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My Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Job Nightmare

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http://www.getpharmaceuticalsalesjob.com presents former pharmaceutical sales marketing manager Clint Cora talking about a pharma sales rep nightmare when he first started out in the industry. Clint is a fourteen year veteran in the pharmaceutical sales industry and offers a free webinar on drug rep careers at the website mentioned above.
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johnrakthai (2 года назад)
Why not try to truly heal the patients using diet, nutrition, and life style? Drugs are completely toxic and kill people slowly.
Dan Hawk (2 года назад)
+johnrakthai Yeah, that's a mighty large generalization you made there. What qualifies you to make such a ridiculous claim? Are you a "Google MD"? Often times genetics work against you, and changing diet and life style wont be enough. There are plenty of drugs that improve the quality of peoples lives, and outright save peoples lives.
Nose Goblin (2 года назад)
+johnrakthai And you're a "Spiritual" Nutjob. Drugs save peoples lives. i had a blood infection that would have KILLED ME without the incredibly powerful Antibiotics i needed. if i had used "Diet, Nutrition and Life Style" to fix a blood infection i may as well sat outside in the sun and prayed to a fucking ROCK for help.
asianboywhat (3 года назад)
So there were minimal adverse effects with the bd dosing regimen but were they achieving a therapeutic effect? No use taking a drug if no therapeutic effect is achieved.
Dennis Chan (3 года назад)
Great story!  Thanks for sharing!
Clint Cora (4 года назад)
She probably needs to get in with a company that treats her better. As far as how I got out, I made enough money and left to do my next career.
rockafelladw (4 года назад)
Hi Clint, wondering if you tell me how you got out of the pharma business? My girlfriend has been a drug rep for 11 years and she can't stand it. The managers and companies treat employees like crap. She has a masters in healthcare and is looking for a career change.
Clint Cora (4 года назад)
For me it was a perfect blend of my science and business backgrounds I had in university. I have no regrets whatsoever in spending 14 years in this past successful career. It's like the oil industry in many ways - yeah, sure it's nice to go green but as a society and the products we use, there's no way we are going to survive without oil in the foreseeable future.
SuperDelta000 (4 года назад)
Just out of interest. What interested you about the pharmaceutical industry to be a drug rep?
Clint Cora (4 года назад)
So if you are so anti-pharma, why were you watching the video?
SuperDelta000 (4 года назад)
Natural medicines do work because the body recognizes them, the body doesn't recognize antibiotics which also kill good bacteria and also leads to bacteria resistance and a host of long term health problems. Many times infections do not respond to antibiotics. Sometimes antibiotics can be life saving, but we can’t let it overpower our logic and push us to overuse medications that can have lasting side effects.
Clint Cora (4 года назад)
To each his or her own. If I have a hacking bronchitis and also have to be back on the ski slopes to teach classes, I'm not going to resort to remedies that might or might not work. I'm going to ask my doctor for the proven stuff.
SuperDelta000 (4 года назад)
Antibiotics are overused and there are natural alternatives to heal infections. Drugs are always a last resort and should be used only for emergency medicine.
Clint Cora (4 года назад)
I don't sell drugs anymore as I'm no longer in the industry. But if I ever get an infection of any kind, I certainly won't hesitate in asking my doctor for antibiotics. I have no issues taking prescriptions when indicated.
SuperDelta000 (4 года назад)
alcohol isn't synthetic, the drugs you sell are.
TheZmt325 (5 лет назад)
This also shows sales professionals that, shot happens. Don't give up...
icekoold69 (5 лет назад)
he doesn't use "umm" i respect that
Clint Cora (6 лет назад)
@killshitallday I would tell people that I use to sell drugs - raises eyebrows!
killshitallday (6 лет назад)
CLINT has anyone ever called you a drug dealer LOL. You should tell people that when you meet them jokingly of course LOL. Their reaction would be funny everytime.
Clint Cora (6 лет назад)
@davehutchinson67 So is alcohol
joykish (6 лет назад)
@clintleung I understand that the sales force went with the new dosing when it was approved. I made the mistake to assume that you were promoting the new dosage before it was approved by government approval! I am aware of certain dosages being preferential which doctors are privy to before it is approved. I jumped the gun on your video and I respect your responses and also your clinical knowledge!
Clint Cora (6 лет назад)
@joykish The entire sales force coast to coast went on the campaign with the new dosing when it was approved. The thing that many outsiders do not realize is that sometimes, new dosages are actually approved as the better standard regimens to prescribe after the drug has already been on the market. I know this might seem weird but sometimes better ways to use an existing drug are discovered by accident and they are submitted for government approval.
joykish (6 лет назад)
@clintleung You are correct. I did not do research on the drug that you were speaking about. So many drug reps I have heard will acknowledge unsupported doses for drugs that doctors speak about that fall outside of approved dosing inside prescribing information. I jumped the gun and assumed from this story this was the case. Obviously Clint is informed and is up on the studies. which is what many reps would do.
Clint Cora (6 лет назад)
@joykish No you obviously did NOT do your pharma history research. A newer b.i.d. dosing was approved in Canada so the sales force here was most certainly allowed to promote it the doctors. If you doubt this, just research on the approved dosages of misoprostol in Canada.
joykish (6 лет назад)
Your video obviously constitute dosing outside of the prescribing information... something that lawyers would have a heyday with. Congrats.
Clint Cora (6 лет назад)
@carmellac2000 It is, that's why I have resources to help at getpharmaceuticalsalesjob [dot] com
carmellac2000 (6 лет назад)
i heard that it was so hard to get into this industry
Clint Cora (6 лет назад)
@SuperThunderlips Just being professional
Viper (6 лет назад)
@clintleung Touchy touchy......no tough skin?
Clint Cora (6 лет назад)
@SuperThunderlips Unfortunately these types of side effects exist. Pharma people know that -- this is healthcare.
Viper (6 лет назад)
Have you speak to my company? A diahrea story?? No thanks I'll pass......
Libby Thomas (7 лет назад)
@GIspecialty hahahahhaha ikr.
GIspecialty (7 лет назад)
Great story.
Career Confidential (7 лет назад)
Thank you for sharing this Clint!

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