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RC Camping Adventure with Planes, Cars, Boats and More

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We hit the woods with some of our new and popular products. It was quite an experience. We hope you guys enjoyed this video we put together. Let us know what you think, and thanks for watching
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Shady King (4 года назад)
im a beginner and i ordered a 4 ch radio...  i want to know if a 4 ch radio fits a 3 channel airplane.
nitroplanes (4 года назад)
It should work with no issues. 
neonbluen851 (5 лет назад)
a GoPro
neonbluen851 (5 лет назад)
whats the song at 3;06 ?
Yahjay808 (6 лет назад)
Cool & Awesomeness & Very Clear Vid! Where Did U Get Dat Camera From?? The One U Mounted On The Air Plane...
Ron Elberg (6 лет назад)
i just love this video looks like you are having tons of fun guys
TheGoodLife (6 лет назад)
Pro video, you are good congrats!
nitroplanes (6 лет назад)
They ran out of gas haha, and didn't bring the gas tank to the lake when they went camping.
BashMonkeyRC (6 лет назад)
any idea how it stalled?
nitroplanes (6 лет назад)
The gas boat in the video has a pull start on it, all of our gasoline boats comes with pull starts. Great tip about the remote start we'll see if we can get one working on our boat next time we go out to a lake to shoot.
BashMonkeyRC (6 лет назад)
Hey does that gasser boat have a remote start on it? Cuz if not then that'd be a good mod to try on it.
SkySlayer (6 лет назад)
Where was the PIG :(
Chris Olinger (6 лет назад)
nice vid
Chase Ortiz (7 лет назад)
where is this!
samikazy (7 лет назад)
Very nice time!! Lucky guys..!!! ;))
Austin Leonard (7 лет назад)
Killerkenny42 (7 лет назад)
it looks like either isabella lake or lake tahoe
Trey Guitteau (7 лет назад)
You guys in Southern California?
youronlycow (7 лет назад)
where is Tony in this vid? cool vid!!
SteamerBob (7 лет назад)
Nice VID, funny Guys.. Where's the " WOODS"? I saw sagebrush and shrubs, but not much woods. You been in SoCal too long, forgot what WOODS are. Luv the Catalina. When U gonna get it?
Seadog1967 (7 лет назад)
Were those Nitro Burgers??? and where's the Nitro Girls LOL
Rdrake1413 (7 лет назад)
Looks like y'all had a great time
Bundymania-Reviews (7 лет назад)
Grrrrreeaat \/ideo and location !! :-)
MRAlrounder (7 лет назад)
5:50 should have a put one of the boats in that
MTK Studio (7 лет назад)
those fish have fill u up pretty good.
Captain Jeff (7 лет назад)
put the boat video upp!!!!!
you toob (7 лет назад)
Lake Isabella ?
Tarasdad (7 лет назад)
I would really love to know where that was so me and my wife can go there. Beautiful site for a great weekend getaway - and some great RC bashing, of course!
Daniel Delgadillo (7 лет назад)
Cooking Burgers!!! Where are the Ribeye Steakes? All the money that you guys make from us and you are cooking Burgers? LOL! ; ) Just Kidding! : ) Looks like you guys had a Great time!
impostor71 (7 лет назад)
gorgeous countryside. I sure do miss socal. that for sharing guys!
traxxasfan321 (7 лет назад)
You have no idea what I'd give to go on a trip like that. Just like, wow.
JettaManDan09 (7 лет назад)
I smell a tax deductible expense report ;) nice!
rotorwash46 (7 лет назад)
SWEEEEEEEET,guys heli flying is awsome anywhere.
Rick Shane (7 лет назад)
Man you guys need to take a camping trip to Utah. It's nothing like you've ever seen in your life! You can go as high as 15,000 feet or more.
fibreoptik (7 лет назад)
PinkYakRC (7 лет назад)
Nice! :p I would get that 11X if I didn't switch to Futaba. :P
batteryman54 (7 лет назад)
PunctualProletariat (7 лет назад)
Nicely compiled! That looked like a lot of fun!
covercalls88 (7 лет назад)
I'm glad you guys had a great camping trip. Nothing like the great out doors and RCing.
SamLucaAirP (7 лет назад)
For everyone wondering the music is from Tim McMorris - It's a beautiful day! Great song, which fits a wonderful video as this perfectly! Please vote this up so everyone sees what the song is called! Cheers, it's a beautiful day;)
M0DiFiEDZ (7 лет назад)
✭✮ T̤̈ḧ̤ï̤s̤̈ ï̤s̤̈ ä̤n̤̈ ë̤ẍ̤c̤̈ë̤p̤̈ẗ̤ï̤ö̤n̤̈ä̤l̤̈ÿ̤ g̤̈r̤̈ë̤ä̤ẗ̤ v̤̈ï̤d̤̈ T̤̈ḧ̤ä̤n̤̈k̤̈s̤̈ f̤̈ö̤r̤̈ s̤̈ḧ̤ä̤r̤̈ï̤n̤̈g̤̈✈
SamLucaAirP (7 лет назад)
Beautiful video guys! Your video's, and especially your adventure videos, are BREATH-TAKING! They always motivate me to go out flying! I would love to fly in such a wonderful scenery! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Have a good flight! -Sam
urnzwayzmoove (7 лет назад)
Search: It's a Beautiful Day + lyrics . :)
vincent mounsey (7 лет назад)
Dam i wish i had a job like that...
realtvnow (7 лет назад)
shoado (7 лет назад)
Wow what a vacation, thnx guys that was fun. Happy Flying!!!
youronlycow (7 лет назад)
May I ask, where has Tony been?
Louie Vang (7 лет назад)
Fantastic video chaps, I really enjoyed it! Beautiful scenery you got there, Europe is boring, at least the part where I live:p anyways, keep videos like these coming!
Lacey Fas (7 лет назад)
good vid but i can't find that exceed maximum boat on your website. Would have been nice if you took a little time and put links on those pictures in the end. Probably would have made some money in doing that too. :)
Trituri1337 (7 лет назад)
Very nice video! I loved it!
FeRxU Lorenzo (7 лет назад)
Great video do more of these!!
RCRacing88 (7 лет назад)
I admire your adventure around the countryside... looks like great fun :)
SlyDawg951 (7 лет назад)
Kern County, I think but nice drive pass LA County going up North to camp out did you take any Chicas with you guys?
thefsxflyer (7 лет назад)
I wonder if they make solar powered chargers. That would be cool
daniel spence (7 лет назад)
song please? i really like it alot :) daniel
xKmotx (7 лет назад)
That was nice! :)
Michael (7 лет назад)
@easycretor Wild, not wiled
easycretor (7 лет назад)
Look like a good trip out in the wiled.
g (7 лет назад)
@rezerk66 I can not see what the sign says, where were they?
strandwolf (7 лет назад)
Fishing license?
Dreamer (7 лет назад)
Tony You Look Like A Cool Guy To Hang Around With All Of You Guys Nice Video. I Give A Like And A Favorite.
Pan (7 лет назад)
5:53 . . . *O*!!!
hawkskyflier (7 лет назад)
Hey Guys, This is awesome!! :), I've been racing for over 23yrs, flying for nearly a year and you guys just put all of my experiences to shame!! This "vacation" would just be awesome!! Remember those nights, days, flying and driving. No one can take that away. Great video, jerry
Rodrigue de Schaetzen (7 лет назад)
awesome vid i wish i could do that with a friend!!

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