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You now eat CLONED MEAT thanks to corrupt FDA! They don't even have to label it CLONED

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The corrupt FDA is bought off by the corporations to approve whatever they want! PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE! Download this and any other youtube or google video quickly and easily using the FREE player from http:// www.realplayer.com/ DON'T JUST WATCH THIS, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Show all your friends and family and ESPECIALLY PEOPLE IN POSITIONS OF POWER! TAKE ACTION. Most Americans HAVE NO CLUE that the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE, FOR PROFIT CORPORATION! Americans have been scammed for TRILLIONS FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE by charging us interest to print "money," when our government USED TO PRINT MONEY FOR FREE WITHOUT CHARGING US INTEREST! DON'T BELIEVE ME, LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! JFK, Ron Paul, Woodrow Wilson, Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan, and many others have spoken against the horrible Federal Reserve system we now have which is unnecessary because our government can print the money without paying interest to the private for profit Federal Reserve. While our government can print money for free, the people who own the private Federal Reserve have made trillions off of creating the US money. They loan money to the US government at interest, when our government could print it without them for free. JFK tried to get rid of the Federal Reserve by printing United States Notes because he realized that if private super rich bankers own the Federal Reserve and they loan money to the government, they essentially own the government. The Federal Reserve is the MAJOR reason why this country has declined financially! The Federal Reserve can be abolished and the government can do the same thing by printing money with United States Notes instead of the Federal Reserve Notes. This will save the country trillions! Watch documentaries like "Money Masters" or "Freedom to Fascism" for more detailed info on the BIGGEST FINANCIAL SCAM ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE in History! The Federal Reserve is THE MAJOR REASON why the poor is increasing in numbers and the rich continue to get richer! Stop wasting time with things that don't matter like sports or tv. Expose the truth of the corruption going on, and do something about it!
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jimi08jam (2 месяца назад)
Just a bunch of shit there creating
ABZ 400 (6 месяцев назад)
Fuck were not living in a zombie age fuck make real meat u dumb fucks
R Miller (1 год назад)
Clone food do cause serious health promblems in Humans
Karen Gordon (2 года назад)
wow omg, this is soo stomach turning....now they're taking away our choices to choose what we eat...they killing us slowly...Jesus help us...please this society is a freaking SICK ONE!!!! PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!
Al K (2 года назад)
Here come the hordes of Ill-informed morality warriors screaming "what has the world come to!" and "look how dangerous this is". If these nuts actually decided to research the science behind basic cloning, they would realise that all it involves is taking cells from one animal and putting it in another. You know...like we've been doing to bananas for years? Oh, yeah, how do you think all your fresh fruit and veg is so perfect looking from the supermarket? It's called genetic modification folks, and you've been eating it happily for a century, so please stop jumping the gun and running scared from reality.
Pono Kaleikini (4 года назад)
Yes we're legally being poison
Maggie Marban (4 года назад)
What the heck! seriously how far away from the natural food of this earth have we come, steroids, growth hormones, artificial flavors, preservatives, food dyes, everything is processed. and now cloned food! and no labeling! 
Serlao Crescendo (3 года назад)
+Michael Adams You're fucking stupid... Save an animal, kill yourself
Maggie Marban (4 года назад)
+Michael Light Yagami It's funny because I don't eat meat anymore, but cloning animals does not reduce their suffering. The cloning process isn't always smooth you know. Also it's not just our meat that is modified it's our fruits and veggies and cereal and milk etc.. The big food companies are making it really hard for the consumers to buy food that is natural and they are doing this on purpose simply for profit 
Michael Adams (4 года назад)
You do realise at this point in time it is possible to not eat meat. People are making the cloned meat so animals don't have to die and for more efficiency so by saying, "oh it's not natural" is invalid. Would you rather something be natural and an animal be killed in the process or something modified but no animals harmed
Terry Lorenzen (5 лет назад)
I'm okay with this. Cloned meat is tasty.
Jacquie Walton (5 лет назад)
Awesome Report Thank you!
purplehorsy (5 лет назад)
Solution too not eat cloning meat is to be a vegetarian, much healthier and more kind for the animals..
Ima Skeptic (6 лет назад)
Without long term independent testing of cloned beef or other meat products, they are using the population as guinea pigs. If they get by with this, something crazier will be approved and not labeled. Monsantos RoundUP ready GMO crops like soy, corn, beets, Canola Oil, Cottonseed oil etc. have also been problematic and unlabeled. The USA is currently a population of guinea pigs for profit. More rights are lost every day.
Nicholassc7k (6 лет назад)
dude i have taken biology class, anatomy, chemistry, and adv biology. So please if you are trying to act like i dont know what i am talking about.... just no. lol. We have had this discussion in our class and about genetically modified food (which u have been eating for 20 years). i see WAY more of a problem with that than this. This is nothing and it seems perfectly fine with me. I highly doubt there would be any changes at all. If anything i would be more worried about the environmental effect
got2go2bed2 (6 лет назад)
Dude take a Bio class at a Collage or something, ask a Bio Professor at collage about what he thinks, im sure hes not on the cloning side. it can be bad to eat this stuff.
Nicholassc7k (6 лет назад)
who cares if its cloned? i dont see the big deal?

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