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Asthma Takes A Vacation

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http://www.theasthmatreatmentstory.com You too can easily control your asthma symptoms and enjoy life in the way you would like to. Especially on vacation. No more coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath and reaching for your inhaler. Using a natural asthma treatment you will have no fear or signs of side effects from prescription medications. I used to get a lot of side effects. Palpitations, tiredness, mood swings, dizziness, itching and other irritations. You will not be requiring your bronchodilators, corticosteroids, inhalers, nebulizers, etc., or steroids of any kind. In the video you can see that exercise and breathing the cold and more rarified air at over eleven thousand feet was not a problem, even though that is something asthmatics are normally advised to avoid. Just because you have asthma doesn't mean you have to be totally restricted in what activities you can or can't achieve. On the asthma treatment story website I write in plain English, without medical jargon or technical terms as far as possible. I explain how asthma works and give you the two solutions I use to reduce asthma, plus how and why they work. I believe there is a lot of misinformation available on asthma and how to manage asthma. Well meaning but, for me at least, wrong. I found what worked for me and it was not expensive to test it out. Maybe you too can get similar relief from this dreadful chronic disease by the same method. If you don't try, you may never know. That would be a shame when you, or someone you love, does not have to suffer. Now, go to http://www.theasthmatreatmentstory.com to get your own solution to natural asthma treatment.
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Jon and Debbie Lake (8 лет назад)
Love the video, especially the analogies (runny nose etc)

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