cars by making them more durable and fuel efficient instead of the American model planned obsolescence, i.e. made to break? NAFTA is not perfect. It's bankrupted a lot of Mexican farmers, but it's hardly the cause of the failure of the automobile industry and the lost of manufacturing jobs in the United States. The Rust Belt has been declining since 1960.
Thomas Holmes (2 года назад)
Multikalwin (2 года назад)
these levels of corruption is unreal. my blood boils with rage.
Oliver S. (2 года назад)
I'm always a little puzzled when people say things like 'another country's workers make 56 cents an hour' because 56 cents might actually equate to effectively a few dollars with what things cost in said country, depending of course on constantly fluctuating exchange rates. I think to really understand you would have to live and work in both countries, something which not that many people do. 56 cents is still a very small amount though so I expect what he is saying is still fairly valid but I mean in general.
gomonkeyfly (2 года назад)
the issue is why would corporate hire american workers for $15/hr if there is a more competitive price of $0.56/hr in vietnam. naturally they would hire cheaper labours for equal work which would make the business more profitable. so how will this secure more jobs for majority of american as obama said?
pantera29palms (2 года назад)
Sad thing is the elites are gonna do whatever they want. The only thing still saving our asses is that we're (somewhat) still allowed to own guns. When that ends, it's all over.
openbuddhistforum (2 года назад)
Senator Bernie Sanders , thank you for support AGAINST TTIP . More than 3.367.000 people already signed petition against TTIP which European commission is trying to impose in EU : https://stop-ttip.org/sign/
openbuddhistforum (2 года назад)
+Paulette Washburn They don*t listen to the people , because they all support New wordl order and agenda 21 . GO BERNIE and WIN them !
Paulette Washburn (2 года назад)
+openbuddhistforum and yet the administration is full speed ahead with this dirty deal! Why won't they listen to the people????
rockyrocky (3 года назад)
Thankfully I understand economics, otherwise I would vote for this protectionist.
Adam Coleman (3 года назад)
Mr. Brown would make a good running mate for you Bernie as would Mr. Chaffitz and Gowdy even if he is a repubelickin.
el dwdubu (3 года назад)
Americans will vote against their best interest and vote Hillary or worse a Republican for president. Bernie Sanders actually look out for ordinary Americans and speaks the truth. Americans loved to be lied to and fucked over by the elite. Bernie Sanders will get my vote!
themturf (3 года назад)
I think that he opposes the TPP for the wrong reason. And how he arrived at the 3 million lost jobs due to trade deals with China sounds, at least to me, a bit dubious. Companies outsource to China because it is cheaper and those cheaper prices leads to savings by American consumers which then ostensibly permits them to buy other goods or services. This additional spending spurs economic activity and can, in some instances, even promotes job creation. I am a fan of Sanders, but the trade agreement is not a simple as he put it and I think that, generally speaking, most trade agreements are beneficial. The real problem the American people should have with the TPP is the fast-track provision that Senator Warren shrewdly calls attention to, which is that Congress should not be handing over a blank check to the President to determine whether a deal, crafted by lobbyists and business executives, should be passed. If the deal is truly good for the American people, why does there have to be a fast-track provision? If, after the deal is negotiated, it appears to Congress good for the American people it should be swiftly passed. The only reason, it appears to me, to insist on a fast-track provision is so that you can disingenuously sell something to the American public as good for them, when in reality it is not.
Tessa Bell (3 года назад)
We can do this.  If each one of us finds 10 people and convinces them to promise to get 10 more people each to support Sanders with $10 a month, within a very short time Sanders would have more funding than all the other candidates combined.
John Doe (3 года назад)
Just to let people know, If this man doesn't get the democratic nomination for president, there is always an "other: " option on the ballot...
