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Presentation skills - How to improve your presentations

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Watch examples of two presentations, one much better than the other. See how making just a couple of small changes can make a huge improvement to a presentation. Learn how to make a presentation much more confident, clear and impactful. This person is receiving presentation skills advice from Steve Bavister, presentations expert with communication skills company Speak First http://www.speak-first.com/courses/presentation-skills.aspx
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Текстовые комментарии (53)
matthew beggs (7 месяцев назад)
Shut it ya blond boot
Ziqun Liu (2 года назад)
Good video! Pretty straightforward.
Shank (2 года назад)
"one small change"
Ana Carolina Goulart (2 года назад)
Hey there. Nice vid. Do you think it is possible to have this video subtitled? I would love to have my students prepare their presentations by studying this vid. However, for upper-basic it can be a bit too challenging.Cheers!
Tofu Waffle (3 года назад)
0 to 100, real quick
Alex tang (3 года назад)
livegrowtruth (3 года назад)
Content was completely different the second time wtf...
Aarav Dubey (2 года назад)
+livegrowtruth ikr
Steve S (3 года назад)
The teacher is excellent with encouragement and advice.  He makes a distinction between content and delivery - good distinction.  He is honest in his appraisal but empathetic - 'don't change the content, but the delivery needs to be improved'. His advice is to 'be more excited....try to fire peoples imaginations...look into the audience...project it a little bit more...let the hands come up... '  She follows the advice perfectly, and surpasses it considerably by framing her presentation with a hook in the opening.   Based on his input, her second attempt is implausible. 
BasjeBRM (4 года назад)
This really is not a good example.. To improve your presentation skills, you need true feedback and specific advice to work on your abilities. This is actually fake and she's probably an actress or has practised to do this
websaint (4 года назад)
she is cute
Strawberryknight (3 года назад)
+websaint... milf
Mujthaba M (4 года назад)
it's lyk the ad of soap..before and after using soap :P
Stephen Robinson (4 года назад)
I thought this started out really well - the bad example was good (if you understand my point) but he then said it was 'Fantastic'.  The effort may have been but not the presentation so if I was the actress I'd be confused The feedback, while not comprehensive was sound. He specifically said 'don't change the content' just the tips I've suggested.  She then provided a perfectly delivered scripted presentation that was totally different to the first.  How is that demonstrating the impact of the changes? Not someone who normally leaves comments but was annoyed enough to make an exception this time.
warren hunt (4 года назад)
I like the video and how to improve a presentation
maryam aljssmi (5 лет назад)
Stupid video
ljupce donev (5 лет назад)
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Sarah Mathers (5 лет назад)
thank you mister obvious.
Jamie York (5 лет назад)
no shit, it's supposed to be like that
musomannz (5 лет назад)
If you wanna learn from a presentations master, watch Steve Jobs's Apple keynotes and by the book "The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs" by Carmine Gallo. It's a must-own if you really wanna be a better and more confident public speaker. Jobs's first iPhone keynote is legendary! His iPod 1 presentation was awesome too. Look no further than Steve Jobs for presentations tips. He made it an art-form and knew exactly how to engage an audience and make them listen.
Marcel Horner (5 лет назад)
Fake! She already knew how to do a good presentation and intentionally done all those wrong things in the first attempt.
Murad Azizov (5 лет назад)
Temitope Oluleye (5 лет назад)
What a remarkable difference! Great tips!
John David (6 лет назад)
Great tips, but you don't need presentation skills to make money Netowork Marketing. Thanks to the internet there are more millionaires in this industry each each than any other. Let me teach you step by step. Get started at Proper Income dot com. Sincerely, JOhn David
Ernest Watson (6 лет назад)
She looked so sexy the second time around
Aaron Lingenfelter (6 лет назад)
What nonsense. Yeah, a presentation by an actress and the changes with a few quick tips from someone who speaks at hypersonic speed might work, but I call "d-oh" on this. Yes, the tips are valid; but they're not something that can be instantly adopted by a speaker. Thanks for a video that praises short (probably highly paid) ways to become a competent public speaker...nice idea, but I won't be tricked into watching such videos again.
callum crean (6 лет назад)
how did ksi bring me here
xReAcTioNzFTW (6 лет назад)
Martin P. (6 лет назад)
Wow the first one was not amazing at all. So many run on sentences.. Even if she wrote it down on paper it would suck.
