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Gwen Olsen Over Medicated America

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I thought I'd repost this. I'm lucky that none of my family nor friends have had to rely upon the medications mentioned in this vodeo. I wanted to post this beause this is also true for Cancer and other degenerative diseases. Please take her information seriosly and reccamend others to take more responsibility and be more proactive with their heath and knowladge.
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Seth Marchese (22 дня назад)
Those horrible souless jews
Tamika Driver (23 дня назад)
Theresa Palmer (3 месяца назад)
Unfortunately, I have several relatives addicted to Zoloft.. They make everyone around them miserable
MetalSammie (6 месяцев назад)
Same Oxycontin and Opioids Or ar15 psychiatry is behind fusing those qnd they try to sabotage N.R.A like they are cheng ing OPIOIDS from a another, and they are horrible ifn they are not Opioid. Iike Avicii used Gababenrin7/-Pregabalin ( (lyrica) and it makes u a Anna. Die. Its the psychiatric Drugs antidepressant, and lithium Neurotoxic NOT CAR NOT GUN NOT BIBLE OR QURAN OR GTA or MARILYN MANSON. Its psychiatry industry of death! !!
Sir Laughs a Lot (6 месяцев назад)
It is messages like this one, about money.....spoken to a society that worships free enterprise (and the riches and dreams that go along with it) that whither and die like last year's petunias. There is a howling deafness across the land, to these messages. And the deafness persists until death do deaf part. Victims? A nation of walking wounded. For what it's worth.....you do your niece proud.
In Veritate Gloria (9 месяцев назад)
Oh, how difficult to listen to this story... yet all the more important. Please listen, everyone. Thanks for the upload.
CSAcitizen Feather (10 месяцев назад)
Doctors today are not trained in HEALTH. Big Pharma are who sponsors the medical schools and hospitals and they say what doctors are taught and they are made to be Big Pharma drug pushers ! NOT to heal anyone ! They are to be Big Pharma's drug pushers and nothing more. They get kickbacks for each person/ baby they get on drugs and vaccines and are not allowed to go against any of it or they lose their medical license. Once you go to that first doctor, that will begin a long string of doctors and drugs and vaccines etc - your life will be over ! Take note that I've never met a doctor yet that let their own kids get any vaccinations ! I'm 73 and do not go to doctors. My mother was 91 and still working a hard job and only needed a simple antibiotic for a sudden simple infection that a simple antibiotic would take care of in 3 days, was forced into the hospital and they killed her in 3 days ! She never went to doctors and the one time she did, it killed her and she was healthy and active to that moment. The first thing the hospital did was to, in less then 2 minutes in there, they forced her into an induced coma (for no reason) so she could not respond, but she could feel and hear all around her but could not respond to it or speak to anyone to tell them what they were doing to her - they use morphine usually - this is the murder they do to so many people to lower the population ! Hospitals get away with it because they can make up all kinds of conditions the victim supposedly had that "killed them". And hospitals get away with it because no one questions a hospital ! But the govt controls the hospitals and are partners in crime with Big Pharma. It's a racket they have been doing for at least the past 16 years. The VA uses their vets as lab rats and kill them constantly with their experiments of drugs and vaccines. They murdered my very healthy father with their drug experiments and that began by his just going in for his yearly check up he was fine and healthy and on his way out to his car to go home when a foreign doctor grabbed him by the arm and lead him into his office telling him he didn't' look well. A LIE. He just got a clean bill of health. But they LIE to you to get you to be scared enough to obey them - after all doctors have been made to be next to God in authority ! Then that "doctor" pushed 4 different pills down his throat, and in 10 minutes my Dad could not even walk 10 steps without being so out of breath he had to rest and that is a man that before this could out run me ! From that day on he was never able to lay down to sleep without stopping breathing. So he sat up to sleep for 7 months that it took them to kill my Dad, when all other victims used in this experiment never made it past 4 months ! THAT is how strong and healthy my Dad was until they forced these pills into him and told him he then had to take them