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A day in the life of a heroin addict

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Jason Amaral is a 30-year-old addict living in the Boston area who is determined to get clean. Jason allowed CBS News cameras to follow him as he tries to get his life back on track. DeMarco Morgan reports in part one of a "CBS Evening News" series "In the Shadow of Death: Jason's Journey."
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v.m (10 часов назад)
I hate to admit it but im upsesed with..... My girlfriend❤😍
Yohavda Booday (1 день назад)
“Can we record you and everyone shooting up?” “Oh yea go ahead”
Carloa Johnson (1 день назад)
I’m a heroin and fentanyl addict and seriously it’s really hard to stop !! Every time I stop, I end up relapsing every single time !!! Heroin and fentanyl are no joke it’s not something to play around with, no matter if you say oh I’m just going to have fun and just do it once, no !! Not even once because once you do it once, then it’s game over for you because you’ll get addicted !! I seriously want to stop it’s just so hard !!
Weird Cow (1 день назад)
And this is why kids shouldn’t snort smarties.
Lil Spuun (1 день назад)
I love cocaine and heroin a lot
Donald Trump (1 день назад)
The heroin epidemic is real bad in Massachusetts At one of the shaws locations i worked for 3 years we had 7 ODs in the store and on the bench outside the store in that time 3 of them were fatal Its crazy bad here Just last week some lady OD in the parking lot at work She survived
JohnRoyal525 (2 дня назад)
This guy is an absolute disgrace.
Freddy Correa (3 дня назад)
Damn almost made me cry
Eric Galicia (3 дня назад)
How tf is he sniffing pills off a 20$ but can’t just go buy the drugs he needs
Bob Nunnemin (3 дня назад)
This video makes me sick..... Can I get $10? I'm good for it, baybeeeeee.... You got a cigarette?
Russian Bot (4 дня назад)
He needs to stop smoking cigarettes, you can get lung cancer and die.
dodi iskandar (4 дня назад)
+6289526638361 I sell kratom powder $70/kilo, this herbal can help you from drug addiction
GrubKiller1177 (4 дня назад)
This makes me so sad
Isaiah Burr (4 дня назад)
Stay strong. I've been clean now for almost ten. . . . hours. If I can do it, anyone can.
Anyways what’s the point of drugs
sophie XacXhp (5 дней назад)
Just smoke weed and ur okay
mr.sparkle (5 дней назад)
Why are white kids always referred to as the "face" or the "new face" of the heroin epidemic, white people have loved opiates for decades and everyone loves it quit pandering.
yahyeet Supremeooferson (5 дней назад)
I stopped at ciggaretes:/
Lawrence Testa (5 дней назад)
How is he getting away? 😂
Tech Guy (11 часов назад)
Lawrence Testa what
The fallen kingdom Tyrannosaurus rex (5 дней назад)
I'm addicted to...... WATER!
Frogboy (6 дней назад)
what a fun adventure! he sure lives an exciting life!
Kenneth Espinosa (6 дней назад)
God have plan for you
CannedCow (6 дней назад)
I love how you can just hear Peppa pig in the background while this guy's in the other room doing heroin XD
scott horton (6 дней назад)
He must can't cope that the patriots cheat😂
miguel souza (6 дней назад)
It's MGK???
Chancelor Karbo (6 дней назад)
You can't effectively snort K-Pins. They aren't water soluble.
ZORKY Z (6 дней назад)
whatvis good about drugs well u die if u dont stop
Arthur Juu (7 дней назад)
I feel bad for them
God Noise (8 дней назад)
Who cares honestly
Not So Insane (9 дней назад)
The only drug I'd ever use is weed. Honestly I can easily stop smoking with no problem.
Bobillow (9 дней назад)
Don't do acid kids.
JustABro Jr (9 дней назад)
3:09 to 3:15 Jesus Christ how r u still alive
JustABro Jr (9 дней назад)
Please this is the last time just send me money I heard that one too many times
Carolean (9 дней назад)
Jeremy A (9 дней назад)
I agree addicts need help. I know people probably won't like my opinion. Using drugs is a choice. Becoming an addict is a choice.
Ron m (10 дней назад)
Didn't know white people use drugs
Jayden Evans (10 дней назад)
Angel'slove C. (11 дней назад)
Everyone is saying that he should do weed, how the heck so when he has to ask for $
Gavin John Edwards (11 дней назад)
Crazy727King (11 дней назад)
“Want some mac n cheese”
NIBBABOI (11 дней назад)
How does he have such Cool clothes but cant afford heroin
Marciel Nunes Da Costa (12 дней назад)
Cocaine 📱+5545-91316904
edgy kid (12 дней назад)
dude reminds me of adam sandler
Jay Menace (12 дней назад)
Y'all watched him do this??
Kroos Does Santos (12 дней назад)
I do this without a care in the world
swatjoel071 (12 дней назад)
Why they show this stuff
MC Hosto (12 дней назад)
*I wish I never smoked a cigarette, drank, or did drugs.*
Samantha Swarts (12 дней назад)
the poor kids in the other room while they’re shooting up
samuel Wilkinson (12 дней назад)
If you use any drugs other than weed, alcohol and caffeine then you need to stop. *to much of the last 3 is also bad of course.*
Jezza Clarkson (14 дней назад)
Legalize drugs so that bad decision makers like these neutralize themselves sooner. Remove this fat of society. Remove this burden on us all.
Kay Belay (14 дней назад)
I wander what's like in his head while being in all those drugs
ni0game (14 дней назад)
I have done heroine in the past and I didn't get addicted
Sarang Moon Base (14 дней назад)
Gonna show this to my son
Robert Steele (14 дней назад)
My nabor son was doing harion I feel sorry for him and his family but now he's in rehab. All iv done was weed won't do anything else not worth it. I hope he gets the help he needs
noob (15 дней назад)
im 19 years clean now. you can do it too.
