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Physios can work with neurological and heart problems, as well as sports

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Follow John-Paul behind the scenes of the AUT Integrated Health Clinic as he talks to Physiotherapist, Sara Allen. Sara tells us why she thinks Physiotherapy is a great job, why she chose it as a career and what school subjects you should take if you want to become a Physiotherapist. Plus, she shares some cool facts most people don't know about physio. Jobs exist now that didn’t exist 5 years ago, so what do you think work will be like in 20 years? We can’t predict the future but we can acknowledge how things have changed. The World of Work series takes you behind the scenes into New Zealand workplaces to show you how jobs, technology, work environments and work styles are evolving and changing, what skills you need to get a job and what it’s really like to work in the industry. Watch now to future proof your career. Interested in a career in Health? Search NZ job profiles to find out how much graduates can earn, job opportunities and what you need to enter the job. Visit careers.govt.nz/jobs-database Thinking about taking a course? Find out what it costs, how much graduates earn and what you need to enrol. Visit careers.govt.nz/courses Not sure what job or career you want? Complete the Careers NZ Career Quiz to get ideas for jobs. Visit careers.govt.nz/careerquest
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