daily or he'd die. That is how they scare older people - with death when that is what the 'doctor 'was actually doing to them !. My Dad was never on any meds /drugs. THEY LIE LIE LIE AND THEN LIE SOME MORE TO FORCE PEOPLE TO OBEY THEM ! Today you cannot trust a doctor or a hospital ! These are not the doctors of yesteryear ! Learn about nutrition and your body and how it works - because doctors certainly don't know anything about that. All they know is drugs and needles ! Don't use microwave ovens for anything, not even heating water. Microwaves kill anything nutritious in whatever goes in it. Lean how to grow real foods because everything in the stores is now GE /GMO fake foods that are designed to slow kill you ! Cook the old fashioned way. Don't use anything "instant" or "diet". Eat as much vegetables as you can raw or juice them. Never use "baby carrots" = they are GE carrots. Try shopping at local farms or farmers markets. Learn what the body needs. There are natural ways to take care of and even cure things like diabetes, high blood pressure, flu, etc. You can even avoid heart surgery if you know what to take and use . Doctors / hospitals have murdered my whole family so far and they were all healthy and active until they went to a doctor or hospital ! I just broke my wrist in 3 places not long ago and I did NOT go to a doctor or hospital - I took care of it myself and I'm fine ! I didn't sleep for 3 nights due to the constant intense pain, but I got through it. You have to learn how to be tough ! Life has no place for sissies. A doctor or hospital would not be able to do anything anyway for a joint break and once in a cast that they always put you in, you would lose the mobility of that joint forever - so I just used a sling until the intense pain went away and then began to use it (move it because it was so weak and hurtful I could not even hold a piece of paper in it) slowly moving it so there would be mobility when it fully healed. That was 6 months ago and now I'm hauling heavy pails of water with it for my farm animals ! And I'm a 95 pound 73 year old gal ! My young 54 year old adopted brother went to the hospital 4 years ago, just to get some crutches and an ankle boot for his ankle fracture - they forced him into the hospital and he too was dead in 3 days. The hospital has to keep you alive for a full 3 days to get their money and then they kill you on the 4th day because they cannot make any more money off you after the 4th day ! They usually OD you on morphine to kill you. It is the exact same process they all do to kill you and get paid to do it ! Never go to a hospital ! And stay away from doctors - IF YOU WANT TO STAY ALIVE ! ! Especially if you are 65 or older because the govt wants to keep your Social Security even though lawfully it belongs to the family ! Social Security is your money you earned in your lifetime that the govt has no legal right to touch much less keep ! But they do. They never allow that money to go to the family where it lawfully belongs. Social Security is suppose to be your retirement money. but the spouse is only allowed to get one Soc Security check, even though the spouse's money was earned wages that belong to the family / spouse. It's how the govt steals and controls your money. Its' Communism they began back in the 1930's. Learn natural ways to take care of your own health because we are at the govt extermination stage of history, and you need to be your own doctor. Find a natural doctor if you can in your area - those are regular MD's that went on to learn homeopathic medicine as well. But still learn about your own health and how to take care of it. Vitamins and minerals should be taken daily and make sure they are the natural kind NOT synthetic ! Hard to find the natural doctors since the govt has been murdering them off in great numbers - they have killed 82 this year alone so far ! The CIA has been very busy with their guns and heart attack guns and accidents and 'suicides' this year ! ====
Peter Hart (10 месяцев назад)
Hi Gwen. Is it possible that psychotropic drugs can make you tell lies and become manipulative?
gwen joplin (11 месяцев назад)
How does one not know not to be on more then one drug
JanCarol11 (7 месяцев назад)
How does one choose to be on NO drugs? They are designed for profits, not for health.
Phil Ad (1 год назад)
... Better yet, eat a whole plant-based diet, so reduce or eliminate the need to take medication.
JanCarol11 (7 месяцев назад)
Unless you've already been drugged, then you may need the meats and fats to rebuild your myelin sheath, endocrine system, and nervous system.
David Billyard (8 месяцев назад)
Good advice Phil,but for some people who have already got a 'diagnosis' , your ass is owned..