Matthew Poreda (16 дней назад)
just smoke weed. the rest of drugs are too dangerous.
Andrew Beck (16 дней назад)
arent they suppose to get arrested for this
Vincent Cunningham (16 дней назад)
Snorting Klonopin is such a waste. Just eat it.
Jj Chen (17 дней назад)
Id rather just get laid with a hot a teen
ay man (13 дней назад)
Supersman2000FightChair (17 дней назад)
Man this is sad
1,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos? (18 дней назад)
why this video on tube
Colin Kidd (18 дней назад)
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. St. John 3:16 I spent years battling addiction till I came to know the Love of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to do the same. Jesus will change your life.
Pink Girl (19 дней назад)
Please subscribe to me I am sharing my recovery journey I am a ex heroin and meth addiction
Tarantulalenny 123 (19 дней назад)
Lol peppa pig in the background
Paul Blaurt (20 дней назад)
Mixing akhsicantan
Nonja Ninja (20 дней назад)
Too bad potheads can't OD.
Shake hir (20 дней назад)
dont do drugs kids, dont waste your life like this
oldginniegardner (20 дней назад)
4:47 heroin and mac and cheese, what a life.
Fentalyn??? That's instant death, I can't get why anyone shooting drugs as there is nothing you can do when the drug enters your blood stream, smoke if you must but never shoot fentalyn as you will not live to regret it
Mark Savatier (22 дня назад)
He's like Towelie from South Park
Crazy Chronicles (22 дня назад)
Dayne Kujawa (23 дня назад)
He protecc He attack But most importantly, He inject smack
William Dickens (23 дня назад)
Drugs are bad M'Kay
Patrick Conlon (23 дня назад)
Addiction=mental health
Yxng_BoyC.bandz (24 дня назад)
4:16 man said he’s watch peeps pig😂😂😭
allison g (24 дня назад)
with a three year old at home? :(
M Soda (24 дня назад)
Methadone is a treatment option that more people need to be aware of it helps people. Sadly I think that it is treatment that a lot of people aren’t aware of.
PCMobTrue :D (24 дня назад)
And Boston Is near me.....
PCMobTrue :D (24 дня назад)
Arlington MA is near my city 0_0
raynutty82 (25 дней назад)
I wish him the best of luck!
SübZer00 (25 дней назад)
Dont mess with pills... pills are the real gateway drug, weed is nothing compared to this. This is awful. My thoughts go out to Jason, he seems like a sweet man and its so sad he got into this vicious cycle.
Saddam Hussain (26 дней назад)
Snorting Klonopin doesn’t work, it only bioavailabile via stomach and IV into the bloodstream.
Saddam Hussain (18 дней назад)
Branzinotito Stays in the mucus membrane till it’s goes out as waste
Branzinotito (19 дней назад)
Where do you think it goes after you snort it.
Alexis C (26 дней назад)
I can't believe they are shooting up while a child is nearby. Sick
Grant Goldberg (27 дней назад)
So pathetic.
Demon Rat (27 дней назад)
can’t believe the amount of idiots here saying “Demi Lovato brought me here” and “A day in the life of Demi Lovato” Ugh..wake up people!!!
Demon Rat (27 дней назад)
Idiot sniffing klonopin and wasting it.
Crazy Baboon (27 дней назад)
4:23 even his jesus tattoo is high
sherry a (28 дней назад)
That's just the thing. Ppl Start with the pills then cuz of the Pricey Cost of the pills they turn to heroin cuz it's a Whole lot Cheaper from what I hear. I bad an 8 year ADDICTION to pills but Luckily that's where it Stopped, No heroin for me EVER !!! I PUT MYSELF INTO A HOSPITAL DETOX. THEY GAVE ME methadone for the Withdrawals and have been on the methadone C!inic Successfully, Not One Dirty urine test !!! It's been 18 YEARS now on methadone, and it was the best thing that Saved my life !!! Best of luck my friend 😇 PS you Don't get High kon it either, it just makes you Normal. The way I see it, if it isn't Broke Don't Fix it. That's why I stay on it !!!!!
Luka Badanjak (29 дней назад)
Stop it. Get some help.
Damien Knight (29 дней назад)
Stupid druggie.
Just a small girl In a small world (29 дней назад)
Damn smh him&his brother on drugs
Alexander Liberis (29 дней назад)
Got hooked for 9 years until one day i got mad with my self, flushed everything to the toilet and went full on cold turkey (WORST 2 MONTHS OF MY LIFE!!!!!) now i'm clean 5+ years, got my own job (IT) and have never looked back!!! now i only do weed (lots of weed) and i am a happy man!!! it all comes to a decision, i know it's hard but if i did it so can you. Just like Evan said below STAY STRONG!!!
Michael Tra (4 дня назад)
Alexander Liberis Damn you are a gangster, respect
888 productions (30 дней назад)
4:46 “Snorted more pills!” *”Want some mac n cheese?”*
Gabi X (30 дней назад)
I just lost a friend who was on heroin, 3 weeks ago. He was 35. I saw it coming. Everybody did. Not him.
YouTube viewer (30 дней назад)
is he dead?
Anita Fetters (30 дней назад)
Would love an update to know how he is now. I hope and pray he beat it!
kolby woodruff (1 месяц назад)
Keith Richards Drug Challenge.Who can do the most Heroin lmao!
Corbin Wylie (1 месяц назад)
Kelavsi (1 месяц назад)
why wasnt he arrested?

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