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RC Flying; New years Day, Orrington ME. RC Planes, Quads & Cars

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New Years Day afternoon, 2017 at Perry Field in Orrington Maine. What better New Years Party than having a cookout at the airfield and hanging out with the guys of all generations in the RC world, flying planes, Quads, and in this video, yes; trying to fly / launch an rc car..... off a snow bank that is. While traditionally it's an RC airplane event; now-a-days it's a bring whatcha-got event..... well except maybe a boat. Boats might be challenged here. All generations of the sport are represented. We got your seniors who fly gas and glow plugs. We got your Generation X's and Baby Boomers who fly their electric (Battery) planes and their rc cars and trucks. and finally we got the Millennials who fly their Quads and Drones. And of course there are the cross generations. This is no smug, lame, typical fluffy holiday party event. I avoid those gatherings like the plague. No. This is a guys time to do what guys like to do, and we start out doing it on day number ONE!
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