RainbowPrince Infowarrior (3 года назад)
This guy is a socialist.. I am an inheritance prince, I dont want workers to have rights, or minimum wage when you have policies that benefit the rich, this gives me leverage over the poor and I can have sex more straight guys woirking for my dad's companies. This guy is a commie
x!SaecredChaotix!x (3 года назад)
People need to stop using "unfettered" in describing protectionist trade agreements. The structure of the American economy is more complex then too much regulations or not enough. Regulations protect and subsidize monopolies, while deregulation happens in places of market failures (where profits are put over people) where regulations are actually useful. Check out Dean Baker's "Conservative Nanny State"
HICKORY CAT (3 года назад)
Ryan Calcaterra (3 года назад)
Hahaha, we are at a "race to the bottom". What an accurate description of the American economy circa 2015.
Acidrayne (3 года назад)
He's running for president! Don't forget to vote in the primaries and the general election!
anton (3 года назад)
TheSkypeConverser (3 года назад)
+Anthony McKeever Not enough people know about him. "Clinton" is way more of a staple name. That's also why Trump is leading over (slightly) more rational Republicans like Rand Paul.
Trenton Simpson (3 года назад)
+Mojo Mojo - pc gaming and more because it's not election season yet?
mrtraffic97 (3 года назад)
Rita Mae Brown said the insanity thing, not Einstein
Terry L (3 года назад)
The Main Stream media does not cover issues such as this, because it is too important and too damaging to the reputation of the executive branch. Our boy Barack can act unilaterally as the king of America when it's one of his socialist or immigration policy initiatives, but when it comes time to squelch a policy that will further destroy America, he becomes mute. Congratulations on electing a subversive agent hell bent on weakening America's economic prowess.  HOPE for a job AND save your CHANGE, you're going to need it. 
Kepler (3 года назад)
Bernie is a fine character, and if HE is rigt, then we are gonna see a lot of chanfes very soon. And how many americans are prepared for that?
Steady Rolling (3 года назад)
People get caught up in the circus of the politicians not getting along and not working together.  They miss the point.  The time to worry is not when nothing is getting done, but when they get to agreeing, because at the end of the day, whether they are wearing donkey masks or elephant masks, they are all on the same team, and it ain't the people's team.
Truth can't be silenced (3 года назад)
Richard K. Hubbard (3 года назад)
Yeah. We shouldn't be buying or selling anything to anybody else, just like North Korea. 
Maui Lola (3 года назад)
Congress will try to listen to him but we as Americans need jobs, if they don't, then the American people will remove every member in congress by force and with the help of millions of Americans to show that "You are either with the people or against the people. I'm unemployed. It's hard getting a job in American. 
Sage Mantis (3 года назад)
Has anyone thought about Jesse Ventura + Bernie Sanders? Because Jesse Ventura is considering running in 2016. I've been saying Sanders/Warren, but since Warren expressed disinterest plainly...
Edward Ashton (3 года назад)
It is such an indictment of the current state of affairs in American politics that when people see a senator standing on the floor and speaking from a position of principle, it makes them say something like, "Wow, this guy is for real!" or "Bernie Sanders is the only politician who seems to give a shit." I know that's a really curmudgeonly thing to say on here, but you know, gdfshsdfh it drives me nuts. Let's get with it folks. Rights and liberties in this country were hard-won by the expenditure of a hell of a lot of blood and treasure; let's not put ourselves through that when it's wholly unnecessary. We are the richest country in the history of civilization, and we're practically fucking in the streets while ignoring the fact that we're getting taken to the cleaners. Surely, _surely_ we can do better than this.
Edward Ashton (3 года назад)
+patrick culver Yes, and the people of Vermont demonstrate a real lack of provincialism/nativism in their willingness to be represented in Congress by a man who is so obviously from Brooklyn. :-D  The only real concern I have is that he is quite openly, and by his own description, a democratic socialist and admirer of the Scandinavian model; this in a country where the word "socialist" is often uttered as a sort of epithet could be a real problem. The Koch brothers alone have a ~$900 million budget for the upcoming campaign, so just _imagine_ the smear campaigns that would be run. Still, I think if Bernie could get the Democratic nomination, he could certainly win the election; I don't see anyone in this gaggle of crackpots in the Republican camp who could win outside the South.
