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Dave's Bees - How To Build A KTBH - Part 1 - Top Bars

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The first in a series of videos on how to build a Kenya top bar hive. Based on the free plans available for download at Biobees. This first video is on how to build the top bars.
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hparkersd (1 год назад)
Hi Dave, First of all great videos! I really enjoyed watching how to make the top bar hive. I definitely want to build one. I wondered if you had made any top bars hives to the proposed standard 19 1/2 inch top bar that can go into a Langstroth hive if need be. If the top bar was 19 1/12, some of other measurements would have to change. What would you do to adjust for the longer top bar? Would you just add the extra 2 1/2 inches to the middle of the ends and follower boards? The top would need to be wider too. Thanks!
Gaetan CLIN (2 года назад)
Hello! With all the information I could find on the internet and on the forum, I created and tried to improve my plans for the Kenyan hives, it's 4 or 5 years I do with beekeeping hives KTBH. How did you hives?
Tony Jetton (3 года назад)
Thanks Dave. You got right down to the business and did not force me to listen to the usual BS I encounter in the initial 5 minutes of most instructional youtube videos.
David Wright (3 года назад)
+Tony Jetton Thanks and good luck with the new hive.
PrimeLyfe (3 года назад)
Hey mate when I was making my top bars I made a little mistake and made them a little to skinny I was thinking I add spacers to them to keep them from attaching the combs together or should I redoo them or should they be fine
Michael Z (4 года назад)
I used your videos to build my 1st top bar hive with great success. I used 2x10 lumber for added winter insulation. I went a little over the top on the roof making a gabled, cedar shake and copper tornado proof lid.  Just wanted to thank you for all the steps and easy to follow instructions.
David Wright (3 года назад)
So glad it worked out for you.
Michael Z (3 года назад)
+David Wright Hives' just got bee's, doing well. I took your advice and put hinges on the lids. Learned my 1st painful lesson about stings to the face as well. They are fascinating to watch.
David Wright (4 года назад)
That's great.  Hope it is a tilting lid or that you have very strong back. 
David Wright (5 лет назад)
That's it, 3/4 inch is the actual thickness even though they are called 1 by 4.
Patrick Thomas (5 лет назад)
In the plans, it says to use 3/4 inch thick wood for the top bars. In your video, you said use 1x4s. Is that extra 1/4 inch going to matter, or are those really 3/4 inch thick even though they SAY they are an inch thick?
David Wright (5 лет назад)
kokosz33, These hives are built via Phil Chandlers plans and he uses 1 3/8 topbars. I have only used 1 3/8 topbars but have added thin spacers when bees decided to build big combs. Some people use 1 1/4 topbars in the brood nest and 1 1/2 inch topbars in the stores area. Again, I just use all 1 3/8 inch throughout the hive. So you could use a few 1 1/4 bars then add some bigger ones or plan on spacers to make the span a little larger. Good luck and Have fun!
magicbeekeeper (5 лет назад)
Hi. I got wood for bars - 1 inch and 2/8 of inch. tou say 1 and 3/8 of inch. Small differance of 2 minimeters. What do you think - should I make bars from what I got or I need to look for exact dimencions?
David Wright (6 лет назад)
You are welcome, it is great to know that the videos are helping and thank you for flying "top bar". Make sure you join the Natural Beekeeping Network as that is where the top bar folks hang out.
Cinqmil (6 лет назад)
Hi Dave, I've been building my own top bar hive. Your videos were a great help. Thanks a lot.
David Wright (7 лет назад)
Mushroom Patch....You are very welcome. You will have so much fun with your KTBH, but plan now as though you will be making more; that way you will be ready.
Mushroom Patch (7 лет назад)
Today I start building my Top Bar hive! Dave...thank you very much.
David Wright (7 лет назад)
Yes that is great for folks who use 1 ¼ bars for brood and 1 ½ for honey. I use 1 3/8 throughout the hive and would have to shave or plane a little off some of the bars with either method. I also use the little left over strips for all sort of things so there is not much waste. The last thing, without returning to the store is the cost per foot for 1 by 2s vice 1 by 4s. Overall, yes you can use 1 by 2s and perhaps save some fingers! Thank you,
David Wright (7 лет назад)
I don’t think one works any better than the other as they are just guides for the bees to use. I like the molding since it eliminates a saw kerf and I get to keep my fingers. I use an electric brad nailer (wear safety glasses) and glue to attach the molding and that feels much safer to me.
David Wright (7 лет назад)
You are welcome. I hope you have as much fun with the hives as I have.
Great and Thanks...Getting ready to do my own...and that you are using the same plans from BioBees..AWESOME! Cool to see your mods as well!
David Wright (7 лет назад)
Azman, That is great! I love a good success story. Dave
Azman MD-ALI (7 лет назад)
Dear Sir, I thank you for this video series. I managed to build a few top bar beehives after seeing these videos few months back. Now I have bees occupying 3 of my topbar beehives. Many thanks. Azman Kajang, Malaysia.
David Wright (7 лет назад)
Backcountrysportsman, I say if you can build a birdhouse then you can build a KTBH.
David Wright (8 лет назад)
Teshake, Thanks I'm glad you liked it. David Wright

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