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Fed Stonewalling - Bernanke Flatly Refuse to Say Which Banks Took Trillions in Taxpayer Loans

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Sen. Bernie Sanders questions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke during a Senate Budget Committee hearing. Sanders asks to know who received almost $2.3 trillion in taxpayer loans from the Fed. Bernanke flatly refuses to answer.
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Tabs T (1 год назад)
Without more debt the money system fails. That's why Debts keep getting higher
Sovereign Rebellion (2 года назад)
What year is this?
Lizard Ninja (3 года назад)
Man these jews are just the slimiest race on the planet wouldn't you agree bernie?
aplacefaraway (5 лет назад)
lets say there are 200 million working us citizens today. 2.2 trillion amounts to $11,000 dollars per person. this is 11 grand you don't have anymore. this stuff is real folks.
Titaniumomeega (5 лет назад)
God bless you senator Sanders...please"clean"our world from these discusting thieves! Greetings from Portugal to good Vermont people.
Steelbreeze420 (6 лет назад)
Go Bernie...its time to start jailing or having a "Running Man" style tv show for these ass clowns..
bluesman341 (6 лет назад)
Get him Bernie--!!! Throw Bernanke in prison for 20 years-screw him-he's a thief --he's afraid to rat them out because his life won't be worth shit-
Anthony Brown (6 лет назад)
Thank you Bernie! A true statesman!
lamourlupus (6 лет назад)
Ben Bernanke is a legal criminal and so are most of them including the US Federal Reserve Board.
Kris Hanshaw (6 лет назад)
Bernie Sanders ROCKS!!!!
Linda Doll (6 лет назад)
why can't we know the names, Chairman Bernanke?
experiessence (6 лет назад)
Go Bernie Go!!!
IntEngT (7 лет назад)
Likin this guy. hes bank on. How dare they abuse your trust and your money and your intelligence. they need to pay!!!.
ThamelasStormrage (7 лет назад)
Drag Bernanke out of the room, and hang him in the front of the building. Problem solved.
metaldrummer0724 (7 лет назад)
Like fierybabe40 said, these links should be screaming endless hints at you, but no one seems to be getting the message. AMERICAN PEOPLE WAKE UP! Bernanke is a conniving Zionist piece of sub-human scum. You have no idea how powerful the Zionists are and what they're doing with your money, your life, your loved ones' lives, your values, and everything that is yours! These parasites need to be driven out of all power positions of banking & finance, media, and politics. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!
Shlomo von Glickstein (7 лет назад)
Bernie Sanders is a GREAT American.
ACuriae624 (7 лет назад)
Ron Paul/Bernie Sanders 2012
Gioxtream (7 лет назад)
At last my Taxes at work!
kiwisnz kiwisnz (7 лет назад)
USA NEEDS TO VOTE >>>> Bernie Sanders
perlaand (8 лет назад)
The FED is the printing machine for the banks. The FED BELONGS to the banks so the banks can print money through the FED. In other words - A SCAM.
Malv Sidd (9 лет назад)
good work senator.
hackebeil20 (9 лет назад)
I am no American, but this guy is awesome! I'd love to see more politicians like this in our parliament as well. Get some backbone-guys!! 5*
MineMineMine (9 лет назад)
Thanks Senator Bernie!!
James Holder (9 лет назад)
Give them hell Senator!

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