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Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

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PREVIOUS VIDEO HERE - https://youtu.be/XJgOBiy7vR0 SUBSCRIBE For Weekly Videos Lets Be Birds On Twitter - https://twitter.com/derekdeso Facebook Me http://www.facebook.com/derekdeso Instagram @DerekDeso This Is Just A Quick Video I Did Because I Had Some Questions For The Ladies,Hope You All Enjoyed And Maybe Related To The Video. Show Your Girlfriend The Drunk Part,I'm Sure She Can Relate. Thanks For Watching Mi Familia,I Will See You Next Sunday,Love Ya!!
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Текстовые комментарии (129)
I I (2 месяца назад)
I miss these type of vids he used to make. I have a hard time following him now
Ramiro Juarez (6 месяцев назад)
Wow just wow
eva hernandez (2 года назад)
if u do squats and lunges you get a bigger butt
Leonie Eti (2 года назад)
Super cute
brian peter (2 года назад)
D Edward (2 года назад)
kevin and the rest of the most part. It is not the intended to provide a link to this message. Thank God for all the time of the World. I have been a long day, but I don't know what you are not a big deal with the help of the most part. I am not sure how much of a new one of the New York. The other is the best of the most important thing is that I have a great deal of time, I have a lot of time. I have a great deal of experience with the same. The first is the most of the most part. I will be the best way. The other day and night and day, and a half years. This is It is not a big deal with the help of my favorite, and a half years. This is It is not a big deal with the help of my 22 2, and a half years. The only
D Edward (2 года назад)
Omar Lopez (2 года назад)
Truth be told brah 👍🏻
TFS Sergio (2 года назад)
love your channel derekdeso
Tenysha Williams (3 года назад)
Hahaha yes! Hilarious
Luis Cortez (3 года назад)
Look at all thiese bassic bitches getting mad because the truth hurts lol.
sienna sings (3 года назад)
So happy i found your channel, your videos are great, and you're so cutee😍😍
Blanca Aguilar (4 года назад)
He just told me that I'll b desnalgada all my life 😢 Lol
Jamaican Queen25 (4 года назад)
1:18-1:30!! LMAOO
Natalie Rodriguez (4 года назад)
Great video lol :)
Aileen Garcia (4 года назад)
😂👏 so funny
Tieria Daniels (4 года назад)
why do basic bitches call basic bitches "basic bitches" the world may never know
Sahdula Anwar (4 года назад)
I can never decide who is better lil moco or you
Marisol Guerrero (4 года назад)
What the fuck is guru I don't even know what that is lol but this video was hilarious😂
PrincessMeimei12 (4 года назад)
Lmao...tht was hilarious and crazily true
Jgonzalez (4 года назад)
1:37 hahaha shit got me rollin and why does this fool look so fkn good im like ala vergaaaa
sassy reyna (4 года назад)
Defiantly in the top 5 best Youtubers! 
K Files (4 года назад)
Ok, I had to pause on "choke me and pull my hair", I like a little kinkiness. But I don't like the hair  being pulled. I paid some money for that shit. Rather if it's my real hair or my weave, it cost MONEY. So no touchies for the hair. 
Marie Antione (4 года назад)
I'm a unique girl but I don't go around calling bitchs basic! Lol only when I get mad at a hoe tho mr.derekdeso.
Yaritza Betancourt (4 года назад)
Hilarious 😂😂
Jenny Dolma (4 года назад)
LMFAO damn i love this guy and how real he keeps it. AND he's hilarious. Welcome back derek.
jesusbar313 (4 года назад)
Gema Jimenez (4 года назад)
Yeah I'm a girls and even I don't understand the whole "basic bitch" thing. As far as telling y'all to go harder.. Well trust me when I say that just means you aren't doing a very awesome job because when its hard already... She's gonna go from moaning to using some 'ouch' in there.. Harder feels better and faster.