Brenda Kabanda (1 год назад)
Phil Ad Tell me about it. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis 5 years ago. I have had 4 surgeries and countless medication. I only found out last year that all I need was to go vegan and drink lots of water. I swear on my mum's grave that I feel so much better now, I don't take any medication now . I had another lady tell me that she had been told by doctor to do the same. After a decade of pain, she had asked her doctor to tell her what to do no matter what it was. He said that he could give her all the meds in the world and she would still not be well. So he told her to eat a plant based diet to help regulate her estrogen and drink lots of drink to cleanse her body of toxins. She said that within a week she knew that she would never eat any different. I drink a litre of water every morning. I feel more energy now. My friends think I'm crazy for eating like herbivore, but they are also happy for me as I don't have to cry of pain everytime they talk or see me. SO PLEASE GO VEGAN IF IT IS HARD BUT TRY EATING LESS ANIMAL PRODUCTS.
Phil Ad (1 год назад)
I do not think man has cured any disease. We just have aids to help the body to cure itself.
JanCarol11 (7 месяцев назад)
Suppressing symptoms often slows the body's capacity to heal itself.
Tim M (1 год назад)
When a doctor suggests I take a pill, my first answer is no. I always go to nutrition first. Raw food. Enzymes. Fruit. Vegetables. It is like people have forgotten. I never ask permission. Just do what you know deep down is right. Meditation. Nutrition. Etc.
Brenda Kabanda (1 год назад)
Tim M Wise man,
Sky Miller (2 года назад)
Gwen: I want to tell the world the same thing you are telling, but with my own personal validation. I trusted my psychiatrist, because we were taught to look at doctors with reverence. He diagnosed me and told me that I needed to take pills the rest of my life. I didn't question him at all, but felt like something had died inside me, just from the diagnosis. I was given a life sentence for something I really didn't agree with. It was like pleading guilty to a crime I didn't commit. I took a cocktail of mind-altering pills every day for TWENTY YEARS! Then one day, my doctor falsely accused me of mis-using one of the medications during a phone call and hung up on me. I was furious after a problem-free 20 year relationship. It was as though he had me mixed up with someone else. So I realized that he was not the caring doctor I had thought he was and made a decision not to take any more pills; with no tapering. I didn't know the consequences of just stopping. I was writing an autobiography and included all of this in it. THE PROBLEM THAT I FACE now is (and it has been 3 years), where do I go to get help. All of those years of poisoning my brain with chemicals has CAUSED a lot of problems. Your message Gwen, is for those "beginning" treatment. There is no place or doctors that I know of that can help me after the fact. Can anyone reading this recommend somebody specializing in this? I don't care if I have to travel around the world.
JanCarol11 (7 месяцев назад)
SkyMiller - Kelly Brogan, "A Mind of Your Own," has diet, meditation protocols for healing. www.survivingantidepressants.org has information on symptoms, non-drug methods for surviving symptoms, and protocols for tapering in a peer support forum.
PSG Prints (7 месяцев назад)
Sky Miller Look on urine therapy & dry fasting
Hubert Geelen (8 месяцев назад)
Sky Miller i advise you to contact dr Peter Breggin. You find his videos on You Tube. I have not a personal medical experience with him. He is a psychiatrist who says that he never prescribed pills to his patients in his long life. He is experienced in getting off these pills because the patients who come to him are being drugs prescribed by other doctors. Goodluck !!
TheProactiveCreative (9 месяцев назад)
Perhaps you could start by looking up info on ener-chi dot com, then try Dr. Billie J. Sahley at 800 669 2256, painstresscenter dot com. They could at least refer you, but likely they will be very helpful themselves.
sandra villarreal (3 года назад)
Thank you for reposting Gwen, my heart goes out to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for advocating on our behalf. I am an ex-mental patient also prescribed so many drugs suicide attempts became my only option out. Thank god I survived my nightmare on psychiatric drugs for 35 yrs. I admire you so very much!

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