Edward Ashton (3 года назад)
Well I don't know anything about where Sen. Sanders gets his funding, but all the politicians have to raise funds more or less constantly. He has the advantage of living in a very unusual state, though, and I have a feeling that the state of Vermont is a big part of why he's able to stick around without selling himself.
Ryan Johnson (3 года назад)
US just wants to become a financial hub and nothing else. Notice the lack of action on our infrastructure, it's not going to be needed by elites. They have planes and helicopters, they'll be fine.
Franz1987 (3 года назад)
"Let me tell you what I think: The cock sucking elite who own and run everything in this fucking country are selling it out from under us tomorrow. There ain’t no battle over fucking NAFTA, that’s a fucking charade, like our elections are a fucking charade, and tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, they’re selling your fucking life out from under you. Don’t you ever fucking forget it either… There’s dick jokes coming up, please relax" ~ Bill Hicks 1993
HeavyHarris (3 года назад)
I love how he tells those guys to be quiet.
Nate Hoffman (3 года назад)
Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. Abraham Lincoln
Michael Johnson (3 года назад)
Down with capitalism!
limabeat (3 года назад)
Wake up people! 
Tad Dad (3 года назад)
the only way this could have been more awesome is if he dropped the mike right after.
Rebecca Lynn (2 года назад)
+Tad Dad LOL!!!
bigraviolees (3 года назад)
Pity there are so few Warrens and Sanders we have to pray for these two to be the oasis. Sick and sad
bball1518 (3 года назад)
Another thing that doesn't get brought up is Outsourcing & Contract jobs.When things were going good companies did there own hiring without using a employment agency and companies hired there own cleaners.These cleaners made out ok with full company benifits.Now companies outsource there cleaning.
RandPaul VotedagainstGMOLABELBILL (3 года назад)
Rand Paul SUPPORTS THE TPP.. he voted twice against the BRING JOBS HOME ACT and a few free trade agreements with Korea .. on and on.. And  people think RAN PAUL cares about AMERICA.. We have some serious sickos in CONGRESS that the alternative media is not calling out (maybe because the KOCh brothers control the alternative media)
bonto (3 года назад)
This guy is smart. Telling it like it is.
Eddy Zahu (3 года назад)
Well, I don't know really much guys and is just my opinion but seems like he's speaking the truth. Take a look down here in Mexico, we are competing with China in selling products and even with our low wedges we are losing the battle. We have more fabrics and more "jobs" than before but with worst salaries and The middle class is almost lost. People who went to universities has been "force" to work for minimum salaries in call centers. This guy seems to cares for his people, for you people. Maybe I'm all wrong, but again, is just my opinion.
Brian Ashlocke (3 года назад)
These are the real issues. How many politicians are actually talking about this? Virtually none! Bernie Sanders is a goddamn American Hero.
Groovy (3 года назад)
This isn't partisan, unless you consider the truth partisan. Which would be understandable considering the state of the media in this country.
12jnorris (3 года назад)
I love this man and what he believes in 
Ellie likeswater (3 года назад)
The Koch brothers bought and paid for RIGHT WING THINK TANK ALTERNATIVE MEDIA is not addressing this .    The suicide rate in America will increase if this passes
original xry (3 года назад)
Its hard to side with a jew even when he pretends to be on your side.
original xry (3 года назад)
I guarantee if you talked to bernard sanders 10,15,20 years ago,  he could care less about the working class. The spot lights on all the politicians now and thanks to internet/social media its alot harder to get away with the old ways of keeping the rich rich and the poor poor.
Chris Curry (3 года назад)
What a ignorant thing to say oriiginal. 
Haruhi (3 года назад)
What an economic illiterate. Free trade is always beneficial.
Nick Navarro (3 года назад)
Instead of getting rid of free trade, we should make American labor more competitive.
Zector 45 (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders 2016. I don't care who would be VP as I'm certain that Mr. Sanders would pick a perfect person to assist him.