Gema Jimenez (4 года назад)
Girl* lol I cannot spell
Ozmel Ramirez (4 года назад)
You should do a sneaker collection
TheLordArab TV (4 года назад)
wtf,,,, u gone again fuck faCE
lavishluevano (4 года назад)
I wish I could help you with Those questions, I have to question myself some times about why do girls...      Especially with Leggings, ok first off why do girls think its ok to wear leggings all the time any were? they sleep in them, go to Walmart and then hit the club, terrible, put some damn jeans on for crying out loud. lol my bad just thought I would put my 2cents in cause I always pitch.
Kiki Mejia (4 года назад)
Where are you!!?? Make another video pleeease :(
MzBeBeLena (4 года назад)
Brah.. You are fuckin hot. My type lol. Does this nigga like Jamaican chicks or nah ? Lol
Fernando Anaya (4 года назад)
Aye Deso where did you get your shoes at.
ashley brown (4 года назад)
lol you are so funny glad youre backkk !!!
bijlee (4 года назад)
Sooooooo hot ;)
belladiana09 (4 года назад)
glad to see you back :) 
BlackXxMoon (4 года назад)
Just found you! I'm feelin it good video!
yasmin boo (4 года назад)
Hating on big girls
meesha meeshaac (4 года назад)
I liked this video do more like this and more of you and your girlfriend!
Christian Reyes (4 года назад)
Juana Rocha (4 года назад)
First time watching your video and you gained a subscriber. Handsome with a great sense of humor. Always a plus. Keep it up Derek! ;)
Juana Rocha (4 года назад)
Are you a fucking alien or something? Lol
theundergroundhits (4 года назад)
True shit tho
kevinnnnn95 (4 года назад)
#independent lmao biggest misused hashtag on instagram  
MVee (4 года назад)
So Should Us Girls Make A Video Of What We Think Of Guys As Well.. Lol
Keniya Khidd (4 года назад)
That shirt tho :)
Chunky Butt funky (4 года назад)
Yes thats.what I.say why the.fuck.do.girls with no.ass wear leggings ...lol
Asha873 (4 года назад)
missed your vids! happy your back <3
chillbrutha82 (4 года назад)
I ain't never heard a guy COMPLAIN that his girl wanted to be fucked harder. Smh. 
r0b0m1r0 (4 года назад)
Excellent point on that DV. Damn horny women
Danny Vee (4 года назад)
would a flat-ass girl wearing leggings be equal to a flat-chested, skinny armed man wearing a tank top?! time to hit them weights fellas!
Andrew Alcantara (4 года назад)
U are mad funny man
SpokenTruth1994 (4 года назад)
This shit true and funny as fuck lol . The crew neck fresh thoe lol
DerekDeso (4 года назад)
Glad to see everybody again. I'm back and I got plenty of heat coming up for ya! See you all Sunday
TRUJILLO CHUY (5 месяцев назад)
DerekDeso, was up bro 🍻🍻🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍺🍺🍺🍺🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹
Frank Flores Jr. (2 года назад)
DerekDeso i think u should do a vid on why females with no ass wear legging yoga pants and all that and plus the onea that wear fitness clothing all the time keep up the work always funny
XxBiteMe90xX (4 года назад)
telling us to put our pants back on...NO okay just NO!!!
ThestruggleisReal (4 года назад)
cool you're back wait are you gonna make another "I'm back" video or what... I enjoy your videos but man if you say you're going to do something then do it don't give us fake schedules.
Redrover (4 года назад)
Fuck your gone again bro!
Barrio Dogg (4 года назад)
biiiiiiittcchh  ur buzzin righhtt
simplyfanny (4 года назад)
Lmao! I was thinking the same thing about the makeup guru's & also about thr basic bitches lol. Love this video!
raraastrella (4 года назад)
Maybe you need to step up your sex game.
akajc1991 (4 года назад)
haha this is too true man
Lilly Rosa (4 года назад)
You made key points but for big girls wearing heels, they are trying to look good for themselves or they just have a reason why to wear heels. Or they are just trying to impress men but that's one thing I don't get.