Tom Antion (6 лет назад)
Great tips! I think that 'knowing' what to do for any situation that can happen onstage makes one more comfortable and relaxed, leading to a more animated and energetic presentation. Some of the vids on my channel explain this.
Sababayaba (6 лет назад)
He actually popped an ecstasy pill into her coffee for the second presentation....
peoplepro marcom (6 лет назад)
HanglidingMinstrel (6 лет назад)
This sucks!!
Charli Katherine (6 лет назад)
I'm in a course called "Speaking Out" and I'm willing to improve on my public speaking skills. I tend to get really nervous when I'm in front of people. Good video, I subscribed. I hope to see more videos from you!
TV 2 FILM (6 лет назад)
I Really Like The Video two presentations, one much better than the other. See how making just a couple of small changes can make a huge improvement to a presentation From Your
Devon Teichman (7 лет назад)
@wediditagaingroup whats the event?
TheRaven878 (7 лет назад)
the four(4) keys to presentations is: enthusiasm the audience will be intrested n what your talking about if you have a good mood about what your talking about body language the audience can tell if your not confident in yourself telling by your body language, so be confident in yourself grammar it'll make all the difference if you made a dinamte presentation if the audience can understand what your saying and concise make it short and sweet cause the audience gets bored easily
ReliveTheDream (7 лет назад)
Robert J Russell (7 лет назад)
I have been speaking for over 20 years ( since high school ) and I am looking for Speakers who want to come speak to one of the biggest events in September - If you want to be a featured speaker contact me.
MATTMETAMADMAN (7 лет назад)
1:53 Her facial expression is a bit bitchy, just my feeling.
sugzug91 (7 лет назад)
The first time I felt bored, the second time I understood all that she said!
Loi Le (7 лет назад)
wat is dis
captain1morgan (7 лет назад)
Great video! This video does a nice job of showing just exactly how important good eye contact is -- when she's not looking at you, it just seems wrong! - Dr. Jim Anderson Blue Elephant Consulting Your Source For Real World Public Speaking Skills™ Facebook: goo[dot]gl/kmsg Web: BlueElephantConsulting[dot]com
Zara Latif (7 лет назад)
yup she sure is acting.
Toyman07 (7 лет назад)
@powerballmine This is youtube who gives a shit?
powerballmine (7 лет назад)
Annoying. Why did he say the initial performance was fantastic when it clearly wasn't. False praise is no praise at all. She was obviously rehearsed to act out a before and after performance. I would say her technique was still not good after the advice received. You need to emphasize specific points rather get through a passage. Still not maintaining constant eye contact and she has a dull unattractive speaking voice. Now those comments are sincere.
Jasmin A (8 лет назад)
@dvirusd i know its a year since you posed your message, if you do have more tips, please do share ... :)
mrrrloc (8 лет назад)
why the fuck is the old man teaching her and not teaching us, the viewer? why use an actor that's just cheesy.
A nerdyasian (8 лет назад)
@dvirusd I'm in 8th grade and I have to start presenting projects without partners and I don't like being in front of crowds, even if it is people I know.
Chris Croft (8 лет назад)
Good, but she also needs an agenda with structure and signposting
Robert Mills (8 лет назад)
you're shite
Suryo Pras (9 лет назад)
nice video, i like it
PowerPointPresent (9 лет назад)
enthusiasm is key. how can your audience beleive what you are saying if you are not toatly convinced..

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