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Multiple choice questions (MCQ) in Pharmaceutics; No: 101 to 105

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This video shows multiple choice questions with answers for pharmaceutics. This video includes question number 101 to 105. This video will be helpful to the students preparing for entrance examination based on multiple choice questions. Multiple choice questions in pharmaceutics are a part of various competitive examinations. Multiple choice questions in pharmacy exams consist of question accompanied by four or five options. From these multiple choices, the students have to choose correct choices. Multiple choice questions in pharmacy includes multiple choice questions in pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacognosy etc. Multiple choice questions in pharmaceutics would be helpful to doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, medical representatives and other healthcare professionals for preparation. Multiple choice questions based examinations includes GPAT (Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test), NAPLEX (The North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination), PTCE, (Pharmacy technician, certificate exam) and many more. Multiple choice questions in pharmaceutics includes multiple choice questions from tablets, capsules, liquids, semisolid, unit operation, parenteral dosage form and many more. GRADUATE PHARMACY APTITUDE TEST (GPAT) is a national level entrance exam conducted by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) every year as per the directions of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. This test facilitates institutions to select suitable Pharmacy graduates for admission into the Master’s (M.Pharm) program. The GPAT is a three hour computer based online test which is conducted in a single session.The GPAT score is accepted by all AICTE-Approved Institutions/University Departments/Constituent Colleges/Affiliated Colleges. A few scholarships and other financial assistance in the field of Pharmacy are also given on the basis of the GPAT score. GPAT examination consists of multiple choice questions (MCQ) in pharmacy. Multiple choice question consists of 4 option. MCQ are from the various subjections like pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, quality assurance etc.
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H Sree (10 месяцев назад)
Any suitable book for preparation of pharmacist job

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