HelloDaveItsMeHal (3 года назад)
Keep fighting the good fight Senator Sanders
Josh Mo (3 года назад)
I know what it is. It is for this reason I have been trying to shop as locally as I can.
CANONinDEVIN (3 года назад)
"I think it is obvious to anyone who has taken a look at this issue that the TPP is just a new easy way for corporations to shut down America and send jobs abroad . . . the transpacific partnership includes rules that would make it easier for corporate America to outsource call centers, computer programming, engineering, accounting, and medical diagnostic  jobs." How many people know someone having one of these jobs?
Austin Slater (3 года назад)
I agree and stand with Bernie Sanders.
Kite_Sunday (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders is such an OG!!!! What a baller, not afraid to talk about the truth.  Bernie sanders is the 1%.... 1% of congress who has Integrity and ownership.
Graeme Ab (3 года назад)
What a gripping speech.
ATTO2020 (3 года назад)
1:54 vaas is that you ?
Tommy Chuck (3 года назад)
I didn't know Larry David was into politics
The2000LINCOLN (3 года назад)
Because, here's from NY, but moved.
FestiveKnowledge (3 года назад)
+Tommy Chuck haha, he does sound like Steinbrenner!
misteratoz (3 года назад)
Quick question: economically speaking why is outsourcing bad? I understand that this will mean US workers will not have jobs but isn't this the nature of capitalism? I take issue with the fact that corporations use this as a loophole to evade taxes, that should be shut down immediately, but what is the real detriment to this?
Derek kumi (3 года назад)
+Cory Israel That was the best Explanation of why Outsourcing is bad that I've heard in all my 22 years of life. 
misteratoz (3 года назад)
Ahh great points. I never thought of those! Thanks!  
Jatett (3 года назад)
+misteratoz because then the company gets all the benefits of being located in the US with barely giving back anything to the country.
Cory Israel (3 года назад)
With outsourced jobs, corporations are making ridiculous amounts of money. When the jobs were in America, part of this ridiculous amount of money was spread amongst the many employees of the company and everyone was able to live comfortably. With outsourced jobs nearly 100% of those profits are going to a much smaller group of Americans, at a detriment to both the third world countries being exploited by these companies as well as Americans who are now out of a good paying job. Essentially, these corporations have made a small group of people ridiculously rich while lowering the quality of life for every other person. 
spellbinderlord (3 года назад)
Its somewhat annoying that someone that makes so much sense would have no chance in hell of ever being elected president.
Brian Anderson (3 года назад)
Stop being defeatist, and start campaigning. :)
el scientifico (3 года назад)
@1:08. CHECK YO'SELF FUCKER! Let's go Bernie!
flutingaround (3 года назад)
+el scientifico loved that moment, he was like.... "I'm talkin' here!"
sam (3 года назад)
60fps sweeeeet
reml75 (3 года назад)
I don't get my news from the major networks anyway.  They haven't been reliable since the 70's.
Lee Noyes (3 года назад)
We need more Independents in Congress!
Mantis Toboggan (3 года назад)
We're going to need to stock up on lube because we're about to get fucked.
Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin (3 года назад)
Doesn't matter what you say, nothing can be done. Nothing can be done because it is the doing of people who self identify as something called "Jews", and we can't talk about the Jews. They have successfully made it "prejudice" to talk about the destructive effects of an archaic blood cult acting in concert for shared goals - which right now include the destruction of the nation state itself, starting with Israel's enemies. The only hope is that people of Jewish descent stand up and say something about the Jewish (very) organised crime raping the world. Because the rest of us live in an intellectual prison, where we all have to pretend Judaism is not a crazy thieving cult.
enchantrand-esque (3 года назад)
Well God damn, he's got my vote
Paul Walker (3 года назад)
wow this guys is for real.
DrCash7 (3 года назад)
+Paul Walker I knew you were still alive :'~)
Mike Hidalgo (3 года назад)
Thank you Bernie Sanders! You're one of the only politicians that seems to actually give a shit about what's going on. Your fight is appreciated. If you decide to run you'll have my support.