Karla Munoz (4 года назад)
Lmaooooo omg I missed you!!!!
dmoneylowe (4 года назад)
Where you get that sweater
Amar Maldonado (4 года назад)
got yourself a subscriber :) your funny bro.
Isabella Gonzalez (4 года назад)
Lmao! All these are so true.. Except I've never asked for my man to pull my hair it choke me.. Weird.. lol you're so cute Derek
Alina Cruz (4 года назад)
ang el (4 года назад)
That's an ugly sweater
AlTheBlogger (4 года назад)
Anahi Pina (4 года назад)
Diggin the new look on everything. Fav color♡ welcome back D
joel rivera (4 года назад)
"I'm just focusing on making you cum" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
David Toledo (4 года назад)
Keep'em Comin Homie!!
Michael Galindo (4 года назад)
Ha ha ha ah hahaha! Real talk nigga
ReaneyPooh (4 года назад)
Guilty for the make up guru. Only cause I like doing peoples make up. It's like a form of art that I enjoy.
Stephanie Gonzales (4 года назад)
That lisp
Tamara Loca (4 года назад)
i miss him
Dose0ne714 (4 года назад)
Isamar Chavez (4 года назад)
I Think I died. Lol Keep it up!
Isamar Chavez (4 года назад)
I Think I died. Lol Keep it up!
BellyJae (4 года назад)
Haha! Yeah, I have no ass. Just the way it is. Although I.don't wear leggings, why does it matter if flat booty girls wear leggings? Great video :)
VSKeke (4 года назад)
Bae I missed you!!!
Lala C (4 года назад)
Whaa deso is back!?.. this was too funny xD
Jose Ortiz (4 года назад)
Im the 999 like 😁
RCSB Silverado (4 года назад)
true if you ain't born with an ass to begin with squats ain't gon do shit xD lmao glad you said hahahaha 
Nancy Guzman (4 года назад)
Nice scenery. Diggin the colors. Very vibrant. Goes well with ur attire. Keep up the good work
PattieMcCoyx3 (4 года назад)
Love u!!!
Shabazz Brum (4 года назад)
Yay to more videos :D
94elvira (4 года назад)
missed youu !!! Glad you're back :) 
Jessica (4 года назад)
Aagh i love u!! I missed u!
KINGICE (4 года назад)
Nice to see u back
Luis 405 (4 года назад)
Erik Garibay (4 года назад)
When u gunna be goggles wit moco
2007killa (4 года назад)
"why does Russia always wana go to war" LMFAOOOO random asf but funny asf!!
Anonymous (4 года назад)
So funny keep it up bro
playa4lifesd619 (4 года назад)
About time doggie! Where u been dogg? U need to do more with Lil Moco homie!! Keep doing your thang G
Anthony Guiza (4 года назад)
Don't follow to unfollow. Maybe if yo shit wasn't on private I could see you ain't nutin but a basic bitch and you wouldn't have that issue. Lol
Lana Dilaurentis (4 года назад)
why are you sipping on orange juice?
Jeremiah Collins (4 года назад)
My homie is back! Enjoyed this one hahahaha 
Jeremiah Collins (4 года назад)
like we needa do it this week! lol I drop a good one later bro, after that, all week ima be on it with an idea. I'll shoot you a text
DerekDeso (4 года назад)
haha fasho bro we goin kill it soon
Jessica Trujillo (4 года назад)
I just watch your vidz kus your fine but you talk about bull crap lol
Reeeahhxo (4 года назад)
Then again , why do guys wear muscle tees without muscles.
BULL1TRC Jr (1 год назад)
Reeeahhxo why are you so overweight
Patricia Ruiz (4 года назад)
actionsack55 (4 года назад)
Russia wants to go to war they trippen hahahah

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