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Mr. Badar Khushnood -- The country consultant for Google speaking at Hajvery University (HU)

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Mr. Badar Khushnood -- The country consultant for Google, shared his dream of a "globally connected, locally engaged and digitally active" Pakistan. For Khushnood the potential lay in the fast growing mobile phone market and internet growth. "The internet is not just a new medium, it's a new lifestyle," he said, adding that the importance of technology could be gauged by the fact that a sitting chief minister had created a Facebook page and his rivals are campaigning using social media. He said that conventional media was also going digital. "Change is not the death [of a society], the fear of change is," said Khushnood. TEDxHUP International Conference was Organized by Hajvery University (HU) under license from TED, USA. It was held on Saturday, February 4 at the HU. The Conference brought together the Movers & Shakers of Pakistan as Keynote Speakers.The Theme of the Conference was — I Dream of a Pakistan.. You can view Videos of TEDx Talks by these remarkable speakers on www.TEDxHUP.com, and www.hup.edu.pk FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT SUCH CONFERENCES, AND ATTENDING FUTURE CONFERENCES, VISIT WWW.HUP.EDU.PK Thank you for all the appreciation we received, it will inspire us to arrange even more remarkable events in future! =) Hajvery University (HU) w: www.hup.edu.pk e: admin@hup.edu.pk blog: hup.edu.pk/blog uan: 042- 111 777 007
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Mohsin Javed (6 лет назад)
i dont find anything interesting in this talk
Cybax (6 лет назад)
There is something very googlish about this talk
mrghouri87 (6 лет назад)
Kindly share the slides so that we can also learn to know about these websites...
Hajvery University (6 лет назад)
@affanjaved, unfortunately Mr. Badar Khushnood regretted to share his slideshow, citing copyright issues that may arise if the slides were made public. However, the other 10 key-note speakers have made their slideshows public, which have been embedded in their TEDxTalks videos. Do watch them, you like them very much. Regards,
Affan Javed (6 лет назад)
can we see the slides or get the information of what he is showing on slides?

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