Kevin Callahan (3 года назад)
Bernie on point, once again. Sanders 2016
enzomatic (3 года назад)
Thieves in the night, that is what we have here. The apathy is stupefying, the dumb is numbing, I mean, we can mobilize in a heartbeat with ice bucket challenges for ALS amid an Ebola outbreak, that is how distracted and out of touch with reality we choose to be because it's what generates "likes" by our peers.  So here we have a silo'd media blackout of something that will result in us being leveraged even harder by our masters (I will continue to use references to indentured servitude until we actually win a battle that keeps us from going further into fiscal bondage to creditors), and guess what; nobody cares because it does not generate "likes". I don't like that.
ircimager (3 года назад)
good luck, Bernie. the Money isn't on your or my side. any of them that say they are are lying
Salty Methods (3 года назад)
Ellie likeswater (3 года назад)
Rand Paul supports TPP fast track , and these GODS and GUN people that back that Fascist could care less about this..   The current bad trade policies have done enough damage to this country already and have ruined enough lives. Enough is enough , and the "alternative media" is more worried about about FEAR porn hype hysteria while ignoring som3ething that pays their BILLS.   The suicide rate is going to go up if the TPP passes. What a threat this truly is.
Ellie likeswater (3 года назад)
+Chris Reed He is a corporate shill! My god !! You have not looked at his actual Senate voting record.  You should worry about Rand Paul outsourcing you job to slave wage countries increasing the federal deficit. His voting record is treason and I'm so glad to hold him accountable. Try and go by facts (not speeches) Bernie Sanders gives a good speech, but I support Sanders for his actual voting record. Rand Paul does not have your interests
Omniscient 1 (3 года назад)
Ellie: stop posting; you are wrong. I stated the facts on his stated stances. It's not open for conjecture. These stances are very, very progressive and inclusive, get over yourself and all the name calling. Just because he has a letter 'R' instead of 'D' means NOTHING! He is not a corporate shill like H Clinton and every other candidate save Sanders and E Warren. He is the last best hope for our Country because he can actually win, that is if they don't assassinate him before he can take office. Stand with Rand 2016!!!!
Omniscient 1 (3 года назад)
Rand Paul stance on foreign policy: Good idea to end Cuba embargo; it hasn't worked. (Dec 2014) Temporary stop on elective travel to fight Ebola. (Nov 2014) No quarantine on returning Ebola doctors unless symptomatic. (Nov 2014) Prioritize embassy security to avoid another Benghazi. (Oct 2013) No isolationism; but don't go abroad seeking enemies. (Oct 2013) Against terror but first comes preserving the Constitution. (Jul 2013) Stop sending foreign aid to people who don't like us. (Sep 2012) Freeze aid to Egypt until they release detained Americans. (Sep 2012) As only democracy in Mideast, Israel is important ally. (Feb 2011) Exit the UN; maintain US sovereignty. (Nov 2010) Endorsed Liberty Candidate: US abroad unconstitutional & unaffordable. (Sep 2010)
Omniscient 1 (3 года назад)
Rand Paul on drugs: Jailing people for 10 years for marijuana is ridiculous. (Nov 2014) War on drugs has unintentionally had a racial outcome. (Jun 2014) Don't promote marijuana but don't jail non-violent criminals. (Mar 2013) Tackle drug problem; no one cares where funding comes from. (Oct 2010) Community treatment instead of federal anti-drug programs. (Aug 2010) Drug abuse isn't a pressing issue; 10-20 years is too harsh. (Aug 2010) Favors legalizing medical marijuana. (May 2010) Exclude industrial hemp from definition of marijuana. (Aug 2012) Exempt industrial hemp from marijuana laws. (Feb 2013)
Omniscient 1 (3 года назад)
Rand Paul on crime: Let convicted felons regain the right to vote. (Jun 2014) Justice cannot occur without a trial, especially minorities. (Mar 2014) Defend trial by jury & oppose unlawful searches. (Feb 2013) Stop over-criminalization in vague laws like Lacey Act. (Sep 2012) Lacey Act applies foreign laws to US citizens. (Sep 2012) Many criminal statutes lack requirement of criminal intent. (Sep 2012)
neilemac (3 года назад)
Up and at 'em, Bernie! BTW, 'we the People," waking up would help!!!
AkJonny1965 (3 года назад)
"Since 2001, we have lost over 60,000 factories in this country. Unfettered free trade policies like NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China and the Korean Free Trade Agreement have cost us millions of decent paying jobs. Given that reality, why would anyone support another disastrous trade agreement like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?" - Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) We should be looking at limiting these other "trade agreements" as well.
Rainy Dalmatian (3 года назад)
+Ta12dankdiscoveries WTO.. the Battle in Seattle of 1996 brought forth the "Free speech zones".. WTF??? the whole country is supposed to be a free speech zone
Ta12dankdiscoveries (3 года назад)
Absolutely. NAFTA CAFTA and the WTO have destroyed our middle class, plain and simple. We need to END them immediately and stick to fair trade deals, not free trade deals. 
RandPaul VotedagainstGMOLABELBILL (3 года назад)
Rand Paul wants the TPP which means the KOCH brothers want it..
gracilism (3 года назад)
And yet we produce more in the manufacturing sectors than ever before.  Its technology and our labor is worth more than making trinkets.
Stephen Jones (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders 2016
ThisIsTurok1 (3 года назад)
I agree with Bernie Sanders on this, but the majority of the politicians could care less about what happens. Ever since the 1980s under Regan, this country has fallen apart, because of these trade policies. it's just getting worse. The Republicans are gutting the Middle Class.
enchantrand-esque (3 года назад)
Couldn't care less *
enzomatic (3 года назад)
The corporations are gutting the middle class, the Republicans are just their proxy.
Jatett (3 года назад)
LastBref (3 года назад)
Good stuff, Turok. You're not a completely horrible person after all.
ThisIsTurok1 (3 года назад)
+Brian Anderson You should never agree with a party or a person on every issue, if you do then you're a fool. Always think for yourself.
Sage Mantis (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders 2016. Elizabeth Warren for Fed.
Demetrius L. Flagg (1 год назад)
Sage Mantis Elizabeth didn't back Bernie because she has no courage.
Paulette Washburn (2 года назад)
+Nate Hoffman oh God, thank you! she is evil!!!!
Nate Hoffman (3 года назад)
+silat13 I won't vote for Hillary.
Nate Hoffman (3 года назад)
+esotericrefuse A democratic republic is a form of democracy. It used to be a lot less democratic.
flensdude | pTarian (3 года назад)
Excellent points. As a European citizen, I feel like the TTIP has not been covered enough by the media in my home country either. It feels like the agreement could lead to such dramatic changes that it would be in the people's best interests to give a broad coverage of what it is all about. I fear for the workplaces both in Europe and the U.S..
Socialist (3 года назад)
If Bernie Sanders runs for president he'll have to work on his impatience towards other people's bullshit when he's talking.
Almir Preldzic (2 года назад)
Only weak maya monkey tolerate other people's bullshit (lies, deception and brainwashed indoctrinated perceptions of reality and opinions ).
Zector 45 (3 года назад)
+TheAnalyticalFailure Fantastically said!
TheAnalyticalFailure (3 года назад)
+Socialist Skeptic I think that is his ethos for passion though, it is what makes him stick out.  It's like Chris Christy only instead of bluster and heart blockages its a no-nonsense obsession with the truth, equality, and justice.   When I saw Bernie shut that person up, the first thought through my head was "Sanders with the pimp snap!"  This behavior is what riles young people up and shows he cares.  Not because he forces it but because it is his character bleeding through in the form of passion in what he does.  You may see anger, I see intolerance for idiocy, games, and trickery.
Socialist (3 года назад)
+zEcToR 45 He won't what?
Zector 45 (3 года назад)
+Socialist Skeptic No he does not and will not!

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